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  1. Sometimes it's hard to tell when a company posts something on their social media pages if they are actually trying to tease an upcoming product or just looking for attention on social media. Late yesterday the folks at Super7 posted this video show the ThunderCats Thundertank. The caption read "Heading into the weekend like..." I have no idea if this was them trying to tell us something is coming or just a random post. Even if this post was meant to tease an upcoming Thundertank, it could just as easily be for their 3.75" ReAction line as it could be for their 7" Ultimates line. My guess most fans would love this to be a hint for a 7" Ultimates Thundertank, but at this point I wouldn't get my hopes up to much for that happening. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKFfoIdsszo/ Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION, would you like to see Super7 do a 7" scale Thundertank, or even a 3.75" ReAction one?
  2. He is back and sexier than ever! Earlier this year, Super7 announced a sexy, more modern version of the Rat King as part of their 10th wave of TMNT Ultimates! and toy collectors were quick to complain about it (unheard of, right?). After removing him from the wave and replacing him with another figure, collectors were then mad that they would not get that sexy Rat King figure that they complained about in the first place. Thankfully, the (Rat) King is back! Do you remember when we memed Morbius to death and Sony decided to re-release it in cinemas (for it to fail a second time)? Well, it's a bit like that: In March 2023, Super7 announced the line up of their tenth wave of TMNT Ultimates! action figures, which included a sexier, more modern version of the Rat King (allegedly based on his appearance in the game TMNT: Shredder's Revenge). Fans felt ratty that day (ha!), and decided to complain about it, as it didn't look like the one from their childhood. You see, it was too pretty! In April 2023, Super7 announced that the Rat King would be replaced by an action figure of Karai (which had weirdly been revealed in leaked photos as part of the wave in the first place, which was weird... it was a bit of a mess), which led to collectors doing a complete 180° and say that they actually wanted the Sexy Rat King. "We were just complaining because it's fun! We didn't want it to be cancelled!" said a fan. Fast forward to November 2023, Super7 announced their eleventh wave of TMNT Ultimates!, and lo and behold, a new and improved Rat King will be part of that wave, along with one of his sexy head sculpts for those who want to display him like that (who wouldn't?!). Oh yeah, there's also a Rapper Mike, a Ninja Nomad Leonardo and a Damaged Foot Soldier too as part of that wave. More news at 11:00... It's RATTING time!
  3. There is no denying that the 80's was a great time for cartoons and action figures based on those cartoons. The decade produced a lot of classic properties, some of which are still active today. The three most well known, arguably are G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Transformers and Masters of the Universe. Still there are many properties from the 80's that developed decent size fan followings, but have never really been brought back for a major modern toy line. One of the most notable properties that fits that description is M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), which is currently held by Hasbro. There have been rumblings in recent years that Hasbro is looking at ways to bring that property back to toy shelves and TV, but nothing definitive. Two other animated shows/action figures from the 80's that I am often asked if they will ever return are Silverhawks and BraveStarr. For those not familiar with these two properties, Silverhawks was an animated series that first debuted in 1986 from Lorimar-Telepictures. It focused on a team of cyborg-like character lead by Commander Stargazer. They fought the evil Mon*Star. The most recognizable character from this franchise is Quicksilver, who wears a silver bird-like armor. In 1987 Kenner produced a fairly short-lived action figure line based on the show. Interesting enough, it was LJN who was supposed to make the toys for this show, but backed out of the deal at the last minute. LJN is probably best known for making the original ThunderCat toys. Warner Bros. now holds the rights to Silverhawks when they purchased Lorimar-Telepictures back in 1989. Mon*Star actually made a brief appearance in the 2011 ThunderCats remake animated series. BraveStarr followed in the foot-steps of Masters of the Universe. The animated series was created by Filmation and the toys were produced by Mattel. The figures hit shelves in 1986, a year before the show aired on TV. Both were fairly short-lived. In fact the show is somewhat notoriously noted for being the final series made by Lou Scheimer's Filmation before the company shut down. The concept of the show and toys were based on a space/western type mash-up. The main character was a Native American named Marshal BraveStarr, and his main adversary was a dragon like creature known as Stampede, who was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. The same person who voiced He-Man's arch-nemesis Skeletor on the Filmation Master of the Universe series. Another notable villain in the BraveStarr series was a character known as Tex Hex, who was originally created for the Filmation Ghostbusters series. Mattel only made one series of 8" action figures which did not include Stampede. Both Bravestarr and Tex Hex did get figures, and they featured an interesting gimmick called Laser Fire Backpacks. These backpacks shot infrared beams that activated sound effects. the line also got some playsets made for it but was canceled before the second wave of figures could go into production. While I can't say 100%, I believe Mattel still retains the licensing rights for BraveStarr action figures. So that brings us to the question at hand today. Will we ever see modern versions of Silverhawks and Bravestarr action figures officially made? I honestly don't know, but I do think it is possible. As to who would make them, well the two most likely choices would be either Mattel or perhaps more likely a smaller company like Super7. I don't think Mattel would bother with either license unless there was a movie or new animated series in the works. Super7 however has a seemingly good relationship with both Mattel and Warner Bros, and made action figures for both companies with He-Man and ThunderCats. Super7 has even teased in recent months that they have some pretty exciting licenses in the works for 2022. To illustrate how cool I think modern versions of these characters might look in action figure form, we are featuring the custom work of boy_toys528, who has created custom figures of both Quicksilver from Silverhawks and Marshal BraveStarr from the BraveStarr series. Let us know what you think, would you like to see new Silverhawks and BraveStarr figures made, and which company do you think would be best suited for the job?
  4. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! It's time for ANIMANIACS! This week, we're having a look at the Animaniacs Ultimates! figures from Super7. Working through the pile of unopened toys, I was looking forward to get to those. I've been a fan of the show since I was a kid and, apart from the McDonalds Animaniacs Happy meal toys, we never really got any toys or merch from them... until now! The Animaniacs was an animated TV series produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment that ran between 1993 and 1998 (and came back for 3 seasons in 2020). It was a variety show full of wackiness and pop culture references, with loads of great characters. As usual with Super7, the figures come in big boxes, each of them having their own 'shipper boxes' (the kind of boxes that Hot Toys collectors seem to consider is part of the figure, since a Hot Toys figure without the brown shipper box is considered 'incomplete' by some). So, yay! Shipper boxes! The boxes all have a sleeve too, with the logo of the cartoon on the front. First, the Warner brothers (and the Warner sister), who are the main characters of the Animaniacs show. It feels pretty great to hold those 7-inch scale, articulated figures in hand after not having toys of them for so long! The figures themselves are pretty decent, the articulations are a bit hindered by the design (big heads,...), but they also come with a ton of accessories to make up for it. Yakko comes an alternate head with a graduation cap, 5 extra hands, an alternate tail, a stick of dynamite, a bag of fun, and a blackboard with the world map, with pointer, to recreate the amazing 'Yakko's World' sketch (link here). Wakko comes with an extra head with spartan helmet, 7 extra hands, an alternate tail, a mallet, a stick of dynamite, a blackboard with the United states, along with a violin and box, to recreate 'Wakko's America' (link here). Dot, the Warner sister, comes with 2 extra heads, 7 extra hands (including a butterfly and a flower), an alternate tail, a stick of dynamite and a duck pool floatie. Those boxes are FILLED with accessories. "Gee Brain, what are we gonna do tonight? - The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!” Pinky and the Brain (Fun fact: they are called 'Minus and Cortex' in French) are also very fun figure, and also come with a ton of stuff. Pinky is a bit easier to handle than Brain, since Brain has a huge head that is a bit heavy, so he's not really easy to pose. Mine also has one foot that is a bit loose, which does not help. Pinky has 2 extra heads, 8 extra hands (including one with a pen), lots of lab equipment (beakers, machines,...), a notepad and a photo. Brain comes an extra head, 7 extra hands, a paper blueprint or one of their plan, lab equipements (beakers, ...), a paperclip, a pointer, a globe keyring and the giant magnet we see them use in the opening of the show. More news at 11:00... Helloooooo nurse!
  5. The Super7 Ultimates! Thundertanks have started to arrive and with them come the inevitable arguments that one can have with a significant other: "Where are we going to put this? We don't have any space! How much did it cost?", etc... To save you some trouble, ToyFarce sat down with a camouflage expert to come with a few solutions, where you can keep your Thundertank hidden in plain sight! LAWN MOVER: An easy solution would be to dissimulate your Super7 Ultimates! Thundertank by pretending that it is a new lawn mower. For that, you will only need to do one trip to the hardware store and buy a lawn mower upper handle part. Then, you'll just have to walk around your yard with your Thundertank, as if you are pushing a regular lawn mower. If there are some suspicions about the fact that it is not cutting grass, just say that there must be something wrong with the blades, and that you'll take care of it! You said the same thing about the previous one and never did either, anyway! VACUUM CLEANER: If you do not want to have dirt or grass on your Super7 Ultimates! Thundertank, you can always stay indoors with it, and pretend it's a vacuum cleaner. You'll just need a hose pipe, the telescopic metal tube and a brush at the end of it. Don't forget to also play a video called "Vacuum cleaner sounds" on Youtube while you're at it. If you forget, you can always imitate the sound with your mouth, or say that it's a really silent one. Speaking of vacuuming... ROOMBA: If you do not want to actually have a chore to do everytime you want to interact with your Thundertank, you can also just customize it and turn it into a robot vacuum cleaner, a Thundertank Roomba! It's really simple: Just grab your Super7 Ultimates! Thundertank and turn it upside down. Carve a circle the size of a roomba under it, so that you can 'dock' the roomba in there. Your Thundertank will then peacefully travel across your home, cleaning it while looking awesome! What other clever ideas would you have to dissimulate a Super7 Ultimates! Thundertank? Let us know in the comments! The best answers might appear in a 'part 2' of this article! More news at 11:00... THUNDERCATS *HVROOOOOOOO* (vacuum cleaner sound) *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  6. Shown below are images for Super7's second wave of Ultimates Conan The Barbarian movie figures. This wave will include War Paint Conan and Thulsa Doom. Check out the images below and you can pre-order these at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  7. Super7 has some pretty sweet items up on their store for Godzilla day 2021! So burst on over to their site and pick up some sweet merch of everyone's favorite kaiju! Items include: Godzilla ReAction Figure - Shogun (Dark Green) $18 Godzilla ReAction Figure - Shogun (Glow-In-The-Dark) $25 Toho Drinkware - Anatomical Godzilla Toho Drinkware - Anatomical Hedorah Toho Drinkware - Anatomical King Ghidorah Toho Drinkware - Anatomical Mechagodzilla Toho Crewneck Sweatshirt - Godzilla Toho T-Shirt - Mothra Tie Dye Toho Crewneck Sweatshirt - Godzilla Toho T-Shirt - Kaiju Rorschach They also have teased more reactions to come in 2022! "The King of the Monsters won’t be alone for long! More kaiju are on their way- here’s a peek at part of the first full wave of Toho ReAction Figures, coming early ‘22!"
  8. Super7 today put out a little blurb on their Social Media announcing they would be doing products based on the 80's property Silverhawks. Right now they seem to be mainly just pushing things like apparel to drinkware that they have up on their website, but they do mention they will be doing figures of some type. Whether it will be 3 3/4" ReAction, 7" Ultimates or both remains unknown for now. We will be sure to update this story when more details become available.
  9. Yesterday, Super7 demonstrated to us what 'poor timing' really means, by sending all their customers an email with the title 'Don't snooze on the Ooze!' mere minutes before a wave of emails from other retailers landed in our mailboxes, letting us know about dozens of items getting delayed... ToyFarce, with a recap of the situation. The announcement was about their new Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Glow-in-the-dark figures, which are exclusive to Super7.com, and are open for pre-order until Friday, August 5th. (After that, you'll have to wait until Summer 2023 to get your hands on those figures, or more if there are delays...). The figures are basically the same as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES!, except that they glow-in-the-dark. Same molds, same accessories,... but you'll be able to stare at them at night, when you go to the bathroom in the dark! This picture has not been edited. This is 100% how it showed up in our mailbox. 3 minutes after receiving the 'Don't Snooze...' email, it started. We received 3 emails about delayed Super7 items (namely, the Disney ULTIMATES! Robin Hood figure from the second Disney ULTIMATES! wave, now moved to October 2022, and the ULTIMATES! Spongebob Squarepants and the Animaniacs waves, now pushed to November 2022). Several other sources have told us that they received similar emails for other ULTIMATES! figures, such as the first wave of G.I.Joe ULTIMATES!, also pushed to October 2022. So... should we snooze or what? If you're interested in not snoozing, you can pre-order those figures here! More news at 11:00... You snooze, you lose. If you don't snooze, you'll still have to wait anyway! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  10. Super7 has teased possible ReAction Figures from the band Discharge over on Twitter! Stay Tuned for more info!
  11. Between Mattel and Super7 we are very close to finally being able to complete the original ThunderCats team as well as Mumm-Ra and the original mutants with modern sculpted figures. Before I go over my wish list of figures I would love to see Super7 do next, lets recap everything we know has come or coming fairly soon. First back in 2016 when Mattel first grabbed the license to do ThunderCats Classic figures, we got Wily Kit & Wily Kat in the forum of a SDCC exclusive 2-pack. I am sure at some point Super7 will get around to re-releasing these two in some way, but hopefully if you are collecting this line you've already gotten your hands on these. Now is the best time to switch to Verizon Fios Get the 100% fiber optic network and get Internet and TV your way Ad by Verizon Fios See More Next Mattel released their first wave of Classic figures which included Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman, Mummified Mumm-Ra, and Pumyra. Shortly after the release of that initial wave, Mattel decided to hand the ThunderCats off to Super7 so they could continue on with the line. Super7 renamed the line ThunderCats Ultimates, and for their first wave of figures re-released Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman and Mummified Mumm-Ra. These figures have updated accessories. The figure in my opinion with the best update is Mumm-Ra, who now includes a soft-good robe. This wave just started arriving in people's mailboxes and is available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. For Super7's second wave which has yet to be released, it will include a re-release of Pumyra. The Mattel version was to tall, so that should be fixed with this one. You also get additional accessories like the figures in the first wave. The other figures include Grune, Mumm-Ra The Ever Living, and Tygra. The final wave we know about coming from Super7 for ThunderCats will include figures of Jaga, Captain Cracker, Slithe and Cheetara. So after the third wave is released, we will have an almost complete set of the original ThunderCats team in figure form, (Jaga, Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, Wily Kit & Wily Kat). The only one missing will be Snarf. which I don't know how they will release him. He would be to small of a character to be released as single figure, but important enough I can't see them not doing him. Why he wasn't included as pack-in with the Lion-O figure is a mystery to me. After all we are getting Ma-Mutt with the Mumm-Ra The Ever Living figure. For the bad guys we will have both versions of Mumm-Ra as well as mutant leader Slithe and Jackalman. Monkian is the only original mutant member we need, so hopefully he will be announced for wave 4. So besides Monkian and Snarf (and possibly Wily Kit & Wily Kat for those who missed the Mattel ones), here is my breakdown on the characters I would love to see Super7 do next. While not an original mutant team member, probably my favorite one of the bunch was Vultureman. I hope to see him and Monkian in wave 4. For good guys, I think the Berbils need to happen. They were the Ewoks of Third Earth but they played a major role in helping the ThunderCats get settled in to their new home. I think due to their small size Super7 should do a three pack featuring their leader Ro-Bear Bill, Ro-Bear Belle and a generic Berbill. Going back to the bad guys, rounding out the mutants is Ratar-O. He is another favorite of mine. He is a definite must for me to get the figure treatment. I suppose I should go back to good guys, and I am sure Super7 will continue to give us a mix of good guys and bad guys in each wave. For me however I would rather see figures of Demolisher, Safari Joe and Driller before seeing any other good guy characters made. Hopefully Demolisher will come with his armadillo pilot Dirge and Joe will come with his robotic side-kick Mule. Ok so getting back to the good guys, we should get figures of Bengali and Lynx-O to round out the second wave of ThunderCats from the cartoon. These two would join Pumyra from wave 2. This is getting far enough down the road that I'm inclined to say lets wait and see if Super7 is still doing ThunderCats figures by this point. Assuming they are and if I had to pick any more, I would like to see Mandora and Quick-Pick for good guys. And Captain Shiner for another bad guy. Truth is, as long as we get all the original ThunderCats and Monkian with maybe Vultureman to round out the mutants, I will be pretty happy. Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION below which characters you want to see Super7 do the most.
  12. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce reviews! This week, we're having a look at the 4 main turtles from the Super7 Ultimates! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. When the first few waves were announced, I skipped on them since there was only one turtle per wave, and wanted to wait to see how they were in-hand. After a few waves were announced, they started to come out and then, the secondary market prices started to creep up, and I just made my peace with the fact that I missed out on those. I thought I can't really get into a line if I don't have the main characters, right? Thankfully, last summer, Super7 announced that they would sell all 4 turtles as a bundle, with a re-issue of the first one that came out (Raphael). So... I got them! First things first, the packaging. Super7 always does an excellent job with the packaging and the unboxing experience. Each comes with its own shipper boxes, and a nice sleeve for that 'deluxe' effect. The boxes have an amazing design, where you can see the figure with all its accessories through a window (remember those?). Raphael, who used to be my favorite growing up (I lost mine in a river as a kid, so there's some trauma involved). That figure comes packed with accessories: a new and improved head, 8 extra hands, extra sais (the figure already had some on his belt, but there were additional ones), communicators (open and closed), a slice of pizza and the same 'weapon rack' that the original figures from 1988 came out with (along with those same weapons "painted and ready to use!"). Great nostalgia trick! (Can you imagine if today's collector reviewed the original figures? "What? No thigh swivel? No biceps swivel? Complete absence of ab-crunch! The head is soft, this is BS!" Thank god those came out when we were children...). Leonardo was in the second wave of figures, and comes with the same amount of accessories, except that he has katanas instead of sais (duh!), and has one less pair of hands. The articulation on those figures is pretty great, and they really are a love letter to the old ones, all while being a huge improvement/modern version at the same time. Michaelangelo, from wave 3, comes with similar accessories as the other ones, except he has a whole pizza box instead of just one slice, and a grappling hook instead of communicators. He also comes with 2 version of his nunchukus: either all plastic and straight, or with actual chains. Last but not least, the best turtle, Donatello, from wave 4. Donnie comes with the same plethora of accessories, with 2 bo staffs (in case he loses one?). And that finally completes the set of our 4 favorite turtles. Super7 did a great job at making at making those figures look just like the old ones, while being up to modern standards. The old head sculpts are spot on, and the newer versions are definitely nice to look at (Raphael being the best one of the 4, with a bit more details). $45 per figure is definitely not great, but the argument of Super7 being a smaller company and needing to have slightly higher prices also makes sense (plus, it beats paying triple on ebay). Still, I'm happy with them. I don't think I will go all-in on the line, but I do think i might have to go back and look for a couple of them... I hear Bebop and Rocksteady are awesome figures. What did you think of the Super7 Ultimates! TMNT line? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... Radical!
  13. In the last few months, we've had an abundance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Wagon (aka Turtle Van). Playmates re-issued the 1989 version of the Turtle Party Wagon, Super7 opened the pre-orders for their own version of it to go with their TMNT Ultimates figure line, a third party brand came up with their own, and this week, NECA revealed their version of the Cartoon Turtle Van, for their line of Cartoon TMNT (pre-orders are now open, and a payment plan is available, in case NECA already made you spend a ton of money on turtles this month). We, at ToyFarce, would like to point out that Playmates also re-issued the Turtle Blimp recently. Just saying. Not implying anything... but if any of those brands wanted to give it a shot, that would be ok with us. Definitely. More news at 11:00... "Radical Ride!" *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  14. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! ALWAYZ READY! This week, we're having a look at the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Ultimates figures of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers from Super7. In a nutshell, Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are two professional wrestlers that you might have seen in WWE, AEW, Impact, GCW or several other companies, that also happen to be huge toy collectors. They have a podcast together where they talk about toys every week, and Super 7 did action figures of them from that podcast. Basically, imagine your favorite toy collector/reviewer, who also happens to be a pro wrestler, getting his own action figure. The packaging has always been one of the Super7's strong suit, so the unboxing experience is definitely nice. First, the figure have their own shipper boxes. Then, there is a nice sleeve, complete with a wrestling belt wrapping it. Then the boxes themselves, with a ring deco on the front, and all the different heads and accessories displayed nicely. First off, Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder in the WWE), the Broski himself, the Michael Jordan of toy collecting (as he calls himself). His figure comes with 3 additional headsculpts, extra hands, a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast microphone, dog tags, Cardona dollar bills and the best one: his own action figure. Yep, the action figure also has an action figure of himself! How meta! The figure in itself is ok, but the likeness could definitely be better, and the Super7 trademarked shiny plastic could use a coat of matte paint. Those figures also have the same dreaded ab-crunch that the NJPW figures also had, which is not very pretty to look at, at least on the figures that are shirtless (more on that later). Also, fun fact, the pointing finger hand is also holding an extra finger (I believe Matt explained in the podcast that it was due to tooling complications). "Got your nose!" Brian Myers (formerly known as Curt Hawkins), the Most Professional Wrestler figure also comes with a ton of accessories: 3 additional headsculpts, extra hands, his entrance facemask, a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast microphone, dog tags and his own action figure as well. Honestly, give me more action figures that come with their own action figures. This is pretty fun! Brian Myers likeness is... not great. Some of the headsculpts look like it's Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 mid-transformation into Brian Myers (see pic!). Mattel's $20 bucks WWE Elite figure of Curt Hawkins did a way better job. 2 of the headsculpts have the hair glued on which does not look great. It's sad to say, but it's a good thing he comes with a face mask... Also, the ab-crunch articulation doesn't look as bad as on Matt Cardona since he's wearing a dark blue singlet. All in all (aka the bottom line), those figures are ok, but not worth the price tag ($45,99 each). I feel like if they were $10-15 cheaper, they'd probably be a bit more attractive, even if I understand that Super7 is a smaller company and does need to charge us a bit more. More news at 11:00... ALWAAAAYS READYYYY !
  15. Unconceivable! Put your tinfoil hats on, because we are going into 'crazy theory' territory today, folks! An anonymous tip sent to ToyFarce this week claims that the San Francisco based collectibles, toys and apparel brand Super7 is actually NOT related to the 2011 movie Super 8, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. Obviously, take that with a grain of salt. Who comes up with such outrageous claims? Here are #Facts: -Super7 was founded in 2001, while Super 8 came out in 2011. Clearly, Super7 was there before, making it the prequel! -Super7 has produced collectibles and toys for several sci-fi franchises (Metropolis, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mars Attacks, Star Trek: The Next Generation,...) AND monsters (Godzilla, Universal monsters, that 16" Mummy Boy), while Super 8 is coined a "Sci-fi monster movie". Still thinking they're not related? -Here is the biggest proof: Super7 has made Andre the Giant figures... Andre the Giant was called "the Eighth wonder of the world"... There is an 'eight' in Super8. BOOM! Mic drop. Follow ToyFarce for more trustworthy news! Super7 Super 8 ReAction figures, when? More news at 11:00... So wait, is there gonna be Super1, Super2, Super3,... as well? *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  16. The race is on to save Snake Eyes from what seems like certain doom! The GI Joe ReAction Arctic Rescue Vehicle Pack includes a unique Snake Eyes that glows red, the Blind Woodsman, a dog sled, and SIX sled dogs! Snake Eyes is as tough as they come, but lost in an Arctic storm, suffering from radiation poisoning, AND attacked by a polar bear?! Even he was facing a grim end- until a Blind Woodsman came to his rescue! This G.I. Joe ReAction Arctic Rescue Vehicle Pack includes 3.75” articulated figures of the Blind Woodsman with rifle accessory, and Snake Eyes that glows red in the dark and comes with pistol and canister accessories. Also included are the dog sled and six sled dogs that help recover Snake Eyes from death’s door! Representing one of the most memorable moments in the entire G.I. Joe animated series, the G.I. Joe ReAction Arctic Rescue Vehicle set will be a coveted centerpiece in your collection! Product Features 3.75-inch scale (9.52cm) Made of plastic Inspired byt the M.A.S.S. Device story line from the G.I. Joe animated TV series Part of the ReAction lineup 5 Points of articulation Includes Snake Eyes and Blind Woodsman figures and accessories Box Contents Snake Eyes figure Pistol Canister accessories Blind Woodsman figure Rifle Dog Sled 6 Sled Dogs Pre-order from our Sponsor: BigBadToyStore.com
  17. It appears Super7 has teased over on Instagram that they have a new ULTIMATES license that is "zany to the max" or maybe even "trying to take over the world!" Stay Tuned for more as more info is released!
  18. BREAKING NEWS FROM TOYFARCE! No exciting announcement to make? No new items or teases to reveal? Fear not! You can always do a packaging reveal! This past week, in the same fashion as that friend we all have that doesn't have anything to say, but still says something (you know the one), several of the big brands didn't have any new products to reveal, so they just revealed the cardboard goodness that our MIB collector friends love so much. NECA started the trend by revealing the packaging of a figure we didn't know we needed, the Universal Monsters x TMNT Frankenstein Raphael figure. The packaging looks stunning with some Universal Monsters/old-timey horror poster vibes. Pre-order yours here! Hasbro followed up, with first some updates for the fully (crowd)funded Ghostbusters Spengler's Proton Pack, of which the campaign ended last night. They posted an update on all social media talking about the cardboard prison of the upcoming prop replica, mentioning that the designers are hard at work to make a fantastic packaging for an "otherworldly unboxing experience". Then, during their Power Rangers Fan First Friday livestream, after announcing their new *inhale* Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zord Ascension Project Dino Megazord, the team took a portion of the time to talk cardboard with us, revealing the beautiful design of the packaging. That is a box that is going to be hard to throw away... Pre-order yours here! And finally, at the end of that slow news week, Super7 revealed the packaging art of their upcoming TMNT Ultimates Party Wagon. Super7, who are some of the best at giving us an awesome, sweet, nostalgic unboxing experience with their Ultimates line, didn't disappoint once again, and the art on the box for the humongous vehicle looks fantastic. The TMNT Ultimates Turtle Wagon can still be found here. More news at 11:00... When in doubt, packaging reveal! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  19. Whether you love SpongeBob SquarePants for his irrepressible spirit or you just have a thing for passionate fry cooks, this 3.75” ReAction Figure is what you’ve been waiting for. Wearing his Krusty Krab hat, and holding his trusty spatula and a perfect Krabby Patty, SpongeBob is ready for some patty-flippin’ action! Add SpongeBob SquarePants to your menagerie of Bikini Bottom's best today! Wave 2 consists of: Spongegar He can’t be called SpongeBob SquarePants if pants haven’t been invented yet! Behold, SpongeGar, the loin-cloth-wearing ancient ancestor of our beloved SpongeBob. This 3.75” articulated SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of SpongeBob SpongeGar features said loin-cloth and primitive caveman-esque detail like prominent brow, overbite, and large pointed teeth. You’d have to be as primitive as he is not to see that adding the SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of SpongeGar is the next evolutionary step for your collection! Inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV series Features prehistoric cave-man detail 3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation Collect the entire line of SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figures by Super7! Skullpants We can all agree that splinters are the WORST, but SpongeBob’s splinter is so bad, he literally tore his face off trying to get it out! YIKES! This 3.75” articulated SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of SpongeBob SkullPants reveals his entire skull as well as the pesky splinter he tore his face off trying to remove. We’re sure glad SpongeBob was eventually able to get the splinter removed and reduce the swelling, but one thing that WILL be swelling is your collection, when you add the SpongeBob ReAction figure of SpongeBob SkullPants! Inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV series Features fully exposed skull detail 3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation Collect the entire line of SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figures by Super7! Ka-Rah-Tay Spongebob When SpongeBob and Sandy’s game of “Kah-Rah-Tay'' ramps up, it can get super intense, but SAFETY COMES FIRST! This 3.75” articulated SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of Kah-Rah-Tay SpongeBob shows him outfitted in his oversized helmet and karate hands, ready to unleash his special brand of martial arts fury. Once he gets into Kah-Rah-Tay mode, it’s nearly impossible to get SpongeBob to stop, and we know it would be equally hard for you to not add the SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of Kah-Rah-Tay SpongeBob to your collection! Inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV series Features oversized safety helmet and “karate hands” 3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation Collect the entire line of SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figures by Super7! Bang Geeks Spongebob In the climax of what is largely considered one of the best episodes of the entire SpongeBob SquarePants series, SpongeBob’s power-ballad-worthy vocals helped the previously rag-tag marching band deliver a shockingly good performance, redeeming Squidward in front of his high school nemesis, Squilliam Fancyson. This 3.75” articulated SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of Band Geeks SpongeBob includes microphone accessory and shows SpongeBob channeling his inner rock-god. Just as SpongeBob and his band reached new heights, so can your collection by adding the SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figure of Band Geeks SpongeBob! Inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV series Features marching band member detail and includes microphone accessory 3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation Collect the entire line of SpongeBob SquarePants ReAction figures by Super7! Preorder yours from Super7
  20. When artist Bob Thomas designed the Dancing Bears for Grateful Dead Soundman Owsley “Bear” Stanley, they were only to appear on the back cover of the band’s 1973 album The History of the Grateful Dead, Volume 1 (Bear’s Choice). Little did he or anyone know that they would become as synonymous with the Dead as trading bootleg tapes, improvised jam sessions, and global counterculture! Available individually, or in a set of all six different colors, these articulated, boldly colored bruins will help put you in a copacetic Dead Head state of consciousness and come with bases that allow them to be displayed in their iconic “dancing” positions. Order your favorite color or snag the entire set of Grateful Dead ReAction Dancing Bears figures today! Super7 Store
  21. A new group of Super7 Universal Monsters ReAction Figures have gone up for Pre-order! Universal Monsters ReAction Frankenstein's Monster The Monster from Son of Frankenstein! Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, set out to redeem his family name, and show that the monster his father created can actually be a man, but he learns the hard way, re-branding can be just as peril-fraught as reanimation. This 3.75” articulated Universal Monsters ReAction figure of The Monster from Son of Frankenstein features the re-re-animated creation donning a casual, more approachable look. Alas, as a few unfortunate villagers soon find out, the new look does not make for a new man, and chaos soon ensues. While it might have been a good idea for Baron Wolf von Frankenstein to pass on resurrecting the monster, it would be a bad idea for you to pass on the chance to add the Universal Monsters ReAction figure of The Monster from Son of Frankenstein to your collection! Product Features 3.75 inches (9.525cm) Made of plastic Limited articulation Retro figure styling Universal Monsters ReAction Ygor Bela Lugosi as Ygor from Son of Frankenstein! While beauty (or lack thereof) may often only be skin-deep, in the case of Ygor, his twisted physique does not belie the twisted heart of a murderer. This 3.75” articulated Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ygor depicts Bela Lugosi in one of his most memorable roles and comes on cardback featuring classic Monsters-style artwork by Ed Repka. Given his propensity for using Frankenstein’s monster to seek revenge on those who have wronged him, the prudent move is to stay in his good graces and add the Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ygor to your collection! Product Features 3.75 inches (9.525cm) Made of plastic Limited articulation Retro figure styling Blister card featuring artwork by the legendary Ed Repka Universal Monsters ReAction Ardarth Bey Ardath Bey from The Mummy! Imhotep has risen, and walks among us as Ardath Bey, a mysterious Egyptian historian who is desperate to resurrect his forbidden love, the princess Ank-su-namun. This 3.75” articulated Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ardath Bey shows the Mummy in his human guise, complete with his fez. Bey is so desperate to reincarnate his love, he’s willing to kill a woman in order to resurrect her as his immortal bride, which, of course, is more than a little problematic. Legend has it that you can help keep Helen in the world of the living by adding the Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ardath Bey to your collection! Product Features 3.75 inches (9.525cm) Made of plastic Limited articulation Retro figure styling Universal Monsters ReAction The Hunchback of Notre Dame Though she’ll never requite his love, there’s nothing Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, won’t do for his beloved Esmeralda. This 3.75” articulated Universal Monsters ReAction figure of The Hunchback of Notre Dame features hunched-back and grizzled appearance detail that belie the gentle heart within. He once uttered, “Why was I not made of stone, like thee?” when Esmeralda gave her heart to another, but only someone with a stone heart would fail to give the Universal Monsters ReAction figure of The Hunchback of Notre Dame sanctuary in their collection. Product Features 3.75 inches (9.525cm) Made of plastic Limited articulation Retro figure styling Pre-order yours now via our Sponsor: BigBadToyStore
  22. A few days ago, Super7 teased a few new upcoming figures, by only posting their silhouette, and letting our imagination run wild! Who could those be? It's really hard to tell! ToyFarce hired the best toy investigators around (we're on Toy News International now, it's not amateur time anymore!) and we managed to get the scoop for all of you. The first picture shows a shadow of what looks to be a dinosaur. We can see the strangely-shaped dorsal plates, which lead us to think that it could be none other than Reptar, the popular fictional dinosaur from the hit Nickelodeon TV series "Rugrats". This can only mean one thing: Super 7 ULTIMAAAATES! Rugrats figures are coming! ToyFarce speculates that the first wave should have Tommy Pickes, Chuckie Finster, one of the DeVille twins (in usual Super7 fashion, with the second twin released in another wave), and the evil Angelica! The second pic was trickier, but it took ToyFarce's trained eyes only a few minutes to realize that it was a tease for the third wave of Super7 Disney Ultimates! figures, and that that wave will most likely have a Peter Pan theme, with a Peter Pan figure which will come with Tinkerbell as an accessory! The first 2 waves have yet to come out, but we are really looking forward for those. Other possibles figures from that wave would be a dope Captain Hook, Wendy, her 2 brothers coming as a two-pack and why not a Mr. Smee! The third picture was pretty obvious for everyone, but we'll go ahead and say it: It is clearly teasing a (very nice, very evil) Danhausen figure. The pose with 'wings' wide open was in fact a tease of Danhausen signature pose, with his arms holding his cape open wide. Super7 is already making wrestling action figures, with the New Japan Pro Wrestling figures, along with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast duo of Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers, as well as the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. It is not too farfetched to think that Super7 could do a nice figurehausen of Danhausen to go with the others. What did you think that Super7 was teasing in those pictures? Let us know in the comments! (the funnier, the better!) More news at 11:00-hausen!
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