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  1. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, ToyFarce proudly presents the DC Multiverse Batman and Robin wave with Mr. Freeze build-a-fi... Collect-to-Build figure! This is a special one for ToyFarce, a review over 3 years in the making after 'leaking' that wave in 2021, everybody laughed, and look at us now... ToyFarce wished that wave into existence, and we couldn't be happier with the result! In January 2021, McFarlane was barely a year into the DC Multiverse line, and after seeing a few posts about 'leaks' of upcoming figures, we decided to post the most absurd list of 'leaked upcoming figures', which consisted of figures from Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, everyone's 2 favorite Batman movies. The reception was pretty great, with lots of collectors commenting that it was either totally fake, very wrong of them to do that, or that they would still buy them. Over the last 3 years, the article kept popping up every now and then on the internet, with collectors asking "Hey, is this still happening? When?". Fast forward to San Diego Comic Con 2023, when McFarlane Toys actually announced that wave. And now, they're here! There has been a few instances of ToyFarce articles ending up happening, but this is my favorite one! Batman, as portrayed by George Clooney, is a stunning figure. It's a darker version of the ones from the Batman Ultimate Movie Collection 6-pack, which already looked great. Batman comes with a couple of small ice freeze effects and the legs of Mr. Freeze. Sadly, no Bat credit card accessory! Robin, played by Chris O'Donnell, also looks great. He comes with 2 bigger ice freeze effects and the arms of Mr. Freeze. The likeness is pretty good, compared to the early DC Multiverse live action figures. Batgirl, portrayed by Alicia Silverstone, looks pretty good as well (perhaps better than the one in the movie?). She comes with Mr. Freeze's head, shoulder pads and freeze gun, with freezing effect! Poison Ivy, played by Uma Thurman, is the sleeper hit of that wave, I feel. The likeness is actually pretty good! She comes with Mr. Freeze's "trunk". There has been no words about if we can expect more, but there are definitely a few more characters or suits from that movie that would make great figures: the Ice Suits for Batman, Robin and Batgirl, Bane, a few other outfits for Poison Ivy (especially the Gorilla suit!). Looking forward to see those as Gold Label! More news at 11:00... Still crossing fingers for that Batman Forever wave we leaked as well!
  2. New McFarlane Toys gimmick alert! Yesterday, Todd McFarlane revealed the very cool upcoming McFarlane Toys Gamestop Exclusive DC Multiverse Batman Rebirth (Frostbite) Gold Label action figure (that's a mouthful...of ice!), a translucent blue Batman figure. ToyFarce got the exclusive scoop that this will not be the only figure with that gimmick, as there are plans to develop refreshing, tasty treats for next summer: the Bat-popsicles! An insider source revealed to us that this McFarlane Toys Gamestop Exclusive DC Multiverse Batman Rebirth (Frostbite) Gold Label (or MFTGEDCMBRFGL, if you will) is just a small taste of what's to come. There are plans to re-use the molds to make "super sexy Batman ice creams, Bat-popsicles, pow!", in Todd McFarlane's own words. The flavors should be Bat blue raspberry, Harley Quinn strawberry, Joker berry punch, Batgirl lemon, Riddler mint, Clayface cola and orange. These should be available in Q3 2024. Be careful not to get your tongue stuck! Alright, everyone... Chill! Which flavor are you looking forward the most? More news at 11:00... Mr Freeze would be so proud! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  3. More listings of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figures have been found online, after a pet store in Malaysia (it's always an overseas retailer, isn't it?) posted them on their website! After the success of the Batman and Robin wave, McFarlane Toys seems to have decided to continue with action figures from classic, fan-favorite movies! The Malaysian store, which specializes in tropical fish, reptiles and small animals posted the following listings on their website: DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – GREEN LANTERN (2011 MOVIE) HAL JORDAN DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – GREEN LANTERN (2011 MOVIE) SINESTRO DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – GREEN LANTERN (2011 MOVIE) KILOWOG DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – STEEL (1997 MOVIE) STEEL DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – CATWOMAN (2004 MOVIE) CATWOMAN DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – GREEN LANTERN (2011 MOVIE) HAL JORDAN UNMASKED (GOLD LABEL) DC MULTIVERSE 7IN – STEEL (1997 MOVIE) STEEL UNMASKED (GOLD LABEL) DC MULTIVERSE 7IN - CATWOMAN (2004 MOVIE) PATIENCE PHILLIPS (BASKETBALL SCENE)(GOLD LABEL) You read that right! Our prayers have finally been answered! We will get a DC Multiverse wave of action figures from the Green Lantern movie! Confirmed so far are Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds), Sinestro (Mark Strong) and Kilowog (voiced by the late Michael Clark Duncan). There's also an unmasked Hal Jordan "Gold Label" figure. Crossing fingers for Tomar Re and a Gold Label version of Sinestro, with his Sinestro Corps suit (from the most frustrating tease of all time)! Additionally, we will get long-awaited figures from the glorious 1997 superhero movie Steel with Shaquille O'Neal, and from the 2004 movie Catwoman with Halle Berry. Fans have been waiting for a loooong time to finally get 7" figures of those, which will also include Gold Label versions, with an unmasked Steel, and a figure of Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) from that classic basketball scene in Catwoman. 3 years ago, ToyFarce reported leaks of a Batman and Robin wave, people laughed, and look where we are now... Can't blame a person for trying! (Review of that Batman and Robin wave coming soon!) More news at 11:00... Hey, it worked the first time around... *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  4. "I don't know who any of those characters are, but they sure aren't worth $39.99!" said John, a collector from Michigan, while preparing the clickbait thumbnail for his 4th video on the subject. In case you missed it, McFarlane Toys announced an online store exclusive wave this week... "I haven't done any research myself, but a guy on Facebook told me about the situation." continued John. "So there's this new DC Multiverse wave based on Crisis on Infinite Earth, which is completely irrelevant today (apart from the DC Animated movie in 2 parts, of which part 1 came out this week on digital). The figures are exclusive to the McFarlane Toys online store, and they are $39.99 each! They said it's a smaller batch so it costs a bit more to produce, but still... Sure, you can also buy the whole set and it's cheaper per figure, since there's 5 figures if you count the Build-a-figure, but it works against my narrative, so you shouldn't count it: It's only 4 figures, the 5th one comes for free." "The figures are all unimportant characters, that nobody wants: -Another Superman, this one looks old (Earth 2 Superman, pretty important in the story). -Kid Flash? I didn't even know Flash had a kid! And for a kid, he's pretty big (Wally West, or Kid Flash, took on the role of Flash at the end of the story, bigger build doesn't seem too farfetched). -Psycho Pirate? A pirate that is psycho, looks unimportant (close enough?) -The Spectre doesn't seem important either (nooo, not at all.../s) -The Build-a-figure is some unimportant character called Monitor, probably a computer guy with multiple screens (I give up.) More news at 11:00... "Also, Exclusive figures never have a higher price! (apart from store exclusives, convention exclusives, ...) *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  5. SHOCKING REVELATION! During a recent interview with Spawn, we asked what led to the return of a Spawn line of action figures in 2021, and it turns out it was... jealousy? Spawn action figures had been a staple of McFarlane Toys since the very beginning, so when they got the DC Comics license and started to produce more Batman figures than Spawn, something had to be done! During a recent interview with Spawn, we talked about the 90's, when Spawn was one of the biggest things in the world of comic books, selling millions of issues, but also in action figures and collectibles, with the launch of McFarlane Toys (which was called 'Todd Toys' at the time). "I have very fond memories of that period. People knew I was the G.O.A.T. Comics, animated series, a movie, action figures... You couldn't go to any comic book store without seeing Spawn." From 1994 to 2008, over 34 waves of Spawn action figures were produced. It would then take years before we would see another Spawn action figures... "Those were dark times, to say the least. Some say I, Spawn, had saturated the market, and it was just a good business decision to lay low for a while. There had been too many Spawn figures..." Enter DC Comics: In late 2019, McFarlane Toys announced that they acquired the DC Comics license and would produce action figures of acclaimed DC superheroes, starting in 2020. "That's where it started to bug me... In January 2020, McFarlane Toys announced the first wave of DC Multiverse figures. In that first wave, there were already 3 Batman figures (4 if you count the Batman who Laughs!). Then another wave was announced, with another Batman. Then another..." In March 2020, the first Spawn figure in years was announced as part of the Mortal Kombat 11 line. "I had to come back, but I had to be smart about it. I had to test the waters first... but after 3 different releases of that same figure, with different weapons, we knew it was time". McFarlane Toys would then announce a return to Spawn, with a Kickstarter campaign of the very first Original Spawn figure REMASTERED... followed later by a new line of Spawn action figures. "You see, Todd was making too many Batman figures... and I took that personally". Even though there are still tons of Batman figures being produced, there are now tons of Spawn figures being produced as well. Since the first figure, we have had several different flavors of the Mortal Kombat Spawn, a Gunslinger Spawn, a Mandarin Spawn, a Ninja Spawn, a Spawn with a throne, a Nightmare Spawn, an Omega Spawn,... and soon a King Spawn! "We even buried the hatchet with Batman and a comic book and an action figure 2-pack came out! Everything is as it should be." More news at 11:00... The Last Spawn. *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  6. Todd McFarlane has released a new video as part of the WonderCon at home event going on this weekend. In the video talks about various things including toys, comics and his Spawn movie. Most of the things he talks about in the video are things we've heard him say before, but I just wanted to recap a few things that stood out to me. First he confirms that the next Kickstarter that will launch later this year will be for a new Medieval Spawn figure. Last October Todd had mentioned he was thinking about Medieval Spawn for the Kickstarter treatment, but no its 100% confirmed as happening. More details should be coming soon. He says it will be run even better than the first Kickstarter . He also suggested they might do more than one Kickstarter this year. He also talks about doing more Spawn figures at general retail. Nothing really specific. At one point while he is talking about Spawn figures, they show up an image of a Violator figure being painted which you can see a screen cap for below. We've also seen him previously tease other Spawn figures like Cowboy Spawn and Redeemer Spawn Todd also mentioned his company is going to soon be announcing 7 new licenses for action figures they will be doing. I suppose some of these will include things like the Disney Mirrorverse figures we've previously reported on. He mentions it will be things based on TV shows and movies. He mentions how he is going to be doing more artist proof (unpainted) figures for as many of his lines as possible. The artist proof figures is something they had been doing with their Warhammer figures, and it looks like we could start to see similar figures in other lines like DC Multiverse. In the video he mentions they are working on a new Batmobile and something bigger. It's not clear if this is going to be another Build-A-Batmobile type thing or something that would be in scale with 7" figures. When he was showing hand gestures for size while talking about this in the video, it didn't seem like it would be something in actual 7" scale.
  7. After the huge success and popularity of the DC Multiverse Jokerized 'subline' from McFarlane Toys, we've seen recently that other brands were planning to use Jokerized version of their products. It didn't take long before DC's biggest rival, Marvel, got a wind of it, and decided to come up with their own version of it to fit their Marvel Legends line: Introducing the Marvel Legends: GOBLINIZED series! "DC Multiverse may have the Joker, but we have a crazy purple and green character in Marvel too!" said one of the spokesperson from Hasbro Marvel Legends. "The Green Goblin is also completely insane. That man really tried to ruin Spider-man's life. There's not a lot of villains who would go as far as clone the hero's dead girlfriend and have twins with her! (yes, that really happened)." "With the success of the Jokerized 'subline' from McFarlane Toys, we think that Hasbro can do that too, and maybe even better!" he continued. "We'll first have mainly Spider-man characters Goblinized, but once we've done them all, we can also do Avengers characters, since Normal Osborn also interacted with them during the Dark Reign story arc, right after becoming the hero in Secret Invasion. We can have a green and purple Captain America, a green and purple Iron Man, etc..." No words yet if any playing cards would be included with the figures (or pumpkins?). Maybe cards from a Hasbro game such as Monopoly, Clue or Guess Who? More news at 11:00... but GOBLINIZED! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  8. The Gold Label 'Jokerized' subline from the DC Multiverse collection by McFarlane Toys is definitely one of the collectors' favorite subline these days (right?), and it is possible that we might see more things Jokerized very soon, as various brands of kitchen appliances and other home furnishing products have contacted McFarlane Toys and DC to ask if they could use a similar business model. ToyFarce investigated... "We have seen a huge spike in the sales of Jokerized products recently, and other companies have started to take notice", said a representant of McFarlane Toys. "Of course, McFarlane Toys did not invent 'jokerizing' things, but we have perfected it, as our recent Dark Knight Trilogy figures clearly show. Now, there is a variety of companies that are asking us if it would be possible for them to use our Jokerized designs in order to boost their sales. For example, a huge name in kitchen appliances has approached us to use Jokerized designs on toasters, coffee machines or even fridges." "At first, we wanted to use the 'Carbonized' model, that Hasbro uses for the Star Wars: The Black Series figures, but it wasn't different enough, so we went with Jokerized." said a spokesperson of said kitchen appliances brand. More news at 11:00... but Jokerized! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  9. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse wave of The Flash movie, which hits theaters this week (today, in a lot of countries!), by McFarlane Toys. This wave had 6 figures, and 2 vehicles (Batcycle and Batmobile) from the movie. I skipped on the Batmobile (for now...). First off, the main character, the Flash himself. Barry Allen, as portrayed by Ezra Miller, comes with speed force effects, small ones, along with the usual stand and trading card. The likeness is kinda off, and I'd say the suit is a bit too bright (he looks like he's made of Jolly Ranchers!). McFarlane Toys has since released pictures of an upcoming 'Gold Label' variant which seems to have fixed that. Another Flash figure, since the movie seems to have a number of those. This is a fun one because he seems to have the Batman suit from Batman Returns painted red and yellow, and it's gonna be interesting to see what's up with that in the movie. He comes with speed force effects, but larger, more condensed than the other one. Different powers? So many questions! His head sculpt is very rough, though. Not sure why McFarlane Toys always seems to struggle with head sculpts of movie figures... Supergirl, portrayed by Sasha Calle, is a nice figure. She comes with an extra set of hands, and a flight stand (the McFarlane Toys flight stands are pretty great for display). The likeness is a bit better then the 2 Flash figures. I'm interested to see her story, and have heard that she steals every scene she is in. The Michael Keaton Batman figure is a nice one. It's just so surreal to have Keaton back as Batman! It's been known for some time now, but when he appeared in the trailer? Goosebumps. Really excited to see him in it. He comes with extra hands, a grappling hook and a batarang. The suit looks pretty nice, and has a shine to it. Likeness is on par with the Kenner figure from back in the days, a bit... but hey, soft goods cape! Easier to sit him down in the Batmobile that way! The other Batman is a bit of a question mark. The suit, along with the logo, clearly look like a variant of the Ben Affleck Batman suit, but the likeness is terrible. It looks more like the stuntman... Also, other brands, such as Hot Toys, seem to have trouble doing a Ben Affleck face for that figure too... Could it be that it's not him? Interesting... (it's either that, or Ben Affleck did not agree to likeness rights, and all the figures have to look bad on purpose). The figure comes with an extra set of hands to go with the Batcycle. From what we saw in the trailer, this version seems to be the one riding the Batcycle, which is a very nice bike, with lots of details, especially for around $30. The Dark Flash looks like he'll be the film's villain (thanks for the spoiler, Todd!). The design is kinda weird, but weird is what McFarlane Toys does best. Lots of details and textures on this figure. Not much details about him, but I'll assume he's another Flash, and that he turned dark, hence the name! More news at 11:00... Worlds collide... in a theater near you!
  10. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse Dark Knight Trilogy wave by McFarlane Toys. First announced last year at the New York Comic Con, this was a wave that a lot of people were waiting for, since the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy is still very popular (despite the 3rd movie...). The wave had 4 figures, along with a Build-a-Fi... a Collect-to-Build Bane figure. Batman, as portrayed by Christian Bale, is a solid figure. Yes, another Batman from McFarlane Toys. Who would have thought? I'd say it's the suit from the third movie, but it might be from the second. The Dark Knight comes with 3 batarangs, a grapple launcher and Bane's legs, along with the usual stand and card. The likeness is pretty good, and he can move about as much as Christian Bale did in the movies (which is more than the Hot Toys figures did, for example). Scarecrow is a nice one. There hasn't been that many figures of Scarecrow with that outfit. Played by Cillian Murphy in the movies, he was sadly very underused, in my opinion. The figure comes with an alternate set of hands (trigger fingers, so grab your Munition Packs!), and Bane's arms. It's a nice sculpt, with the lower part of the body showing the normal suit, and the top covered with the burlap sack. The head sculpt looks great, and the only issue is his long, hanging sculpted sleeves, which look a bit weird when his arms are bent. Joker, the clown prince of crime, from his iconic portrayal by Heath Ledger, is a bit of an odd figure. The sculpt is fine, the likeness is so-so, but the paint apps they used are really bright, solid colors, which are not great. The Joker comes with a pile of cash, which is a fun accessory that can be used in a ton of toy photography, along with Bane's head and hands (3 sets of hands). There was a Joker figure from Mattel back in 2008, that looked a bit cartoony (google 'punch packing joker mattel'), and to me, it's like if they took inspiration from that one for the paint. Two-Face, as portrayed by Aaron Eckhart, is quite a standard figure. No accessories, no BS. It reminds me of the DC Essentials line from DC Direct, which had barely the 'essentials' to be called action figures (no accessories or extra hands, nothing). He only comes with Bane's "trunk", and has a coin sculpted and painted on his hand. The likeness is not great, and there was clearly more attention on painting the 'crispy' side than the normal one. The Collect-To-Build figure was born in the darkness, molded by it, and didn't see the light until he was already a man. Bane, as portrayed by Tom Hardy, is a good bonus figure. Good likeness, and moves pretty great. The only issue I have with it is that it reminded me of the movie, and his voice in it. Next week, we'll check out the DC Multiverse figures from the new Flash movie! Don't forget to bring nuts! More news at 11:00... Not the DC Multiverse wave we need, but the one we deserve.
  11. On Wednesday, McFarlane Toys and Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products (WBDGCP) announced the extension of their contract, which will see Todd McFarlane's brand continue to bring us awesome figures, vehicles and statues through 2025. ToyFarce talked to a representant of McFarlane Toys about what we can expect for the next 2 years (yes, they talk to us, we swear!). "We are listening to the fans, and we hear that a lot of people are upset about the amount of different Batman figures that are coming out in the DC Multiverse line." said the McFarlane Toys spokesperson. "So I would like to make this statement: We promise that we will try to make less Batman action figures...NOT! Are you kidding? Those are flying off the shelves! Everybody loves Batman. One of the latest ones is sold out everywhere already (we assume he is talking about the Knightfall Batman). We will definitely make more Batman figures!" ToyFarce heard a rumor that McFarlane Toys is actually contractually obliged to make 3 Batman figures every time they release another character, unless it is a character related to Batman, and in that case, they are to make only 2 extra Batman figures. Honestly, McFarlane Toys could just release only Batman and Spawn figures until the end of time, and we'd still be happy. Actually, there's a Batman and Spawn two-pack coming soon! Yay! More news at 11:00... I am vengeance, I am the night, I am ABUNDANT! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  12. Another week, another McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line reveal! Over the last few days, McFarlane Toys has released pictures teasing the upcoming DC Multiverse The Dark Knight Trilogy wave, releasing pictures of Batman, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. We already know that the Joker is part of that line, and that Bane is most likely the 'Collect-to-build' figure, but what if it was all a trick, and the 'Collect-to-build' figure was actually right in front of our eyes, the whole time? ToyFarce investigated... We worked around the clock to look for clues (what wouldn't ToyFarce do for you?), and we are 60% sure that we have found out who the "Collect-to-build" figure will be... A Rachel Dawes figure! (More like "Collect-to-reassemble", actually!). On the first picture, Batman can be seen over the ruins of the warehouse where Rachel was in the Dark Knight movie. The Two-Face reveal pic is a bit on the nose, since Harvey Dent became Two-Face at that exact moment too. On the Scarecrow reveal picture, we can see barrels... the SAME barrels that exploded to "disassemble" Rachel! If those are not clues, we do not know what is. We hired an expert to see if the pictures had been edited, and it turns out they were, and here are what was on the original pictures: The great part about this "Collect-to-build" figure is that you do not even need to assemble it! You can just display the different limbs on the floor, around the figures, for that realistic movie touch. No information yet if the figure will come with Maggie Gyllenhaal or Katie Holmes headsculpt. More news at 11:00... SAVE RACHEL! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  13. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse Arkham Knight mini-wave from McFarlane Toys. Last week, we checked the Arkham City wave, with the Solomon Grundy "Collect To Build" figure. After that wave came out, McFarlane Toys doubled down by annoucing another Arkham video games-centric wave, with Red Hood, Scarecrow from Arkham Knight, and the Joker (infected version) from Arkham City (which also appeared in Arkham Knight that way). First off, Red Hood, as he appeared in the (forgettable) Red Hood Story pack DLC for Arkham Knight. Red Hood, or Jason Todd, was actually one of the main villains of the Arkham Knight game, the Arkham Knight himself (spoiler!), and turned good again during the game. The DLC was not mindblowing but gave us that cool design with the jacket and the hood over his mask. Red Hood comes with some of the weirdest effects (small explosion, and punch thing effect, maybe?), due to the 'no weapon' rule, BUT... he does come with trigger finger hands, and if you have a McFarlane Toys Munitions packs, you can get the perfect accessories for him (aka 2 guns). Scarecrow, as he appeared in Arkham Knight, is another beautifully sculpted figure. There was a 'Gold label' monochrome version of it that was released earlier, but I'm glad they decided to release a 'normal color' version (as if it was a surprise...). The Scarecrow was voiced by John Noble (LOTR, Fringe,...) in the game, for that extra spooky voice. It was the main villain of the game with the Arkham Knight, and the figure comes with zero accessories... He has needles for hands, I guess he doesn't need any! The infected Joker is what the Joker looked like in Arkham City, after injecting himself with the titan and becoming a huge monster at the end of the first game, Arkham Asylum. This figure is basically a repaint of the Arkham Asylum Joker, released during the first year of DC Multiverse, except he couldn't have a gun, so they gave him... a sword. You know, the one thing he never used in the game. Here are some comparison pics: McFarlane Toys Red Hood and Arkham Knight (spoilers!) McFarlane Toys and DC Collectibles Red Hood McFarlane Toys and DC Collectibles Scarecrow McFarlane Toys Arkham City and Arkham Asylum Joker McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Joker (Sickened) McFarlane Toys has announced a Arkham City Riddler since, and here's hoping for more Arkham goodness! More news at 11:00... This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died.
  14. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the DC Multiverse Arkham City wave from McFarlane Toys, with the Collect-to-Build Solomon Grundy (It's like a Build-a-figure, but with less lawsuits). The Arkham video game series is one of my favorite game franchise, so I needed that wave. Last week, we sadly lost Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the Animated Series and the Arkham video game series. Rest in Peace, Kevin. First off, Batman. Now, THAT is a Arkham City Batman. It is day and (dark) night compared to the Arkham Asylum one that McFarlane Toys released in their first year of DC Multiverse. This figure has the proportions (mostly) right, and a perfect head sculpt. Batman comes with a grappler gun, and Grundy's legs. Easily one of the top 3 DC Multiverse Batman figures for me (and God knows there is a ton of them...). Catwoman is also a nice figure, with a great headsculpt. The rubber 'diaper' is a bit too pronounced on the front, but whoever sculpted the back... really loves his job. A great attention to detail! Selina Kyle (spoilers!) comes with her whip, which could have been a bit more rubbery, as this one is made of solid plastic and does not move, and Grundy's chest. Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin is the one that disappointed me the most in that wave, as he still looks really good, but the big rubber jacket basically turns him into a brick with arms. The details on the jacket are nice, though. The Penguin comes with an umbrella (which one is it?) and Grundy's head and jacket. Ra's Al Ghul, which was an important part of the game, is a bit bulkier than he was in the game (if i remember correctly), and has super saiyan hair. The figure looks pretty decent, with lots of details on his outfit. The leader of the League of Assassins comes with a sword with arabic writing on it, and Grundy's arms, the final part of the Collect-to-build figure. Solomon Grundy, born on a monday... The Collect-to-build figure is very easy to assemble (I have bad memories of the Last Knight on Earth Bane, which hurt my fingers a few times). You can choose to have the jacket on or go topless. The figure looks great, since it's a monster and McFarlane Toys knows how to make them, with lots of nice details and textures, the face looks awesome... BUT... it's a bit small. It's barely taller than the other figures from this line, while Grundy was a gigantic in the game, and could have been a 'Megafigure'. Here are comparison pics: McFarlane Toys Batman from Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Batman McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Catwoman McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City The Penguin McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Ra's Al Ghul McFarlane Toys and DC Direct Arkham City Solomon Grundy (See what I mean when I said he's small? The DC Direct one is HUGE in comparison) More McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Arkham video game figures reviews to come! More news at 11:00... RIP Kevin Conroy
  15. Well, riddle me this! During the weekend, McFarlane Toys teased on social media the upcoming figure of the Arkham City version of the Riddler. But in true Riddler fashion, it may be that we will have to do some side quests in order to be able to acquire that figure: Find 247 Riddler Trophies, just like in the video game! The DC Multiverse line has been focusing on the Arkham video games designs lately, with a wave of 4 Arkham City figures with a 'Collect-To-Build' Solomon Grundy figure (it's like a 'Build-a-figure', but with less lawsuits). Then, that same 'Collect-to-Build' wave but in grey and black, like in the promo pictures of the Arkham City game (Gold Label... shouldn't it be Grey Label?). Also, another 3 figures from Arkham Knight were just released (Scarecrow, Red Hood and Joker), with 2 of them having a Gold Label version as well (the Gold Label versions being monochrome versions of Scarecrow and Red Hood). #NotConfusing To prepare for his official announcement, the Riddler has hidden 247 Riddler Trophies all around your collection, and if you manage to find them all, including that one under the Detolf glass cabinet that is impossible to reach, that you have already tried 14 times and is challenging your sanity, or that one where you need to freeze and break the wall of your bathroom, you will then be able to order the figure. A proof that you found them all will be required at check out. More news at 11:00... I really hope we don't have to do the Batmobile race track challenges too! *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
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