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  1. Here is my version of Ripper and Road Pig, from the Cobra Dreadnoks! These were made for my personal collection. The Road Pig was made a few years ago, while the Ripper toy is new. Plus the Skullbike is new as well. The toys were created in the 6-inch scale, although these big guys are closer to 7 inches. Road Pig was made using Marvel Legends Nuke. I had to recolor his skin tone, before sculpting his entire body armor and gauntlets. And I added a biohazard face-mask to him, before coloring his hair silver. Ripper was made using WWE Elite Roman Reigns. I had to recolor the torso and face, before sculpting his body armor, the straps, the gauntlets and all of his gear. The removable red glasses were also custom made with bendy wire, so the entire thing is a bit flexible. The guns came from my fodder box and ebay. The Skullbike was made from a WWE motorcycle. There was lots of sculpting and adding of different elements, both plastic, putty and scratch-build. More pics are in my DSNG blog post, over here: https://dsngsfm.blogspot.com/2022/10/custom-ripper-and-road-pig-cobra.html Thanks for looking!
  2. It's been a tough week for all in-box collectors, as ToyFarce has received multiple reports of the new Retro G.I.Joe Classified Series figures being sent by Walmart in unpadded envelopes. And when it's not an unpadded envelope, it's a box that is too small, so the person that took care of the preparation of the shipment just folded the precious retro card so that it fits. After getting tons of complaints from consumers that ordered action figures from them, Walmart has decided that they have had enough, and might just slap the shipping labels directly on the figures going forward! "If we slap the sticker directly on it, the courier will then see that it's an action figure with a nice packaging, so he would be more careful when loading his truck, to make sure that the packaging wouldn't be damaged", a representant of Walmart told ToyFarce. "We had a business study case on this, and that is the conclusion that experts in the domain have found in order for the packagings to remain intact for collectors who order figures from us. We hope this will satisfy everyone involved." "We will suggest 3 options when you get to the checkout. Option A with the sticker in the front, on the card; Option B with the sticker on the plastic bubble or Option C with the sticker on the back of the card.", they added. "In an effort to do what's right, the customers will be able to choose how they want the sticker on their packaging. Yo Joe!" More news at 11:00... "And if it's still an issue for some, we will start sending the figures loose!" *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  3. Snake Eyes is a total mystery, but when it comes to G.I. Joe operations, he’s the best there is. Now the mysterious ninja-commando drops off the Battle Bus and joins the Battle Royale in a Fortnite x G.I. Joe mash-up! This special release Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition figure is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation and comes with iconic weapon accessories inspired by those used by the classic character and seen in the Fortnite Universe. Perfect for G.I. Joe and Fortnite collectors alike, this figure features premium deco and detail inspired by the worlds of G.I. Joe and Fortnite. Includes: Snake Eyes figure, 1 alt hand, and 10 weapon accessories -Special release Fortnite G.I. Joe Collab Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition figure -Premium collectible made with the same quality fans have come to expect from G.I. Joe Classified Series -Highly detailed deco inspired by the character’s in-game appearance -This is the first time a Snake Eyes figure has been released with the iconic G.I. Joe logo on the shoulders -Highly posable 6-inch figure with over 20 points of articulation -Detailed Fortnite-inspired weapon accessories, including Harpoon Launcher, Boogie Bomb, Grenade, Clinger, Chiller Grenade, as well as the Submachine weapon and Mythic Shockwave Launcher accessories featuring the Weathered Black Wrap deco as seen in-game -Includes signature katana, Morning Light, and sheath accessories inspired by the G.I. Joe universe -Attach katana and sheath accessories to pose out the figure wearing his Back Bling and holding his Harvesting Tool as seen in-game -Comes with Boogie Bomb bandolier accessory that attaches around the figure’s chest and a swappable alt hand holding a ninja throwing star The cost is $39.99 and the figure will ship on January 15, 2022. You can pre-order it now on HasbroPulse.
  4. It would seem the magic toy fairies left Robo from Fwoosh a little free gift in his P.O. Box with this as of yet un-released G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Island Major Bludd figure from Hasbro. So of course he did a review of the figure which gives us our best look at the figure so far. The figure here in the United States will be released as a Target exclusive. As we first reported to you yesterday the figure should cost $19.99 and start hitting Target stores on or around May 19th. The DPCI# for the figure is 087 16 9916. From what I can tell it looks like at least starting off most Targets will get 1 solid case of 6 figures. It also looks like Hasbro is spreading out the release of these Cobra Island figures, releasing one at a time as opposed to in groups like we had seen with the previous Cobra Island exclusive figures. The next one which we think is a Target exclusive, all we know about it is that it's code named Kepler and that it looks to be released in July. That one has a DCPI# of 087-16-4527. It's unknown at this time if that is the rumored Barbecue figure or something else. When Hasbro decides to officially announce this Bludd figure is unknown. Hasbro has stated they would be putting news out in June to try and address the whole exclusive issues, but Bludd should already be out by then. We also have no idea when or if Target might list this on their website. Since it looks like physical stores are sticking to that pattern of only one case at a time for Bludd, if this one is going to be any easier to get then I would say it would only be if Target makes them more easily available online. I will tell you that it's my feeling, and I put myself in this camp. If Bludd who is a key character is not more easily available for purchase at cost than the previous Target exclusive Classified figures, even most of those trying to hold out a last shred of hope this line will get easier to collect will walk away from it. Check out images for the figure below and lets all hope Hasbro can get their act together on this line.
  5. I feel pretty confident in saying that if you were to ask almost any modern day G.I. Joe collector about their thoughts on trying to collect the new action figures from Hasbro’s once iconic brand, the response you would get is one of extreme frustration. While Hasbro owns G.I. Joe outright and always has, it’s a brand that in modern times has seemingly struggled to get a real foothold in the world of retail. Sure there have been a few times where we have seen a resurgence of the brand, most notably corresponding with the release of the two live action movies in 2009 and 2013. However, with neither of those movies catching on long-term with fans or kids alike, those resurgences were short-lived. Shortly after the release of G.I. Joe Retaliation, the brand appeared to go on life-support and essentially became a Toys R’ Us exclusive line, at least until the retailer here in the US went belly up in 2017. Then came 2020. Would this be the year G.I. Joe finally took back the limelight at Hasbro? A new live-action movie centering on Joe’s most publicly recognizable character Snake-Eyes was finally moving forward which gave Hasbro the incentive and leverage they needed to get retailers interested in carrying the brand on their shelves again. In the early days of 2020, I can honestly say collectors seemed genuinely excited for G.I. Joe again, even with word that Hasbro would be shifting its focus from the smaller classic 3 3/4” scale that made the brand so popular in the 80’s to the more modern day standard 6” one. During Toy Fair 2020, Hasbro officially debuted their new 6” G.I. Joe Classified line, and while not perfect, the overall response from fans was fairly positive. Sure there was a contingent of diehard 3 3/4” collectors in the fandom who were unhappy, which is why I am sure Hasbro attempted to throw them a bone with a limited “retro” line coming only to Walmart stores. Nevertheless, G.I. Joe was back at mass retail with a line that might even manage to rival the ever popular Marvel Legends brand. Fan optimism however for G.I. Joe was seemingly short-lived. We saw the initial wave of G.I. Joe Classified figures first start to hit retail in April 2020. Out of the gate, the big box retailers seemed to carry the figures in very limited numbers, which meant the figures were hard to find at places like Walmart and Target. Once word got out about how hard it was becoming to find these things at retail, the scalper and flipper elements of the hobby came out to quickly scoop up the limited supply to resell at what were often significant mark-up prices. Then in June, the first major mishap for the line happened mainly due to poor communication on Hasbro’s part. Fans where led to think an exclusive light blue version of the 6” Classified Cobra Commander figure was being offered through a relatively unknown (at least unknown in the world of action figure collecting) site called thentwrk.com. It turned out the Cobra Commander this thentwrk place was offering was the same dark blue Cobra Commander everyone would be selling in wave 2, and Hasbro for some reason decided to let these guys have first pre-order crack at it. Of course that info didn’t come to light until after thentwrk started taking pre-orders, which as I understand it didn’t go terribly smoothly in its own right. Later that month Hasbro officially announced the second wave of figures for the Classified line along with a few exclusives. We would be getting the Profit Director Destro that was released as a fan-channel exclusive and Arctic Storm Shadow which went to Amazon. By this time, word was starting to circulate that the Snake-Eyes movie which was originally slated for release in late 2020 was going to be pushed to a late 2021 release. This was due to the COVID pandemic that gripped the country shortly after the 2020 Toy Fair. With the movie now over a year away from release, that meant Hasbro would have a major gap in their product release schedule for the line as they shuffled to hold any planned Snake-Eyes movie-related products back to correspond with the new movie release date. Besides causing less product for Hasbro to release during the year, retail interest in G.I. Joe would also likely decline simply because now there would be no major entertainment backing the line for over a year. But it wasn’t until July 2020 that things really started to go downhill for fans when it came to G.I. Joe. Seemingly out of the blue, Hasbro announced late one night on its social media a new sub-line of Classified figures called G.I. Joe Missions: Cobra Island. These would be Classified figures with their own unique packaging that were sold exclusively at Target stores here in the US. Not only did this new exclusive line contain popular characters like Baroness and Beach Head, it also introduced the first army builder figure for the line with the Cobra Soldier. The very next morning, the figures went up for pre-order on Target’s website and instantaneously sold out, thanks in large part to scalpers who had found a way to use what is known as scalper bots to clean out a website’s inventory in seconds. While the regular release figures in the line continued to be hard to find at mass retail, these new Target exclusives were far worse and had become a scalper’s wet dream. Instantly, the secondary market prices on these figures skyrocketed. It’s now April 2021, and things haven’t gotten any better for Joe collectors. The regular release figures for the Classified line are still non-existent at the big box retailers. We’ve see 4 waves in the line released with the first wave even getting a re-release, and they are still non-existent at most Targets and Walmarts. The only saving grace with the regular release figures is that you can get them pretty easily if you are willing to purchase them from the smaller online etailers. However that usually means you have to wait longer to get them. For the Target exclusive Cobra Island figures, we’ve seen two waves released so far. Both waves included army builders and popular characters. Both waves have been nearly impossible to find at Target. If rumors are true then there is a third wave of Target exclusives coming which again will likely include an army builder and at least one major character like Major Bludd. This past week, Hasbro finally solicited its Snake-Eyes movie product as well as announcing the movie itself will be released a bit sooner than expected. The movie was slated for release in October 2021 but is now coming out in July. At first glance, you might think releasing the movie earlier is a good thing, but I am not so sure. It’s unclear if movie theaters will really be back in full swing by July due to COVID. A movie released later in the year is likely going to perform better at the box office than one during the summer this year, mainly because not as many people will have yet gotten their vaccine shots by July and therefore not yet feel comfortable going back into a movie theater. It seems to me Paramount took what they likely considered to be a more popular movie with the Tom Cruise Top Gun sequel and moved it from July 2021 to November 2021. They then took the Snake-Eyes movie and filled that hole in July left by Top Gun. So was this a move done because the studio has less confidence in Snake-Eyes performing well? Also announcing movie product when we have’t even seen a trailer is odd. There has been next to no marketing buzz created for Snake-Eyes up to this point. The new G.I. Joe movie Classified figures that Hasbro announced last week are still available for pre-order everywhere including Target. Target, where every non-movie Classified figure put up for pre-order has sold out in seconds, yet after a week all the movie Classified stuff is still available. Not a good sign if you ask me. Of course, Target probably ordered a lot more movie product than they did for any of the non-movie stuff. Hasbro invited a very small group of die-hard Joe fans to participate in a virtual Q&A roundtable this week, where they seemed to give very little in any kind of real info for the brand. They essentially punted the ball to June where said they would be making announcements in regards to Cobra Island figures and teasing the possibility of seeing some figures re-issued or re-released in some way. Rumors indicate that the next round of Cobra Island figures will include Major Bludd, Barbecue and possibly even the Cobra Alley Viper. They also said another round of 3 3/4” Retro Walmart exclusive figures were coming and teased the possibility of bringing O-Ring designed figures back if they were to see enough demand. Of course Hasbro has turned their backs on most 3 3/4” lines these days and can’t even bring back the modern designed 3 3/4” Joe figures beyond a few limited Walmart releases, so anyone thinking Hasbro is going put much effort in bringing back o-ring figures in any real way — I have some swamp land in Florida that Zartan no longer uses to sell you. Vehicles for the 6” line as well as a possible Haslab Joe project were teased as well in this Q&A. Of course, I would like to point out these are things Hasbro has been teasing since the line was first announced back in January 2019. Here is a thought. Let’s actually fix the problems with the distribution of the figures we already have before trying to tackle things like expensive vehicles or a Haslab project. As of right now Hasbro has released a total of 6 figures as Target exclusives: Beach Head, Roadblock v2, Cobra Soldier, Baroness, Firefly and Cobra Viper. They have released 12 non-movie regular release figures: Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, Destro, Gung-Ho, Red Ninja, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Cobra Soldier, Flint and Lady Jaye. They also released 2 versions of Snake-Eyes and Cobra Commander as Pulse exclusives: the Arctic Storm Shadow released at Amazon and the fan-channel Profit Destro. So out of the 24 figures in this line that have been released so far, half of them have been released as some kind of hard to get exclusive with more exclusives likely to come. We also have 5 Snake-Eyes movie Classified figures along with a bunch of other movie product for the kids coming that likely will be taking up limited big box retail shelf space for the rest of the year. This is all for a movie that, if we are being honest, is not showing great signs of being a strong box office performer. Yeah, me pointing these things out and questioning the limited info that is put out by Hasbro is probably why I don’t get invited to these Q&A sessions anymore. Because you wouldn’t want to hold an actual press Q&A with you know — press. Like all of you, I will watch with bated breath for whatever news Hasbro has for us during YoJoe June. But based on their current track record with this brand, I can’t say I am holding out a lot of optimism for things to get better. Maybe Hasbro will ask us to pay $50 premium membership fees to have a better chance at buying some of this stuff, then act like we should be thankful for that????
  6. Douglas who says they are in California and run an online store managed to go and get their hands on a case of Hasbro's next round of regular release 6" G.I. Joe Classified figures which includes the new Flint and Lady Jaye. They have posted up some in-hand images of the two, including barcodes. Looks like a re-issue of Cobra Commander is being included in the assortment with Flint and Lady Jaye. Check out images below. Both figures are still available for pre-order from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  7. Thanks to Matt for the heads up, we have a look at what is quit possibly the design Hasbro will be using for their as of now rumored G.I. Joe Classified Major Bludd 6" figure. Shown via 80sTees is a new shirt featuring the character. While not 100% exact, this matches up pretty closely with artwork of the character that leaked out back in January from the back of the packaging for the upcoming Flint figure. You can check out images of both the shirt and the packaging art below. While Hasbro has yet to officially announce a new Classified Bludd action figure in the works, it's long been rumored along with the likes of Barbecue and the Alley Viper. Retail listings for all of these figures along with Flint and Lady Jaye hit the net last year. Out of the figures we saw listings for, Flint and Lady Jaye are the only two Hasbro has officially confirmed at this time. From this image it appears as if Bludd has updated his eye patch with a new cybernetic eye implant that glows red. This seems to fit in the overall futuristic feel that Hasbro has said the Classified line is based on. Out of all the Cobra figures we've seen released in this line so far, this one seems to depart the most from the characters original look. Never-the-less I think it looks pretty cool and still retains the overall look and feel of the Cobra mercenary. Let us know below, would you be happy with this look for a new Major Bludd Classified figure?
  8. Today I take a look at the new G.I. Joe 6" Classified Regal Cobra Commander figure from Hasbro which is being sold as a HasbroPulse exclusive. I also share my thoughts on some ways to improve the figure. Check out the latest backdrops for toy photography at our sponsor Diorama Prints. Use code ToyNews10 for a 10% discount on your next purchase. The backdrop featured in the video was provided by Diorama Prints. Check out images for the figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  9. SunRoom Toy Reviews takes a look at the new G.I. Joe Classified 6" Zartan figure from Hasbro. The figure has already started seeing release overseas, but you can pre-order it now here in the US at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  10. Shown below is an image first discovered by Dan Atwood who says he got it from someone on a Facebook page, (sorry we aren't sure the original source of the image). Dan says the person who took this image got the figure from Amazon. In the image we see a new G.I. Joe Classified 6" Duke figure from Hasbro that features an updated paint deco. New Variant Paint Deco G.I. Joe Classified Duke Figure From Hasbro The red on the shoulders and gloves have been removed, the knee pads and shin guards are now silver as opposed to gold, and the gold on the riffle has been removed. Not sure why they left the gold on the pistol, but whatever. Original G.I. Joe Classified Duke Figure From Hasbro Since the image surfaced for this unannounced variant, I've been doing some checking. First let me say this is 100% a legit figure. From what I can tell this is being done as a running change type of variant. Meaning as retailers and etailers order new stock of the Duke figure, instead of getting the original one they will now get this updated version. I can't speak for all retailers since I don't know what kind of inventory they are sitting on, but I can confirm that if you pre-order the G.I. Joe Classified Duke from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com now, you will get the new version, not the old one. Hasbro (as I type this) has not yet sent out updated images, which is why everyone is still shows images of the original figure. New official images of the updated Duke should be coming soon. Hasbro seems to have just kind of sprung this updated version on retailers, likely due to fan demand to have characters look more like their original counterparts. Paint Deco Variant G.I. Joe Classified Scarlett Figure From Hasbro Paint Deco Variant G.I. Joe Classified Roadblock Figure From Hasbro The same goes for the Scarlett and Roadblock figures from wave 1. As retailers get new stock of those, it will be the updated versions that we originally reported as coming in wave 3 with the Zartan and the Cobra Trooper. I am told that some of the original Roadblock figures are still shipping from Hasbro, so getting an original of that one will likely be easier than the Duke and Scarlett. If you have the original Duke, Scarlett and even Roadblock figures that were initially released, then you may want to hold on to them. They are likely going to be harder to come by as time goes one since the initial stock stores order of those was seemingly low. As popularity grows for the line and stores scramble to restock the original wave 1 figures, they are going to be getting the updated deco versions which hopefully should be easier to get. You can see on Amazon the figure now says (Deco may vary). Amazon listing for Duke that says Deco May Vary Someone like Amazon may still have a mix of new and older inventory, so its a crap shoot on which version you end up getting. Until updated images are released, you may want to check with the etailer on which version they will be sending you if you want to make sure what version you are going to get.
  11. The Mr. Stan Show gives us our first review of the new G.I. Joe Classified 6" Wave 3 Cobra Trooper figure from Hasbro. The figure has already started seeing release overseas, but you can pre-order it now here in the US at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  12. The Mr. Stan Show gives us our first review of the new G.I. Joe Classified 6" Roadblock and Scarlett variant figures from Hasbro. The figure has already started seeing release overseas, but you can pre-order it now here in the US at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  13. Today I take a look at the new G.I. Joe Classified Special Missions: Cobra Island Firefly and Cobra Viper figures from Hasbro. These figures are being sold as Target exclusives. Firefly along with the Cobra Viper are currently listed as sold out on their website. Check out images for these figures below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about them in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  14. Since this weekend's PulseCon G.I. Joe Classified reveals for wave 3, more details have come to light about that wave. The two remaining figures for wave 3 will be re-issues of the wave 1 Roadblock and Scarlett, who will join Zartan and the Cobra Trooper. Yes the two most commonly found figures from wave 1 will be returning for wave 3. Now back in August, if you caught my video, I told folks this wave was coming, however originally these figures were slated for wave 4, not wave 3. You can listen to me talk about this back in August here starting at the 10:38 mark. Now wave 3 based on the information I had gotten was originally going to be a movie wave featuring movie versions of Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and an unknown female character, which presumably was movie based. Of course the Snake-Eyes movie as we all know was delayed until October 2021, so even in August I assumed there was a good chance Hasbro might switch the waves around. Keep in mind Wave 3 isn't due out officially until around March 2021, which means wave 4 will be coming out much closer to the movie's new release date, assuming things aren't further delayed on that front. If I had to guess, that original wave three movie wave will now be released as wave 4. As for other mysteries we have seen for this line, I don't have any new updates for you. This includes a Lady Jaye figure that was originally listed by an Australian retailer. I should note at this time, the only place I have seen indicating Lady Jaye is coming anytime soon, is that Australian retailer and Target. I've not been able to confirm that one from any other source at this time. Doesn't mean it's not coming, just means that I have nothing more for you on that one. Another mystery that presented itself this weekend, was the indication that the Zartan figure will have a skin color change feature when put it in the sun, just like the original 80's version had. This was listed in the official solicitations sent our to retailers this weekend. As I understand it however, this version of the figure does NOT actually have that feature, nor was it mentioned as a feature in the official presentation of it during PulseCon. I find it hard to believe someone just pulled that feature out of thin air when they wrote up the official figure description for Zartan. I would say the figure either originally was going to have the feature and it was removed, or more likely there will be a second version released at some point that has that feature. Probably some kind of store exclusive. We did see a Zartan figure pop up in the Target system months ago. I would assume a figure with a color change feature would also include a chest plate with translucent plastic, like the original figure had to better show off the color change. If Hasbro really wanted to wow us, they would also include a Swamp Skier to go with the figure, assuming they do end up releasing a second one, but I won't hold my breath. While we are on the subject of Target, other figures that have been found in their system this year include Lady Jaye, Flint, Major Bludd and Barbecue. Lets hope those don't all end up being Target store exclusives. One final note. Wave 3 very likely will be fairly difficult to find at regular retail. You have fan favorite Zartan and a popular army builder Cobra Trooper figure mixed in with two figures that have already started warming pegs from wave 1. The likely hood that the large retail outlets will order this wave in large enough numbers to fill the demand for the two new figures, seems quit low. However, small e-tailer and comic shops generally have the option of ordering single cases of figures they know will be in high demand. It can sometimes take longer for them to get those single cases in stock, but they will come. If you want to save yourself a lot of headache, time and gas, my recommendation is forgo trying to get these at the big box retailers, and just pre-order as many as you want at your favorite etailer like our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. You could pre-order as many Cobra Troopers as you want an never have to worry about finding them again. Just a thought.
  15. Hasbro today during PulseCon wowed us with some amazing new 6" G.I. Joe Classified figure reveals, and then as if they were giving Joe fan's a virtual kick to the groin they announced two of the four figures they showed would once again be Target store exclusives. For the non-exclusive figures coming in wave three which will be out early next year they showed us an Amazing looking Zartan figure as well as a new Cobra Trooper. Zartan comes with a Removable hood, Backpack, Mask, Alternate hands, Pistol and Knife. These accessories are very true looking to the original 80's version. The lack of color change and swamp skier is a bit disappointing, but still the figure looks great. The Cobra Trooper is virtually the same figure we got in the previous Target wave minus a riffle and slight paint deco changes. Both of these figures will be released everywhere and available for pre-order now at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The two Target exclusive figures also look amazing. They are figures of Firefly and the Cobra Viper. These figures went up for pre-order on the Target website and sold out in 2 seconds, thanks to Target's unwillingness to put anything in place to stop scalper bots from getting them. Target has the figures listed with a January 1 release date, however if the last wave is any indication, stores will probably get them in sooner, and then we can play the game of which stores will sell them early and which ones won't. The Firefly comes with 6 accessories which includes a gun, stick of dynamite, drone, backpack, goggles and pad. The DCPI# 087-16-2542 and you can see it listed here, not that you will actually ever be able to buy it there. The Cobra Viper comes with 5 accessories which includes goggles, pistol, riffle, backpack and bandanna. The DCPI# 087-16-8296 and the link to it can be found here.
  16. A site named Actionfiguresindustries.com has put up for pre-order new 6" GIJoe Classified figures, and while we've never heard of this site before we have seen similar listings from other sources that make us think these are fairly legit. They list movie versions of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow along with Zartan, Cobra Trooper and Lady Jaye. All but Lady Jaye are figures we had previously heard rumblings about. We should also note that we don't think all these figures are slated for the same wave. I also wouldn't be surprised if these change as the Snake-Eyes movie looks like has been delayed until October 2021, so seeing a movie Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow released in early 2021 seems unlikely to me. We also have no idea how the Cobra Trooper will differ from the Target exclusive one. We assume there will at least be some minor changes. While I think most if not all these figures will see the light of day, until Hasbro officially confirms them and exactly how they will be released, I would definitely recommend you treat these as rumor for now.
  17. Looks like Best Buy let the cat out of the bag for a new G.I. Joe video game called Operation Blackout. Looks like it will be released for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The game was up briefly for pre-order but has since been removed from the site. Check out box art which looks like is based on the new Classified action figure line as well as some screenshots below. We will update when more details on this become available.
  18. Shown below via Hobbymizer Studio is a look at the 6" G.I. Joe: Classified figures on display at Hasbro's 2020 Fan Expo which is taking place this week in Hong Kong. Nothing we haven't seen before but we do get a new look at the upcoming 2020 SDCC Exclusive Snake Supreme Cobra Commander figure which will go up for pre-order and be made available on HasbroPulse sometime in September.
  19. Shown below are new promotional images for 3 of the 5 figures in Hasbro's first wave of 6" G.I. Joe Classified figures which includes Duke, Scarlett and Roadblock. The remaining two figures in the wave are rumored to be a non-exclusive version of Snake-Eyes and Destro. You can pre-order these at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  20. Thanks to an in-hand image showing the second wave of 6" G.I. Joe Classified figures via t0ytime we can see Hasbro is including three of the Cobra Commander figures, 2 Gung-Ho and only one of the army builder Red Ninja figures per case. One has to wonder why Hasbro didn't include at least 2 of the army builder figures, but that's Hasbro for you I guess.
  21. Hasbro today is holding one of their Live-Stream events for G.I. Joe. If they allow it we will embed the video but if not we will post updates and images of things as they are announced. They are not allowing the video to be embed so you can watch it here. GIJoe Retro is a re-issue of the 25th Anniversary. They will be Walmart exclusives going live at 11am ET. Storm Shadow has 14 accessories and digital scan face deco. The packaging is in keeping with the original line just like the 25th Anniversary line. The figures cost $13.99 each and vehicles $24.99. Snake-Eyes with 14 accessories. Baroness has 8 accessories. Hiss Tank (Original one) and driver. Awe Striker with Crank Case. The GIJoe Classified SDCC exclusive will be Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. Not up for pre-order yet. Be sold on Hasbro Pulse and be available around September. It will retail for $29.99.
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