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  1. If you know me, then you know I am a pretty big Star Trek fan and have been since I was a young kid. I probably have my mom to thank for that since she was a big fan of the original Star Trek series and we watched the reruns together on TV when I was young. Star Trek always seemed to be there for me in stressful times of my life as well. I remember Star Trek: The Next Generation first premiered the year I was 15 years old, and my family suddenly left Louisville, KY where I was born and raised for Washington D.C. thanks to my dad’s job. So Star Trek was kind of like that friend to comfort me when I didn’t have any others at the time. Like so many, Star Trek probably appealed to me so much over the years because it generally portrays the future in a positive way, giving us something to aspire to and hope for. Star Trek also builds through each movie and series to create a continuing story. Long before other shows seemed to follow suit, Star Trek created this massive connected universe of characters and stories that not only kept you interested in what happened next but also drew you back to rewatch what happened before. This connected universe helped Marvel’s movies thrive, but Star Trek was doing that years and years before. Even with the original series, while most episodes where done as stand-alone stories, there was just enough interconnectedness to make you want to see how the characters and technology evolved. Granted, not every Star Trek movie and series stayed perfectly faithful to that developing universe. I thought Enterprise was the first series that really started to deviate. I never thought it was a good idea to do shows about the past, as the well-established continuity made it hard to originate good stories that didn’t contradict what had come before. Both times they tried it — Enterprise and the more recent Discovery series — things didn’t seem to go so well. At least with the Chris Pine movies, they were smart enough to place the characters into a parallel universe so they could do their own thing. In my humble opinion, the first season of Star Trek: Discovery was a complete disaster because they failed to learn from the mistakes of Enterprise and started completely sh#$#ng all over the Trek continuity. It was like they didn’t even care anymore. Now to that’s shows credit, they did manage to recover a bit with season 2 with what appears to be a mid-series reset where now that ship has been sent into the far distant future — which is where the show should have started. So that brings me to the present, less than a week away from the premier of the new Star Trek: Picard series on CBS Access. I don’t mind telling you that I am very excited. It’s been 18 years since Star Trek: Nemesis came out, the last time we had a really good look at the happenings of the Alpha Quadrant in the prime universe. Okay, technically a little less time if you count the opening of the Chris Pine Star Trek movie where we learn the Romulan home planet blew up and Spock entered an alternate universe. Still it’s been a really long time since we have seen Picard, Janeway, Sisko and their associated crews in any kind of way. The Enterprise E was a relatively new ship when we left them. As in the real world, this new Picard series takes place 20 years since the events of Nemesis. Based on trailers and the Short Treks series also on CBS Access, it seems Mars is attacked by some unknown alien army. I don’t know if it’s a new race or just one using ships I don’t recognize. Picard seems to have had some sort of breakdown or illness that caused him to leave Starfleet as an Admiral shortly after Mars was attacked. I don’t know if he was sick or he blamed himself for allowing the attack to happen. Riker and his wife Deanna Troy also appear to be retired. Seven of Nine from Voyager appears to be a rebel of some kind. I think Data’s consciousness survived thanks to the memory dump into B4, though his presence in a trailer appears to be a dream Picard is having. I have so many questions that have been pilling up for the last 20 years that I hope this series will finally be able to answer. What letter is the Enterprise on and who is its current captain? What happened to Janeway? Is she still an Admiral in Starfleet? What about Sisko? Is he still hanging out with the prophets, or has he returned? Is Worf serving in Starfleet, or did he actually become a diplomat for the Klingon Empire, suggested in the DS9 finale then contradicted in Star Trek: Nemesis? Did Picard and Crusher ever hookup???? I probably won’t get all my answers and I am sure this show will open a slew of new questions that will need answering, but I am excited at the prospects. It’s been a long time since I have truly been excited about a new Star Trek project, and I have faith in Patrick Stewart. While Picard is not Star Trek’s best Captain (yes, the title still belongs to William Shatner’s Kirk), he the right Captain to get Trek back where it belongs. Start Trek: Picard premiers this coming Thursday (1/23) on the CBS All Access streaming service.
  2. At one time or another I have seen all the wave 2 sets on shelf and available online except Rocksteady and Bebop. The only reason why that doesn't give me much hope is because when you think about it, the only really new figures in wave 2 are Rocksteady and Bebop. All the others are essentially re-issues from wave 1. I was glad to hear about NECA shipping out more for Feb-March but the frustrations of trying to collect this line remain pretty high at this point.
  3. Well DCC does have some action figures coming out in 2020, just not in September. The shift from action figure to statues though is one I think that has been gradually occurring more and more over the course of the last several years. I am sure there have been a number of factors at play for that and I think you've seen the same thing with other companies like Diamond Select Toys as well.
  4. Thanks everyone for watching and glad you enjoyed it. Yeah this one didn't have any breaking news like the McFarlane one but just from getting a perspective of how the toy industry works and such I thought this one was much more in-depth as I thought it would be when I approached Jerry about doing it. That time period when Jerry started Sota I think really was kind of the golden age of this hobby. You had so many retailers back then who were interested in carrying these kinds of collectible action figures beyond just the TRU and other big box retailers. Unfortunately most of those places also dealt with selling things like music and movies which due to the technology of streaming became obsolete and went out of business. That def had a cascading effect on the toy industry which we still feel and struggle with even today.
  5. Bigshot Toyworks presents The Iron Giant, from the widely popular animated film, is the first in the Mondo Mecha collection, a line of highly articulated robot figures. Standing over 12 inches tall, the Iron Giant features over 35 points of articulation, and a lot of interchangeable hands, heads, and accessories! You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: - 4 Heads - Removable pair of teeth that can be used with all heads - 6 Pairs of hands - S chest piece - Girder - Battle mode arm
  6. From Star Wars: A New Hope, the elite TIE Fighter Pilot is joining Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ line! The iconic black jumpsuit, the reinforced helmet that is reminiscent of a stormtrooper design, and the emergency atmospheric unit control box all perfectly resembles the classic TIE Fighter Pilot. You can pre-order this at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  7. Continuing our new TNI Interview series, this week I was able to sit down with Jerry Macaluso, who first worked in Hollywood doing makeup and special effects for such movies as Toxic Avenger 2, Darkman and Spawn. Later he turned his sculpting talents to the world of action figures where he did work for such companies as Toy Biz, Hasbro and ReSaurus. From that came Sota Toys, which gave us one of the best articulated 6" Street Fighter action figure lines to date. Several years later after selling off Sota he started a second company called Pop Culture Shock, which he also eventually sold. In this interview I talk with Jerry about his time in Hollywood as well as his time in the toy industry. You will find out things like how the porn industry actually helped pave the way for the Sota Street Fighter figures, and what happened to never produced action figure lines like Micronauts and Darkstalkers. We learn why he left Sota and some of the struggles he faced at Pop Culture Shock, like trying to launch a Hot Toys quality line of 12" Street Fighter action figures. Jerry even talks about a never before seen toy line of his own creation that he started developing while at Pop Culture Shock called Defenders of Storm. It's a long one, but we hope you enjoy it. After watching please feel free to share your thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION below and you can also check out images for many of the cool action figures referenced in the interview in our IMAGE GALLERY.
  8. DC Collectibles today releases their solicitations for September 2020. THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS VS. BATMAN BATTLE STATUE designed by JIM FLETCHER sculpted by ALTERTON Which side will win in this epic new battle statue between Batman and the Batman Who Laughs? Good or evil? That is up to you when this 1:8 scale statue joins your collection. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 13" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE AUGUST 2020 $375.00 US DC BOMBSHELLS: HARLEY QUINN DELUXE VERSION 2 STATUE based on artwork by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO sculpted by TIM MILLER DC Bombshells presents its second Harley Quinn deluxe statue, this time featuring the famous villainess in an even more dynamic scene and pose. Harley uses all of her might to win the hellacious high striker game at the Quinzel Carnival. This deluxe statue is a must for any Harley Quinn fan. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 13.46" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $200.00 US HARLEY QUINN RED, WHITE & BLACK: HARLEY QUINN BY AMANDA CONNER STATUE based on artwork by AMANDA CONNER sculpted by JONATHAN MATTHEWS This red, white, and black version of Amanda Conner’s Batman Black & White Harley Quinn statue brings vibrant life to this fun design straight from the pages of Conner’s run on Harley Quinn comics. Conner and Quinn are a match made in heaven, so don’t miss your chance to own this latest piece in the Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statue line. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 7.05" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $95.00 US DC DESIGNER SERIES: THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS BY GREG CAPULLO STATUE based on artwork by GREG CAPULLO sculpted by JONATHAN MATTHEWS Straight from the pages of Dark Nights: Metal comes one of DC’s most popular villains, the Batman Who Laughs. Based on Greg Capullo’s nightmarish design, this 12-inch statue features the character with his recognizable spiked mace and menacing grin. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 12.21" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $155.00 US BATMAN ROGUES GALLERY MULTI-PART STATUE: MR. FREEZE sculpted by CHRIS DAHLBERG One of Batman’s most fearsome villains, Mr. Freeze, joins this Rogues Gallery multi-part statue and is ready to aid his fellow criminals in the fight against Gotham City. Display him with the rest of the rogues or on his own. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 7.6" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $90.00 US DC DESIGNER SERIES: SUPERGIRL BY MICHAEL TURNER MINI STATUE based on artwork by MICHAEL TURNER sculpted by IRENE MATAR This Designer Series mini statue brings the popular art of Michael Turner to 3-D life. Based on the iconic cover to Superman/Batman #13, this statue is now featured at a 1:10 scale and at an affordable price point. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 8.95" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $95.00 US DC GALLERY: SUPERMAN VS. THE FLASH RACING STATUE sculpted by ALTERTON AND ALEJANDRO PEREIRA An iconic Super Hero moment is back with this DC Gallery Superman vs. The Flash racing statue. Who will win? That is up to you to decide! • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 10.4" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2020 $325.00 US
  9. There is kids stuff coming but this isnt that. This is collector stuff, at least based on what multiple sources have said to me. The main give-away I think is the $20 price. We will of course have to wait for Hasbro to officially confirm before we know 100%.
  10. Following yesterday's preview, NECA has released official images and information for their upcoming Predator Ultimate Alpha Predator 100th Edition Figure which will be released in June. You can pre-order it now at BigBadToyStore.com. To commemorate the release of 100 Predator figures. Neca releases there first original design and concept, Alpha Predator! Standing 8 inches tall with over 30 points of articulation, the Ultimate Alpha Predator is an entirely new sculpt kitted out with an array of accessories including a removable mask, hook, gauntlets, and 3 pairs of interchangeable hands. Classic Predator weapons such as the wrist blades, staff, and shuriken, have been reimagined to fit his unique theme. The figure includes the following: -3 Pairs of hands -Removable mask -Hook -Gauntlets -Wrist blades -Staff -Shuriken
  11. Yeah not sure if NECA will ever do the Archie stuff. Probably not, but who knows.
  12. Lobo is another good one. Would be sweet if they could do Lobo with his Bike maybe as a figure/vehicle offering.
  13. Man-Bat and Mongul I thing def would. You could do a larger size antimonitor but not like a 12" tall one. Not familiar with Devastator. At one point I had Man-Bat on my list.
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