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  1. "If they want plastic, let them have plastic!". In 2019, Hasbro announced their plan to stop using plastic for all new product packaging, like their... plastic action figures, and other toys made of plastic (hmmm...). The initiative was met with controversy, and by April 2023, the company would go back on their decision and reintroduce the coveted plastic bubbles that toy collectors had missed. ToyFarce received an anonymous tip about what could be the next step in the evolution of packaging: the ALL-PLASTIC packaging! "When Hasbro decided to do something eco-friendly, to improve the sustainability of their products and packaging and pollute less, people clearly didn't want to hear any of that, and were nearly rioting for the return of plastic packaging." said our anonymous source (surely... let's say... a 'disgruntled employee'!). "The main issue people had with the windowless packaging was that they weren't able to see the figure inside, and they were scared someone would swap the content of the box to something else (which is more of a crime problem than a packaging problem, but I digress). So now, they have given up and let the collectors win. But they may have the last word very soon..." "By introducing the ALL PLASTIC packaging, they're gonna do even more damage to the environment. Sure, people will be able to see the toy inside its packaging, but there will be less planet to enjoy it on, eventually. The figure will be in a plastic tray, as it were before, but that plastic tray will be held between 2 parts of a plastic 'clamshell'. That clamshell will then be inserted inside a transparent rectangular plastic box. That's about 2 extra layers of plastic. Then, we can add a sticker with the name and brand of the figure, things like that." The ALL-PLASTIC packaging should be introduced in 2024, with hopes to eliminate all cardboard and other materials from the packaging by the end of 2026. More news at 11:00... Life in plastic, it's fantastic! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  2. Finally, more Star Wars: The Black Series Halloween Edition figures! Last year, we got a couple of Halloween themed figures (a fun Clone Trooper with a skeleton painted on his armor, and a spooky wookie), but this year, the Star Wars team managed to surprise us even more by revealing a full wave of Force ghosts! Sadly, they spelled 'Halloween' wrong and all the packaging say "Holocomm"... Maybe it's how Halloween is called in the Star Wars universe? The Star Wars: The Black Series "All Force Ghost" wave has a weird line-up of characters, as only one of them is actually dead! (...spoilers?). Maybe it is just for the spooky season, they gave us fan favorite characters... and Axe Woves... as ghosts! Perfect to decorate your house for Halloween! They come with a big base with a light, to highlight that they are indeed see-through, and ghosts. Did I mention they are all ghosts? Hopefully, for next Halloween (or Holocomm), we get more Force ghost figures of characters that are actually dead, like Luke, Leia, Obi Wan, Vader,... (Sidenote: All jokes aside, a Holocomm Leia figure would be amazing to display next to a Black Series R2-D2 figure, for that special 'You're my only hope' effect!). Can you imagine, a Force ghost of Nanta, that one Ewok who was shot and his friend tried to wake up? This just gave me goosebumps... More news at 11:00... Do you believe in Force ghosts? *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  3. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the Star Wars: The Black Series Starkiller and Stormtroopers set from Hasbro. Announced right before PulseCon and available right after the event, the set made its way into collectors' hands really fast! The 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' video game series has been a fan favorite for a long time, and finally getting more figures of Starkiller is great (there's also a new Vintage Collection one!). Starkiller comes with a ton of accessories, including 2 Stormtroopers! First of all, the packaging. The set comes in a big box, with a sleeve that has the cover of the first video game on it (front and back). Under the sleeve, Galen Marek aka Starkiller is displayed with his force lightning hands next to him. Parts of the box unfold on the sides, revealing the Stormtroopers. A very nice box for a very nice set! Starkiller comes with 3 different heads (normal, evil smirk and screaming), 4 extra hands, 2 force lightning effect hands, 1 force push hand, 1 lightstaber hilt with 4 options (red, moving red, blue, moving blue) and a nice big display base (force impact?). Also, the 2 Stormtroopers accessory figures come with their blasters (let's be honest, Starkiller is the star of the set, those Stormtroopers are accessories). Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was a fantastic video game in which you played Galen Marek, aka Starkiller, the new apprentice of Darth Vader. In the game, you can choose to be a good person (Jedi side) or a bad one (Sith side). During the game, you end up going rogue against your master, and defy the empire (and/or everyone else as well). A very interesting game with a stellar performance from Sam Witwer, who provided his likeness and voice to the character. This set allows you to have a blue or red lightsaber, depending which side you're on. The figure has the same suit as on the cover of the game. There are plenty of other suits in the game, so hopefully there are more to come. In the second game, Starkiller could wield 2 lightsabers at the same time, so I was a bit bummed out to find only one hilt with the figure, but it turns out you can only have one in the first game (thanks Google!), so that's completely normal. I'll just have to wait for a set from the second game, then... (fingers crossed) Did you play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? Any good memories from the game? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... What is your will, my Master?
  4. Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone! Today is a great day to wear something green, pinch people who don't, and have beverages with green coloring in them! It's also a nice day to reveal new Star Wars: The Black Series holiday edition figures! A green Mandalorian Warrior, a green Imperial Royal Guard and a Leprechaun Ewok? Hopefully easier to find than a four leaf clover! ToyFarce first heard about those thanks to Hasbro Star Wars brand manager Patrick (happy name day!), who was very happy to finally get figures that celebrate his day. There will be a St Patrick's Day Mandalorian warrior, sporting green colors, with an Anzellan droidsmith dressed like a four leaf clover, a St Patrick's Day Imperial Royal Guard coming with green beer pints, and a Leprechaun Ewok, complete with a pot of beskar (the irony of Warwick David playing Wicket and the Leprechaun in the horror movie series is not lost on us!). More news at 11:00... May our day be touched by some Irish luck... and the Force be with us! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  5. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the Star Wars: The Black Series Holiday Edition figures from 2022 from Hasbro. Once again, each figure was exclusive to a different store, which made it really easy and fun for collectors outside the US to acquire them...NOT. This review should have been posted around Christmas, right after the Holiday Edition 2020 figures review (which can be found here), but someone (*cough* Walmart *cough*) decided that the last figure would be shipped later in January... Right in time for Christmas...ish! First, the First Order Stormtrooper, which was exclusive to Amazon and was the first one I received (I'll go through them in the order I got them). This First Order Stormtrooper is pretty much more of the same of the 2020 wave, a peppermint-green Stormtrooper, with Christmas-themed decos. He comes with a blaster rifle and a Holiday-themed mouse droid. A fun novelty item (as they all are, really), but kind of a let down since we already got a similar First Order Stormtrooper in the 2020 wave. The second one to arrive was the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Phase II Clone Trooper, with his gingerbread man colored armor. I know I just said that we already had Stormtroopers in the first wave, but this one is actually pretty fun. Gingerbread colors, with a bow tie and and buttons painted on his chest armor, and some parts painted white like if he had cream filling inside. He comes with a blaster and a Christmas Porg, dressed in red and white. The "Abominable Snowman" Wookiee was a Gamestop Exclusive, and is where the fun started, with other characters than Stormtroopers getting the Holiday treatment. This big white Wookiee reminds me of the Rankin/Bass Abominable Snowmonster of the North, all white, with blue highlights (lips, hands and feet) and red harness. The Abominable Wookiee comes with his bowcaster and a white Porg with a scarf. The Protocol Droid was the easiest one to get, as he came through 'Fan channel', I got it from BigBadToyStore. A pretty basic Protocol Droid figure, all in red, white and green, with a holiday scarf. He comes with a holiday-themed BD Droid. They could have added a christmas hat or something, so that it didn't look like a straight repaint, but oh well... The Mandalorian Warrior, a Target exclusive, might be my favorite from this wave. He has ugly christmas sweater designs on his chest armor, and just looks really cool, with the bright colors. Red and green really suit a Mandalorian well, apparently (I am convinced any color combinations would look good on a Mandalorian armor, at this point). He comes with a winter colored Bogling and his Amban phase-pulse rifle. And finally, the one that took ages to arrive thanks to Walmart pushing the delivery to mid-January, the Walmart Exclusive Scout Trooper! Another fun one, with his red armor, and Grogu ugly christmas sweater design on his chest. He comes with a mini gun, and a Christmas bag that hides a Grogu (I would enjoy it more if it didn't remind me of the Scout trooper punching Grogu through the bag in that Mandalorian episode...). This completes this second wave of 6 Star Wars: The Black Series Holiday Edition figures... ... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Since Halloween was 3 months ago, and those figures shipped last month, I figured I would add them to this review. The 2 Halloween edition figures were also exclusives to different stores, but ended up being available in more places after a while. The Halloween Edition Clone Trooper was exclusive to Target, and is a really fun figure. The idea of having the armor all in black with a skeleton painted in neon green on it was brilliant and the results looks pretty great on a shelf. He came with plastic-free packaging, and even had Halloween themed, orange paper hiding the figure. He comes with a chest that hides beskar painted to look like chocolate bars, and a vampire Porg, painted like Dracula. More of this, please! The Halloween Edition Wookiee was a Walmart exclusive (but ended up as 'Fan channel' soon after. Maybe they realized Halloween had passed already and tried to make them more easily available afterwards). This Wookiee has pointy ears (like a cat!) and the Black Krrsantan/Road Warriors chest armor with spiky shoulders (WHAT A RUSH!). He comes with a werewolf Bogling (wereBogling?) and a Halloween-themed orange cantomo (Ingenuous!) with beskar chocolate bars inside. That's it for the Holiday-themed figures of 2022! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... Happy Halloween/Merry Christmas in January!
  6. Over the last couple of years, Hasbro has added holiday-centric figure waves to its Star Wars: The Black Series line. First, a Christmas wave of Stomrtooper was released in 2020. In 2021... they forgot. Then, in 2022, we got 2 Halloween-themed figures, along with 6 new Christmas-themed figures. And just when we thought that it was all for this year, we managed to get our hands on a leak for an upcoming holiday release... Star Wars: The Black Series - Thanksgiving Edition! The Thanksgiving Edition wave will include 2 figures: Darth Vader as a pilgrim, and Jedi Master Plo Koon as... the Thanksgiving turkey! Vader will come with a Porg turkey (Porgkey?), while Plo Koon will have a pumpkin pie, and a turkey carving set, in order to operate on his turkey head. Since the Star Wars: The Black Series Halloween edition figures were not available for Halloween but closer to Thanksgiving, and the Christmas figures started to be available around Halloween, we estimate that the Thanksgiving edition figures should be available around Christmas or maybe Valentine's day. More news at 11:00... I find your lack of yams disturbing. *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  7. It has been a few weeks now since Hasbro has started to introduce, in their livestreams, the idea of using less plastic on their packaging, with 'window-less packaging'. Fans have been very vocal about not being happy about the change, mentioning that, because of nefarious figure swappers, the new boxes will pretty much be 'mystery boxes', where you won't be able to know what figure is in the box and what you are going to get. Other collectors, who loved to spend 30 minutes at the store staring at each figures to pick the one with the best paint apps were not so keen about it either (What are they going to do with all that free time then?). But a group of collectors may have found the solution... Recycling! "There is no need to make more plastic, when there's already a ton of plastic that is peg warming our shelves at the store." said Bruce B., a collector from Wyoming. "What Hasbro can do is recall the 80,000 Black Series Lando Calrissian figures, along with the entire Eternals wave that are clogging our pegs, melt them down, and re-use that plastic to make the windows for the boxes. For one Constable Zuvio figure, you could probably make 6 or 7 window packagings. So imagine the numbers when we get to the Eternals waves!". We will keep you informed as things develop. More news at 11:00... Life in plastic, it's fantastic! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  8. "New recipe! Now with 25% more air!". This is what seems to be the trend the toy brands have adopted recently. We cannot pinpoint exactly when it started, since there are always been large boxes full of air, but the Black Series Return of the Jedi Deluxe Boba Fett figure seems to be the one a lot of collectors remember... Toy companies are now using what we'll call the "bag of chips approach": A packaging in which there's a lot more air, and a lot less chips (or action figure, in that case). Figures that would fit in a normal sized packaging are now sold at a premium in a bigger box, with the accessories more spread, with a 'deluxe' sticker slapped on them. Do you get more action figure? Not really... Here is a recent example: See how those 2 Boba Fett figures have the exact same accessories? One fits in a normal Star Wars: The Black Series box, the other one is Deluxe. With the cape folded in the box, King Grayskull would have perfectly fit in a normal box, too. You'd think that, at least, the MOC/MIB collectors would be happy about getting more packaging, right? Well... think again! The MOCC (Mint On Card Confederation) sent a statement to ToyFarce mentioning that bigger boxes means less space on the shelves for display, so no, they are not happy about the change (even if it does give them more box to cherish). "If the companies continue to make the packaging of our toys bigger, we will run out of space faster and won't be able to buy more!" Here's what the future might hold for us, by @chaztheguru We will keep you inform as the boxes keep getting larger! After an excellent idea sent by @darkfigtory on instagram. Give him a follow! More news at 11:00... but BIGGER! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  9. It's December and Christmas is in the air. The holiday season is in full bloom, and it's not uncommon for people to get the holiday blues, but it's not often that it happens to our figures! We checked on a few figures and asked them: "What's up with all the blue?" First, the G.I. Joe Classified Series Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 Exclusive "Master of Disguise" Zartan (that's a mouthful!). Some people noticed that, due to the cold weather during the delivery, their Zartan arrived already blue to their homes. But some other have noticed their Zartan turning blue for no reason during the day too! We contacted the office of Doc, the G.I.Joe Medic, who told us that if your Zartan stays blue for more than 4 hours, please see a doctor. This week, we got our first peek at an upcoming wave of Star Wars: The Black Series figures (available here) , and we couldn't help but notice that Bib Fortuna has a weird shade of blue on his face. After a quick investigation, it turns out that good ol'Bib went a bit too heavy on the blue milk... The Tatooine medical center confirmed to us that it one of the side effects of drinking too much blue milk, and that Bib Fortuna will eventually be fine. He might even end up getting a gig in a future commercial... Lastly, we inquired about the new Jack the Frosty Elf figure from the Naugthy or Nice Collection from Fresh Monkey Fiction (available here). The recently revealed Elf is definitely bluer than his co-workers, so we asked if it was the cold weather or blue milk that were the cause, but we got a reply from Santa's office: "No, it's just depression." More news at 11:00... Da ba dee, dabba da?
  10. Shown below via vanillaposer are in-hand images for the newest wave of 6" Black Series figures which includes Bo Katan, Asajj Ventress, The Bad Batch Hunter, Crosshair and Elite Squad Trooper. You can purchase these figures from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Hasbro officially confirmed in their last live-stream that Bad Batch member Tech will be coming soon and there are unofficial indications a deluxe version of Wrecker coming this summer.
  11. Looks like we are getting some new Black Series figures from Hasbro based on the final season of the Clone Wars animated series. The wave includes Ahsoka Tano, 332nd Ahsoka Clone, Mandalorian Loyalist and the Mandalorian Super Commando with the Darth Maul inspired helmet. Thats the good news. The bad new according to Gizmdo is that the price for these are going to be $25 each and available exclusively for pre-order at Walmart tomorrow from 10 a.m. EST tomorrow, June 17. It's not clear if these will be actual Walmart exclusives or that Walmart just gets first crack at taking pre-orders for them.
  12. Last week Hasbro mentioned that this year's EU Exclusive Black Series figure would be revealed which looks to be Cade Bane and his droid Todd 360 from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While being released overseas first, this figure will see release here in the US on Oct 1. The figure itself will also eventually see release in the regular line like we saw last year with the Luke Skywalker figure. The images come via UK Etailer Indemandtoys.co.uk
  13. Shown below are in-hand images via starwarspoodoo for the new Star Wars: The Black Series 6" The Clone Wars Final Season Mandalorian Loyalist and the Mandalorian Super Commando figures from Hasbro. Here in the US these figures are being released as Walmart exclusives.
  14. Today I take a look at the new The Mandalorian Beskar Armor 6" Star Wars The Black Series figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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