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  1. Look out, Hasbro Pulse Premium, here comes a new challenger! After all the good will that was shown after the long-awaited release of the One:12 Collective Batman 1989 Edition, Mr Freeze and other figures, Mezco Toyz has been on the mind of lots of collectors lately. So much so that Mezco Toyz might soon allow all those collectors to be part of them by subcribing to the Mezco Toys Rumble Finest Membership! ToyFarce received the graphics announcing the upcoming membership... which was probably by mistake, but we're going to run with it (perhaps Mezco meant to send them to ToyFare, and accidentally added a c? ToyFare has been gone since 2011, but who knows?). Here are some details for the Mezco Toyz Rumble Finest Membership: In classic Mezco fashion, no specific date was given about when the membership would become available. Will you join the Mezco Toyz Rumble Finest? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... By collectors, for collectors. *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  2. As more and more Mezco One:12 Collective action figures are starting to come out, there was hope that a stray 'Processing soon' email would arrive in our mailboxes about the coveted 1989 Batman figure, a figure that has been delayed for over 2 years now (original release date was between August and October 2020). Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait a little more, as ToyFarce was approached by a self-proclaimed time traveler, who confirmed to us that the figure is still not out in 2034! The time traveler introduced himself as Blizzorp3000 (he explained that in the future, we won't use first names and last names anymore, but rather our internet usernames), and said that he came from the year 2034. We were hoping that he would let us know about important upcoming events, or maybe lottery numbers or a sports almanac, but he said that that wasn't important. He was there to let us know one thing, and one thing only: The Mezco One:12 Collective 1989 Batman figure is still not out yet in 2034. When we asked why he would use a time machine to come and tell us that, he just shrugged and said he thought it was important. In fact, it was the most important thing to him. He then went back to his time machine and left. We are still not sure if it happens, or if this was a fever dream. More news at 11:00... This is heavy. *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  3. Last week was quite a roller coaster of emotion if you are a Mezco collector! There were teases all week that the Pink Skulls Chaos Club, a fan favorite, was making a comeback. Then, a new and improved 2.0 version of the Pink Skulls set became available for pre-order (and went to waitlist in under 2h)... And we finished the week with an avalanche of emails from retailers telling us that most of the Mezco products were now delayed. Fun! First, the Pink Skulls 'took over' Mezco's social media, by posting pictures of previous Rumble Society figures with graffiti all over the pics (weirdly, there was no graffitied pictures of the Batman 89 figure...). It was a pretty fun stunt, a bit like when the G.I.Joe Haslab page got 'taken over' by Cobra. The whole Mezco website also had 'bugs' with the front page displaying only Pink Skull Chaos Club sets instead of all the other products. If you had decided to start collecting Mezco that day and wanted to learn more about their products, it might have been super confusing. Then, they released an actual video clip, complete with original punk song and stop motion! Then, like clockwork, on wednesday at 1pm EST, the figures became available for pre-order. And oh boy, what a glorious set! They have different heads and outfits! At least 74 different hands! A vinyl with original music! The box can be turned into a stage! Much happy! Very wow! It would have been such a great week if it all ended there, right?... And then, on friday, the emails started pouring. "Pre-order ETA update alert"... "Pre-order ETA update alert"... If you got any of the Mezco one:12 Collective figures through BigBadToyStore, you probably got a few emails. Most of the figures are now delayed for a few more months. Was it all pre-determined, or just a wild coincidence? We'll let you decide based on those promo pictures from the latest set... More news at 11:00... NUMPTY DUMPTY! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  4. our worst nightmare personified, the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 joins the LDD Presents line! Lurking around every corner of Brookhaven Hospital, the Bubble Head nurse is a manifestation of James Sunderland’s subconscious. Her swollen head and spastic movements echo the murder of his wife. Fairly aggressive in nature, this shrieking and gurgling monster is every night terror you’ve ever had… The Bubble Head Nurse features an all-new head sculpt depicting the humanoid’s grotesque appearance and is outfitted in a nurse’s uniform. LDD Presents Silent Hill 2: Bubble Head Nurse stands 10” tall and features 5 points of articulation. She is packaged in a window box, perfect for display. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  5. The One:12 Collective Constantine is dressed in his signature untidy button-down work shirt with a loosened necktie, slacks, Chelsea boots, and a removable overcoat. The streetwise Hellblazer features four head portraits that perfectly capture his cynical personality. Constantine is well-equipped to handle the supernatural, complete with the Moonblade, Twin Blade, cross relic, lighter with and without flame FX, mystical spell FX, tarot cards, multiple interchangeable hands, and much more. An infamous con artist, grifter, and thief, Constantine's moral compass is as gray as the London skies. His powers allow him to not only cheat death, but to trick the forces that govern Heaven and Hell. Constantine wields the dark arts to save his soul as well as the earth itself. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. This figure includes the following: 4 Head sculpts 7 Pairs of hands Extra right hand Crucifix 6 Magic effects 2 Fire effects Chainsaw Sword Dagger Open Lighter Closed lighter Stand
  6. Mezco’s One:12 Batman trilogy concludes with Batman: Supreme Knight. This is Batman towards the final years of his campaign against the underworld of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has mastered his craft and sharpened his skills. Now at the pinnacle of his career, he uses his experience and innovation to maintain his edge. The One:12 Collective Batman: Supreme Knight – Darkest Dawn Edition features a freshly-upgraded Batsuit with advanced protection enhancements – strong enough to withstand bullets, mallets, and crowbars. He comes with two 3D chest insignias that are interchangeable via a magnet. A magnet in Supreme Knight’s collar allows him to switch between two leather-like capes – one with an integrated posing wire and one that drapes freely. He utilizes improved weaponry including a dual-blade karambit that folds, a giga-batarang, a handheld “equalizer” canon, and more. Supreme Knight – Darkest Dawn Edition comes with a smoke plume FX allowing him to move amongst the shadows. The augmentations to his Bat-Suit in combination with his improved arsenal help Supreme Knight remain a beacon of hope in the corrupt city of Gotham. THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE BATMAN SUPREME KNIGHT FIGURE FEATURES: One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation Three (3) head portraits Hand painted authentic detailing Approximately 17cm tall Eleven (11) interchangeable hands One (1) pair of fists (L & R) One (1) pair of cannon holding hand (L & R) One (1) large batarang holding hands (L) One (1) grappling gun holding hand (R) One (1) pair of batarang holding hands (L & R) One (1) pair of posing hands (L & R) One (1) dual-blade karambit holding hand (R) COSTUME: Cowled head Two (2) interchangeable 3D chest insignias Two (2) interchangeable leather-like capes Fitted suit with body armor detail Wrist gauntlets SAP gloves Utility belt with grappling gun holster Knee armor Shin armor Tactical boots ACCESSORIES: One (1) dual-blade folding karambit Five (5) small batarangs One (1) small batarang bundle Five (5) standard batarangs One (1) standard batarang bundle One (1) large batarang One (1) giga-batarang Three (3) grappling hooks (inserts into gun) One (1) open grappling hook One (1) open grappling hook with posing wire One (1) closed grappling hook One (1) smoke plume FX One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post Each One:12 Collective Batman: Supreme Knight – Darkest Dawn Edition figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind. THis figure is up on the Mezco website with a waitlist option.
  7. Mezco today continues their at home virtual Mezco-Con with a new reveal of their upcoming One:12 Collective DC Comics Doctor Fate figure.
  8. Mezco today for their virtual Mezco-Con revealed new images for their upcoming One:12 Collective The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Leatherface figure.
  9. Mezco has released this vintage style toy commercial showing off their new exclusive One:12 Collective Hazard Squad Commander Gomez figure which should be going up for pre-order later today as part of their virtual Mezco Con event. In the commercial the also show off a menacing looking villain and other members of "The Hazard Squad". It's unclear if those will be actual figures Mezco will be offering at some point or just made up stuff to help promote their latest Gomez figure. I guess more details will be coming soon. Check out the video below.
  10. The Frazetta One:12 Collective Death Dealer Vault Collection The One:12 Collective presents Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer; based on the genre-defining works of master artist, Frank Frazetta. Included in this authenticated vault set is a limited edition Death Dealer One:12 Collective figure, a unique hand silk-screened art print, and pin set - all inspired by the legendary artist’s work and endorsed by the Frank Frazetta Art Museum in PA. About the vault’s contents: The One:12 Collective Death Dealer includes a range of battle-ready weapon accessories, glowing eyes, and posing FX to invoke the dark atmosphere of the original paintings and illustrations. Outfitted in combat garb including his horned helmet, fortified and changeable armor, and a removable cloak, the Death Dealer is ready for the grim tasks at hand! An ancient tribe spoke of a figure draped in darkness with eyes as bright as fire, so powerful that he had an army of the living dead at his command. They called him the Death Dealer. With one swing of his axe, Death Dealer would execute any who visited his domain. THIS EXCLUSIVE VAULT COLLECTION CONTAINS: Death Dealer Art Print – a limited edition, hand silk-screened art print featuring the foreboding executioner standing over a slain opposer. Enamel Pin Set – three limited edition enamel inlaid pins. This pin set features rubber clutch backings and is perfect for a shirt, jacket, lanyard or backpack. THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE DEATH DEALER FIGURE FEATURES: One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation Two (2) head portraits with light-up eyes Hand painted authentic detailing Approximately 17cm tall Eight (8) interchangeable hands Two (2) pairs of posing hands (L&R) One (1) pair of weapon holding hands (L&R) One (1) pair of fists (L&R) COSTUME: Necklace (removable) Tattered cloak (removable) Reinforced shoulder armor (non-removable) Two (2) styles of interchangeable chest armor Sleeveless tunic with collar Chainmail skirt Two (2) styles of interchangeable armored belts Mid-calf armored boots ACCESSORIES: One (1) shield with battle scar detailing One (1) dagger and sheath that attaches to belt One (1) battle axe One (1) scimitar sword and sheath One (1) blood splatter FX (attaches to battle axe or scimitar sword) One (1) blood splash FX (attaches to battle axe or scimitar sword) One (1) decapitated head (can be held by hair) One (1) decapitated head in pool of blood One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post Each One:12 Collective Death Dealer figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind. Product Details Expected to ship Ships May - July 2021 Cost $150 You can pre-order it now on the Mezco website
  11. Pennywise is everything you were ever afraid of and now, he's joining the Mezco Designer Series. Pennywise features an interchangeable head portrait depicting his deterioration after being defeated by the Losers Club. An interchangeable left pointing hand and an interchangeable monster-like right hand are included. Pennywise comes complete with a set of 3 balloons with "TURN BACK NOW" written on the yellow balloon. All 3 balloons or just the singular yellow balloon can be held neatly in his right hand. From his fire-red hair to his oversized clown shoes, Pennywise is every nightmare you've ever had. He wears a brightly colored clown suit with pom-pom detailing on the front. MDS IT (1990): Deluxe Pennywise stands 6" tall and features 9 points of articulation. He comes packaged in a window box, perfect for display.
  12. Mezco as part of their Comic-Con at home even has revealed their upcoming Ultraman and Red King set which is part of their 5 Point series which said to be an upgrade to the articulated action figures of yesteryear. Stay-tuned for more details on these as the become available.
  13. The One:12 Collective Wonder Woman is combat-ready, outfitted in a Themysciran battle suit with removable neck and shoulder armor, worn only by the most elite Amazonian warriors. The fearless demigoddess wears a cape with an integrated posing wire that attaches via a clasp at the neck. Man-made weaponry doesn’t stand a chance – bullets ricochet right off her wrist bracelets with the included effects that attach via magnet. Wonder Woman is well-equipped to fight for justice, complete with the Sword of Athena, Lasso of Truth which can be held on her belt, a battle axe, a spear, and a shield. Wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, beautiful as Aphrodite, and swifter than Hermes, Princess Diana of Themyscira has made it her duty to lead by example and fight for peace. Wonder Woman stands as a symbol of truth, justice, and equality to people everywhere. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE WONDER WOMAN FIGURE FEATURES: One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation Two (2) head portraits Hand painted authentic detailing Approximately 17cm tall Eight (8) interchangeable hands including One (1) pair of fists (L & R) One (1) pair of lasso holding hands (L & R) One (1) pair of sword holding hands (L & R) One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R) COSTUME: Royal Tiara Fortified neck and shoulder armor (removable) Reinforced torso armor Wrist bracelets Cape (removable, with integrated posing wire) Belt with ‘W’ insignia Skirt • Shin armor Combat boots ACCESSORIES: One (1) Lasso of Truth (poseable) One (1) coiled Lasso of Truth (attaches to belt) One (1) Sword of Athena One (1) battle axe One (1) spear One (1) shield Three (3) Ricocheting bullet FX (attaches magnetically to wrist bracelets) One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post Each One:12 Collective Wonder figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.
  14. Mezco makes the Master of Dreams One 12th the size. Here’s your look at the Mezco One:12 Collective A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger
  15. Mezco was nice enough to gift me their new Ultimate King Kong of Skull Island figure for a collaboration. I'll be sharing some of the shots I took of it over the next few days. Here's one of my personal favorites.
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