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  1. Target stores have begun to show inventory and stock of the new 40th Anniversary Voltron lion action figures made by Playmates!!! If you missed out on collecting these in the past like I have, now is a great time to start! In this video, I unbox each lion and review them.
  2. Another year, another haulathon prematurely spoiled by Target, with new action figures that haven't even been announced yet already appearing in some stores around the country. Scalpers are already buying the new sets and putting them on ebay, collectors in Facebook groups are showing severe symptoms of FOMO, which can only mean one thing: Spring has arrived! ToyFarce investigated... After 3 or 4 years of the exact same thing happening before every Haulathon (products showing up on shelves weeks before the event is even announced), we sat down with some experts to explain what the cause is: "The Target Haulathon seems to always happen around March. You know what also happen during that time? We set the clocks an hour forward (or "lose" an hour), for Daylight Saving Time or DST (not to be confused with Diamond Select Toys). During the first few weeks of Daylight Saving Time, people are usually tired, less productive and make more mistakes, such as putting products from an upcoming event too early on the shelves! The Target employees probably got confused about how much time they did 'spring forward', and thought it was already time for the event." That's right, folks. It was DST all along! (again, not to be confused with Diamond Select Toys). Now you know, and you know what they say about knowing: it's half the battle (what's the other half?!). What are you going to (try to) grab during the Target Haulathon? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... Spring forward for Target Haulathon! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  3. Target's Fall Geek-Out officially started on August 25th, and to the surprise of everyone, the items from the first week had not leaked or been found on shelves weeks before the event started. Could it be that Target is taking this Geek-Out event seriously, and got their act together? ...or were toy companies smarter this time? ToyFarce investigated... The first week of the Target Fall Geek-Out event was focused on McFarlane Toys, with 2 new figures (Sinestro and Hawkman), 2 Jokerized figures (Dark Knight trilogy Two-Face and Scarecrow), and a few Batman the Animated Series products, including figures that collectors already had, but this time with crappier paint and an exclusive Build-a-Figure of the Condiment King (I cannot believe I am paying $120 essentially for a Condiment King figure...). Those figures were all revealed during the McFarlane Toys San Diego Comic Con panel, but we had no idea they'd be there so soon. So how come we didn't see those already on shelves weeks ago, as is tradition with the Geek-Out events? How come the shelves aren't full of the NECA figures that are supposed to drop on September 29th already? Well, it could be a number of things: - The third time is the charm: Target has figured out the formula, and managed to keep things under wraps until the correct dates, so we'll see the items revealed only when they are supposed to be. - Toy companies didn't send Target any items, to be sure they don't put them out too early. They have been burned not once, but twice, so this time, they're not sending anything until the correct date. - All products are pre-orders, so that there is no risk that anything is leaked before, and they don't have the products in store before. - Complete coincidence. Most likely to be the actual reason. This week (Week 2) will have new Lego reveals, Week 3 will have Mattel and X-Box products, Week 4 will have Hasbro products, Week 5 Funko products, and last but not least, the final week, Week 6, will be all about NECA (which is usually the first one to have all their products out before the event. Will history repeat itself? Is is why it's on the final week now?) More news at 11:00... Hey, why isn't there a Winter Geek-Out or Spring Geek-Out? *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  4. You've probably seen videos like that before, whether it is on YouTube or TikTok: a collector goes to a superstore, looks behind a box of dog food in the pet section and finds a bunch of NECA TMNT 2-packs. In another video, G.I.Joe Classified Series figures hidden in the fruits and vegetables section. Those collectors are really lucky, right? Surely, it couldn't be staged... ToyFarce investigated... A few Target employee told us about a recent interaction they had with a collector, who was caught hiding figures all over the store, before filming himself "discovering" them: "We used to see him every few days. He'd come, grab a couple of action figures, then put them in different places", a Target employee said. "Then, he would hit 'record', and act like he had just found them by accident while doing groceries." "It was fine at first, we thought it was just silly. But then, he started to move entire shopping carts to different places, and sometimes, he would not put them back after he was done", another employee explained. "That's more work for us, then, and that's not OK. He would do this for hours, probably filming videos for several weeks..." "I've even seen him do that with his own toys once! He had an action figure from another store in his backpack, and hid it in the light bulbs section", a third one told us. "We reported it to our manager, and watched several occurrences from the security cameras, and the manager agreed that something needed to be done. He is now banned from Target in the whole state." More news at 11:00... Wait... WHAT IS THIS UNDER THE SHELF? SOMEONE'S STASH?! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  5. Another year, another Target 'Geek-Out' event that gets spoiled a week before! Once again, Target jumped the gun before the event even started, by putting most of the NECA products that will be revealed during the event out on the shelves too early, especially the TMNT related ones! A few days ago, the Target website announced the upcoming Summer Geek-Out event which said "Starting Friday, 6/16, we'll drop new & exclusive collectibles from your favorite fandoms & brands for six weeks." Sounds nice, right? Six weeks of new toys and reveals, from June 6th to July 21st... except most of the products have already been spotted (and purchased) in shops all around the country. First, there was one post on social media, showing a shopping cart full of NECA TMNT goodness... then another... then another... Target will release 'bonus exclusive video content for us to geek out over' about stuff that are already old news for some. YAY! ToyFarce asked Kyle, a 22 year old employee from NJ about the situation, and how it could prevented. His reply was "Wait... What's a Summer Geek-Out? What is a NECA? Who are you again?" First drop? I wonder what it's going to be! More news at 11:00... Target would probably SUCK at surprise parties! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  6. On Wednesday, Hasbro held a G.I.Joe Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream on Youtube, with tons of reveals, announcements and even teases (Haslab coming soon?). Out of all those reveals, one would start a chain of event that would see Target 'out-Target-ed' by collectors! ToyFarce investigated. "Usually, it is Target that sends a message to their customers telling them that their order was cancelled, out of the blue, not the other way around!" said a Target representative. If you were to watch the minute-by-minute statistics of the Hasbro Pulse G.I.Joe livestream, you would see that after they announced the action figure of Outback in his original outfit, the traffic on Target's website suddenly increased, as collectors went to cancel their Target Exclusive Tiger Force Outback orders. "It took us by complete surprise! We were still busy cancelling orders on other NECA and McFarlane Toys items, and didn't expect Hasbro to cause this." Now, let's just hope that the Outback in his original costume figure doesn't end up as a Target exclusive as well... More news at 11:00... And cancelling is half the battle! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  7. I ordered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-pack #Haulathon Exclusive and Gargoyles Ultimate Bronx Figure with Goliath Closed Wings and NOW its cancelled?! I live in nyc i NEVER find these in stores i go to haulathon.com it takes me to costumes.com i ordered these item thinking it would be better than that scalpers paradise #Target and NOW after a week it gets cancelled?! It's bad enough I had my target order of Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteady stolen and now they cancelled my order?! They offer me 30% discount...don't want discounts or coupons i want my items.
  8. NECA has released the second part of their 2020 TMNT Visual Guide and with it a number of new Target exclusive Animated Series figures have been revealed including Ace Duck, Napoleon Bonafrog, Attila The Frog, Genghis The Frog, Rasputin The Mad Frog and Chrome Dome which looks like will be a Deluxe figure. Check out images below, and CLICK HERE if you want to download a hi-res image of the entire visual guide.
  9. Target shelf tag images via The Bad Boys Of Wrestlin Podcasts have hit the net for several upcoming NECA Target exclusive TMNT Animated Series products including an unannounced Turtles In Disguise 4-Pack. The DCPI# for it is listed as 323-07-1797 with a price of 99.99. While this has not been officially announced by NECA, we have heard Randy in interviews hint to something of this sort coming. We can only speculate the exact disguises the Turtles will be featured wearing with this set. During the course of the show they were seen wearing multiple disguises. The most likely choice would be the standard tench coat with hats disguise, but I personally am hoping for something a little more unique like the disguises featured in the second image below. Besides that the tags reveal DCPI#'s for other upcoming sets Ultimate Krang in Android Body - DCPI# 323-07-7502 with a price of $34.99 Splinter And Baxter 2-Pack - DCPI# 323-07-0361 with a price of $51.99 Rat King And Vernon 2-Pack - DCPI# 323-07-5515 with a price of $51.99
  10. NECA has released new package images for the upcoming TMNT Cartoon Deluxe Foot Solider figure which will be released as a Target store exclusive.
  11. NECA has released new official images for their upcoming Target exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rat King and Vernon 2-pack which will be the first new set released in 2021.
  12. Every day I look around, whether it’s on my own site message boards or various social media pages, what I generally see are a lot of frustrated and even angry action figure collectors. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that the world itself just hasn’t been a terribly fun place this past year or so. Sticking specifically to the world of action figure collecting however, most of the things that seem to be frustrating collectors the most can be traced back to two sources, Walmart and Target. Now before we go any further, I want to note that I don’t have any solutions to these problems, and in fact we may very well be past the point of no return. My point for writing this article isn’t to tell you how we can fix these things, because I honestly don’t know. However I do want to try to help people understand how we came to this point based on my own observations having covered this industry, the toy manufacturers, and the people who make up the hobby for the last 20+ years. That being said, this is all just my own personal opinion, and while I have often gotten looks behind the current of this industry that many of you reading probably have not, I am still just someone looking in from the outside. One other quick point I want to state before we go on is that everything I talk about here is in regards to the US market. There are other factors at play that effect markets outside the US, and I know many of those who live outside the US have their own frustrations to deal with, but for today I am only focusing on those in the US. Ok, so next let me clearly state what I see as the number one cause frustrating most collectors today. Lack of product availability. The irony is that in the past couple years we are actually seeing some of the coolest action figure-based products being made by the toy manufacturers since I started covering the hobby, but that just compounds the frustration collectors feel when they can’t actually find the products on shelf. Now, I think it’s fair to point out that in some cases it’s not necessarily real lack of availability, but a perceived one. Or it’s a lack of availability only in some locations. For this point I want to use Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified line as a prime example. Setting aside the exclusives for that line, I often hear people complaining about not being able to find the figures, even the regular release ones. Well that’s just not true. Yes, finding G.I. Joe Classified figures on shelves at places like Target and Walmart can be a challenge, but those regular releases are easily obtainable online at the small etailers, even the army builder figures which retailers have the ability to order solid cases of. The biggest downside going that route however is you usually have to wait longer. Almost always, these things start showing up at the big box retailers even if only in limited capacity. Still, once something starts to show up at the big box retailer, you then start to see those who usually are willing to hit those stores up daily finding the items and then posting pictures of them on their social media. You’re sitting there waiting patiently for your pre-order to arrive in the mail and then you see all these other people finding the stuff in stores. Of course then you go to the store and all you end up finding is NOTHING. That in turn creates frustration. Eventually you are going to get your figure, but nobody likes waiting. Still, there are action figures that are truly almost impossible to get your hands on unless you are willing to go to extreme measures to get them, and generally those are the figures that have the word “EXCLUSIVE” attached to them. I would say the word EXCLUSIVE has become one of the most hated words in the action figure collector’s vocabulary. EXCLUSIVES have always been part of the hobby, but there is no denying in recent years they have become more and more common. Seems like more figures today get released as a store EXCLUSIVE than not. And if it’s not a straight up EXCLUSIVE then it’s a LIMITED EXCLUSIVE. A LIMITED EXCLUSIVE is when a certain store is given first crack at the product. They get to sell it for a certain period of time before any other retailer is allowed to sell it or even take pre-orders for it. In the past year this practice of LIMITED EXCLUSIVES has become more and more common, and not from just one toy manufacturer. Whether it’s Hasbro, Mattel, Jazwares, McFarlane Toys, or NECA, they are all doing it. And of course it’s not the small guy who gets these EXCLUSIVES, it’s Walmart and Target. I know most of you reading this probably look at this in regards to just not being able to get the action figure you want, which is a legit concern, but I look at the bigger picture. These tactics of having all these EXCLUSIVES or LIMITED EXCLUSIVES seem to have one primary purpose. Putting the small retailer out of business. Now I don’t think the toy manufacturers really want to put the small retailer out of business, but I do think Walmart and Target do. Where I fault the toy manufacturers in this, is that they seem perfectly willing go along with these tactics, which is probably because they don’t want to upset their biggest customers which are Walmart and Target. Now before we go any further, this is another point I feel needs to be made, because I see a lot of confusion about it. In general, you as the individual collector are not the manufacturer’s primary customer. When you buy a Hasbro action figure from a retailer, your money doesn’t go to Hasbro. It goes to the retailer you bought that action figure from. Hasbro’s customer is that retailer. The retailer buys the inventory they sell from the manufacturer. By the time you see that Hasbro action figure on shelf, Hasbro has already made their money. So keeping that in mind, which retailers do you think purchase the most product from the manufacturers? If your answer is Walmart and Target, then I would say you would be correct. Even though Walmart and Target aren’t carrying action figures in the numbers we the individual collectors would like to see, they are still ordering far more inventory than any of the online toy etailers. In fact you could probably combine the order numbers of all the toy etailers together, and my guess is that it would fall short of what Target and Walmart order. Also let’s not forget companies like Hasbro and Mattel make more than just action figures, which they rely on the Walmarts and Targets to sell. The only online store that probably comes anywhere close to being able to order as much product as Walmart and Target is Amazon. This grip Walmart and Target have had on the toy industry has gotten steadily worse over the years, but became even worse when Toys R’ Us went out of business. So now that we are clear on who is really the biggest customers of these toy manufacturers, when those customers go to the manufacturers and say we want all these exclusives or first access to your product, do you really think the manufacturer is going to say no and risk pissing off those customers??? Of course not. And yes, money talks and BS walks. Welcome to the world of business. Now that’s not to say the toy manufacturer isn’t doing everything within their power to try and convince Walmart and Target to carry more of their products. Anyone who really thinks that Hasbro doesn’t want collectors to be able to walk into their local Target and see their products overflowing on shelves is crazy. The more product those retailers order the more money that goes into Hasbro’s pockets. Look at NECA, we have definitely started to see some improvement when it comes to their TMNT Target exclusives. It’s still not great but has gotten better, which I am sure is thanks to NECA doing what they can to get Target to carry more of it. I do think the toy manufacturers are just digging their own graves long-term as they continue to blindly cater to Walmart and Target. Eventually Walmart and Target are going to have a complete monopoly on the toy market, and at that point in my view it’s ENDGAME, especially for this hobby. Other than the occasional lip-service, I don’t think Target and Walmart are ever going to truly take the adult action figure collector demographic seriously or be willing to cater to it that much. Walmart launched an action figure collector section on their website last year, but then shipped collector-oriented products out in bags or small boxes so they often get damaged in transit. That’s assuming you can actually buy them online. So the next logical question you should be asking yourself is, why aren’t Target and Walmart willing to order more inventory? Why don’t they take the adult action figure collector demographic more seriously? Why does it seem to be such a struggle for the manufacturers to get these stores to carry their stuff in greater numbers? Well the simple and most obvious answer to me is the numbers aren’t there. These retailers aren’t basing their order numbers on social media comments, they base them on sales data, and the unfortunate reality is that I don’t think the data supports ordering large numbers of inventory. I would say the data suggests that these retailers should order small, and then if a particular item shows an increased demand, go back and re-order more of it. This of course then takes longer time for the item to show up in greater numbers. From the retailer stand point, my guess is they think its better to order conservatively to ensure they sell through their initial inventory than ordering large numbers and being stuck with unsold inventory that collects dust and eventually goes on clearance. You know when you sit there waiting for stuff to go on clearance because you don’t want to pay full price. Well short term that may be a good strategy for your wallet, and we’ve probably all done it. Long term however it sends a message to the retailers that they shouldn’t be ordering larger numbers of the stuff. So why the exclusives? If there aren’t that many collectors out there, why bother carrying it at all, let alone to do it exclusively? Well keep in mind I didn’t say there wasn’t money to be made here. It’s probably a drop in the bucket for Walmart and Target’s overall bottom line, but that’s not to say there isn’t money being made. The main purpose of an exclusive is to get you in the doors of the store. It doesn’t matter if you find the exclusive or not. Once you are in the store, the general thought is you will likely end up buying something. That’s a sale they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. In fact it works out better for the retailer if you don’t actually find the exclusive, because that means you will be back to try and find it another day. Scarcity in its own right also creates artificial demand. If you as the consumer think something is easy to get, you are less likely to make it a priority to go out and buy. In fact if you think it’s going to sit on the shelf you may wait for it to go on clearance. When it’s deemed “hard to get”, you are out there hunting for it, sometimes daily, and the moment you see it you buy it. Sometimes you may even find your self buying something you otherwise would not, simply because it’s hard to get. How many times have you focused more on the hunt thinking it’s something you just have to have, and then after you finally get it, the item just sits there on the shelf where you barely think about it again? I know that has happened to me from time to time. Another factor of when the perceived value of something is artificially inflated with these tactics is that it brings out the scalper element of the hobby, which sadly I think has become a sizable portion of the collector demographic. I don’t want to go down the scalper rabbit hole in this article since that is a subject that can easily fill an entire article of its own. But I think it’s important to note that a sale is a sale in the eye of the retailer, regardless of what the final intentions of the buyer is for that product. As I mentioned above, I do feel many of these things long-term will have detrimental effects on this hobby and the manufacturers making these toys. Short-term from a business perspective I can totally understand needing to cater to your largest customers, but long-term I see it is just digging a hole that eventually the manufacturers will never be able to get out of. The more frustrating it is for collectors to find stuff, the more collectors will leave the hobby never to return. Instead of growing a small demographic into a large one, you are just making it smaller to a point where eventually there will be little to no one left.
  13. NECA has announced that starting next week, restocks of the following Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7" figure sets will be hitting Target stores! -Traag & Granitor 2-pack -Zarax & Zork 2-pack -Triceraton Infantryman & Roadkill Rodney 3-pack
  14. Today I take a look at the new G.I. Joe Classified Special Missions: Cobra Island Firefly and Cobra Viper figures from Hasbro. These figures are being sold as Target exclusives. Firefly along with the Cobra Viper are currently listed as sold out on their website. Check out images for these figures below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about them in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  15. NECA has released new images for their upcoming Target exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Traag and Granitor 2-Pack which will be the first 2-pack released for wave 4 in October. Looks like NECA will be doing the staggered releases for the wave like they did with previous one. No word yet on the specific release date yet. The other 2-packs slated for wave 4 include Splinter & Baxter Stockman and Roadkill Rodney & Triceraton-Soldier .
  16. MCUCollector24 has posted some in-hand images for the new NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series THE WRATH OF KRANG deluxe figure. These are starting to hit Target shelves now. The DPCI# is 323-07-7502. The figure has not yet been listed on the Target website. Stay-tuned to MCUCollector24's review and more images to come soon.
  17. Hasbro today during PulseCon wowed us with some amazing new 6" G.I. Joe Classified figure reveals, and then as if they were giving Joe fan's a virtual kick to the groin they announced two of the four figures they showed would once again be Target store exclusives. For the non-exclusive figures coming in wave three which will be out early next year they showed us an Amazing looking Zartan figure as well as a new Cobra Trooper. Zartan comes with a Removable hood, Backpack, Mask, Alternate hands, Pistol and Knife. These accessories are very true looking to the original 80's version. The lack of color change and swamp skier is a bit disappointing, but still the figure looks great. The Cobra Trooper is virtually the same figure we got in the previous Target wave minus a riffle and slight paint deco changes. Both of these figures will be released everywhere and available for pre-order now at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The two Target exclusive figures also look amazing. They are figures of Firefly and the Cobra Viper. These figures went up for pre-order on the Target website and sold out in 2 seconds, thanks to Target's unwillingness to put anything in place to stop scalper bots from getting them. Target has the figures listed with a January 1 release date, however if the last wave is any indication, stores will probably get them in sooner, and then we can play the game of which stores will sell them early and which ones won't. The Firefly comes with 6 accessories which includes a gun, stick of dynamite, drone, backpack, goggles and pad. The DCPI# 087-16-2542 and you can see it listed here, not that you will actually ever be able to buy it there. The Cobra Viper comes with 5 accessories which includes goggles, pistol, riffle, backpack and bandanna. The DCPI# 087-16-8296 and the link to it can be found here.
  18. For you TMNT fans, it looks like you may have something else to hunt for at Target stores other than NECA stuff. Funko will be releasing a new classic looking Metalhead POP! Vinyl figure as a Target exclusive which is slated to be released on 11/27. Check out this image of it via BenSpark.
  19. If you went to bed early last night you may have missed the news of four new G.I. Joe Classified 6" figures that were announced by Hasbro. The four figures announced included Beach Head, Baroness with COIL Bike, Cobra Trooper and a second Roadblock. These new figures which will be going up for pre-order today at 9am ET on the Target website are part of a new sub-line called G.I. Joe Missions: Cobra Island. The island which is Cobra's HQ is featured on the back of the packaging with these as you can see in the updated images below. The figures while not yet available are now listed on the Target website. It says release 7/21 on the site for these but it's unclear if that is just for the pre-order or if they will actually start shipping today. We suspect it's just the pre-order date. We have provided links below: G.I. Joe Classified Series Baroness with C.O.I.L. Figure and Vehicle - $39.99 - DCPI 087-16-4933 - Package Art By Craig Drake G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Trooper Action Figure - $19.99 - DCPI 087-16-9726 - Package Art By Kekai Kotaki G.I. Joe Classified Series Special Missions: Cobra Island Wayne “Beach Head” Sneeden - $19.99 - DCPI 087-16-2012 - Package Art By Ashley Witter G.I. Joe Classified Series Roadblock Action Figure - $19.99 - DCPI 087-16-6262 - Package Art By Ken Lashley
  20. NECA announced today that they are looking to offer some of their 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie 2-packs on their own NECA store website for both US and International customers this Thursday (7/16). Previously they had said these would only be available at physical Walmart stores. Also the first TMNT wave 3 Animated 2-pack to be released at Target stores will be the one with the Casey Jones & Foot Soldier figures. The official release date for both online and physical stores is this Friday (7/17), but we are seeing reports of folks already starting to find them in stores. The release dates for the other 2-packs in wave 3 are 8/6 and 8/20. We don't yet know which set will be released on which date. Here is the place holder link for the Casey and Foot Soldier set: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 7" Scale Action Figure - Cartoon Series 3 Casey Jones & Foot Soldier. The deluxe animated series Metalhead figure is also slated to hit shelves and online this Friday at Target. We do not have a placeholder link for that one to share at this time.
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