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Found 15 results

  1. He may be on the team. I don’t know. Haven’t been there in a while. Here's your look at the NEW Diamond Select Avengers Infinity War Marvel Select Thor and Groot Figure Set! Click the video link below to check out the Full Review! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5wQjuU69lQ
  2. Thank you to Mattel for sending us out this review sample! Spotlight please! The artist, the Mozart of melody is here on Rusev Day in Mattel's WWE Elite series 65. This is the regular, non chase attire release. The face scan features the new TrueFx technology which allows a much closer representation than the tech they used to use before. This scan is quite spot on. It has the receding hairline, wrinkles on his face, and patchy beard alone the jawline. The beard is not perfect and full in real life, and Mattel's has captured that detail quite well. The skin tone has that pale, white color and is very much true to life. This figure release has numerous accessories. As a collector, we love it and appreciate when toy makers include accessories that can add a sense or realism to our figures. This comes with a plastic scarf, with white accents. It also comes with a soft good, cloth plain black robe. A WWE microphone also comes in the box to sing his way to ringside. You get two sets of removable hands. The best hand, I believe, is the artistic pose when singing or announcing! You also get two closed fists. The tights are plain black tights with no design. A small detail is the painted on brown belt with silver belt buckle. It would have been cool if the belt would have been molded instead of a painted design. English is wearing plain black laced boots with silver buckles accents on the side. You get articulation at the head, shoulders, arms, wrists, mid torso section, waist, legs, knees, boots, and ankles. While this figure is awesome, there is one drawback, the scale is off compared to Rusev and Lana. Aiden English is 6'3 in real life. Rusev is 6'0 so their action figure counterparts should reflect that. Aiden English should not be shorter than Rusev. Hopefully Mattel fixes that in future elite releases. Being a huge Rusev Day fan while they were together on Smackdown Live, I would still recommend grabbing this figure if you comes across it, even with the small area of improvement I mentioned earlier. I would rate this a 7/10. Once again, a massive thank you to Mattel for sending us out this review sample! Its very much appreciated!
  3. Big thanks to Mattel for sending us out this review sample! The Shakespeare of song, the songbird of our generation is here to grace us with his presence on RUSEV DAY! This is the Mattel Elite series 65 Aiden English chase figure. A big smile came to my face when I realized that English would be getting an elite figure, and it certainly did not disappoint. His face scan has that pompous look that only the artist can give. The new True FX face scan technology really captures his look. I really appreciate his beard on this figure. His beard isn't that full and comes in patches in real life, and I feel Mattel really delivered on that aspect. His skin is very accurate and has that pale, milky white skin tone. Mattel really steps it up this year when it comes to extras and accessories! You get the plastic plain black scarf, soft goods cloth black robe, hipster style black sunglasses, and a WWE microphone. His body type has a slim, yet defined look. He is not very muscular on TV as say an EC3, but he is very toned and athletic, and it comes across well in action figure form! He is wearing black tights with an abstract shimmering gold, white, and pink accents design on the left pant leg. English is wearing the mid cut black boots with painted on silver buckles on the side. He also is wearing a painted on shimmering gold belt with a silver belt buckle. You get the artistic style removable hand, a gripping hand, and two closed fists. All are great for recreating matches during his run with Rusev on Smackdown Live. As with other elite action figures you get articulation in the head, shoulder, arms, elbows, wrists, waist, mid torso, legs, knees, boots, and ankles. One major detail that I would have changed is the scale. Upon reviewing several images and video footage as reference, Aiden English is taller than both Rusev and Lana. But in figure form, both Lana and Rusev are taller than English. Being a collector, I like to have a full roster in action figure form, and certainly could not pass up the opportunity to own an Aiden English elite to complete my Rusev Day trio! I believe the positive outweighs the negative on this figure release, and appreciate the strong effort on Mattel's part. I would rate this a 7/10 Thank you once again to Mattel for this very generous review sample!
  4. First want to give Mattel a very big thanks for sending us out this review sample! Beware, Sanity is here with the WWE Mattel Elite Collector's edition Alexander Wolfe of Sanity! Sanity has been tearing up its competition in NXT and now the blue brand of Smackdown Live! Wolfe is a first time in the line action figure. First thing I wanted to point out is the extensive deco on this figure release! Pictures really do not do it justice. It's something you need to hold in hand to admire all the colors and patterns on his gear. Its quite astonishing that Mattel can give us all this detail at a price point of about $20. We have come a long way since the Jakks days when they were reusing the same body molds and even went as far as reusing old head sculpts for various superstars. In hand the figure is quite heavy. Wolfe has a very distinct body type in real life, and I feel that Mattel has really delivered on that in figure form. The face scan has that crazy eyed look like he's about to snap on his opposition! His hair has that imperfect slicked back mohawk. He features removable suspenders which are not glued or sculpted on. Very nice touch on a piece that can be left on or off. He also comes with a very detailed rubber coat. The sides have a distressed fabric appearance with red paint, and the Sanity logo on the back. The tights he is sporting have a very cool design with patches, pockets, and a zipper design along the front and back. He has on small maroon knee pads with that distressed fabric design. He is also wearing the tall black boot design with white lacing with maroon accents. As with most elite figures you get articulation at the head, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees, boots, and ankles. A small detail that goes really far are the extra pair of removable hands. You get a complete pair of open hands, as well as the half open grip hand mold. Each set of hands give you unique poses and playability. Alexander Wolfe is very much in scale with other figures. One area of improvement would be to either have a different material for the jacket, or figure out a way to allow articulation as the thick rubber hinders movement in the joints. I would definitely consider picking this up to complete your Sanity trio or Smackdown Live roster! I would rate this figure release a 7.5 Once again big thank you to Mattel for this great review sample!
  5. Massive thank you to Mattel for this awesome review sample! Hacksaw Jim Duggan, is here with Mattel's Retro-fest Elite Gamestop exclusive action figure. This release is a three in one. Which means, you get three eras of Hacksaw Jim Duggan that you can complete if you have the previous Mattel releases of Jim Duggan. The crown goes with Hacksaw from his late 80's run during his stint as King Hacksaw. The shirt goes well paired with the Mattel Legends Jim Duggan as the mid to late 80's Duggan. The United States flag goes perfectly with the new generation Jim Duggan with the full singlet. You can see these pictures of all three eras of Duggan below for comparison. I truly believe that Mattel is upping their game with every release. I love the effort being made to include various accessories to these Elite line action figures. You will get the crown, soft goods cloth shirt, US flag, and the classic 2X4. The packaging features a unique 80's game cab feel that fills any collector of these classic WWF characters full of nostalgia! The front of the box has the cool game controls with the old school WWF style font that says Retro-fest at the top. The back of the box has all of Hacksaw's stats in video game style font. The face scan has Duggan's goofy look with his tongue out. Goofy isn't necessarily bad in this case, as when I close my eyes and think of Duggan, this is exactly what I imagine. His hair has that scruffy and shaggy brown hair which is done quite impressively. His attire features a blue singlet with red and white with blue stars on the back. He also has red and white knee pad on one side, with a blue knee pad with white stars on the other. Duggan is sporting the tall white laced boots with the United States flag emblem on the side. The scale is accurate as well, and is in line with other Mattel scale action figures. One area of improvement is his torso/mid section. I always recall Jim Duggan of having a barrel type belly, it would've been more accurate to have that be the selection for his torso instead. Another thing Mattel can improve on is the United States flag accessory. It is made out of thin paper, any crease or even taking it out of the packaging can damage it if you are not being careful. I do recall Jakks including cloth flags with various figure releases. Even with these minor flaws, this is still a top notch action figure of a classic character! This figure can be purchased online and in store at any Gamestop. My rating for this particular release would be a 9/10. Once again, thank you to Mattel for sending us out this sample!
  6. I wanted to give a massive thank you to Mattel for sending us this very generous review sample! The 16 time world heavyweight champion, the WWE Hall of Famer is here with one of my personal favorite figures! This particular release is from the Gamestop exclusive line of the popular Retrofest series. This figure release is from Flair's run as the WWF world heavyweight champion, and feud with the Macho Man Randy Savage as Flair had been terrorizing Savage along with the lovely Miss Elizabeth. They went head to head at Wrestlemania 8 with the Macho Man ultimately defeating Flair to recapture the gold. The line features several classic superstars from the 80's and 90's. The box features a very unique design in which the box resembles a classic video game cab. The font is is the same font used in the Golden Era and features the classic blocked logo, minus the "F" in the logo for obvious reasons. On the back of the box features the Nature Boy's highlights and stats in cool video game lettering. Once unboxed, the figure feels very premium and solid in hand. The robe is a soft goods cloth robe which is very fitted. It can be removed if needed. The robe has an intricate pattern on the front and back in silver with "Ric Flair" on the back. The scan is fantastic as it captures that classic smug look that only Ric Flair could give! The hair sculpting was also beautifully done. Flair's golden locks look great, even in action figure form! A small detail that was not skipped by Mattel was Flair's dark colored eye brows. On some other figures in the past made by other toy companies, it seemed like they could never achieve the accurate color of his brows on figure form. Such a small detail, but as a collector and massive Ric Flair fan it was certainly appreciated! The color of his trunks, boots, and knee pads are red and the "RF" logos on the side of his trunks and side of his boots are white. The back of his knee pads are a pink shade, which adds more realism and attention to detail. While the front remains a solid red. While this is an absolute amazing figure, there is one glaring drawback. I would have chosen a different torso mold. Flair was always in great shape, but he never had a body builder physique with abs. A slightly thicker torso mold would have been more appropriate. This figure release is a must have for any old school fan of the 80's and 90's wrestling, or even a new era fan that is discovering Flair matches on the WWE Network for the very first time! I would rate this figure a 9.5/10 All around fantastic figure with extras, detail, unique packaging, and all the bells and whistles that Ric Flair deserves. Once again, a big thank you to Mattel for this review sample!
  7. A big thank you goes out to Mattel for sending us out this review sample! KO is ready to "fight anyone" in Mattel's WWE Elite series 66 Kevin Owens! You get the latest look of Kevin Owens from Smackdown Live. Ever since returning from his injury at the hands of Bobby Lashley, Owens has returned with new vigor and life on the blue brand. Mattel has included all the bells and whistles with this release. The head scan is very dead on from previous scans that have almost looked cartoonish. It seems like the new TrueFX technology implemented has really taken Mattel Elite figures to an all new level. The beard feels nice to the touch and has texture to it. The facial hair has not been painted on like past figures in the elite line have had. It even has the same patchy spots of the beard which is a nice touch. Owens is sporting his trademark fight shorts that has "K" on the left leg and "O" on the right side. The logo is in blue, with a white trim. On his sleeveless shirt, it has the current logo that says "fight anyone" in black, white, and blue. The body type is very much on point, as Owens has that burly bar room fighter type of body. Less muscle definition would have been preferred on his arms. He has his tattoos included on his arm, shoulder, and hands. You get an added bonus of extra removable hands that make play and collecting that much cooler! The extra set of hands also include the tattoo design. You get one pair of closed fists, and one pair of open hands. Mattel was also generous enough to include a "Yep" Yep" Yep" maroon removable soft goods t-shirt. The shirt was a take on Daniel Bryan's "Yes!" t-shirt at the time of their feud. As much as I really enjoy this particular release of Kevin Owens, there is one minor change I would make. That would be to change the color of his hair. Kevin Owens has been with WWE since 2014, and I have never seen him have red hair or a red beard. I do think it takes some time in the design process to effectively nail down certain traits to the superstars, so i'm sure in time we will see a better and updated version! You get articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, elbows, legs, knees, boots, and ankles. I would rate this an 8.5/10 Once again a massive thank you to Mattel for this awesome review sample!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm here today to submit a project of mine to you. Akane, a 20 cm PVC action figure totally original and made by me. All this was born as a game, I wanted to create a cartoon character for a comic but then since the project has run aground I thought to make it become something more tangible. I'm creating a crowdfunding to make this statuette but unfortunately the project is very ambitious and expensive. I hope you like Akane and can share my dream with your friends. Advice or criticism are always welcome, as you certainly have more experience of me in this field. If you like my project, please put a "like" and "share" it on social networks. If you really should superrrrrrrr like you also make a small "donation". Thank you all for your attention. Webhttps://www.akaneproject.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/akaneproject/Google+https://plus.google.com/u/1/+MotionIdeaTwitterhttps://twitter.com/motionideaYoutubehttps://youtu.be/6H0IIfuVHFIVimeohttps://player.vimeo.com/video/288498361
  9. Take a first look at the new classic Archangel marvel legends action figure in this video review...
  10. This is a new segment we are launching here on JediInsider where we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Shooting The Galaxy "I Love You" by Shoooting The Galaxy Be sure to Give Shooting The Galaxy a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
  11. a new segment we are launching here on JediInsider where we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Darc Reign Star Wars: The Last Jedi Throne Room Kylo Ren by Dark Reign Be sure to Give Darc Reign a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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