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  1. We have updated our hi-res G.I. Joe Classified checklist showing all the figures Hasbro has released and announced so far coming in 2023 including the latest additions of the Steel Corps. 2-pack and Agent Helix. We also updated the list with the latest digital renders Hasbro released last week and added the Target exclusive Python Patrol Crimson Guard figure which images leaked out for a few weeks ago. That's the one figure on this list Hasbro has not yet officially confirmed is coming. To see the hi-res image that you can download as wallpaper, click on the image below. Many of these figures are available from our sponsor Entertainment Earth. Any figure that is in stock you can knock off 10% on the price when you use the code ToyNewsi at checkout. If you purchase $39+ then you can get FREE SHIPPING within the US.
  2. A new group of DC Multiverse figure listings have popped up online at Brodepot. While these listings generally turn out to be true, they have yet to be confirmed by McFarlane Toys at this time. The listings are as follows: - Gold Label Dark Metal Dread Lantern - Gold Label Sinestro Corps Batman - Gold Label Dark Knight Returns Jokerized Batman - Gold Label DC Vs Vampires Superman - Gold Label Captain Atom - DC 7" Page Punchers Batman Wave 4 Batman - DC 7" Page Punchers Batman Wave 4 Robin - DC 7" Page Punchers Batman Wave 4 Batgirl - DC 7" Page Punchers Batman Wave 4 Mr. Freeze No images for these figures are available and the Gold Label ones will likely be some kind of store exclusives here in the US. When more details become available we will be sure to update you.
  3. Shown below via MajorWFPod are images for upcoming AEW figures from Jazwares that was shown off during the 2023 Jericho Cruise. Unmatched Collection Series 7 - Hook - Thunder Rosa - PAC - El Zero M - Rey Fenix Unrivaled Collection Series 13 - Danhausen - Sting - Darby Allin - Wardlow - The Blade - The Butcher - The Bunny Unmatched Collection Series 8 - Malakai Black - Brody King - Buddy Matthews - Penta Oscuro - Abadon Unrivaled Collection Series 14 - Max Caster - Anthony Bowens - Billy Gunn - Toni Storm - Ricky Starks - Keith Lee - Swerve Strickland Unmatched Collection Series 9 - Captain Insano - Jamie Hayter - Bryan Danielson - Jon Moxley - Yuta - Claudio Castagnoli - Alex Reynolds
  4. Playmates Toys has finally revealed their final 5" figure for their first wave of Star Trek: Prodigy toy line with Hologram Janeway. The other figures in the wave which we first saw a year ago include Dal R'El with Murf, Gwyndala, Zero and Pog. These figures are available for pre-order from our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth. Besides the figures Playmates toys will be doing a vehicle based on the starship the U.S.S. Prodigy and for their line of gear a phaser. They have yet to release any official images for those products but hopefully will soon. Star Trek: Prodigy is an animated series that recently finished up it's first season on Paramount+. While it is made with kids in mind it's actually some of the better written modern Star Trek out there. It is considered cannon and is based around the same time period as the Picard series. Figure figures and vehicles will scale with the other recent Star Trek offerings Playmates has released which includes a handful of figures from the live-action stuff, classic Enterprise vehicle and phaser from the Original Series. I believe these also scale fairly well with the older Playmates Star Trek stuff from the 90s.
  5. So retailers I talked to said they've been told by Hasbro reps pre-orders will happen on the stuff revealed this week. So there seems to be a disconnect within Hasbro between what Hasbro put out yesterday (Though not on their own social media channels I might add) and what is being told to etailers. If it turns out true they are not gonna do pre-orders, saying its from collector feeback and they are doing it for them is just BS. No one forces you to pre-order something. If you don't like to have all these pre-orders then dont pre-order them. Taking the option off the table for everyone only hurts the small etailer businesses. And I asked some of these etailers what they thought, and they said if its true then its bad for them
  6. McFarlane Toys today released a preview image for their upcoming DC Multiverse 7" Dark Knight Trilogy Bane figure. This will be part of a Build-A-Wave which as we saw last year at NYCC will also include Batman, Scarecrow, Joker and Two Face. Look for these to go up for on February 16th. Bane is the Build-A-Figure in the wave.
  7. Super7 today released this preview image for what appears to be a Glow-In-The-Dark variant of their TMNT Ultimates Slash figure. No word yet on when it will be made available.
  8. I assume your being sarcastic but Build-A-Figure wave is used by another company and it denotes the wave has a BAF in it, this case Bane.
  9. McFarlane Toys today released a preview image for their upcoming DC Multiverse 7" Dark Knight Trilogy Joker figure. This will be part of a Build-A-Wave which as we saw last year at NYCC will also include Batman, Scarecrow, Bane and Two Face. Look for these to go up for pre-order soon.
  10. If your looking for a cool display piece to use with your 6" G.I. Joe Classified figures then you may want to check out this Disney's Aladdin Cobra Light-Up Throne with Jafar. The measurements for it are listed as 12'' H x 8'' W x 3 1/2'' D, so if you remove Jafar it might make a nice place for your Classified Cobra figures to hang out at. It is pricey though. The Throne is being sold for $160 on ShopDisney. Also Amazon has a one-day sale going on for the G.I. Joe Classified Xamot figure which they are selling for $17.49. Unfortunately his brother Tomax is still selling at full price.
  11. Tamashii Nations has released images from one of their overseas events giving us our first look at their Spider-Man: No Way Home S.H. Figuarts Green Goblin figure which will include his Glider. When more details become available we will be sure to update you.
  12. Shown below is a look at the Obi-Wan Series S.H. Figuarts Obi-Wan Kenobi figure from Tamashii Nations. It comes with a soft-goods robe, lightsaber, multiple heads, multiple hands and two versions of Leia's L0-LA59 (Lola) droid. Look for it to be released in June 2023.
  13. Shown below are in-hand images for the new Masters of the Universe Origins Frog Monger figure from Mattel. This figure which is currently sold out was sold as a Mattel Creations exclusive. The figure comes with a gun, jet pack and mini-comic titles "Horde Of Frog Monger". Frog Monger is a character that was originally depicted in the sticker used for the dungeon grate of the Castle Grayskull playset. You can see his face and hand in the bottom right corner. Check our full GALLERY of images for this figure below.
  14. McFarlane Toys today released a preview image for their upcoming DC Multiverse 7" Dark Knight Trilogy Scarecrow figure. This will be part of a Build-A-Wave which as we saw last year at NYCC will also include Batman, Joker, Bane and Two Face. Look for these to go up for pre-order soon.
  15. The DC Multiverse Walmart Exclusive 7" Batman: DC Vs Vampires and Eradicator: Shock Wave Gold Label figures from McFarlane Toys have both finally been listed on the Walmart website. The two figures have been hitting physical stores for weeks. NOTE the two figures are NOT currently available for purchase, at least not from Walmart themselves. Don't buy them from secondary market sellers who also sell on Walmart's website. I don't believe they have been made available online by Walmart themselves yet, but these might become available during the next Walmart Collector-Con event, if not sooner. The next Walmart Collector Con will be taking place March 16th-17th starting at 10am ET. See the direct links below for the two figures: -DC Multiverse Eradicator: Shock Wave -DC Multiverse Batman: DC Vs Vampires
  16. Disney+ and Lucasfilm have announced that the second volume of the animated anthology series “Star Wars: Visions” will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on May 4, 2023. Following on the Emmy Award-nominated success of “Star Wars: Visions,” the newest volume will continue to push the boundaries of “Star Wars” storytelling, with nine new shorts from 9 studios from around the globe. Employing the most captivating animation styles from a variety of countries and cultures, the second volume offers a dynamic new perspective on the storied mythos of Star Wars. The shorts included in “Star Wars: Visions” Volume 2 were created by the following international animation studios: El Guiri (Spain), Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Punkrobot (Chile), Aardman (United Kingdom), Studio Mir (South Korea) Studio La Cachette (France), 88 Pictures (India), D’art Shtajio (Japan), and Triggerfish (South Africa). D’Art Shtajio’s short was created in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. (United States). “The reaction to the first volume of ‘Star Wars: Visions’ blew us away. We were delighted that this project inspired and resonated with so many people,” says James Waugh, “Star Wars: Visions” executive producer and Senior Vice President Franchise Content & Strategy at Lucasfilm. “We always saw ‘Star Wars: Visions’ as a framework for celebratory expressions of the franchise from some of the best creators working today. Animation is in a global renaissance, and we’re constantly staggered by the amount of creativity pushing the medium forward. With Volume 1, the imaginative minds of Japan’s anime industry were on full display. With Volume 2, we expanded our canvas to take audiences on a global tour of some of the most talented creators from around the world. We’re so proud to be able to reveal the line-up of studios we’ve assembled. Every short is incredible, full of heart, scope, imagination, and the values that make stories distinctly ‘Star Wars’ — all while opening up bold new ways of seeing what a ‘Star Wars’ story can be.” Waugh executive produces “Star Wars: Visions” Volume 2 along with Jacqui Lopez and Josh Rimes. Details on each short and filmmaker follow: Title: “Sith” Studio: El Guiri Writer-director: Rodrigo Blaas Rodrigo Blaas is an Emmy Award®-winning director who has spent more than 20 years in animation. After co-founding Stromboli Animation in 1997, Blaas joined Blue Sky Studios in 2000, working on the feature film “Ice Age,” before transitioning to Pixar Animation Studios. There, he worked on such projects as “Finding Nemo” (2003), “The Incredibles” (2004), “Ratatouille” (2007) and “Wall-E” (2008) and on the Oscar®-nominated short film “La Luna” (2011). More recently, Blaas partnered with Guillermo del Toro to develop the award-winning series “Trollhunters,” served as creative director for Mikros Animation Paris and, in 2021, created El Guiri Studios in Madrid with his partner, Cecile Hokes. He also wrote and directed 2009’s award-winning short film “Alma.” Title: “Screecher’s Reach” Studio: Cartoon Saloon Director: Paul Young Paul Young is a co-founder of Cartoon Saloon, an IFTA winner and Oscar®, Emmy® and BAFTA nominee. He produced the animated features “My Father’s Dragon,” “WolfWalkers,” “The Secret of Kells,” “Song of the Sea” and “The Breadwinner” as well as award-winning TV series including “Puffin Rock,” “Dorg Van Dango” and “Viking Skool.” Title: “In the Stars” Studio: Punkrobot Writer-director: Gabriel Osorio Gabriel Osorio majored in Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile, later specializing in 3D animation. After working in commercials, movies and television series, he founded Punkrobot Studio. Since 2008, he has directed projects for children’s television including “Flipos,” “Muelin y Perlita,” “Soccer Girls” and television spots. In 2016, his short film “Bear Story” became the first Latin American project to win an Oscar® in the animated short category. Title: “I Am Your Mother” Studio: Aardman Director: Magdalena Osinska Magdalena Osinska is an award-winning director who has been with Aardman for eight years. She has directed stop-motion, CGI, 2D and live-action commercials including Wallace & Gromit’s “The Great Sofa Caper” and “Share the Orange.” Osinska directed development of the children’s series “Joyets” and has also directed films including “Spirits of the Piano” and “Zbigniev’s Cupboard.” A graduate of the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, UK, as well as the Polish Film School in Lodz and Art College in Warsaw, Osinska is currently developing the feature film “Jasia,” based on her grandmother’s memories of WWII Poland. Title: “Journey to the Dark Head” Studio: Studio Mir Director: Hyeong Geun Park Rising star Hyeong Geun Park had already made a name for himself when he entered the Korean animation industry in 2017, thanks to his strong drawing and animation sensibilities. He has directed animation for dozens of cinematic game trailers and has since expanded into animated series, working on projects including “Dota: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3” (2022) and “Lookism” (2022). “Journey to the Dark Head” is the first title he has executive produced from start to finish. Title: “The Spy Dancer” Studio: Studio La Cachette Writer-director: Julien Chheng Julien Chheng is CEO of Studio La Cachette, an Emmy Award®-winning French animation studio he co-founded in 2014 with fellow Gobelins school’s alumni Oussama Bouacheria and Ulysse Malassagne. Chheng was trained in visual development at Disney and has worked as a character animator on acclaimed 2D animated features “The Rabbi’s Cat,” “Mune” and the Academy Award®-nominated “Ernest and Celestine.” In 2021, he won an Emmy Award® as animation executive producer of “Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal,” for which he also served as animation supervisor. In 2022, Chheng directed with Jean-Christophe Roger the Cesar-nominated feature “Ernest and Celestine: A Trip to Gibberitia.” Title: “The Bandits of Golak” Studio: 88 Pictures Director: Ishan Shukla Ishan Shukla started his career as a CG artist in Singapore. For more than a decade, he spearheaded projects ranging from TV commercials to series and music videos. His 2016 animated short, “Schirkoa,” was long listed for the Academy Awards® after receiving dozens of awards and playing at 120 international festivals, including SIGGRAPH Asia where it was named Best in Show. He then set up his own animation studio to work on adult-oriented animated feature films including a feature-length version of “Schirkoa,” set to hit festivals in summer 2023. Title: “The Pit” Studios: D’art Shtajio and Lucasfilm Ltd. Writer-director-executive producer: LeAndre Thomas Co-director: Justin Ridge LeAndre Thomas is an award-winning writer and director from Oakland, Calif., whose most recent film won Best Director at the Pasadena International Film Festival. In addition to his independent films, Thomas is a part of the franchise studio team at Lucasfilm Ltd. where he has worked for more than 11 years being credited on recent titles such as “Light & Magic,” “The Mandalorian,” “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi,” and many more. Justin Ridge executive produced the Emmy-nominated series “Star Wars Resistance.” His credits also include “Star Wars Rebels,” “Storks,” “The Cleveland Show,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Title: “Aau’s Song” Studio: Triggerfish Writer-directors: Nadia Darries and Daniel Clarke Nadia Darries is a director, animator and co-founder of Goon Valley Animation, with an avocation for songwriting. Born in the Cape Flats in South Africa, Darries has worked on high-end animated film and motion design as an animator, project manager, creative director and director since 2015. Her experience includes animating at Triggerfish Animation Studios on the award-winning BBC films “Stick Man,” “Revolting Rhymes” and “Highway Rat.” Daniel Clarke is a Cape Town-based director and artist working in animation, film and illustration. He started his career in animation in 2008 at Triggerfish Animation Studios, where he has served as production designer, art director and director on projects such as the feature film “Khumba,” BBC’s “Stick Man” and “The Snail and the Whale.” In 2018, along with James Clarke and Daniel Snaddon, he completed the graphic novel “Kariba.”
  17. The folks from Geek Life Dad got a chance to attend the German Toy Fair this past week where they are reporting that they got to see a bunch of new Masters of the Universe products on display by Mattel. No photos were allowed to be taken but they did give descriptions for what they saw. Note the descriptions given were from memory and he sounds unsure about some of the specific details of what he saw for some of the figures. However this does confirm some of the recent retail listings we have seen leak out and there where a few new items on hand as well. This is how it breaks down. Masters Of the Universe Origins Snake Mountain Playset - The colors look more accurate than the prototype we saw late last year by Mattel. Masters Of the Universe Origins Talon Fighter with Point Dread - Looks very similar to the vintage one as far as size and design. The Castle part matches the colors of the Origins Castle Grayskull. We saw Masters Of The Universe Origins 200x King Randor Masters Of The Universe Origins Snake Teela Masters Of The Universe Origins 200x(ish) looking Man-At-Arms - with purple armor. This might be a snake Man-At-Arms. Masters Of The Universe Origins Snake Trooper - that looked like an Eternian Guard with a snake head. Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Deluxe New Eternia Whiplash - with extra alternate type of removable armor. Has a feel of the 200x Whiplash. Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Deluxe New Eternia Ram Man - Also has a extra alternate armor. Not as big as the Classics version, seemed small next to Whiplash. He said it was articulated. Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Faker - with blue with pink armor. Sounds like it may be the same body used as the previous Masterverse Faker. Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Clamp Champ - Didn't specify if it was a Revelations or New Eternia version. Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Revelation Classic Mer-Man
  18. loved them all but my overall my favorite GIJoe reveal of the day goes to Scrap Iron. I love the update to his missile launcher. Which by the way looks like it could be easily modified to become one of the Joes Pac Rats. So I could see them maybe doing that as a pack-in for a Joe figure down the road.
  19. Hawkins, Indiana is harboring dangerous and supernatural secrets. Prepare for an electrifying showdown with Dustin and Eddie as they face off against the Demobats from Stranger Things Season 4! This Stranger Things Season 4 Phase 3 Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Moment measures approximately 13 1/4-inches tall x 18-inches wide x 4 3/4-inches deep and comes packaged in a window display box. Rock on and bring this Deluxe Pop! Moment featuring the Phase Three scene into your Stranger Things collection! You can pre-order this from our sponsor Entertainment Earth with FREE SHIPPING in the US.
  20. Hasbro has released a digital render for their G.I. Joe Classified 6" Cobra Tele-Viper and Trubble Bubble vehicle! Look for it to go up for pre-order later this year.
  21. Hasbro has shown off another render for one of their upcoming G.I. Joe 6" Classified figures. This time it is of a Steel Corps 2-pack. There will be a male and female version in this 2-Pack. These Joes are coming in hot with jetpacks, swappable heads, and an array of weapons & blast effects that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against Cobra!
  22. Following the reveal earlier today of Snow Job, we now have a look at a digital render for Hasbro's upcoming G.I. Joe Classified Scrap Iron figure which will include his rocket-loaded, piezo-electric Anti-Armor Drone and blast effects
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