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Found 90 results

  1. McFarlane Toys has announced a new vehicle for their 7" scale DC Multiverse line. It's the Batcycle based on the Dark Nights: Death Metal storyline. Look for it to be released in January 2021.
  2. Today Todd McFarlane in a new video announced 7 Walmart exclusives that will go up for pre-order on October 1. Some we already new about but a few are being seen for the first time. - Gold Label 7" DC Multiverse McFarlane Designed Batman - Gold Label 7" The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 7" Geralt of Rivia - Gold Label 7" Spawn Mandarin Spawn - Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana 7" red variant - DC Multiverse 7" Arkham Knight Bronze Batman - DOOM 7" Bronze Marauder - Warhammer 40,000 unpainted 7" Necron All of these are some kind of variant for figures that have or will be released at regular retail. Check out images and Todd's video where he shows these figures off below.
  3. Todd McFarlane today announced that McFarlane Toys is doing a new 7" Gold Label Collection Mandarin Spawn figure that will be released as a Walmart exclusive. The Walmart one will be blue. There will also be a regular release version done in red. Todd in the video says the two figures will differ in a number of ways. The spikes on the shoulder will be reversed and there will be different faces and loin cloth. For accessories it will come with a big staff weapon which will be exclusive to the blue Walmart one and dragon sword which I believe will come with both versions. The figure looks to be possibly part of McFarlane's new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt line I guess because their will be some kind of Spawn skin or such available in the game, similar to what we saw with Mortal Kombat 11. The Walmart exclusvie one will have a special gold foil label on it. The Walmart one will be going up for pre-order on October 1. Todd posted a video which also highlights some of the articulation on the figure that you can check out below.
  4. The folks at McFarlane Toys have released a new image show all their DC Multiverse 7" Batman Dark Nights Metal figures including the latest edition of The Drowned figure. Shown are the following: Batman Earth-22 The Batman Who Laughs Batman Earth-44 Murder Machine Batman Earth-1 Devastator Batman Earth-32 Dawnbreaker Batman Earth-12 The Merciless Build-A-Figure Batman Earth 52 Red Death Batman Earth-11 The Drowned All these figures except for The Drowned, The Merciless and Red Death have started seeing release. The Batman Earth-?? The Grim Knight, Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings and Earth-22 Robin are not shown in the image.
  5. If you have been looking for an affordable Batmobile that your 7" DC Multiverse Batman figures from McFarlane Toys can drive around in, then Spin Master might just have what you need. Thanks to a heads up by Adrian, we present you this new Batmobile which technically is listed for 12" figures, but you can see from images Adrian took that it works good with 7" figures as well. The best part is that this Batmobile only costs $22 which is available on Amazon now. UPDATE: The one listed on Amazon is apparently shipping right now from AmazonUK so it does have a hefty shipping cost currently. Being this is made by Spin Master, we imagine it will see an actual US release eventually. If we get any more details on this we will be sure to update you here.
  6. Just in is an image of the McFarlane Toys Dune Movie Figures. These are part of the Build-A-Figure wave that is due out this Fall.
  7. Last week we told you how it looked like McFarlane Toys was going to be releasing a wave of 7" DC Multiverse figures that included figures of DC Metals The Drowned, Red Sun Superman and Damien Robin. We saw the prototype for The Drowned figure revealed by Todd McFarlane during the DC Fandome event. Well now thanks to more overseas etailer listings we have word of another wave which will feature a Build-A-Figure. Now I know this may shock you but it's another Batman themed wave. This one is said to be based on the 2019 Batman: The Last Knight On Earth DC Comics storyline which was written by Scott Snyder and had artwork from Jonathan Glapion and Greg Capullo. The wave which is listed with a January 2021 release date is said to include figures from the storyline of Batman, Wonder Woman, Omega and Scarecrow. The Build-A-Figure will be of Bane which will likely go nicely with the Scarecrow figure. Of course until the folks at McFarlane Toys officially confirm this we will treat this info as RUMOR for now.
  8. McFarlane Toys has put out some updates for pre-order dates on their new DC Multiverse figures first announced last month. The Amazon exclusive Flash and Red Death 2-pack will be up for pre-order either the end of this month or the beginning of September. The Red Hood and Nightwing 2-pack pre-order has been delayed until December. Pre-Orders for the Arkham Origins Batman and Arkham Origins Deathstroke figures which are single release figures will go up on September 14.
  9. Early in the year when I interviewed Todd McFarlane, he indicated that The Witcher video game license was one his company was pursing for his action figure company McFarlane Toys. Well now thanks to some new listings that have shown up from an overseas etailer, it looks like he was successful in getting it. The website Sukipan.com is listing 4 different action figures. Two 7" figures, one of The WItcher and one of Eredin Bréacc Glas. There is also a 12" version of the Witcher listed and some type of Walmart exclusive. There is no reference image for the Walmart one, but it is listed as a 7" figure. I don't know how it will differ from the other 7" one. According to the etailer, the figures will be out in October of this year. Of course until McFarlane officially announces these, we will treat this as a rumor at this time.
  10. McFarlane Toys has released official details and images for their The Original SPAWN Action Figure Kickstarter which launches later today. The figure will be 7" and have double the articulation as the original figure released back in the 90's, and will include a folding cape. Read on for full details and images below: 0588906abbe192fcdff19a1312c15517_h264_high.mp4
  11. McFarlane Toys has announced new bloody variants for their 7" Mortal Kombat 11 line. The battle begins... Baraka featured in his Bloody Horkata skin, Spawn in his Blood Feud Hunter skin and Raiden featured in his Bloody White Hot Fury skin will be coming out next month in limited availability.
  12. Last month McFarlane Toys announced that new DC Multiverse Chase figures where coming and they showed blacked out images for an Arkham Joker and Arkham Origins Deathstroke figure. Well it looks like the Joker figure has already started showing up at Target stores, and it's not what anyone was really expecting. Turns out instead of being some kind of bloody variant many were hoping for, they simply repainted the figure with a bronze paint. The headsculpt appears to be new as well. You can check out images of the figure below via eBay, though despite that sellers hope this is one of a kind figure, it's not. It is showing up at Target stores now, and from the number of reports I am already seeing for the figure, my guess is that it will be as common to get as the blue and grey BTAS variant Batman figure also on shelves now at Targets. We are told the DCPI# for the figure is 323-011-071, though on Brickseek that number comes up as something else. The UPC# on the packaging appears to be the same as the regular Arkham Joker figure. Since Joker is Bronze, that likely means the Deathstroke chase figure also teased by McFarlane will be bronze as well. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this one.
  13. Shown below are new official images for the upcoming DC Multiverse The Merciless Build-A-Figure Wave. We first saw this wave announced at the end of last month. The figures are now available for pre-order at Amazon and slated for release on October 12. The wave will see the return of the Build-A-Figure with The Merciless. The wave will include the following figures: - Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings - Superman (The Infected) - Robin Earth -22- There are two chase versions of this figure being released with different facial expressions. For these pre-orders you won't know which one(s) you get until they arrive. - Batman
  14. Todd McFarlane today released one of his Spawn Kickstarter figure update video where he showed off the cape and weapons for the figure. At one point during the video the camera pans over Todd's desk revealing what looks to be an upcoming and an as-of-yet unannounced 7" Mortal Kombat 11 Shao Kahn figure. We took a screen cap from the video which you can check out below. Thanks to Jerald's eagle eye for scoping that out and giving us a heads up about it.
  15. The new DC Multiverse 7" Flash and Red Death (Earth 52 Batman) 2-pack is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The set which is exclusive to Amazon is slated with an October 30 release date and costs $39.99. Batman Earth -52 (Red Death) completes the McFarlane Toys Dark Knights: Metal Action Figure collection. The Flash is featured with a fierce new head and comes with an alternate pair of hands. Included in the set are two collectable art cards! One for each figure featuring their artwork on the front, and character biographies on the back. You also get two figure stands and a diorama type base for both figures to stand and duke it out. The lightning effect pieces coming with the single-pack Flash figure do not appear to be included with this one.
  16. Shown below are images for the Fortnite Lavawing Deluxe Glider Pack and Big Mouth Premium figure from McFarlane Toys. Both figures are available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Big Mouth will include Council of Frogs Back Bling, Boom Bow, Vision harvesting tool and stand. The Lavawing measures 21 x 15 x 14 inches and includes jump pad and flight stand.
  17. McFarlane Toys has announced two new 7" My Hero Academia figures due out later this year with Katsuki Bakugo featured in his U.A. Festival Outfit and Hero Killer Stain.
  18. UPDATE: Looks like both the Deathstroke and Batman figures are being released as single packed figures, not a 2-pack as I originally thought. The Batman figure is also listed as a single release on Walmart's website. The Deathstroke is listed here. Last month it was revealed by McFarlane Toys that we would be getting a new DC Multiverse 2-Pack featuring figures of Batman and Deathstroke from the Arkham Origins video game. Last month McFarlane also teased some type of chase version of Deathstroke would be released along with a chase Arkham Joker figure. This month a bronze painted Arkham Joker figure began showing up at Target stores which we assume is the chase they teased last month. Now we find Walmart.com listing a single packed Arkham Origins Deathstroke figure. Images have yet to be shown with listing and there is nothing in the title or description indicating this is a chase figure. Since the regular Deathstroke figure was said to be included in a 2-pack we are going to ASSUME for the moment this listing is in fact for the chase version. The figure is not yet available for actual purpose, so we will have to wait and see exactly what it is. If it is the Chase version, the next question is will it be bronze color like the Joker figure seen at Target stores.
  19. We first saw these figures on display back in February during Toy Fair. Now via Previews magazine we have some updated images for the third wave of the McFarlane Toys 7" Mortal Kombat XI line which includes figures of Baraka and Kitana. These figures should be available for pre-order soon and I imagine more official images will also be released soon.
  20. A few folks have written in with listings that we are told showed up in the EBGames system for upcoming new 7" DC Multiverse figures from McFarlane Toys. While we have confirmed some of these figures with additional sources, we have not been able to confirm them all. It should also be noted that McFarlane Toys has not yet confirmed any of these figures. -DC 7IN Dawn Breaker - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Devastator - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Flashpoint Batman - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Grim Knight - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Modern Flash - 10/16/20 -DC 7IN Modern Joker - 10/16/20 -DC 7IN Muder Machine - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Red Death - 08/28/20 -DC 7IN Red Hood - 10/16/20 -DC 7IN Vehicle & Fig - 09/25/20 -DC 7IN W1 15346 - 05/01/20 -DC 7IN W1 15347 - 05/01/20 -DC 7IN W2 15006 - 07/17/20 -DC 7IN W2 15122 - 05/01/20 We should not all the figures listed here seem to be regular priced figures. Even Devastator has the same price as the other figures. The vehicle and figure set looks like is going to cost around $50. Again none of these have been officially confirmed by McFarlane Toys, so do treat these as rumor at this time. Thanks to KNR for the heads up.
  21. Late last night Todd McFarlane posted this image on his personal Instagram account. The image appears to show a never-before seen Spawn related Cy-Gor figure. In the caption for the image it says, "Coming Soon..! CY-GOR (cybernetic gorilla)" and includes the following tags - #hybrid #savage #huge #mcfarlanetoys. The figure in the image does not appear to be any of the previous Cy-Gor figures that McFarlane Toys has released in the past, so it's unclear if what is shown is a brand new figure or what. The figure in the image does not appear to have any kind of articulation, however if this is an early prototype, that could be added later. If this is in fact some kind of new figure, the bigger question is how would it be released? Unlike Spawn himself, Cy-Gor as far as I know did not appear in the Mortal Kombat 11 video game. So it would seem unlikely to me that they would do this figure for that line like they did with Spawn himself. Of course there is the Kickstarter route, but it seems kind of early to already be teasing another Spawn figure for that, not to mention the idea behind that was originally said to produce new figures of all the characters done in the original first series of Spawn figures. The original Cy-Gor figure wasn't released until series 4. Does that mean McFarlane is preparing to launch a new mass market dedicated Spawn figure line, and if so will the figures be more statue like or will they be highly articulated like we've seen them do for Fortnite, DC Multiverse and Mortal Kombat? I guess time will tell.
  22. McFarlane Toys today revealed their upcoming 7" scale DOOM Slayer: DOOMicorn which is due out in the Fall 2020.
  23. With a number of DC Multiverse reveals having been made by McFarlane Toys this past week, we wanted to round everything up in one news post for you, plus bring some new details to light that have been revealed since the initial reveals where made. Many of the new details come via Unparalleled Universe and a live-stream video he did with Tye Butler who works at McFarlane Toys. It's a pretty long video but you can check out the entire thing in the link above. So first we have the newly announced wave of figures that will see the return of the Build-A-Figure concept to the line. this wave will include figures of Superman (The Infected), Batman from Dark Nights: Metal, The Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings and Robin Earth 22. The Build-A-Figure will be The Merciless. This wave will be available for pre-order in August Originally we thought the Robin figure was going to include three different headsculpts. However that is not the case according to Tye. He says the figure will be done more like a chase figure. It will have ONE headsculpt, but there will be three different versions of the figure released. Each headsculpt will have a different expression. So if you want to army build all 3 versions, you will have to hunt down the three figures. Robin will also have a real metal chain, a nice ab-crunch, single-hinged elbows and one of the bigger pieces for the Build-A-Figure. Infected Superman will have double-jointed elbows. Tye in the video indicated they are continuing to work on scale issues within the line making sure the female figures are in better scale with the male figures. He also noted the Robin figure is in scale with the likes of Batman. An additional wave of single release figures was also announced this week which includes The Joker based on the DC Rebirth comic books, Azrael in Batman Armor based on the hit comic book series, BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KING, Cyborg from the Teen Titans animated series, and The Flash. his wave will be out later this Fall and available for pre-order in August. No indications of this wave having a Build-A-Figure. The Flash figure will have double-jointed elbows and knees and also include lightning effect running pieces that you can get a look at below in our GALLERY. The Modern Joker figure will have similar articulation to the Arkham version. For those wondering, The Birds of Prey Harley Quinn movie figure is on definite hold. It is unclear if it will ever see release or not. There was also a 7" Flashpoint Batman figure announced, but all we know about it's release is that it's coming in Winter 2020. The figure will have pistols that are removable from the holster. In the video Tye stated one of the things they get requests for and he would love to see is a Batman: Knightfall wave with Bane as the Build-A-Figure, and he would also love to see Reign of Superman wave with a Doomsday Build-A-Figure. DC Multiverse 2-Packs where announced this past week which will include the following - Flash/(Batman Earth 52) Red Death, Nightwing/Red Hood And from the Batman/Deathstroke from the Batman: Arkham Origins video game. Earth-52 Batman vs.The Flash will be an Amazon exclusive, released around November time frame and should be up for pre-order in August. Nightwing vs. Red Hood will be in stores Oct/Nov and will also be up for pre-order in August. Pre-orders for the Batman vs. Deathstroke set will go live in August, and it will see release this Fall. The 2-pack Flash will have a different head and different hands from the single packed version. The Red Death figure uses a different body from Flash but will also have double-jointed elbows and knees. The final thing that was teased this week was an image showing some blacked out figures. These are being listed as CHASE figures, and they appear to be some type of variant for the Arkham Joker out on shelves now and the Arkham Origins Deathstroke.
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