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  1. Here is my review on the Kondor (unshackled) & Llambro action figures from Hasbro's Fortnite Victory Royale Series. Here are the Amazon links for the 2 action figures: Kondor (Unshackled) Llambro https://youtu.be/W5WbADkOHS0 Check out the images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  2. Here's my YouTube review of the highly anticipated, Hasbro Pulse exclusive, Fortnite x G.I. Joe Collab Snake Eyes Zero Point Edition. https://youtu.be/sGS1VA8wkiA
  3. Snake Eyes is a total mystery, but when it comes to G.I. Joe operations, he’s the best there is. Now the mysterious ninja-commando drops off the Battle Bus and joins the Battle Royale in a Fortnite x G.I. Joe mash-up! This special release Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition figure is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation and comes with iconic weapon accessories inspired by those used by the classic character and seen in the Fortnite Universe. Perfect for G.I. Joe and Fortnite collectors alike, this figure features premium deco and detail inspired by the worlds of G.I. Joe and Fortnite. Includes: Snake Eyes figure, 1 alt hand, and 10 weapon accessories -Special release Fortnite G.I. Joe Collab Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition figure -Premium collectible made with the same quality fans have come to expect from G.I. Joe Classified Series -Highly detailed deco inspired by the character’s in-game appearance -This is the first time a Snake Eyes figure has been released with the iconic G.I. Joe logo on the shoulders -Highly posable 6-inch figure with over 20 points of articulation -Detailed Fortnite-inspired weapon accessories, including Harpoon Launcher, Boogie Bomb, Grenade, Clinger, Chiller Grenade, as well as the Submachine weapon and Mythic Shockwave Launcher accessories featuring the Weathered Black Wrap deco as seen in-game -Includes signature katana, Morning Light, and sheath accessories inspired by the G.I. Joe universe -Attach katana and sheath accessories to pose out the figure wearing his Back Bling and holding his Harvesting Tool as seen in-game -Comes with Boogie Bomb bandolier accessory that attaches around the figure’s chest and a swappable alt hand holding a ninja throwing star The cost is $39.99 and the figure will ship on January 15, 2022. You can pre-order it now on HasbroPulse.
  4. As we told you previously, Hasbro will be taking over and doing 6" and above figures based on the Fortnite video game. Today kicking things off on HasbroPulse is the first figure they are doing which is the Fortnite The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure. The cost is $39.99. It's up for pre-order now on HasbroPulse for premium members and will be available to all at 12pm noon ET. Starting in 2022 Jazwares will continue to do 4" Fortnite figures while Hasbro does 6" and above. See details and images below for this first new 6" Fortnite figure from Hasbro. The fourth member of The Seven has appeared. The Foundation and Agent Jones sealed the Zero Point in a tower of stone during the Zero Crisis Finale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Now, The Foundation is joining the Victory Royale Series! Inspired by the character recently revealed in Fortnite, this special release figure is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation and comes with the Foundational ‘Brella Glider and cape Back Bling as seen in the Fortnite universe. Perfect for Fortnite collectors, this The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure features premium deco and detail inspired by the world of Fortnite. Includes: The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure, Back Bling, and Glider -Special release Fortnite Victory Royale Series The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure -The first of The Seven to be released from Hasbro as part of the Victory Royale Series line -Premium collectible figure depicting the fourth member of The Seven -Detailed deco inspired by the character’s in-game appearance -Highly posable 6-inch figure with over 20 points of articulation -Comes with detailed Fortnite-inspired Foundational ‘Brella Glider -Includes cape Back Bling that attaches to the figure’s shoulder -Features special package design, exclusive to The Seven figures The figure will ship around 4/1/2022.
  5. Here is my second review of Wave 2 Check out my full Fortnite Victory Royale Series CHILL REVIEW Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLegahrCDClEuBODPUtr0QGjzy-1jeps2d
  6. New Hasbro line has some great figs. I know nothing about Fortnite, but these figures are beautifully designed.
  7. Here's everything I just got from BBTS. That's MOTU Origins Deluxe Ram Man, McFarlane Fortnite Plastic Patroller, Studio Series 86 Leader Grimlock and Wheelie, Plunderlings Fawn Flute, and Marvel Select Rampaging Hulk. I was pretty exited for this one since this is the first Grimlock figure I've ever owned and it's amazing. My only issue is I wish the budget that went into Wheelie was used elsewhere and that he got his own release as a core class figure similar to Rattrap. Also I always have room for another Hulk, but this one immediately became my favorite. Nothing really to say about Ram Man, but it looks like Plastic Patroller and Flute will be the last of those lines I get for awhile since it doesn't look like McFarlane will be able to make any more Fortnite figures and I've already bought all the Plunderlings I could before they sold out.
  8. JTPrime sends us word of new Fortnite figure listings for Hasbro which he discovered from an online distributor We assumes these will be 6" items. These will be general release figures. The listings are as follows: Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal series Assortment Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal Rippley solid pack Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal Midas Rex solid pack Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal Lynx Solid pack Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal Chaos Agent solid pack Hasbro Fortnite deluxe collection 2 pack Skye meowscles Hasbro Fortnite Shark accessory pack Hasbro Fornite The Choppa Hasbro Fortnite arcade machine accessory PDQ of 8 Of course until Hasbro officially confirms these we will treat them as rumor.
  9. Hasbro today posted this random image saying Fortnite Victory Royale Series coming on 3/26/21. We know Hasbro recently announced that they had expanded their license with Epic Games to do 6" and up figures, but they also do other Fortnite based products for things like Nerf and Monopoly. We don't know if this is something teasing action figures or something else. I guess we will find out in 10 days.
  10. Here is a battle you might not have ever seen coming. It looks like Hasbro's G.I. Joe Snake-Eyes is going to be taking on DC Comics' Batman in issue #3 of an upcoming DC Comics Fortnite/Batman limited comic book series titled Zeropoint. The series is being written by Christopher Cage with concept and story consultation from Donald Mustard who is the CCO of Epic Games who makes the Fortnite video game. He also drew the premium variant covers. Other artists said to be contributing this miniseries are Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, Nelson DeCastro, and John Kalisz. The issue with Snake-Eyes vs Batman will be released on May 18. The new comes via BleedingCool and here is a breakdown for each issues. Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1 FOC: March 14 On Sale: April 20 A crack splits the sky above Gotham City…a tear in reality itself. This rift pulls the Dark Knight into a bizarre and unfamiliar world, with no memory of who he is or where he came from…Batman has been drawn into Fortnite! As our hero fights to recall his past and escape an endless loop of chaos and struggle, he'll come face-to-face with the likes of Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier, and more. While the world's greatest detective strives to make sense of this strange new world, he'll uncover the shocking truth about the Island, what lies beyond the Loop, and how everything is connected to the mysterious Zero Point. Uncover secrets never before revealed in-game or anywhere else! Every fan of Batman, Fortnite, stunning art, and edge-of-your-seat excitement won't want to miss the Caped Crusader facing off against Fortnite champions on the Island in a desperate attempt to save not only himself, but other familiar faces from the DCU…and perhaps the Multiverse itself! Hasbro is already releasing a 6" Snake-Eyes figure based on his appearance in the Fortnite video game, and it was recently announced that Hasbro would be doing 6" and up Fornite figures staring in 2022.on May 18.
  11. Shown below is a mock up for the upcoming 6” Fortnite Midas (Shadow) figure from Jazwares which is now listed on the Amazon.com website.
  12. Shown below is a look at the upcoming Fortnite Legendary Series 6" Oversized KIT figure from Jazwares that transforms. Its currently listing on Amazon but not yet available for purchase.
  13. Shown below are official images for the upcoming 6" Fortnite Legendary Agent Peely and Frozen Raven figures from Jazwares.
  14. A slew of new Jazwares 6" Fortnite Legendary Figures have been reported as being found at Target stores this weekend. Look for new figures such as 8-Ball, Meowscles, Skulltrooper, The Scientist And The Brat. We have also seen some reports that suggest the figures will now cost you $30 as opposed to the previous $20. Not sure if this is an across the board price hike or what. Images of the Skulltrooper, The Brat and 8-Ball via shesfantasticmadeofplastic.
  15. McFarlane Toys has released a new image for their upcoming 7" Fortnite Plastic Patroller which they say will be going up for pre-order soon.
  16. Shown below are images for the Fortnite Lavawing Deluxe Glider Pack and Big Mouth Premium figure from McFarlane Toys. Both figures are available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Big Mouth will include Council of Frogs Back Bling, Boom Bow, Vision harvesting tool and stand. The Lavawing measures 21 x 15 x 14 inches and includes jump pad and flight stand.
  17. Shown below is a look at Fortnite Legendary Series 6" P-1000 And Doggo figures from Jazwares.
  18. The Fortnite Nendoroid series continues with Beef Boss! Beef Boss is ready to serve some Ls with the included Patty Whacker pickaxe and Drum Gun. Be sure to add Beef Boss to your collection, along with the other Nendoroids in the Fortnite series! You can pre-order this from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com
  19. We had a lot of new stuff thrown at us during the New York Toy Fair this past weekend, but I think the company that impressed me the most was Jazwares. Now Jazwares is not new to the action figure ball game with lines like Mortal Kombat in the past, but I think they have really stepped up their game in the last several years. It started with their new line of Fortnite figures which they launched in 3.75” and 6.5” scale. That they did both scales is something becoming less and less common in today’s action figure world, but more impressive than the dual scales is that they executed both very well. They managed to give us detailed and articulated figures with a fair amount of accessories, all at an affordable price. In the larger 6.5” scale, that is not terribly uncommon. But in the smaller 3.75” scale, more and more we are told that just isn’t possible. On top of all that, the Jazwares Fortnite stuff is something I have found to be easily obtainable at various major retailers. Imagine that, being able to go into a store with a reasonable expectation of finding what you are looking for. Now in all honesty, Fortnite is a property that I personally have little interest in, something I think might be true with many adult action figure collectors. After all, the line is based on a video game property that is hugely popular with young kids more than adults. Even though the line itself seems to have been well done in multiple scales and released in large numbers at affordable prices, it may not have really entered the radar of those who collect action figures. This year, that might change. Jazwares is expanding their action figure portfolio with several new properties, all of which should register more with adults. The first line includes figures from the new AEW wrestling league (which airs on TNT), the new competitor to WWE. Now for me personally, I don’t watch much wrestling anymore and have yet to watch a single episode of AEW. So I have no personal attachment to this line, however I was blown away with the detail when I saw their new figures in person. The likenesses were uncanny, and the designs and articulation looked really good. Wrestling figures can sometimes be difficult to make look good, because the characters don’t generally wear a lot of clothing to hide things like joints. I think Jazwares knocked these out of the ball park, so much so that I am actually tempted to go start watching AEW wrestling for the first time. They are also doing an incredibly huge wrestling ring for these guys to fight in, bigger than any ring of this type I have seen done before. If you are a wrestling fan, this is a line I think you will want to pay close attention to. Next up is UFC. Similar to the AEW stuff, these figures, while still in early prototype phase, looked pretty good as well. I can’t wait until everyone gets to see these. Finally comes Halo, another video game based line. Unlike Fortnite, this is a game series more appealing to adults. Like with Fortnite, Jazwares will be doing figures in both 3.75” and 6.5” scales. Also like with the Fortnite, the figures in both scales seem to be well made with a fair amount of articulation and will include decent accessories. We are even getting vehicles right out the gate with the 3.75” stuff, a cool looking Halo buggy that is decently sized and only costs $30. Makes you wonder why other companies are releasing similar sized stuff at twice that cost??? Besides vehicles, the 3.75” figures are said to be in actual scale with one another so that they aren’t all the same size and they will come with connecting figure diorama type stands to help re-create scenes from the game. Now since none of these newer figures have yet to be released, I can’t speak on availability. But my guess is they will be as widely available as the Fortnite stuff. All-in-all I think it’s safe to say Jazwares is really firing on all cylinders right now. While they still might not be working with many of the super popular properties that are out there, I think everyone should take notice of what they are doing and how they seem to be accomplishing things that other companies say just isn’t possible anymore in today’s turbulent retail environment. Check out more images for upcoming Jazwares products that were shown off during Toy Fair last weekend in the GALLERY below. IMG_7824.MOV IMG_7825.MOV IMG_7826.MOV IMG_7827.MOV IMG_7828.MOV
  20. Shown below are new Fortnite Legendary Series 6" figures being released later this month by Jazwares which you can pre-order now on Amazon.com. While I am not terribly interested in the Fortnite game itself, I do like some of the character designs we see from it including Beef Boss and Galaxy with it's translucent plastic. Shown below in our GALLERY are the following figures: Fortnite Legendary Figure Pack Beef Boss Beef Boss is equipped with the Patty Whacker harvesting tool, Deep Fried back bling, Tactical Shotgun, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite weapons, and Cake Slice consumable. Fortnite Legendary Figure Pack Galaxy Galaxy is equipped with the Stellar Axe harvesting tool, Galactic Disc back bling, Drum Gun, Hand Cannon, and Dynamite weapons. Fortnite Legendary Figure Pack Molten Battle Hound Molten Battle Hound is equipped with the Silver Fang harvesting tool, Molten Crested Cape back bling, Tactical Assault Rifle, Tactical Submachine Gun, and Revolver weapons, as well as Med Kit and Hop Rock consumables. Fortnite Legendary Series Figure Pack Ruin Ruin is equipped with the Dread harvesting tool, Dying Light back bling, Compact SMG, Legendary Infantry Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and Dynamite weapons. Fortnite Legendary Series Figure Pack Sentinel Sentinel is equipped with the Airfoil harvesting tool, Hot Wing back bling, Combat Shotgun, Vaulted Submachine Gun, and Storm Flip weapons, and Small Shield consumable.
  21. Full disclosure, I have never played FORTNITE. But I really like the character PEELY so much, I made my own action figure of him. Still using the same ZIP TIE joint system (ZIPJOINT). I would still buy the Mcfarlane figure if I ever find one. But it is so damn hard to find where I live. Any I really wish the game would integrate the GIJOE universe by the way. Here is the assembly video:
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