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  1. Really wanted a Rocketeer in 6" format forever, now. This is a great two-pack....but I just can't see where that price is justified.
  2. Not a big fan of these Pops, but I've never cared for any of the Captain Marvel costumes they've been using since, what , the new 52 I guess....but I always loved the classic suit. So I'm getting this one!! Looks MARVELous!
  3. They should concentrate less on trying to unseat or even match the MCU, and more on just writing good, well-paced and cohesive stories. Also, Gunn needs to get off twitter. Every other day there's some comment or "plan" and its all nonsense, because they're years out before they ever get one of these movies done, and you can bet your bottom dollar the end result wont resemble whatever he said on twitter years before. Just one more thing he'll get bashed for. Just go off, do the research, do the writing, do the movie....it'll all come together.
  4. Unimpressed. Ok movie at best. All the talk of groundbreaking and "paradigm of power shifting" and what not was just blather. The JSA is here, but without explaining who they are, it just comes off as a CW Legends of Tomorrow thing. In fact, I I'd say the JSA was just wasted here; they would've been better off just keeping Dr. Fate. No explanation on how Hawkman now has super strength, to the degree where he can punch Black Adam through a building. No reason why Dr. Fate's powers can't defeat him, other than obvious plot armor. Of course, nerfing Dr. Fate pales to how Captain Marvel, now called Shazam, is treated in relation to Adam. Of course the movie isnt the same as the comic, but dang, they just ignored so much.
  5. Unfortunately for Dorkside, it looks like they're having serious business issues. I will say though, they did send the exclusive Action Force Infantry Commando. Arrived intact and in good condition. I wish them luck.
  6. (Mine is great, only thing is the red liner of the cape looks more like wine instead of red) LOL
  7. Nah, that'll never happen. It would have to have a cape. A flaming pumpkin head. A sword. It would have to have one of those frilly collars for undershirt. Not to mention, a horse. Do you know how big a horse would have to be for that 6" figure?? And the horse would have to look like something a Headless Horseman would ride! Never happen!
  8. I liked how they handled this one and normally I'm not into these "copycat" heroes. The idea that they're actually all linked, and the reason why the others didn't have the full Reyes power set, was pretty cool. I haven't read the comic in some time however and I think there was yet another reboot/retcon so I have no idea what the current "backstory" is. I liked that his armor was sentient, prone to use lethal force, and he struggled to reign it in.
  9. I don't see anywhere in the article where WB said they didn't want Cavill back, or why. At the same time, if Johnson is gonna boast that he was responsible for making the studio put Cavill in, that means that actors, at least some anyway, do indeed have a say on casting. This is going to come back to bite them later.
  10. Does anyone know when these are to go on sale. The Mezco site doesn't even list them.
  11. Anyone who's been a fan wants this movie to succeed, wants it to have the same quality as the first two. Anyone who's been a fan knows how these studios have botched these sequels time and again. To the point that we'd rather not see them do this at all, if they're not gonna do it right.
  12. That yelling Stallone face looks a lot like Charles Aidman
  13. No no no no. This is awful. The Batman is my favorite superhero. When Conroy did the animated series, he set THE standard for what the Batman should sound like. Its tragic news. Sorry to hear he was ill. RIP
  14. oh, my heart! I'm just shocked that you would even suggest such a thing!
  15. Oh, the vapors. Clearly this is meant to be sold only in specialty shops, its far too evil for our sweet children. Oh! Its Satan and so evil.
  16. Oh she is BAD AS....justice is served!
  17. I had little to no hopes this would be anything other than a waste of time. This is one of those times where I'm glad I was wrong. It really is very well done and fits in well with the Predator series (if you only count the first two movies). They're calling it a "prequel", but other than taking place 300 years before the Schwarznegger movie, and a nice call back to the flintlock from the Glover film, it has very little relation to either of those. I think a story focusing on the slaughter of the Jim Hopper commando team, before the arrival of Dutch's team, would be a better example of a prequel. But really this stands on its own, its excellent work, and I think its a great flick.
  18. Well I had my misgivings about this but as it turns out, it wasn't bad at all. Now, I WON'T SPOIL IT but, I was worried about using the iconic triple laser sight. Its there, but not how I thought, which was a nice touch. The creature itself is there, but I really think it was a very young, as it appeared streamlined and lean, though muscular (damn thing still lifted a 700+lb grizzly over its head). There are some other very nice touches that still keep it Predator, but Predator maybe as they may have been 300 years ago. We even get to see the first appearance of a nice little gem from the Danny Glover sequel! The one flaw I saw was that the Comanches weren't near enough terrified by this thing. Dutch and his team of 20th century badasses were armed to the teeth, yet still scared out of their jungle boots against it ( as they very well had every right to be). A perfect prequel, no. But hands down better than that 2018 mess Shane came up with. Amber Midthunder did a damn good job.
  19. The mystery killer in the darkness angle has already been blown, but I hear what you're saying. We need to see the Predator as a deadly, unwordly threat and the last few movies basically turned it into a joke. My concern is that the only way to pit it against guys with bows and arrows, for it to see them as any kind of threat or challenge, is to come up with some contrived nonsense to diminish the Predator. Guess we'll see but I'm not expecting much.
  20. Looks like they're struggling to rid themselves of Miller and yet recoup some of the money they've already poured into the project. Maybe gambling that the movie will do so well, and that public memory will fade enough, that they make their profit goal? Who knows, but we've seen other guys get sacked faster, and for doing far less.
  21. The heads are great but Four Horsemen need to up the game here. These are very welcome, but they're older heads and some improvements are needed. For instance, articulated jaw, especially for the Panther and Vampire (and Bull, if they ever do that one again) . It looks like Otho was a one-and-done but another head like that, maybe without the 'locks this time, would be great. I'd love to see a Skull with one eye in the socket, or something like that. I hope they'll bring back Clavian. That red "Azhar" head is going to look GREAT on the red demon body buck I already have. FANTASTIC!!
  22. Nice review! I pretty much stopped even trying to look for this line but I'm gonna pick up Stalker and Crimson Guard. Never seen this reviewer before. Very detailed!
  23. Its bizarre, isn't it? Three shots of the figure, all of the front. No side, no rear which in the Rocketeer's case is unforgivable 'cause the jet pack is the most important feature. It just makes no sense.
  24. They look great, But expecting me to pay $26.00 for a 5" figure that has barely any articulation, versus a 6" figure at the same price with extreme articulation and accessories, is just not happening. Even the 6" figures aren't worth it so these just can't be. Oh and if the Rocketeer is gonna be shown they need to at least let us see that jetpack....
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