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  1. Earlier this year we were shocked with the sad news that DC Direct/DC Collectibles was being essentially shut down by Warner Bros. in a continued effort to restructure their DC Comics division. In light of that sad news, Asoka the Geek reached out to many folks in the action figure collecting community including myself, and asked if we would help with a video that would pay tribute to the company and all they have done for DC Comics fans. Here is that video Asoka put together:
  2. News broke today that DC Comics was rocketed by major layoffs being made by it's parent company Warner Bros. which includes the likes of editor-in-chief Bob Harris, senior VP of publishing strategy and support services Hank Kanalz, VP of marketing and creative services Jonah Weiland, VP global publishing initiatives and digital strategy Bobbie Chase, senior story editor Brian Cunningham, and executive editor Mark Doyl. Beyond that according to THR, DC Direct/DC Collectibles which has been the in-house merchandise and collectibles manufacturer arm for DC Comics for the past 22 years has been completely shut down. We are very sadden by this news and wish everyone who worked there all the best.
  3. Things get a little Batty for Babs. Here’s your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Cover Girls Frank Cho Batgirl Statue
  4. DC Collectibles, known for its iconic lines of collectibles, statues and action figures, directly from the source, is returning to the name on which it was founded, DC Direct. The move to rename reaffirms DC Direct’s commitment to source DC material and validates the authenticity of being truly “from the source”. “Returning to the name DC Direct just makes sense,” said Jim Fletcher, Creative Director, DC Direct. “The name lets our fans know that we have unparalleled and direct access to DC editorial and the industry’s premier talent, which in turn allows us to create an extensive offering of unique and high-end product lines that are truly authentic to DC.” During New York Toy Fair, DC Direct will display its striking new 2020 action figures and statues in its booth. This year’s lineup will feature an all-new statue line based on the The Joker, a revamped Artist Alley line, and additions to expand its best-selling action figure and statue lines including DC Essentials, Batman Black & White, Harley Quinn Red, White & Black, DC Designer Series, DC Bombshells, and more. With the success of the Batman Black & White and Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statue series lines it is only fitting that The Joker get his own statue line to be based on the iconic images of the Super-Villain from the DC Comics pages. The series will appropriately be named The Joker Clown Prince of Crime. Fans and collectors won’t want to miss the inaugural figure in the series based on an iconic comic image of The Joker by Brian Bolland. This piece really emphasizes the drama and the mania that makes The Joker one of the best foes of all time. Following Bolland, will be statues by Jim Lee with a classic comic Joker design that really portrays how creepy the jokester is with oversized features such as hands and feet and Lee Bermejo, perhaps one of the most popular comic illustrators associated with The Joker. Bermejo has designed a statue that will look amazing on any shelf as its displayed in hues of purple and green. The highly collectable DC Artists Alley line will also undergo a revamping, fans will notice more premium format designs and figures. First out of the gate, The Joker by Brandt Peters. Peters uses his design talents to bring The Joker to life by combining his antique, Victorian style for a truly unique take on the villain. Additional artists joining the DC Artists Alley line include, Brittney Lee, a popular artist who used her talent in paper-craft-style art to create a new take on the famous villainess Catwoman, Patrick Ballesteros, who uses childlike nostalgia and imagination, to bring one back to their younger years will provide his take on the Bat Family including Deathstroke and Robin, and Zach Heffelfinger will provide his take on the Dark Knight. As a character designer for Nickelodeon on SpongeBob SquarePants, Heffelfinger brings about a sense of nostalgia with his stylistic art. Additional statues and figures debuting at the show include Deadshot, the last character in the Batman Rogues Gallery Multi-Part Statue; A DC Bombshells: Poison Ivy Holiday Variant; new Batman Black & White and Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statues and DC Essentials and Batman The Adventures Continue action figures. For the complete list of DC Direct’s items to be on display at New York Toy Fair, see below: The Joker Clown Prince of Crime Statue Line: The Joker by Brian Bolland (NY Toy Fair reveal) The Joker by Jim Lee (NY Toy Fair reveal) The Joker by Lee Bermejo (NY Toy Fair reveal) DC Artists Alley Designer Vinyl Figures The Joker by Brandt Peters (NY Toy Fair reveal) Catwoman by Brittney Lee (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman by Zach Heffelfinger (NY Toy Fair reveal) Bat-Family by Patrick Ballesteros (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman Rogues Gallery Multi-Part Statue: Catwoman The Penguin The Joker Harley Quinn Mr. Freeze Deadshot (NY Toy Fair reveal) DC Cover Girls Statue Line: Batgirl by Frank Cho Statue Supergirl by Frank Cho Statue Harley Quinn by Frank Cho Statue Poison Ivy by Frank Cho Statue Batman Black & White Statue Line: Batman by Todd McFarlane Statue Armored Batman by Frank Miller Statue Batman by Jim Lee Statue Batmonster by Greg Capullo Statue Batman by Brian Bolland Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman by Freddie E. Williams III Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal) DC Essentials Action Figures: · Batman Rebirth Version 2 Action Figure · The Flash Speedforce Action Figure · New 52 Nightwing Action Figure · Superman The Return of Superman Action Figure · DCeased Batman Action Figure · DCeased The Joker Action Figure · DCeased Aquaman Action Figure · DCeased Green Lantern Action Figure · DCeased Harley Quinn Action Figure · DCeased Superman Action Figure · DCeased The Flash Action Figure · DCeased Supergirl Action Figure · Justice League Action Figure 6-Pack (NY Toy Fair reveal) DC Designer Series Statue Line: Metal Batman by Greg Capullo Mini Statue Nightwing by Jim Lee Mini Statue Batman by Mike Mignola Mini Statue Batman by Alex Ross Deluxe Statue Supergirl by Michael Turner Mini Statue The Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo Statue Catwoman by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau Statue Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm Mini Statue DC Gallery: Superman vs. The Flash Racing Statue 2nd Edition Batman vs The Batman Who Laughs Battle Statue DCeased Batman Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman The Adventures Continue Action Figures: Robin The Joker The Batman Who Laughs Batman v.2 Catwoman Vampire Batman Talon (NY Toy Fair reveal) Thomas Wayne Batman (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batgirl (NY Toy Fair reveal) Robin (Tim Drake) (NY Toy Fair reveal) Batman The Animates Series Action Figures: Christmas with The Joker (Metallic Variant) (NY Toy Fair reveal) Harley Quinn Red, White & Black Statue Line: Harley Quinn by Steve Pugh Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner Statue Harley Quinn by Stanley Lau Statue Harley Quinn by J. Scott Campbell Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal) DC Bombshells Statue Line: Harley Quinn Deluxe Version 2 Statue Poison Ivy Holiday Variant (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  5. DC DESIGNER SERIES: CATWOMAN BY STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU STATUE based on artwork by STANLEY "ARTGERM" LAU sculpted by IRENE MATAR Based on one of Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s popular Catwoman variant covers, this beautiful DC Designer Series statue is classic Catwoman all the way. This 1:6 scale statue conveys all that is the character of Catwoman as she is seen with her iconic whip, a stolen jeweled necklace, and her cat companion, Isis. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 7.56" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $155.00 US BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS, CATWOMAN, VAMPIRE BATMAN, AND BATMAN VERSION 2 ACTION FIGURES Inspired by the beloved and Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, this new era of the line features characters never before seen in the series with designs by Ty Templeton in the iconic animated art style. These 1:12 scale action figures include a number of accessories. • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown CATWOMAN - 5.5" tall THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS - 6.75" tall VAMPIRE BATMAN - 6.77" tall BATMAN VERSION 2 - 6.25" tall ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $30.00 US • Each figure sold separately DC ESSENTIALS: at HARLEY QUINN, DCEASED SUPERMAN, DCEASED THE FLASH, AND DCEASED SUPERGIRL ACTION FIGURES Based on the popular DC Comics miniseries from 2019, DCeased, this DC Essentials action figure series takes the most popular characters in the line and turns them into zombielike creatures. DCEASED HARLEY QUINN - 6.44" tall DCEASED SUPERMAN - 6.97" tall DCEASED FLASH - 6.96" tall DCEASED SUPERGIRL - 6.47" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $28.00 US • Each figure sold separately DC COVER GIRLS: POISON IVY BY FRANK CHO STATUE designed by FRANK CHO sculpted by JONATHAN MATTHEWS Beware Poison Ivy’s deadly kiss in this all-new DC Cover Girls statue by Frank Cho. The statue features her iconic costume and winding ivy around her legs and arms, leaving no doubt who this popular and poisonous villain is when she joins your collection. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 9.75" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $140.00 US BATMAN BLACK & WHITE: BATMONSTER BY GREG CAPULLO STATUE based on artwork by GREG CAPULLO sculpted by JEAN ST. JEAN Based on the iconic New 52 Batman #6 cover, the Batmonster comes to life in 3-D form based on the art of Greg Capullo. Inspired by the famous “Court of Owls” story line from DC Comics, this detailed, macabre statue will definitely stand out from the rest in any Batman collection. • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 7.02" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $95.00 US DC DESIGNER SERIES: HARLEY QUINN BY BRUCE TIMM MINI STATUE designed by BRUCE TIMM sculpted by JONATHAN MATTHEWS One of the most popular and bestselling Harley Quinn statue designs returns with this full-color 7-inch statue. This design, based on the art of Bruce Timm, has been so sought after over the years that it has been seen in a 7-inch, a 12-inch, and even a life-size statue! • Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered • Statue measures approximately 7.57" tall • Allocations may occur • Final products may differ from images shown ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 $95.00 US
  6. From the visionary team behind Batman: The Animated Series come all-new stories set in this seminal animated world! Batman: The Adventures Continue, DC’s new, digital-first six-issue mini-series, launching in print on May 6, 2020, is co-written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, both producers of the original animated series, and illustrated by Ty Templeton, who has brought the world of B:TAS to comic books since 1992’s Batman Adventures #1. Inspired by the beloved and Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, these new comics reflect a new era of the long-running DC Collectibles action figure line by featuring newly designed characters never before seen in the beloved animated shows! DC’s Batman: The Adventures Continue characters are all based on art by Ty Templeton in the iconic Bruce Timm animated style. New figures from DC Collectibles launch this spring, and now, together with these new comics, the legendary Batman: The Animated Series continues to reach new audiences! “Fans familiar with the Batman of The New Batman/Superman Adventures will be right up to speed,” says Paul Dini. “Alan and I approached the writing with the idea that we were doing the season you might have seen if we had not put the series aside to do Batman Beyond.” “Tim Drake is still a very young Robin,” added Ty Templeton of the timing of the series. “Batman isn’t middle-aged or anything, and we’re not even close to the events of Batman Beyond.” “What is different, however, is that we’re going back to cover certain gaps in the original series, events that didn’t have a bearing on the series at the time, but now do,” continued Alan Burnett. “In other words, there will be secret histories that will turn Batman’s world upside down. Things that no one knew were out there, until now.” “Perhaps the most intriguing character in the run will be young man whose story threads through most of the issues,” teased Burnett. “He’s a smart, super-elusive loner who knows way too much about the Dark Knight. How this mystery man fits into the world of Batman Adventures and what he means to accomplish should, I hope, be a real jolt for old fans.” In the first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue, collecting two digital-first chapters, Wayne Enterprises in Gotham City is attacked by a giant robot that steals an entire room from the laboratory. Who’s controlling the robot? How will Batman stop the mechanized menace? And what does it all have to do with Lex Luthor’s sudden appearance in Gotham? Batman: The Adventures Continue #1, written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett with art by Ty Templeton and color by Monica Kubina, featuring a cover by Dave Johnson and a variant cover by Dan Mora, hits shelves on May 6, 2020. Digital-First chapters will be released beginning in April 2020. DC Collectibles will be featuring 6" figures from this new series which were first debuted last February during Toy Fair. So far we have seen figures for Knightfall Batman, Red Hood, Batman Who Laughs, Deathstroke, The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman as well as updated figures for Batman, Robin, Joker and Harley Quinn. You can check out images for all of these figures below. Check back later today for the latest DC Collectibles solicitations where a new Vampire Batman and updated Catwoman with unmasked headscupt figures for this line will be revealed.
  7. She's got Criminals right in her sights. Here's your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Covergirls Joelle Jones Huntress Statue!
  8. Just saw the review for the Batman animated series batcycle with Batman figure. Now that looks cool!! Can’t wait to add it to my collection.
  9. GameStop Exclusive Batman vs. TMNT. Raphael & Robin Leonardo & Batman.
  10. The Caped Crusader clashes with the Croc. Here's your look at the Upcoming Release of the DC Collectibles DC Comics Batman Vs Killer Croc Limited Edition Mini Battle Statue!
  11. The SDCC DC Collectibles Mikey As Batman.
  12. Its no Wonder this Amazonian has made it to Artist Alley, Here's your look at the upcoming release of the DC Collectibles DC Artist Alley (Chrissie Zullo) Wonder Woman Statue!
  13. A Feline and a Felony, what a Lethal Combination, Here's your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Cover Girls (Joelle Jones) Catwoman Statue!
  14. I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Here's your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Cover Girls (Joelle Jones) Wonder Woman Statue!
  15. The Cat struts down Artist Alley, Here's your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Artist Alley (Joe Ledbetter) Catwoman Statue!
  16. It appears that Joe Ledbetter has let a Bat into the Belfry, Here's your look at the NEW DC Collectibles DC Artist Alley (Joe Ledbetter) Batman Statue!
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