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  1. Another week, another McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line reveal! Over the last few days, McFarlane Toys has released pictures teasing the upcoming DC Multiverse The Dark Knight Trilogy wave, releasing pictures of Batman, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. We already know that the Joker is part of that line, and that Bane is most likely the 'Collect-to-build' figure, but what if it was all a trick, and the 'Collect-to-build' figure was actually right in front of our eyes, the whole time? ToyFarce investigated... We worked around the clock to look for clues (what wouldn't ToyFarce do for you?), and we are 60% sure that we have found out who the "Collect-to-build" figure will be... A Rachel Dawes figure! (More like "Collect-to-reassemble", actually!). On the first picture, Batman can be seen over the ruins of the warehouse where Rachel was in the Dark Knight movie. The Two-Face reveal pic is a bit on the nose, since Harvey Dent became Two-Face at that exact moment too. On the Scarecrow reveal picture, we can see barrels... the SAME barrels that exploded to "disassemble" Rachel! If those are not clues, we do not know what is. We hired an expert to see if the pictures had been edited, and it turns out they were, and here are what was on the original pictures: The great part about this "Collect-to-build" figure is that you do not even need to assemble it! You can just display the different limbs on the floor, around the figures, for that realistic movie touch. No information yet if the figure will come with Maggie Gyllenhaal or Katie Holmes headsculpt. More news at 11:00... SAVE RACHEL! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  2. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse Arkham Knight mini-wave from McFarlane Toys. Last week, we checked the Arkham City wave, with the Solomon Grundy "Collect To Build" figure. After that wave came out, McFarlane Toys doubled down by annoucing another Arkham video games-centric wave, with Red Hood, Scarecrow from Arkham Knight, and the Joker (infected version) from Arkham City (which also appeared in Arkham Knight that way). First off, Red Hood, as he appeared in the (forgettable) Red Hood Story pack DLC for Arkham Knight. Red Hood, or Jason Todd, was actually one of the main villains of the Arkham Knight game, the Arkham Knight himself (spoiler!), and turned good again during the game. The DLC was not mindblowing but gave us that cool design with the jacket and the hood over his mask. Red Hood comes with some of the weirdest effects (small explosion, and punch thing effect, maybe?), due to the 'no weapon' rule, BUT... he does come with trigger finger hands, and if you have a McFarlane Toys Munitions packs, you can get the perfect accessories for him (aka 2 guns). Scarecrow, as he appeared in Arkham Knight, is another beautifully sculpted figure. There was a 'Gold label' monochrome version of it that was released earlier, but I'm glad they decided to release a 'normal color' version (as if it was a surprise...). The Scarecrow was voiced by John Noble (LOTR, Fringe,...) in the game, for that extra spooky voice. It was the main villain of the game with the Arkham Knight, and the figure comes with zero accessories... He has needles for hands, I guess he doesn't need any! The infected Joker is what the Joker looked like in Arkham City, after injecting himself with the titan and becoming a huge monster at the end of the first game, Arkham Asylum. This figure is basically a repaint of the Arkham Asylum Joker, released during the first year of DC Multiverse, except he couldn't have a gun, so they gave him... a sword. You know, the one thing he never used in the game. Here are some comparison pics: McFarlane Toys Red Hood and Arkham Knight (spoilers!) McFarlane Toys and DC Collectibles Red Hood McFarlane Toys and DC Collectibles Scarecrow McFarlane Toys Arkham City and Arkham Asylum Joker McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Joker (Sickened) McFarlane Toys has announced a Arkham City Riddler since, and here's hoping for more Arkham goodness! More news at 11:00... This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died.
  3. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse Arkham City wave from McFarlane Toys, with the Collect-to-Build Solomon Grundy (It's like a Build-a-figure, but with less lawsuits). The Arkham video game series is one of my favorite game franchise, so I needed that wave. Last week, we sadly lost Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the Animated Series and the Arkham video game series. Rest in Peace, Kevin. First off, Batman. Now, THAT is a Arkham City Batman. It is day and (dark) night compared to the Arkham Asylum one that McFarlane Toys released in their first year of DC Multiverse. This figure has the proportions (mostly) right, and a perfect head sculpt. Batman comes with a grappler gun, and Grundy's legs. Easily one of the top 3 DC Multiverse Batman figures for me (and God knows there is a ton of them...). Catwoman is also a nice figure, with a great headsculpt. The rubber 'diaper' is a bit too pronounced on the front, but whoever sculpted the back... really loves his job. A great attention to detail! Selina Kyle (spoilers!) comes with her whip, which could have been a bit more rubbery, as this one is made of solid plastic and does not move, and Grundy's chest. Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin is the one that disappointed me the most in that wave, as he still looks really good, but the big rubber jacket basically turns him into a brick with arms. The details on the jacket are nice, though. The Penguin comes with an umbrella (which one is it?) and Grundy's head and jacket. Ra's Al Ghul, which was an important part of the game, is a bit bulkier than he was in the game (if i remember correctly), and has super saiyan hair. The figure looks pretty decent, with lots of details on his outfit. The leader of the League of Assassins comes with a sword with arabic writing on it, and Grundy's arms, the final part of the Collect-to-build figure. Solomon Grundy, born on a monday... The Collect-to-build figure is very easy to assemble (I have bad memories of the Last Knight on Earth Bane, which hurt my fingers a few times). You can choose to have the jacket on or go topless. The figure looks great, since it's a monster and McFarlane Toys knows how to make them, with lots of nice details and textures, the face looks awesome... BUT... it's a bit small. It's barely taller than the other figures from this line, while Grundy was a gigantic in the game, and could have been a 'Megafigure'. Here are comparison pics: McFarlane Toys Batman from Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Batman McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Catwoman McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City The Penguin McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Ra's Al Ghul McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Solomon Grundy (See what I mean when I said he's small? The DC Direct one is HUGE in comparison) More McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Arkham video game figures reviews to come! More news at 11:00... RIP Kevin Conroy
  4. Well, riddle me this! During the weekend, McFarlane Toys teased on social media the upcoming figure of the Arkham City version of the Riddler. But in true Riddler fashion, it may be that we will have to do some side quests in order to be able to acquire that figure: Find 247 Riddler Trophies, just like in the video game! The DC Multiverse line has been focusing on the Arkham video games designs lately, with a wave of 4 Arkham City figures with a 'Collect-To-Build' Solomon Grundy figure (it's like a 'Build-a-figure', but with less lawsuits). Then, that same 'Collect-to-Build' wave but in grey and black, like in the promo pictures of the Arkham City game (Gold Label... shouldn't it be Grey Label?). Also, another 3 figures from Arkham Knight were just released (Scarecrow, Red Hood and Joker), with 2 of them having a Gold Label version as well (the Gold Label versions being monochrome versions of Scarecrow and Red Hood). #NotConfusing To prepare for his official announcement, the Riddler has hidden 247 Riddler Trophies all around your collection, and if you manage to find them all, including that one under the Detolf glass cabinet that is impossible to reach, that you have already tried 14 times and is challenging your sanity, or that one where you need to freeze and break the wall of your bathroom, you will then be able to order the figure. A proof that you found them all will be required at check out. More news at 11:00... I really hope we don't have to do the Batmobile race track challenges too! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  5. It's Wednesday and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! Today, we're having a look at the Blackest Night wave from the DC Multiverse line from McFarlane Toys, the Atrocitus "collect-to-build" figure, along with the Mega-Figure of the main villain from that storyline, Nekron. It's October, it's time to get spooky, and what better wave could we have a look at than a wave that has zombie superheroes? The Blackest Night was a great crossover event by DC Comics from 2009/2010, written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Ivan Reis, which introduced the Black Lantern Corps, whose rings reanimate the dead... Well, it is Halloween month, isn't it? Green Lantern Kyle Rayner comes with his lantern, a sword construct and Atrocitus' torso part. His suit design is a bit weird, as it is not at all the basic costume that comes to mind when thinking about Kyle Rayner, and even the green color on it seems a bit off. It's a solid figure, but I wish he came with more constructs as well. The living dead Batman comes with Atrocitus' arms. I used to love the DC Direct version of that figure, and it is a nice upgrade for it, with better articulations. The sculpt and details look awesome, and if I wanted to nitpick, I'd say the color of the skin around his mouth could have been 'greyer' to show a bit more that he's dead. A nice gnarly-looking zombie batman! Black Lantern Superman looks pretty disfigured as well. He comes with Atrocitus' legs. The details are amazing, with his flesh looking all rotten, and the cape being torn up. He could have come with a flight stand, but I used one I got from previous figures (a Superman too, even!). Aaaargh! Deathstorm, the dead version of Firestorm is the one with the best sculpt and details, which reminds me of the old Curse of the Spawn figures from many moons ago. He comes with Atrocitus' shoulder piece and head. The fire effect on his head is made of transparent grey plastic and looks amazing with different lights. Atrocitus, the leader and founder of the Red Lantern Corps (emotion: RAAAGE!) is a very descent build-a-figure (or 'Collect-to-build' figure). The legs are a bit long (a running gag in the DC Multiverse line), but the sculpt looks great and the bright red paint really catches the eye. I added a blood piece from SuperActionStuff for that nice (and worrying) blood cough that they do (They should still see a doctor for that, though...). Nekron is a deluxe, or "MEGA ACTION FIGURE", and comes with a huge box that is filled with air. Seriously, this box could have been half the size and the figure would have fit just fine. He comes with his scythe that has the black lantern embedded in it. Spooky! Great details, sculpt and paint. McFarlane Toys usually does well with big, monster looking figures and this is no exception. This would have looked just fine as a figure in a Spawn line as well. More news at 11:00... In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night,...
  6. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the Arkham Asylum Killer Croc figure from the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line. It's a "Mega action figure", just like the Bane and Nekron that came out around the same time. At around 9 inches tall, it does feel "Mega". The box is pretty big, even if there are no accessories or anything to fill it with, just a massive figure. I feel like there was probably a way to have it in a smaller box, but since the same packaging is used for other figures, they just kept the same size for all, and they just look very empty. The figure is pretty nice, even if it could have a bit more articulations. Quite heavy too. The sculpt and details on all the scales are amazing. Just like the Joker Titan figure before him, it seems that the figure is a bit stylized if you compare it to the design from the video game. It's not exactly the same, but very close. The colors are right at least. The main complaint about that figure would be that the jaw isn't articulated, so we can't display it with the mouth open, which is one thing the DC Direct version of it did have. Comparison with the DC Direct/Collectibles Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins Killer Croc figures More news at 11:00... There caves will be your tomb!
  7. Another day, another Batman figure announced by McFarlane Toys. The DC Multiverse Arkham City Batman and the Page Punchers Injustice 2 Batman figures were announced in the last week, and today, a new DC Multiverse Gold Label Batman The Animated Series 30th Anniversary figure with diorama set has been revealed as part of the Target Fall Geek-Out event. Collectors immediately rushed to their keyboards to complain... "Todd McFarlane needs to stop to make so many Batman figures!" said Josh, a Marvel Legends collector with 48+ Wolverine figures. "We need more variety in the line" replied a Star Wars The Black Series collector with over 18 different Boba Fett. "That's way too many Batman figures!" said Johnny, a SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z collector with 17+ Goku figures. "At least, we don't have that problem with Mezco...", said a collector with around 12 different Gomez figures. We will keep you informed as more Batman figures will be announced. More news at 11:00... "Where is my figure of *insert obscure character*, Todd?" *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  8. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the figures from the Gotham Knights video game from the DC Multiverse line by McFarlane Toys. I had been sitting on those waiting for more info about the game that kept being delayed, and since we just got a new trailer, including an updated release date (October 21st), it was time! The long awaited Gotham Knight video game is developed by WB Montreal, who did the Arkham Origins game. In the game, we play as Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl or Red Hood, as the Batman is gone in that universe. The game was announced 2 years ago, and we can't really blame McFarlane Toys for doing a good job and have the figures ready and out months ago, even though the game is still not out. If the game does well, a lot of people will have to hunt those figures down again in a few months... People complain about the Star Wars line not having the toys ready and available for the movies/TV series when they're out, while McFarlane Toys has the toys ready and available months before. Which is better? Nightwing's suit design is pretty reminiscent of the one he wore in Arkham City/Arkham Knight. He comes with his Escrima sticks which can be attached on his back. Double elbows, double knees, not a lot of ab articulations with the usual torso cut that has a rubber suit part added under it. This is the third actual Nightwing in the line since the very first wave (or fourth if you count the red repaint from the Red Hood two-pack). It feels a bit too 'thick' for a Nightwing, in my opinion. Nightwing is usually a bit leaner. Robin's suit looks great, I really like the 'windbreaker jacket' look of it, like a mix of Tim Drake and Damian Wayne costumes. He comes with a staff. Same articulations as Nightwing except for the jacket which can hinder the legs articulations a bit, except it's soft rubber, so not too much. Batgirl also looks very good, with a purple suit that looks like an updated video game version of the New 52 suit. She comes with a baton. Pretty Ok-ish artuclation, except that she has a rubber suit over her torso so the ab articulation is gone. Pretty nice that we get to see Batgirl in the video game at the end of the year, since we won't get to see her in a movie... *sad crowd sound* And last but not least, the Red Hood figure, which is... questionable? The first Red Hood figure from the DC Multiverse line was such a great figure, I couldn't imagine this one being so... basic. The suit is the one from the game, so we can't really do anything about that, but he comes with punching hands, and ... pew-pew hands? Really? With the Munition Pack now being available, we could have used the guns with that figure, but one of his hands is a closed fist, so we can't even do that. Why? Although, from a comedy standpoint, having him with pew-pew hands is really something. I'll give it that. Are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... Capture the Knight!
  9. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week we're having a look at the gorgeous Deluxe Spawn and Throne set from McFarlane Toys. It's nice to see more Spawn figures hitting the shelves, and this one is a beautiful (and ingenious!) offering. The whole thing with the cape not being complete to look good on the chair made a few people mad, but you can't argue with the result... It looks so damn good! This deluxe set comes in a big box with a window, so you can see Spawn and his throne next to each other. There's some awesome Greg Capullo art in the back. It nearly makes you want to keep it in the box doesn't it? *Nearly*... The throne comes in 2 parts for it to fit in the packaging, with the top part being a separate part so that it fits in a smaller box (#smart). Spawn is basically your basic Spawn figure, without cape (reminding me of the movie Spawn figures, a bit). The "top of the cape" part can be attached to it with a peg. There's also a bit of cape on the throne. The figure in itself looks great. It re-uses lots of parts from the Mortal Kombat Spawn figure (minus the cape, duh). He has a kind of darker blue shade, compared to the usual black/very dark grey, which makes him pop up a bit more. The whites on the suit are also brighter. The small details in the sculpt are all there. Articulations are good, similar to that MK Spawn (no thigh swivels, unfortunately). You can attach the "top of the cape" part to it and he looks kinda silly, but the second you sit him on that throne: Wow! That thing has presence. It will look great on any shelf. I remember liking the older McFarlane Toys Spawn on a throne figure, but it was basically a statue. This one, you can play with, add things in his hands, tweak the pose, etc. More news at 11:00... Spawnie, Spawnie, he's our man, if he can't kill 'em, no one can. Yay, Spawnie!
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