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Found 21 results

  1. Arak. Son of Thunder, was DC Comics answer to Conan the Barbarian during his early 80s run. He was a native American Viking prince that traveled the globe on daring adventures. My figure pays homage to the second release Remco version, with a few added tweaks from the book and my own design. Hope you enjoy this take on the character, and please hit like or leave feedback, if you did.
  2. Hercules Unbound is a straight up homage of the Remco toys take on the character, from DC Comics run of the late seventies. I plan on adding variants, featuring looks that more closely resemble his appearance from that series. The head is a slightly modified WWE MOTU Ricky Steamboat. As always, I hope you enjoy this take, and if you do please press like, or leave feedback.
  3. In his youth, Machiste was enslaved by the forces of King Deimos and forced to work in the galley of the slave ship Gryfalcon. It was here that he met the displaced U.S. Air Force colonel Travis Morgan. The two became close allies and the work aboard the Gryfalcon hardened their minds and bodies. From there they were sold as gladiators and he joined Morgan, now better known as the Warlord in a bid for their freedom. Machiste is another character of my own design. I didn't care for his Remco version, which didn't include his cool mace hand, and I thought the comics version wasn't regal enough for the eventual King of Skartaris. Hope you enjoy this version, and leave feedback. And as always, thanks for looking.
  4. For a quick custom, I decided to spruce up my retail version of the 200x He-Man figure. I muted the bright yellow hair color down, painted the red ribbons on the armor, and also added some chrome accents to said armor, lastly I added the vac metalized sword that was included with the 200x Castle Grayskull. Hope you enjoy this version. More to come.
  5. Deimos was a high priest of the kingdom of Thera who used knowledge hidden in the legendary Scrolls of Blood to ascend to the throne of that city-state. Not content with a single city-state, he plotted to conquer all of Skartaris only to be foiled by Travis Morgan—now known as the Warlord. Deimos is my own design, as I didn't care for the Remco or Comic characters look. I wanted him to appear menacing and as a threat to the Warlord, and not a generic sorcerer wearing a bikini. I hope you enjoy this original take on the character and please feel free to leave feedback.
  6. Travis Morgan, the Warlord is a former combat-trained pilot for the United States Air Force who accidentally crash-landed in the strange land of Skartaris. Skartaris is a world of swords, sorcery and dinosaurs, where he was forced to begin a new life for his own survival. As the Warlord, Morgan travels Skartaris adventuring and righting wrongs. The Warlord was made with a reworked head cast of the Remco figure, the cape is from the DC Primal age Batman, and the body is an Origins He-Man. Hope you enjoy and leave feedback. I was trying to stay as close as possible to the Remco version with this one. When, I tackle the figure again in the future, I will go for a more comic accurate version.
  7. I made this Filmation inspired Trap Jaw using parts from ROE Kronis, WWE MOTU Steve Austin, and finally a head cast of the MOTU Classics Filmation sculpt. Hope you enjoy this, press like and leave feedback. Thanks for looking. More to come.
  8. Ming the Merciless! I chose to go with the incorrect Mattel color from the 1980 action figure line, as I will be displaying with my MOTU figures. I also decided to make the colors the brighter, more vibrant colors that Mattel has been doing with their line. Ming is made using the head, collar, waist piece and hands from the recent Neca figure.WWE MOTU base body, with Ricky Steamboat lower arms, and lower legs from a ROE Keldor. I hope you enjoy this and leave feedback. Thanks.
  9. For the past year the only place in the US where you could get Mattel's new Masters of the Universe Origins figures was Walmart. We knew sometime in 2021 other retailers would be allowed to start carrying the line, but from what I am told you can expect pre-orders to go live as early as midnight tonight at places like our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. I don't have an exact list of whats going up tonight, but It looks like things will be kicking off with new product pre-orders as opposed to just the stuff that was already released through Walmart last year. It was my original understanding that the stuff that has already been released at Walmart would eventually be released everywhere as well, but when that is made available for pre-order is not yet clear to me. Stay-tuned for more details on this as they become available.
  10. Next up for my Masters of the Universe-Origins line of Superheroes, is the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash! I made this using a He-Man origins head and torso, WWE MOTU Roddy Piper arms, WWE MOTU Ricky Steamboat waist and legs, and WWE MOTU Randy Savage boots. The lightning effect was made from a pattern found on a Google search and then cut with my beautiful daughter's assist using her Cricket. The logo was also found on a Google search, I then cut it with an e xacto knife and applied. Finally the ear wings were taken from an old Flash figure, that I had in my parts bin. I hope you enjoy this and leave feedback. More League members are on the way.
  11. Our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com has listed for pre-order a new Masters of the Universe Origins Faker figure which will be part of the 6th wave. The other listed figures in the wave include Fisto, Merman and Evil-Lyn. Stinkor that was originally slated for this wave has been pushed back to a future wave.
  12. Today I was able to score the newest batch of Masters of the Universe Origins products from Mattel at my local Target store, well everything but the Deluxe Battle Armor Skeletor figure. The items I got included Panthor, Deluxe Battle Armor He-Man, She-Ra, Roboto, Zodac and Mer Man. The basic figures cost $14,99 each, while the Deluxe figure was $19.99 and Panthor was $24.99. Here are the DPCI#'s though the figures are currently not listed on Target's website. Panthor DPCI# 087-16-4345 Battle Armor He-Man DPCI# 087-16-5586 Basic Figures DPCI# 087-16-7355 These of course are not exclusives and if you don't want to have to hunt around for them you can pre-order all of these and more at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. You can check out over 100 images for these figures below in our GALLERY. The backdrops features in many of the images were provided by our sponsor DioramaPrints.com . If you use the code ToyNews10 then you can get 10% off your next purchase with them. So just some quick thoughts on these figures. If you have collected any of the previous Origins released last year at Walmart then you basically know what to expect as far as articulation, paint apps and overall quality. These are meant to be as much for the kids as they are adult collectors and the prices match that line of thought. They are more articulated than the original MOTU figures, but the detail and such isn't on par with say the more recent Classics line. The figures are about 5" so they aren't as tall either. You can also take the figures apart and mix and match. This is nice with like the Battle Armor He-Man figure since you can use these heads as well as the legs on the regular version if you want. The boots actually have a little more paint detail on the Deluxe one. The chest flipping action on my He-Man works pretty good. You can have the chest look clean, have one blade cut or two. when you push the chest it flips just like on the original toy. Panthor is not bad but it would have been nice if they had given him ankle articulation on the feet so you could more easily get all four feet to stay flat on the ground. The Battle Cat has the same issue. If you can wait, I would probably suggest you get the Walmart flocked version coming out later this year. It won't have articulated feet but I think the flocking will look better than the plastic and more in keeping with the original toy. The saddle is removable. Out of the new basic figures, I actually think Roboto was really well done. He has the clear plastic chest and when you turn him at the waist the gears in the chest move and his mouth opens and closes. You also get a cool clicking noise. I never had the original Roboto figure but I am guessing it was very similar. Zodac is probably the most boring of the 4. He only comes with a puny red gun and he has what looks like unpainted fur or feathers on his skin under his armor. I don't recall if this was something on the original figure but it looks odd to me. Mer Man has his bright yellow sword and is another member of Skeletor's original crew of henchmen. I just need Tri-Klops which is coming soon to round out the crew. I will say Mer Man seems a little bigger than the others. I could be wrong but I don't think he should be taller than Trap Jaw or Beastman. Finally there is She-Ra which I mostly like. Her sword is much smaller than He-Man's and I am not a fan of the headpiece though I know thats a nod to the original toy and it is removable. The holo pattern on the headpiece and belt do pick up the light nicely. I like the soft-good red cape but not as fond of the white material they used at her shoulders and waist. She has hard and long plastic yellow hair which I don't think looks bad, but it does limit head movement a fair amount. She can't look up at all which sucks when your trying to put her in poses where she holds her sword up in the air. The art on Panthor is gorgeous and you get mini-comics with all the figures. The basic figures in this wave all have the same mini-comics like we've seen with the previous waves and I think the Deluxe figures will all have the same mini-comic as well. At least the two Battle Armor ones and Ram Man which has yet to be released. So that's it. Enjoy the images below in the GALLERY and feel free to share your own thoughts on these in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  13. Mattel is going to be running a fan-vote that allows you to pick one of the four figures shown below to be made into a new Masters of the Universe Origins figure. The vote is said to begin tomorrow (7/21), though they have not yet revealed where exactly or how you will go to do it. Those details we assume will also be released tomorrow. The four figures which you can see concept art for below includes Anti-Eternia Man-At-Arms and Tri-Klops as well as regular Eternia versions of Wun-Dar and Keldor. Other than the 200x version I believe this would be the first time we would see a Keldor figure done, assuming he wins the vote. We will update this story with how to vote details once they become available.
  14. Mattel has released a new image of their upcoming Masters of the Universe: Origins He-Man and Battle Cat figures. These figures will be released at Walmart stores later this year. The Battle Cat figure will cost $24.99. Check out the new image below as well as images of the two from February's Toy Fair.
  15. Mattel has released images for the cardback art on the upcoming Masters of the Universe Origins Man-E-Faces figure. According to Mattel, this one was inspired by the “The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces” minicomic. Skeletor bursts in while Man-E-Faces performs for the royal court. This throne room was on Teela’s Origins back panel and Orko’s original packaging. The logo on the tablecloth is the one on the Eternia playset’s flags. It was revealed during Toy Fair that this figure along with the rest of the Masters of the Universe Origins line will see release later this year as a Walmart exclusive. In 2021 the line should see release everywhere. Check out the images of the card art in our IMAGE GALLERY below.
  16. Mattel has released images for the cardback art on the upcoming Masters of the Universe Origins Beast Man figure. According to Mattel, this one is packed to the brim with Alcala mini-comic Easter Eggs – the jungle from “Vengeance of Skeletor”, the blue creature from “He-Man and the Power Sword”, the Manticore from “Dragon’s Gift”, and the orcs from “The Masks of Power”. It was revealed during Toy Fair that this figure along with the rest of the Masters of the Universe Origins line will see release later this year as a Walmart exclusive. In 2021 the line should see release everywhere. Check out the images of the card art in our IMAGE GALLERY below.
  17. While not confirmed, abaddon over on He-Man.org got wind of this breakdown report of what Mattel showed for their Masters of the Universe: Origins line during a closed event at the German Toy Fair. Again, while nothing here has been officially confirmed, it makes for an interesting read. Hopefully we will get to see these things for ourselves later this month at the New York Toy Fair which kicks off on February 22.
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