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Found 17 results

  1. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at 2 figures from the second wave of Cosmic Legions, Hvalkatar Book Two: Gravenight, from the Four Horsemen Studios. The second wave was a smaller wave with 5 figures, and I picked 2 of them, the "Predator-as-a-bounty-hunter" looking Noveunn Leen and the tall grey man, Aius Cyppiteon. Noveunn Leen is a part of the Bleeder's Guild, "one of the most feared organization in the known worlds, a barbarous collection of sadist thugs". He must be fun at parties! His design reminds me of bounty hunters from the Star Wars universe, with a Predator face. He comes with an extra head, 3 sets of hands, 2 blaster pistols, a blaster rifle and a wrist mounded blaster. The paint and the colors are really nice, and the 2 heads look great. Sadly, his articulation is a bit hindered by the shoulder armors, so the arms can't move in every directions. Aius Cyppiteon (shout out to the cat that names the figures by walking accross the keyboard, by the way) is a Grayborn, and looks awesome. The Four Horsemen studios had warned that the articulation on the mid-torso joint is very tight and to put him in boiling water to 'loosen' the joint. The joint was indeed very stuck, so Aius had a nice bath. We also enjoyed Aius tea (this is the toughest autocorrect ever). Aius comes with 3 extra sets of hands, a staff and a shield. He also has a Hvalkatar key card necklace, which means that he ordered the first wave of figures from the Four Horsemen studios online store, and got the key as a gift. The paint and details are amazing, the soft skirt is a nice touch. There is another Grayborn in one of the upcoming waves. More news at 11:00... Cosmic Legions: Mythic Legions IN SPAAAAAAACE!
  2. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the Ghost of Jacob Marley figure from the Figura Obscura line by the Four Horsemen Studios! Released in early December, the Ghost of Jacob Marley is another character issue from litterature, this time from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. In the story, the ghost of the former business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge visits him to warn him about his fate, that could be similar to his, and that 3 Christmas Spirits would visit him. You know the story... Raise your hands if you've also re-watched a movie version of it since the figure was announced! The packaging comes with the usual sleeve with magnets, with a nice painting inside to use as a diorama, which is always a nice little bonus with the Figura Obscura line. This one also has the 'Scrooge and Marley' sign inside the box. Like the Masque of the Red Death figure, it also came with a little booklet with the story, along with a holiday card. The booklet does say 'Stave One', so I have a feeling we'll get to the other parts eventually... A Christmas Spirits 3-pack? An army-builder ghost figure with all 3 heads? Stay tuned! The Ghost of Jacob Marley is an amazing figure. It comes with 2 head sculpts (one with its jaw held shut with a head wrap, and one with mouth loose, wide open), 3 extra pairs of hands, Marley's chains which have various cash boxes, ledgers and a safe attached to them, 2 door knockers which re-use the head sculpts (clever!) and extra keys. The figure looks fantastic, with lots of details on the suit, and the boots and bottom of his coat are transluscent. Ghastly! The chains and all the various parts in them also have a lot of details and look great, even if they can sometimes easily get tangled when you're moving the figure, or changing its head/hands (it adds to Marley's penance!). Another great figure for the Figura Obscura line. Spoiler: The safe includes a secret... Keep scrolling if you wanna see what's in it! More news at 11:00... I wear the chain I forged in life! I made it link by link and yard by yard!
  3. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at 2 action figures from the Four Horsemen Studios, the Power-Con 2023 exclusive Demistros and the latest figure in the Figura Obscura line, the Masque of the Red Death! I was waiting for the latest Legions Con exclusive Vorgus Vermillius 2.0 figure to group them in the same review, but plans have changed and I will get it later. Not an issue though, as those 2 offerings from the Four Horsemen Studios are awesome figures! First off, Demistros, who is neither a Mythic Legions, Figura Obscura or even Cosmic Legions figure, but a Power-Con figure, as mentioned on the box. Obviously, he uses mostly parts from Mythic Legions figures, but he's not part of the line. Demistros comes with 2 fantastic head sculpts (bone color and translucent green), 2 pairs of hands (normal and translucent green), a beautiful double sided (black and purple) cape by CJESIM, a big sword, a morning star (or ball and chain flail) and a spear. His armor has great details and paint, with some rust/patina effect. I was not a big fan of the Belphegor figure from the Arethyr wave, thinking the head was a bit too big, but put bone color (or translucent green!) on it and I'm sold. It is a fantastic figure. The latest figure in the Figura Obscura line was revealed in late September, and is not necessarily linked to any 'holiday' (After Krampus, the Headless Horsemen and Father Christmas, I associated the line with holidays, but the Monkey King has changed that since). The Masque of the Red Death is inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe short story of the same name, and there is even a little booklet included with the story in it. The figure comes with 3 extra pairs of hands, a dagger, along with a large ebony clock, with a pool of blood in front of it (that can serve as a base for the figure). It has a beautiful soft goods, wired robe, designed by the great CJESIM. Another fantastic figure, which looks great any way you display it. The clock is a great prop that can be used in all sorts of other toy pictures. It has a raven on top (you know, the one from the quote!). Just like the previous Figura Obscura figures, the packaging includes a backdrop, but if I wanted to be nitpicky, I would have prefered the picture that was on the cardboard insert inside the box (simple red stained glass) rather than the one with the people wearing masks screaming painted on it, just to have a more 'standard' background, but it's still an amazing painting. The mask of the figure can be removed to reveal... i'll let you see for yourself. I am in love with that line, and can't wait for what's next! More news at 11:00... "And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
  4. This weekend, the Four Horsemen Studios held their annual Legions Con in New Jersey, a fantastic event for all Mythic/Cosmic Legions fans and customizers. One fan, though, took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong Marriott hotel, but still had a great time at a completely different event: a knitting convention. "You know what? I had a lot of fun! Sure, I missed out on the EPICNESS of Legions Con, but I made a lot of new friends!" - Those are the words of Erik, a Mythic Legions fan and collector, who was at the wrong Marriott hotel, and, while expecting to attend Legions Con, ended up at the 2023 edition of Knitting Con... "I showed up with my barbarian costume, so there was a lot of weird looks at first. But after I browsed a few booths, and picked up a few items, they loved me. I think they want me to be their mascot for next year!" "Let me tell you one thing: I have a ton of great ideas for knitted soft goods for my figures now! I'm not kidding! There are a few older ladies from the 'Con (aka Knitting Con) that are going to help me make some awesome knitted capes, scarves, etc... for my Mythic Legions figures, they're gonna look awesome!" More news at 11:00... "Who wants a nice knitted cape for Attlus the Conqueror?" *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  5. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the long awaited first wave of Cosmic Legions, Book One: Hvalkatar, from the Four Horsemen Studios. Cosmic Legions is basically Mythic Legions... IN SPAAAACE! The Four Horsemen Studios tackling sci-fi with their unique designs, and action figure expertise? Sign me in! And these figures did not disappoint! The first wave has a theme, Hvalkatar, which is a prison and manufacturing complex. Some of the figures of that wave are prisoners from Cell block 5, also known as the GraveRing, while other figures are guards, science officers, warden... I did not go 'all in', but grabbed a big part of the wave directly from the Horsemen, and got the extra skull headsculpt and coin. Olek Thygar (Hvalkatar) Deluxe figure - This figure grabbed my attention immediately. It's such a cool design, the contrast of colors is great, and I knew I wanted it right away. There is another version of Olek, the GraveRing version, which is topless and has less accessories, but I only wanted one version of him and the armored one just looked much better to me. It has several options for the head (normal, small helmet, big helmet), extra pairs of hands, a big jackhammer looking weapon, an assault rifle, 2 guns, 2 wrist blasters, and an hologram effect piece... He is kinda the 'main character' of that first wave. I love that figure. Zeerian Spyre, an ex-bioengineer turned fugitive after her finding out her research was used for nefarious motives, comes with an extra head, face mask, a sniper rifle, 2 guns, and hologram effect piece and a beautiful soft goods hooded cloak. The cloak is wired and looks really good with a big insignia on the back. A beautiful figure. Kraggnar is a BEAST. Same size as the ogre scale figures from the Mythic Legions line, he towers over the other figures. He comes with 4 arms, but you can also put flat pieces in the pegs on his back so that he has only 2 arms. He also comes with an extra head and a big club. He has soft goods 'fur' loincloth. The colors really pop and he has fantastic details and paint apps. Vorgga, who used to be special ops, is also part of the GraveRing. She comes with an extra masked head, and a heavy machine gun which connects to her ammo backpack, and removable shoulder armors. Vorgga looks like a character you wouldn't want to mess with. That machine gun is huge! Great design on the headsculpt. She was not part of my first picks, but I ended up getting her to have the whole GraveRing crew, and I do not regret. The Highwarden Slogg is the tyrannical commander of the Hvalkatar prison. It's so BIG, so many details, the colors, the paint apps... Chef kiss! That is an amazing figure. The articulations are minimal, but I didn't expect to put that figure in Spider-man poses. He comes with an extra head sculpt, extra hands, and a device with a screen. Full disclosure, I did not figure out how to change the head, I tried to pull as hard as I could but feel like I might break the peg if I do, so I added a pic of the second head not on the body... Any tips? Finally, the two T.U.5.C.C (Traders Union of the 5 Circles of Cosmerrium) guards, the Science Officer (white and blue) and the Sentry (gray and yellow). Those are your 'army builders' guards types of characters. They come with several options for display too. The T.U.5.C.C. Science officer comes with an extra unmasked head, extra pairs of hands, an assault rifle, 2 pistols, a collar and an hologram effect piece. The T.U.5.C.C. Sentry comes with an extra unmasked head, a helmet, extra pairs of hands, a sniper rifle, an assault rifle and 2 wrist blasters. I did not pick the third T.U.5.C.C. Engineer (black and red), the topless Olek Thygar and the 2 Sphexxian guards. My (stupid) reasoning for the Sphexxian guards is that they do not look 'alien' enough for me, and more like 'just insects'. After seeing pics of the Sphexxian prison guard, I might end up picking one someday... There has been already 3 other waves announced before the first wave came out (or 2 smaller waves and 1 big wave), so the future looks really bright for Cosmic Legions! Looking forward to more! More news at 11:00... "Let's get out of this place!"
  6. This week, the Four Horsemen Studios successfully finalized a deal to hire a second cat in their company. The new employee will now have the task to name all future Cosmic Legions characters, by walking randomly all over a keyboard. Congratulations are in order! The Four Horsemen Studios, famous for their Mythic Legions fantasy action figure line, and now Cosmic Legions sci-fi line (and also their Figura Obscura holiday decorations line, since it's ok to display the Headless Horseman around Halloween, and Krampus and Father Christmas at the end of the year), released a statement about the new talent acquisition: "We are proud to announce that we have hired a second cat for our office. The new cat will mainly focus on our Cosmic Legions line, while the previous cat, Chestnut, will now focus only on Mythic Legions. We could feel that Chestnut was a bit overworked in the last few months , having to name dozens of characters for all our lines, and decided that hiring a second cat would lessen the workload for the previous employee. Welcome to the team, Cosmic!" More news at 11:00... dùmdzm;djk!_ (Exclusive new name reveal?) *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  7. A silent sequential with 4HM/Mythic Legions newly released Monkey King from their Figura Obscura collection.
  8. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at some of the figures from the Mythic Legions All Stars 5+ wave from Four Horsemen Studios. The 6th All Stars wave is being announced this week, so I figures it was time to have a look at those. The All Stars 5+ wave had 9 figures, a horse and a head pack (for the first time!). I picked 4 figures (Azhar, Duban, Swigg and the Xylernian Guard) and the head pack. First, the yellow demon sorcerer Azhar. Azhar is a great figure, with amazing paint apps. The bright yellow really looks great on a shelf, with the green highlights on the loin cloth. He comes with a spear, a sword and a dagger. I like that he has hooves, also. There has been a few figures that I could have sworn came with hooves, but didn't (The Unknown One for example). This figure first came out in the Mythic Legions 1.0 wave. Swigg is a goblin alchemist, who comes with 2 extra sets of hands, a staff, a dagger in a sheath, and a bone-handled sword. He has wired soft goods for his loin cloth, which is great. I really like his color scheme, and if you are going to put purple and green colors together, I am going to buy it. His facial expression is really mischievous. Swigg was only part of All Stars 5+. Duban, the human ranger, comes with a lot of stuff: 4 extra sets of hands, a glorious wired soft goods cape, a crossbow, a sword and sheath, a dagger and an hawk, Vedrfolnir (bless you!). Like a lot of people, I had some sort of Mandela effect where I was sure that he had more blue than grey, but it turns out he's not at all. Kinda like the white and gold/ blue and black dress from years ago. He still looks great, though! The cape is a pleasure to handle. He has presence in any post you put him in, and the hawk is just icing on the cake. He would probably have looked great on the horse from that same wave. Duban is also only part of All Stars 5+. The Xylernian Guard, who looks like an Elf to me, is also a fantastic figure. He comes with an extra head (either green skin or human skin), 2 face plates, a long elven bow, a quiver and arrows, a long elf sword, and a beautiful shield with Xylona's Flock emblem (a deer head). He also has a wired soft goods loin cloth. That shield is amazing. I'm not sure about the practicality in a battle, if it would really be useful to have a gigantic deer head on your shield, but it sure looks good. This guard is also unique to All Stars 5+. The Mythic Legions first head pack includes 6 heads: a screaming vampire head, a human female with red hair, a red demon head, a dwarf head, a bog goblin that comes with a helmet and a different tongue attachment, and a Jagualian that comes with a shoulder piece and a tail to turn your figure into a feline warrior. A nice variety, I don't have a lot of use for it now, but decided to pick it up a/ for the novelty and b/ maybe, for future figure 'pop and swaps'. More news at 11:00... let's see what All Stars 6 has to offer!
  9. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at 2 Figura Obscura figures, the Krampus figure from last year, and the Father Christmas figure from this year, from the Four Horsemen Studios. Both figures were revealed and released a bit before Christmas 2021 and 2022. The Figura Obscura line is a new line of figures that features characters from myths, legends and folk tales, giving them that nice Four Horsemen Studios spin. The review of the Figura Obscura Headless Horseman, which came out for Halloween can be found here. First, the Figura Obscura Krampus, from Christmas 2021, is a gorgeous figure. The box art is great, it comes with a magnetic sleeve that can be used as a background. Krampus comes with 2 extra hands, his tail, a bundle of sticks, a barrel bag (with surprise items inside!), a rope to hold the bag, a pair of chained handcuffs and bells. The Krampus figure itself looks amazing, with hooves, a very demonic head sculpt with his tongue out (a second headsculpt with closed mouth would have been cool, though). The figure is pitch black with a few highlights. A second version of it, entirely red, was announced later and is still available at BigBadToyStore. When the Four Horsemen Studios teased that there would be a Figura Obscura 'drop' during the holiday season, lots of folks expected some sort of warrior/viking version of Santa Claus. In the end, Father Christmas was announced, using a more classic look for Old Saint Nick. The figure also has a beautiful box with amazing art and a background/sleeve. Father Christmas comes with soft goods (robe, hood and ... under-robe?), along with a ton of accessories: a second head sculpt (shorter beard and slightly rounder features), 2 crowns of holly leaves (had to google that), a soft goods hood, a large wooden staff that can hold the lantern, a bag full of toys (which are not removable), a doll, a small drum, a trumpet (TOYFARCE APPROVED!), and his very own Christmas tree! (I had grabbed a few in anticipation, and he turned out to have his own!). When you undress him, you can see that Father Christmas has really hit the gym and done his cardio, as his body is not at all the round jolly Santa Claus type under the robe! I'm really loving that line, and can't wait to see what's next. Cupid for Valentine's Day? Easter Bunny?? More news at 11:00... Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
  10. A bit over a week ago, the Four Horsemen Studios surprised us with a new release from their Figura Obscura line, which involves characters from legends, myths and folk tales. The character in question ended up being none other than Father Christmas, the one and only Santa Claus himself... As is tradition with the Figura Obscura line, there were 2 'windows' during which the figure could be ordered, but surprisingly, Father Christmas is still available and in stock to this day. While one could think that there was just a lot more figures produced this time, in anticipation of selling out quickly, it turns out the issue lies much deeper... and is about believing or not in Santa Claus! "We are completely fine with creatures, skeleton knights, orcs, trolls, even Krampus or the Headless Horsemen, but we find this last figure a bit too hard to believe in" said a long-time collector of the line. "A demon like Arethyr riding a horse on fire? That's fine. A dead queen with a vampire army? Easy to believe! But an old jolly man riding a sleigh in the sky and bringing presents to everybody all around the world in one night? Give me a break... It's too much! I cannot believe in this." You can still get your Figura Obscura figure here, before it's gone! More news at 11:00... Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  11. It's Wednesday and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at some figures from the Mythic Legions: Illythia wave by the Four Horsemen Studios. I'm fairly new to Mythic Legions, and only got into it after a friend more or less pushed me to get some figures from the Arethyr wave (thanks Ryan!), and long story short, I have dozens on pre-order since... Yes, I am weak. Especially for great figures! And that new Illythia wave did not disappoint! First, Vallak, the 'tracker of the White Spine', which was the one that caught my attention the most from that wave. Something about the purple cape and hood, the falcon and his general appearance caught my eye, and I wanted it right away. A great figure, Vallak comes with a soft goods cape, his falcon Cinder, a sword and sheath, a beautiful black bow and a quiver that can be attached to his belt. The falcon doesn't have much articulations, but can be attached easily on Vallak's arm by removing his hand and sliding the gauntlet piece on which the falcon stands. That figure has a great presence, and I'm really fond of it. Decebalus, the 'Vogyrr' (or vampire ogre) is huge! Using the ogre body, he towers over the other figures. Decebalus comes with an extra set of hands, a big mace and a big axe. He has soft goods hanging from his waist belt, 3 wired leather straps hanging from the buckle on the front and a big wired leather piece hanging on the back, with fake fur on top of it (see pics for clearer info). He's also very, very white, to the point that I was afraid of leaving marks on it and kept washing my hands while handling the figure. His headsculpt is perfectly vampire-y. The Vampire Goddess, Illythia, is one of the Four Horsemen, or 'Dark Gods' from that line (with Arethyr being the first, representing War, so Illythia, as a Vampire, would be Famine, for the 'eternal famine which curses her vampiric children'). She is a gorgeous figure and comes with a ton of accessories, and she can carry all of it! (No need to store stuff, yes!). Illythia comes with 4 extra arms that can be attached on her back, the piece to attach the arms on her back, 2 scales, 2 twin-bladed swords and her weapon, the Soul Spiller. The details on that figure are amazing, especially her head piece which looks like H.R. Giger designed it, complete with a skeleton holding scales at the top. She has a soft goods skirt which is wired, along with an extra piece of wired fabric (which I haven't been able to figure out where to put, so it's just wrapped around her waist). I basically took inspiration from the promo pics and put the scales on the lower arms on her back, the swords on the top ones, which leaves her normal arms free to hold her weapon. And what would be a Horsemen without a horse? Phobus is Illythia's trusted steed, and looks amazing as well. A dark black horse with purple highlights, skeleton features on his head, and pairs beautifully with the Vampire Goddess. It's not secret that the Mythic Legions horses are some of the best horses, but if you start to add gloomy, dark details on them, I can only say "Yes, please!". I also have the Figura Obscura Headless Horsemen on the way, which would have been great to review on Halloween, but the International post system being what it is today, it will have to be for later. Maybe a Halloween for Christmas review? More news at 11:00... For the Legion!
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