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  1. Well my Snake Eyes arrived yesterday and I instantly noticed that the container seemed very light. I was expecting a Marvel Legends to arrive but was very surprised to open up to find Snake Eyes! Its a very well done figure, and of course is probably the staple for most fans....but I noticed along with it being light on heft, and having a flaw where the dagger wont fit into the sheathe....its actually a smaller figure than Destro is. I guess that's okay, seeing as how some info sites say he's 5'10" compared to Destro's 6'3", but I still think he should have had a bit more heft. That silencer is cool, Articulated Icons did that with their ninja figures released years ago. Anyway now just waiting on Cobra Commander and Pimp Daddy Destro. Sure hoping when the Baroness is produced she'll have a more robust figure than Scarlett.
  2. High end?? At first look, I thought this was one of those bobble head desk ornament toys. Even the helmet on the action figure looks more realistic and detailed. I don't see the justification in cost for this thing.
  3. Pimp Daddy Destro is da bomb and ya'll know it. Don't front.
  4. Okay, THIS is how you fix a major snafu and get customers. That sh1tstorm nftx caused was utterly uncalled for, but the guys here stepped in and made it right. And just because of that, I'm now buying both versions of Cobra Commander and the Arctic Storm Shadow. Remember, I'M the guy who isn't even into GI Joe! But I damn well respect a business that seems interested in customer service. Kudos.
  5. Well I sure hope if they do Crimson Guard, they don't use that shade of red seen in either the ninja or pimp daddy. I really want it to be a brighter hue. Then again, there's nothing to say they have any plans on making that.
  6. Not a big GI Joseph fan here, but I liked what i saw well enough to order Destro. Arrived yesterday, and its an excellent figure. The chrome steel mask is perfect, and the best part of the figure is its outstanding articulation! The one issue I have is the butterfly joints- they're too minimal to have any real usage. I would've liked the gem in his pendant to have been glossier, but otherwise this is truly a well done figure. I'm hoping Snake Eyes turns out as well. This makes me stoked for the Baroness....hoping her figure will have a bit more "curve" than the Scarlett that's part of the first wave. And even though its not announced yet ( and maybe never will get made), I'm hoping the Crimson Guard turns out as well. I know there've been a lot of complaints on the paint color choices, but what I can see looks fantastic.
  7. Considering how bad (with the exception of Wonder Woman and Aquaman) DC movies have been, and the uproar of the alleged behavior of possible assault on Miller's part....PLUS the current zero-tolerance policy these studios and corporations have these days....I would really really doubt there's even going to BE a Flash movie, let alone somehow rope in aged Keaton to play a role. Unless there's further news I'd consider this fanboy manufactured rumor.
  8. Considering what a colossal sh1tstorm this "sale" has turned out to be, one cant blame you. I'm wondering if this site isn't some consumer fraud ripoff scam.
  9. This is BEYOND stupid. Its not like these effing idiots didn't know that for weeks, everyone thought the light blue was the one being offered on their site. There's no excuse that on the day of the sale, we suddenly find out they've been using the "wrong" picture and are so stupid they didn't know till now. And oh look, bait and switch, but even WORSE....their site is such a flustercuck that its basically unusable. Everyone should take note and BOYCOTT anything from nutwork site. For total sheer incompetence and laziness, they don't deserve one penny from anyone. And no, we don't wanna hear any bs about unexpected consumer demand or mysterious outages on servers or alien abductions of their staff.
  10. If he'd made a decent movie in the first place there wouldn't be all this flurry about "oh i promise the REAL footage got edited out" or "left on the cutting room floor". I don't care whether its this guy or Ridley Scott or whoever....you don't get to turn in a sub-par project and then blame any and everyone but yourself for its poor performance. Yes Ridley...looking at YOU. Justice League failed ( too harsh? Maybe "didn't do as well") because DC/Warner tried to compete with Marvel, and they didn't need to. Marvel took its time to develop its characters and storyline. These idiots tried to cram as much as they could in under a year or so, due to 1.) their arrogance that "everyone knew" their characters, so it wasn't necessary to give a fulfilling story, and 2.) their greed in thinking they could recoup billions at the box office the way Marvel did. I don't think this HBO extra fee ploy is gonna work for them but maybe its best to just learn from what they did wrong, go back and do it right. They've got the tools to make a great franchise.
  11. Man, I really hope they do the Crimson Guard. The Cobra Commander's uniform isn't too different so I'd think it be a tweak here and there and of course a different color.... Also, wonder if the shoulder epaulet is removable...I think the gold from the light blue uniform would look good on the darker blue. If so. guess I'd have to get both Cobras!
  12. Man....since I'm not familiar with the Joe line, I just HAD to look out for "pimp daddy" Destro...its a blast!! But even it were being made, I'd have to pass on it.
  13. Wonderful work. I do wish they'd give us a 360 shot of these figures though. Also looks like this should have had a soft goods cape and alternate head. But overall It looks good. As someone who's not a big GI Joe fan, I'd only planned on getting a very few figures....but now i have to expand my list! Next....I wanna see the Crimson Guard and the Baroness (oh i hope they don't give her that weak spindly body)...maybe Flint or Stalker?
  14. Where's the yellow S that's supposed to be on the back of the cape??
  15. That character was supposed to be a love interest and counterpart to Batman. This one is his never-existed-before cousin. Dan Didio explicitly said they wanted a character who reflected the population of Gotham. Not seeing whats so "shock and awe" about that. Like I said, my objections to the character are totally different, and I think more to the point, will show its not necessary. We don't need multiple versions of the same character- DC seemed to get this back when they did the first Crisis, and winnowed down lot of redundant characters. Sadly they've backslid, paving the way for more writer inconsistency and confusion, and more reboots to clear up the mess they made in the first place, just to go back to the same thing.
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