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Found 22 results

  1. https://jediinsider.com/8-19947 Following the recent announcement that The Clone Wars will return,, Hasbro's Steve Evans want to know which figures you'd like to see made, 3 3/4"or 6"? Click the links to let your opinions be known.
  2. Today I take a look at the new Star Wars 3.75" Vintage Collection Rogue One Imperial Assault Tank from Hasbro. Check out images for this vehicle below in our GALLERY!
  3. Shown below is an in-hand image gallery for the new 2018 SDCC 6" Black Series Bespin Han Solo Mynock Hunt from Hasbro. The packaging and accessories recreate the scene from Empire Strikes Back with the Mynocks. The packaging looks like the entrance of the Falcon as it appeared in the mouth of the space slug and Han will come with a breathing mask apparatus, blaster, mynock and some black stick I am not familiar with. The set will cost $34.99. This will be available at Hasbro Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic Con in July. For those not attending Comic-Con, a limited number will be sold on HasbroToyShop.com starting on 8/13. This set was proved by Hasbro free of charge for purposes of review. Check out the images below and check back to JediInsider for a full review to be posted soon.
  4. Shown below is an in-hand image gallery for the new 2018 SDCC Exclusive Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Comic Set from Hasbro. Celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS with premium, highly-detailed 3.75-inch scale figures and vehicles from THE VINTAGE COLLECTION! Imagine the adventures of the STAR WARS comic universe with these 3.75-inch-scale DOCTOR APHRA, 0-0-0 (TRIPLE ZERO), and BT-1 (BEETEE) figures that feature premium deco across multiple points of articulation and design inspired by the DOCTOR APHRA comics. Includes 3 figures and 3 accessories. Each set sold separately. The STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION DOCTOR APHRA COMIC SET will be for sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Limited quantities of this item will be available at select conventions and select online retailers after the convention in the relevant market (including HasbroToyShop.com where available). Good while supplies last. Retail price is $49.99. This will be available at Hasbro Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic Con in July. For those not attending Comic-Con, a limited number will be sold on HasbroToyShop.com starting on 8/13. This set was proved by Hasbro free of charge for purposes of review. Check out the images below and check back to JediInsider for a full review to be posted soon.
  5. UltimateToyCollector provides us these in-hand images as well as a video overlook for the upcoming 6" Black Series Zuckuss figure from Hasbro. Here in the United States this figure was previously slated to be released as a Toys R' Us exclusive. While there still has been no official word from Hasbro on when or where this figure will be released in the US, we feel the likely hood is that it will be released as an online exclusive. Check out the in-hand images below.
  6. DorksideToys has gotten their hands on some upcoming 6" Black Series from Hasbro and posted some close-up images of them. Shown are images for the Bespin Han Solo, Tobias Beckett & Rebel Fleet Trooper. The Bespin Han Solo looks much better here than the images we have seen for the SDCC exclusive version. Check out the images below.
  7. Shown below are official images of the new figures included in Hasbro's second wave of 3.75" Star Wars: Vintage Collection figures. Shown are carded and loose images for Han Solo (Solo: A Star Wars Story), Imperial Assault Tank Driver (Rogue One) which will go nicely with the Vintage Collection Imperial Tank vehicle hitting shelves now. Enfy's Nest (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Imperial Death Trooper (Rogue One) which is a re-release from the previous Walmart exclusive 3.75" Black Series line. While Enfy's Nest does not come with a Swoop Bike, you should be able to use the Force Link 2.0 version with this figure. Other figures that will be included in the assortment include repacks from wave 1 which are not shown here. - First Order Stormtrooper (The Force Awakens) - Kylo Ren (The Force Awakens) - Rey [Jakku] (The Force Awakens) - Supreme Leader Snoke (The Last Jedi) Wave 2 should start hitting shelves here in the US in August.
  8. Today I take a look at the new Star Wars: The Black Series 6" Bespin Han Solo figure from Hasbro. Check out hi-res images for this figure below. Click here for details on how you can be entered into a drawing to win the wave with this figure in it.
  9. We know with all the Star Wars: Black Series product that has been hitting shelves recently it can be tough on the ol' wallet. So in order to try and help out a little we are going to give away a set of 6" Black Series Wave 18 (Bespin Han Solo, Tobias Beckett, Rebel Fleet Trooper) figures from Hasbro. In order to be entered to win all you need to do is be a registered member of our message boards which we just recently updated and then post a comment on any news post made in THIS SECTION between (7/05) and July 22. When you make a post your name will be entered into a for these brand new Black Series figures which we will hold on July 24. The winner will then be contacted via PM here on the boards by JayC. When you post your name will automatically be entered into the drawing. The comments do need to actually contribute to the topic at hand sharing your thoughts on the subjects posted. Any kind of SPAM will be deleted and not count towards the contest. Posts with one word like "First" won't count either. The contest will be open to all those in and outside the US. If you are under the age of 18, please get your parent or guardians permission first before entering. You can post on as many topics in THIS SECTION between the dates stated above, but only one comment per topic will be counted towards the drawing. You are welcome to post in other sections as well, it just won't count towards the contest. If you have any questions then feel free to post them in the comments section of this post, which in fact will give you your first entry into the contest. Good luck to everyone and have fun.
  10. Entertainment Weekly has revealed a first look image of two Decepticons, Shatter and Dropkick from the new Transformers movie featuring Bumblebee. The movie comes out on December 21st and takes place in 1987 with Bumblebee being wounded and taking shelter with a teenager mechanic (Hailee Steinfeld) while trying to avoid two Decepticon trackers. One of the Decepticons is Shatter, who takes the form of a cherry-red Plymouth Satellite. She will be voiced by Angela Bassett. Dropkick, whose vehicle form is a blue AMC Javelin, will be voiced by Justin Theroux. In this new Transformers movie, Bumblebee will take on his original 1980s cartoon look as being a Volkswagen Beetle form instead of a Camaro. But the film is breaking tradition by giving the Decepticons wheels instead of wings. “The two main villains are Decepticon muscle cars,” says director Travis Knight. There is one flying villain, whose identity and voice actor are still under wraps, but otherwise, these bad guys will be prowling the roads rather than the skies while pursuing their prey. “When the cast is too big, and you have a finite amount of time, there’s only so much you can do to create an investment in them,” Knight says. “This is a more personal, intimate, and character-driven story, so it felt right to keep the villain plot relatively simple and contained. If you keep things lean, you can add a lot of other stuff on top of it that makes it more enjoyable.”
  11. Today I give you an in-hand look and provide my initial thoughts for Hasbro's new Transformers: Power Of The Prime Predaking boxset. You can pre-order this set now at Megalopolis Toys. Check out our hi-res images for this set below. Also keep it to TFormers.com for a complete in-depth review coming soon.
  12. Bespin refugee

    SDCC 2018 Star Wars Exclusives

    Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra  Comic Set Black Series 6"  Mynock Hunt Han Solo & Centerpiece Rey (Starkiller Base) & Kylo Ren Gentle Giant McQuarrie Concept Yoda Mini Bust Hasbro Exclusives Now Listed On HTS Funko Pop@! Hallmark PopMinded LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Falcon Cockpit Hot Wheels Battle Rollers Millennium Falcon w Porg Hot Toys 1:6 Dark Side Anakin (ROTS)
  13. Check out our latest article about the Top 10 Gijoe figures and then let us know which are your favorite figures. http://toynewsi.com/ig.php?mode=album&dispsize=800&album=GIJoe/Top_10_GIJoe_Figures_By_Justin_Bell&start=0&sl=
  14. Check out our latest article about the Top 10 Gijoe vehicles/playsets and then let us know which are your favorite. http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=9&itemid=27310
  15. We saw this with the Force Awakens Falcon and now it looks like more and more Star Wars vehicles are going to incorporate NERF rockets.
  16. In case anyone missed the news over at MarvelousNews.com yesterday, if you missed out on the SDCC boxset with Enchantress worry not cause she is coming in the new Dr. Strange wave due out next month along with Astral Form Strange.
  17. I personally think the current Transformers Robots In Disguise is a okay line. 1 thing they always seem to do is just do repaints of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but I think there are some repaints they could do to liven up the line a bit and add diversity than just another Prime and Bee repaint. Here's a list of a few from me, as these are mostly going to focus on the Deluxe/Warriors Class molds: - I sure a regular Jazz could be re-released with the Takara/Tomy Viser head. Maybe this time, add in a bit more deco paint on the figure. Most likely though, this would happen in a Exclusive Multipack of sorts. - Jazz repainted as Stepper/Ricochet homage, as use the Takara/Tomy Viser head. Maybe if they have to, they could call him "Night Ops Jazz" or "Undercover Jazz" or something if they don't want to use the Stepper or Ricochet name(If Bumblebee can have stuff like "Night Ops" or "Stealth" in his Black repaints, why not Jazz). - Jazz repainted in a deco similar to the 2007 movie in a Silver/Grey colour scheme, and maybe name it "Stealth Jazz" or "Undercover Jazz or something like that. - Megatronus in a mostly Black and Red/Orange colour scheme somewhat inspired by his "War Within" and "Revenge Of The Fallen" movie colour scheme. I would recommend using the Toys R Us Exclusive Faceplate/Battle Mask head. - For the upcoming Ratchet toy, I would like to see them try to re-release and repaint in a Comic Book Colour Scheme, with a Red Helment instead of a white helment, with a white crest, and maybe having the limbs being red instead of white. Prehaps consider inversing the Red and White on the toy all together. But at least the head and limbs being red. - Steeljaw repainted and retool as Polarclaw. - Scorponok repainted as Beast Wars Scorponok. - Grimlock in a G2 Colour Blue Scheme, and give him the Faceplate/Battle mask verison. Maybe even put a G2 Scannable logo on it too. - I personally wouldn't mind a more G1-ish "White Prime" Ultra Magnus Colour Scheme for a Legion Class Optimus Prime, including the head being white. Granted, it would make it a bit too similar to the Legion Class Magnus that already came out. - Sideswipe repainted as Red Alert and Sunstreaker homages.
  18. How's it going everyone! This is my 100% original custom Optimus Prime! He stands about 7.5" tall and is completely articulated and transformable. He was 3D modeled and engineered in solidworks, then 3D printed, primed, sanded, and painted. I took inspiration from Transformers Prime, as well as G1 to create this original design. He comes with two interchangeable heads, including a non-faceplated head and a battle mask head. Prime also comes with his Ion blaster, which has an engineered gear mechanism that allows it to collapse in truck mode. He also features a custom printed vinyl decal on his left shoulder in the final image that I drew in illustrator and had laser cut. Thanks for checking it out guys!

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