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  1. Collectors worldwide who ordered the humongous one sixth scale MOTU Battle Cat or even Trap Jaw a few weeks ago from Mondo are organizing 24/7 prayer circles around the world, in hope that the remaining unreleased figures get made. ToyFarce investigated. Last week, it was reported that Funko, who bought Mondo less than a year ago (June 2022), has laid off most of the Mondo staff. A very sad piece of news, as Mondo's prints and art had been beloved by collectors and non-collectors since 2004 (so nearly 2 decades). It was also reported that the toys and records division would remain for the time being as part of Funko, but it is unclear how long they would last... ToyFarce got in touch with a collector who organized the event to ask what their goal is: "The latest figure we pre-ordered, the MOTU Trap Jaw 1/6 Scale Deluxe figure, is scheduled to come out in September 2023. We are organizing those prayer circles to ensure that the toy division from Mondo will at least last until that figure is released." said Josh, one of the organizers. "We've all loved the toys that Mondo has done over the years, and we really want the remaining figures to be released. We do not know if there is any hope for the figures that were only teased at conventions, like a 1/6 Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn, or the gigantic one sixth scale MOTU Purplor, but at least, we keep hope for the ones that were already pre-ordered." More news at 11:00... Let's keep those fingers crossed until September! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  2. A few days ago, it was revealed that over $30 million worth of Funko Pops would be heading to a landfill, as the company has an overabundance of inventory, and it is apparently more cost effective to just throw them away than to sell them at a discount, give them away or even recycle the plastic... a very environmentally-friendly move which had the internet baffled. Not everybody was disappointed though, as the thousands of 1982 Atari E.T. cartridges are very happy to welcome new neighbors! "It was starting to feel a bit lonely here, so it is nice to have some fresh blood/plastic in the neighborhood!" said one of the cartridges of the worst video game of all time, which suffered the same fate as the million of Funko Pops about to be discarded in a landfill. "There's going to be a lot of variety, and we might even get E.T. Funko Pops living closeby! How exciting!" In September of 1983, Atari had a surplus of the E.T. game for Atari, and decided to bury them in a landfill in New Mexico, which became a bit of a legend over time. Perhaps in 30 years, someone will make a documentary about searching for a landfill full of Funko Pops! (Atari: Game Over was a great documentary) More news at 11:00... Who would have thought that overflooding the market with entire walls of Funko Pops would lead to that?
  3. Earlier this week, a piece of news caught the toy world by surprise: Funko, the brand behind those walls of Pops you see in every toy stores, has acquired Mondo, the brand behind those prints that you'll never see in person, because they sell out in seconds. A few days later, Mondo announced a new Limited edition Masters of the Universe 1/6 figure of He-Man that is sure to sell out in seconds. Coincidence? An anonymous source told ToyFarce that there could be more to it: It turns out a lot of people working at Funko are also huge fans of Mondo's magnificent, exquisite art prints and posters, and have never been able to buy any. There are also lots of people that would really love to own one of the beautifully crafted 1/6 Masters of the Universe and Batman: The Animated Series figures that fly off the shelves right away, and can only be found at higher prices on the secondary market. "One easy solution: buy the company!" our source said. "That way, you can put a few of the items on the side before they go live online, and then you're sure to get them!". Are you going to (try to) get that Limited Edition 1/6 Mondo He-Man, that will go live on June 21, 2022, exclusively for 24 hours on Mondo's website? If you want to make sure you'll get one, you could try getting a job at Funko! More news at 11:00... SOLD OUT. *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  4. Everyone loves Funko Pops, right? There are thousands of franchises that have been made into Funko Pop figures, and even fans of the most obscure things can find Pop figures of their favorite characters. According to the internet, there is probably over 20,000 different products since the very first Funko Pop in 2010. That's A LOT of Pops. But according to an anonymous source, it might not be too long before Funko has actually done every single existing pop culture characters (real or fictional) in their Pop line. "We estimate that by September 2024, all of the currently existing franchises will have been made as a Funko Pop. Several times, in fact. Regular, repaint, exclusive, newer version, flocked,... Call it the "rule 34" of toys: If it exists, there's a Funko Pop of it." So what's next for Funko Pops? Well, once all franchises have been made, Funko will allegedly start to do regular people, like your neighbors, the mailman, your parents, and of course... you! "The goal is to have more Funko Pops on the planet than there are people." (if that isn't already the case...). Will you be picking up a Funko Pop of your favorite cashier or bus driver? More news at 11:00... Pop yourself!
  5. Totally Radical! Target has dropped pre-orders for the rest of the Funko POP! Artist Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Funko POP! Artist Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Donatello (Target Exclusive) Pop! Donatello has taken an interesting approach to camouflage, but maybe it'll work! Bring the turtles together to protect your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection from rogue villains with an exclusive, Art Series Pop! Donatello! Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall and comes prepackaged in a premium plastic Pop! protector. Please note: Patterns will vary with all-over-print styles. Funko POP! Artist Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Leonardo(Target Exclusive) Pop! Leonardo has taken an interesting approach to camouflage, but maybe it'll work! Bring the turtles together to protect your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection from rogue villains with an exclusive, Art Series Pop! Donatello! Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall and comes prepackaged in a premium plastic Pop! protector. Please note: Patterns will vary with all-over-print styles. Funko POP! Artist Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael(Target Exclusive) Pop! Raphael has taken an interesting approach to camouflage, but maybe it'll work! Bring the turtles together to protect your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection from rogue villains with an exclusive, Art Series Pop! Donatello! Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall and comes prepackaged in a premium plastic Pop! protector. Please note: Patterns will vary with all-over-print styles.
  6. Superman Blue Pop! Vinyl Figure - 2021 Convention Exclusive: Expand your Superman collection! Limited edition Fall Convention Exclusive! The Man of Steel goes electric blue! Pop! Vinyl figure based on the late 1990s story line. Funko / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! Did someone say "Blue Steel"? DC Comics' Man of Steel is going electric blue for this limited edition convention exclusive based on the late 1990s story line! The Superman Blue Pop! Vinyl Figure - 2021 Convention Exclusive measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. First available at the Funko booth for Emerald City Comic Con 2021, this limited edition item won't last long. Order today so you don't miss out! Ages 3 and up. South Park Kyle Tooth Decay Pop! Vinyl Figure - 2021 Convention Exclusive: Kyle becomes a sad, "monstrous" being! Limited edition Pop! Vinyl figure! What a fun way to expand your South Park collection! Don't miss this Fall Convention Exclusive! Funko / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! Did someone get a cavity? The students at South Park Elementary are putting on a play to inform you about mouth care, so pay attention! Starring Kyle in his "Tooth Decay" costume for the performance, this limited edition Kyle Tooth Decay Pop! Vinyl Figure 2021 Convention Exclusive measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. First available at the Funko booth for Emerald City Comic Con 2021, this limited edition item won't last long. If you don't want to miss out, you need to order yours now! Ages 3 and up. Both can be ordered from our sponsor as a shared exclusive: Entertainment Earth: Superman Blue South Park Kyle Tooth Decay
  7. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Luke Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Earth Exclusive: Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Limited edition glow-in-the-dark Luke Skywalker Pop! Inspired by the Disney+ Star Wars: The Mandalorian series. Enhance your collection with a Jedi Master! Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Dark Troopers stand no chance against this Jedi Master! Inspired by Season 2, Episode 8 of the Disney+ Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series, the one-and-only Luke Skywalker will make a showstopping entrance into your Pop! Vinyl collection. Don't miss him! This exclusive figure stands about 3 3/4-inches tall and features a hooded version of the beloved Jedi, complete with a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber. The Star Wars: The Mandalorian Luke Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Earth Exclusive comes in window-box packaging. Quantities are limited, so order yours today! Pre-order from our Sponsor: EntertainmentEarth
  8. Shown below is a look at the upcoming DC’s limited edition Zack Snyder Justice League Funko POP 4-pack that will be offered exclusively through DCShop. This exclusive features the figures with a black and white metallic colorway deco. Look for these to be made available next week.
  9. Shown below is a look at the Funko ECCC 2021 Virtual Pop! Animation Hanna Barbera Ookla the Mok, Princess Ariel and Thundarr POP! Vinyl figures. Stay-tuned for more specific release details that should come soon.
  10. Relive the glory of youth and afternoons spent watching your favorite Disney cartoons. Better still, reenact moments from your favorite shows with these Disney Afternoon action figures. Gizmoduck needs your assistance stopping crime. Gadget’s more than capable of flying the Rescue Rangers in and out of danger, and keeping their plane in tiptop shape between adventures. King Louie’s probably taking it easy at Louie’s Place, if you happen to need him for some amiable conversation. And Darkwing Ducks’ pilot Launchpad McQuack is an eager and able sidekick.
  11. Shown below in the new Masters of the Universe Skeletor on Throne POP! Vinyl figure coming from Funko. This will be offered as a Target store exclusive as part of the Funko Target-Con event on February 26. The DPCI: 323-01-5797
  12. Shown below via anerdydad is our first look at Funko's upcoming G.I. Joe Scarlett, Baroness, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow POP! Vinyl figures. These are based on the original Hasbro action figures. Look for these to go up for pre-order later today. UPDATE: Funko has updated with an official announcement for these including an added Funko.com exclusive version of Snake-Eyes with Timber.
  13. Funko is releasing three new 5" animatronic chocolate action figures for Five Nights at Freddy's. Five Nights at Freddy's Chocolate Freddy Action Figure Five Nights at Freddy's Chocolate Chica Action Figure Five Nights at Freddy's Chocolate Bonnie Action Figure You can pre-order these now at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  14. DisFunko has posted some in-hand images for the Black Lights DC Comics Batman, Joker And Harley POP! Vinyl figures coming from Funko.
  15. Shown below via DisFunko is a look at new Garbage Pail Kids POP! Vinyl figures from Funko. Shown are Split Kit, Jay Decay, Leaky Lindsay and Ali Gator. Look for these to be released soon.
  16. Via PopKeep is a look at the upcoming G.I. Joe Dr. Mindbender and Leatherneck POP! Vinyl figures coming from Funko. Also shown is a Polly Pocket POP!. Look for these to be available everywhere in the near future.
  17. The first Mando Monday is here and it’s just the beginning. Star Wars fans across the globe can join us for a special Star Wars “Mando Mondays” digital event where talent from “The Mandalorian,” including Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito, reveal the latest and greatest products and digital content inspired by the Emmy award-winning series. Mando Mondays is an all-new global consumer products, games and publishing program that will debut new goods inspired by the Disney+ program every Monday from now until December 21. For Vintage Collection they showed off a new Din Djarin Mandarlorian with removable helmet. They also showed the Moff Gideon And Armorer figures. They showed a painted proto for the Vintage Collection Haslab Razorcrest. They revealed the Black Series 6" Mandalorian Speeder Bike with Biker Scout and Child in satchel. Black Series 6" Din Djarin The Mandalorian And The Child with Air Crib. They showed off the Kenner Retro wave we told you about earlier this morning which features figures of the Mandalorian, IG-11, Kara Dunn, Kuiil, Baby Yoda, Kreef Garga and Moff Gideon. here will be a Mandalorian Monopoly game offered for $49.99 that includes a Retro Mandalorian Stormtrooper figure. This is exclusive to ShopDisney and HasbroPulse. Pre-order for these products begin at 4pm ET. The Star Wars The Black Series Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and The Child will be available at Target. The 6" Mandalorian Speeder Bike with Biker Scout and Baby Yoda will be an Amazon exclusive. The Vintage Collection Din Djarin Mandarlorian figure will be exclusive to Walmart. The Mandalorian Kenner Retro figures and the Vintage Collection Armorer and Moff Gideon figures will be available everywhere including at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  18. Shown below for Mando Monday is a look at the The Mandarloain With Jetpack Funko POP! Gamestop exclusive figure that will be up for pre-order later today.
  19. Shown below via PopKeep and Epic Collectibles is a look at the upcoming Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil As The Flash POP! Vinyl figure from Funko. Look for it to be released later this year here in the US.
  20. For you TMNT fans, it looks like you may have something else to hunt for at Target stores other than NECA stuff. Funko will be releasing a new classic looking Metalhead POP! Vinyl figure as a Target exclusive which is slated to be released on 11/27. Check out this image of it via BenSpark.
  21. Shown below via POPKeep is a look at new Masters of the Universe POP! Vinyl figures from Funko which includes the likes of She-Ra, Grizzlor, Kobra Khan, King Randor, Terror Claws Skeletor, Skeletor with Panthor and a 10" He-Man. Also look for new POP Key chains featuring MOTU characters. There will be a Terror Claws Skeletor with metallic claws being offered as a Target exclusive.
  22. Shown below via Geekphstore is a look at upcoming POP! Vinyl figures being released by Funko. Most of these we have seen before, but I believe this is our first look at the Mythrol from the first episode in season 1 and the one featuring The Child with Egg Canister.
  23. Custom Funko POP , DEAD PORG version, just painted with acrylic paint, drill the head and put a lightsaber with 2 blue LEDs, usb powered....hope you enjoy it......
  24. Opinion By: Paul Schifferli Editors Note: This article is by Paul Schifferli. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. If there was ever a line of toys that could have been considered a “toy gold standard”, it would be Beanie Babies. Or to be more accurate, it WAS Beanie Babies. It’s common knowledge now that Beanie Babies are basically valueless. Even the rarest of Beanie Babies doesn’t even command HALF of its listing price that it had during the heyday of Beanie Babies. In today’s market, the closest thing we have to Beanie Babies is Funko Pops. Granted, they have not commanded anywhere near the craze that Beanie Babies had, but they are the closest thing. Toys and Collectibles have always been a valuable market for opportunist, or as we collectors like to call them, “scalpers”, but few toy lines have outright created scalpers quite like Beanie Babies. Interestingly, Beanie Babies are among the first, if not THE first scalped toys, as during the very early years of eBay, Beanie Babies were among the most popular items on the auction website, and it can be argued that eBay would not be the massive corporation it is today without the success of Beanie Babies. Unlike most toy lines, which get some dedicated scalpers that are in many instances, collectors themselves; Beanie Babies became such a craze that regular working parents that had no interest in toys beyond what toys their children liked, began to seek these tiny $5 plush toys out, in the hopes that they would be striking gold. But what created such a craze for such plain, if admittedly cute little plush toys. Well, interestingly, at first, Beanie Babies weren’t successful at all. They were lost in a veritable sea of a plush market, that was already not exactly doing the best business, when you consider the big toy lines it had to compete with at the time such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Barbie, and many others. What eventually made Beanie Babies stand out from the pack was the simple act of “retiring” some of the product, which caused a sudden interest in the product. The most popular example of this was a royal blue elephant called Peanut. According to Beaniepedia, Peanut was not meant to be royal blue and only a small number of these were made, and was retired after only three months of production, and was quickly replaced with a light blue version, which was the color Peanut was supposed to be. Because of this very sudden rarity, Peanut became an icon for the Beanie Baby secondary market, and had been known to go for as high as $7,000. Despite being retired early due to a production error, the success of the royal blue Peanut translated to the entire franchise as a whole. People would buy up every single new Beanie Baby in the hopes that one or more of these little plushies would be another goldmine. And some of those Beanie Babies DID become popular and gain ridiculous resale value, simply due to their scarcity over people snatching them up the moment they found them. And some of them actually became more valuable than Peanut, such as Claude the Crab, Valentino the Bear, Iggy the Iguana, etc. Most of these gained their extra value from production errors, such as misspelled words on the tags. Of course, there was one Beanie Baby that stood out among the pack, even against the likes of Peanut. And this was Princess the Bear. Princess was released to commemorate the death of Princess Diana, and collectors and scalpers alike jumped on the toy, expecting it would be highly valuable (and it was). There have been reported auctions of Princess being listed for $500,0000 (although there are no instances of it selling for that much.) To this day, some people are trying to sell Princess for thousands of dollars on eBay. However, they have no bids, and no prospects of moving, because as is common knowledge, the economic bubble of Beanie Babies burst. Now, most Beanie Babies have next to no value, and not even the rarest ones command anywhere near the prices they sold for during those few years in the early 90’s. So, why is this called A Comparison of Beanie Babies and Funko? Well, quite simply, because both toy lines primarily exist (or existed) for their resale purpose, but it was never their intended purpose. Ty Warner, the creator of Beanie Babies, was notably passionate about plush toys, and before forming his own company, he worked for a now defunct plush company called Dakin. He had a reputation at Dakin as an incredible salesman, and was quite eccentric. According to an article in Chicago Magazine, Ty Warner would, by his own admission, turn up to sales calls in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, wearing a fur coat, top hat, and carrying a cane. His belief was that by appearing eccentric (and apparently eccentric means looking like a Plush Toy Pimp), the retailers would be naturally more interested in the product he had to sell. And evidently, he was right, as he was one of Dakin’s best salesmen. Eventually, Ty was fired from Dakin for selling his own plush in competition with Dakin, while still working for the company. After leaving the company, he formed his own plush company, which made a few standard plush toys that quickly faded into obscurity before he hit upon the craze that was Beanie Babies. But the point is, Ty Warner did not create Beanie Babies with the intention of them becoming highly- sought after collector’s items. He wanted them to be successful, but with children. He wanted them to be toys that children would cherish and love. In fact, Ty reportedly was unhappy with what Beanie Babies had become, of course it was mainly due to the fact that the craze to collect these little plushies resulted in hundreds of counterfeits, which Ty. Inc pursued aggressively with legal threats, and even encouraged children to report fakes online at the Ty. Inc website. The thing is, Funko Pops have an eerie similarity to Beanie Babies. They are highly sought after due to their resale value, and like Beanie Babies, they were not intended to be some form of toy “gold standard." Funko Pops were meant to be easy to collect inoffensive novelty toys, the kind that no one would bat an eye at if you saw them on a desk in a cubicle. Their simple appearance and low price point made them highly appealing to people that would not consider themselves as collectors. In essence, Funko Pops were simply meant to be a little piece of decoration. Interestingly, the first bobblehead made by Funko was the mascot from the Big Boy restaurants. The thing is, Funko founder Mike Becker was looking for a Big Boy coin bank, and found he was unable to locate one for a reasonable price. So, he did what any collector would do in that predicament- he founded his own toy company and acquired the license for Big Boy restaurants, and made a line of Big Boy coin banks. As one might expect, the coin banks sold poorly, and Funko nearly went bankrupt. However, they managed to stave off the tide of debt and bounced back by creating little bobbleheads that now litter your Gamestops and Hot Topics. The first successful product by Funko was a pop of Austin Powers, which according to Wikipedia, sold 80,000 units. From there, Funko has never looked back, sweeping up as many licenses as they can get their hands on. What set Funko Pops down the road of “toy prospecting”, or scalping, if you prefer, was when they began to release store exclusives and convention exclusives. These began to go for phenomenal amounts of money on auction websites like eBay, and many Funko collectors began to literally hoard these little statues for their potential resale value. Most Funko Pops that have any real value are the exclusives. But there are some older Pops, that have not been reissued that have some decent value. There are two big differences between Funko and Beanie Babies though. The first and biggest difference is that Funko has fully embraced their reputation of Pops being a product to be bought primarily for the resale value. There are countless Funko exclusives, not to mention certain Funko which are only sold in other countries, such as popular French comic book characters Asterix and Obelix have Funko Pops that were only sold on the European market, and several of Osamu Tezuka’s characters (such as Astro Boy, Black Jack, Princess Sapphire, etc.) have been made into Funko Pops exclusively for the Asian markets. The other major difference between Funko and Beanie Babies is that Funko has never achieved anywhere near the craze that Beanie Babies had. Funko Pops have caused some minor upsets, such as a man in Florida following a customer and his mother into a Target parking lot and assaulted them to steal the Target Exclusive Twinkie the Kid Funko Pop. But that is basically the worst that has come from the Funko craze. Whereas Beanie Babies have been involved in divorce court assets, hoarders going bankrupt, people breaking into homes just to steal Beanie Babies, Beanie Babies being found on the scene of organized crime arrests, and even outright murder. That’s right, in 1999, in West Virginia, Jeffrey White shot and killed security guard Harry Simmons outside of a Hallmark store. Apparently the two had a dispute over hundreds of dollars of Beanie Babies that Simmons had loaned to White to start a Beanie Baby trading business. So, what does this tell us? Well, it tells us that the collectible market is extremely fickle, and perhaps scalpers should truly take that into account before they rush to buy out the stock of whatever the most popular toy is. If Beanie Babies has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that toys on a secondary marketplace is not a safe business investment. It is never going to make you rich, and when you factor in sales tax and gas costs to hunt for said toys, the profit you make off a scalped toy is negligible. Toys should be left to the people that love them: Children and collectors.
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