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  1. Beast Kingdom via Facebook has announced TWO new figures from the 1989 Batman Movie, Batman and Joker! Stay tuned here for more info as it comes!
  2. Entertainment Earth Exclusive! We all know Stitch of Lilo and Stitch fame is a food fanatic, and if we imagined him traveling the world we're confident he would find much to love in Asian cuisine. Hence, Beast Kingdom's 3-inch tall Lilo & Stitch Stitch Series MEA-031SP Asian Cuisine Mini-Figure 2-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exclusive is ready to take on the challenge of introducing the lovable but mischievous blue alien to some fantastic dishes. With two styles to choose from, Stitch gets to try delicious bubble-milk tea made of tapioca pearls, and for the main dish Stitch is seen with chopsticks at hand, ready to munch on some seriously delectable Xiaolongbao, those meat-filled steamed buns of awesomeness. With each food item removable (but not edible), this is the perfect gift for Stitch fans and the foodies in all of us! That's right, this is a limited edition exclusive, so you'd better order yours now! Lilo & Stitch Stitch Series MEA-031SP Asian Cuisine Mini-Figure 2-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exclusive: How about a little Asian cuisine… Stitch style! The lovable but mischievous blue alien has two dishes to choose from. Delicious bubble-milk tea or delectable delicious Xiaolongbao? Exclusive Lilo & Stitch 3-inch tall mini-figure 2-pack. This is the perfect gift for Lilo & Stitch fans and the foodies in all of us! Pre-order from our sponsor: Entertainment Earth
  3. Amongst all the ‘anti-hero’, mutated characters in DC’s multiverse, the ‘Batman Who Laughs’, which combines the manic craziness of the Joker with the brute force of Bruce Wayne’s Batman is the most fascinating. Praised by fans for his unique personality and looks, the Death Metal character has become a legend in its own right and one that nightmares are made of! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Dynamic 8ction Heroes’ series of highly articulable action figures launches the ‘DAH-063 Death Metal Batman Who Laughs' , a figure representing a character of fear and madness! Standing at 20cm in height and with over 26 points of articulation, the figure brings to life the crazed, wide mouthed face with 2 replaceable head sculpts. The Death Metal inspired clothing is represented in all its glory using real cloth for the suit. The signature wings and long handled sickle are also included for fans to enjoy. Recreate the magic from the comics by posing the DAH Batman Who Laughs from the many scenes that are now iconic. Orders yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today! Product Measurements:Approx. 20cm Release Date: Q3, 2022
  4. The Dynamic Trio of three junior high school student superheroes have been a staple from Warner Bros’ animated studio since 1998. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are three heroic girls always ready to defend their beloved city of ‘Townsville’ from its many villains, including Mojo Jojo! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes viewers back to where it all started with the release of the three main heroes in articulable ‘Dynamic 8ction Heroes’, DAH form. Based on the very first iteration of the characters, each figure includes 5 points of articulation, providing collectors with many different ways to have the trio soar into the skies! Each character is matched with an accurate colored suit made of real fabric! A selection of replaceable face sculpts, arms and legs in different poses gives a large amount of ways to pose each character based on a desired mood! The DX version of the set also comes with the infamous heart, used to showcase the girls in flight! Set as a base all the characters are able to be hooked on top to recreate the famous intro from the animated show! The Powerpuff DAH series is ready to be added to the DAH-052 Mojo Jojo monkey villain to complete the set of main characters. Make sure to add the entire range to your collection and bring Townsville to your home today! .DAH designed figure, with around 5 points of articulation .Four (4) replaceable face sculpts (Regular, serious, angry, raised eyebrows) .Four (4) replaceable arms .Three (3) alternative leg designs (Regular, left angled, right angled) .Costume made of real fabric .DAH-055DX includes special, transparent heart shaped stand Product Measurements:Approx. 14 cm height Release Date: Q3 2022 “I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten” The Powerpuff Girls’ most charming and out of this world villain is ready to take on the girls and a desk near you with his famous Chemical X by his side! First introduced in 1998, the Powerpuff Girls went on to become an animated sensation for the Cartoon Network! The three main kindergarten-aged superheroes go from one high-flying adventure to another. Yet, every amazing superhero needs its own unforgettable villain, and in the stories of the Powerpuff Girls, the crazed chimpanzee scientist ‘Mojo Jojo’ became an unforgettable archenemy always causing trouble for the young heroes! A cheeky character, always ready with masterplans of mayhem and carnage, his preferred laser gun and ‘Chemical X’ potion are never far behind. Beast Kingdom’s DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) recreates the famous villain with the launch of the DAH-052 Mojo Jojo articulable action figure. 10 points of articulation coupled with the use of real fabric for the clothing and cape give collectors the ultimate in posable design! The classic blue, purple and white coloring for the clothes are accurately recreated and matched with a set of replaceable hands, three replaceable faces and a removable hat, covering the mutant brain! Not forgetting the Chemical X accessories, this is one set that will surely put a smile on any collectors face! .DAH design figure, with around 10 points of articulation .Three (3) replaceable faces (annoyed, angry, cheeky) .Use of real fabric for the clothing and cape .Three (3) replaceable hands (fist, open, holding) .Removable hat covering the mutant brain .Chemical X accessories Product Measurements:Approx. 14 cm height Release Date: Q3 2022
  5. The animated series 'Darkwing Duck' from the minds at Disney was an early 90's classic that imagined a superhero that swoops out of the shadows to get a ''little dangerous'' with the baddies! The nemesis and regular villain of the show 'Negaduck' is a similarly dressed and evil doppelganger of Darkwing and is the literal Negative or opposite of our main hero! Hailing from the world of Negaverse, he is always looking for a crazed way to challenge the heroes of the Disney classic! Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is ready to showcase a 'Dynamic 8ction Heroes' set that will surely get the evil in you hyped! The DAH-040SP Negaduck is smartly dressed in his yellow suit made of real fabric! Included with the over 20 points of articulation figure is a set of replaceable eyes and mouths to really bring out the wicked character of Negaduck. A host of weapons also showcase the many dastardly attacks Negaduck subjects Darkwing and co to on a regular basis such as his favorite bomb and oversized detonator. The chainsaw is especially a fan favorite when it comes to weapons and is recreated in all its full glory. For fans of Darkwing Duck's most infamous villain, this is an action figure set not to be missed. Product Features 6.50 inches (16.50cm) Made of plastic and fabric Based on the classic Darkwing Duck animated series Highly articulated Part of the Dynamic 8ction Heroes line Real fabric clothes BBTS Exclusive Box Contents Negaduck figure 6 Pairs of hands 3 Mouth parts 3 Eye parts Chainsaw Bomb Detonator Stand Pre-order yours now from our sponsor: BigBadToyStore
  6. "Don't be afraid, my sword isn't." Beast Kingdom has shown us an awesome preview image for their upcoming Jubei Yagyu from Samurai Showdown! Stay tuned here for pre-order info and more images as they get posted!
  7. Disney’s Darkwing Duck is back once again in popular culture, with a new animated reboot from Disney. The classic 90’s show introduced us to a detective unlike any other. Part crimefighter, part detective, our titular superhero is one stop away from solving a crime near you! Aided by his friends, and a host of gadgets and gizmos, Darkwing Duck was as comedic as he was heroic. Beast Kingdom’s, ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ showcases the very best in DAH (Dynamic 8ction Hero) design. The well rounded, highly articulable duck is ready to leap and bound across buildings in one fell swoop. He comes with a full cloth suit and equipped with his favorite grappling gun. Multiple interchangeable accessories such as face expression, hands and base stand are also included. So make sure to give this cunning detective duck a home and watch him solve a few mysteries of his own! Accessories: ・Three (3) replacement eye masks(normal/angry/large and small eye) ・Two (2) replacement mouthpieces (open/close) ・Darkwing Duck Hat ・Six (6) pairs of replacement hands ・Grappling gun ・Purple detective suit made of real fabric ・Special, branded figure base with bracket ・Product Measurements:1/9 Approx. 16.5cm height ・Release Date: Q3, 2021 (7-9)
  8. Diana—Princess of the Amazon and protector of humanity—is back in her second solo outing, this time in the neon-lit 1980s wearing her gorgeous Gold Eagle armor. Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand presents the latest Dynamic 8ction Heroes for one of the fiercest warrior princesses to ever grace comic books and movies. Diana is fighting for love and freedom in the latest Wonder Woman 1984 film. With her very own DAH, Diana is ready for all the challenges faced ahead. Played by the fantastic Gal Gadot, she sports the Golden Eagle Armor, designed as a nod to the ancient Roman soldiers with far-reaching wings and a shiny finish. With a detailed head sculpt, hair implanting techniques as well as a removable helmet, removable wings, and her iconic Lasso of Truth, the immeasurable beauty and grace of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman has been recreated for collectors to enjoy. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -2 Head sculpts -2 Alternate face plates -4 Alternate hands -Lasso of Truth -Figure base
  9. Disney's short classic is still revered today as one of the seminal animated features ever in movie history! Now Beast Kingdom, proudly introduces the latest DAH (Dynamic 8action Heroes) DAH-041DX Disney Classic Mickey Fantasia and Broom Deluxe Edition based on the animated magician with a heart! Mickey is featured wearing his classic magicians robe, which uses real fabrics. The 18 points of articulation mixed with a number of accessories, including interchangeable hands, faces and eyes, as well as a hard hat, gives the set a complete take on the wondrous character! You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -2 Face sculpts -2 Pairs of eyes -3 Pairs of hands -Magic hat -Magic broom figure -Magic Wave base
  10. Accessorize your favorite 6-8 inch figures with this Firearm Collection accessory set! This set includes realistic designs of popular weapons often seen in action movies. You can pre-order this at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com for $16.99. Included in the set: -RPG rocket launcher -3 Grenade warheads -Pistol -3 Magazines -15 Hand grenades -2 Storage boxes
  11. Beast Kingdom's DAH (Dynamic 8ction heroes) 1/9 scale, highly articulated action figure, recreates the magic of Disney's famous hero with 15 points of articulation, and a bevy of accessories. Four interchangeable head sculpts, each with a unique expression as well as four pairs of replaceable hands gives fans many ways to customize their Santa Jack! Real fabric for the suit, beard and hat, plus a specially branded base brings home a uniquely designed figure perfectly ready for the holidays and beyond. So don't forget to show Jack the true meaning of Christmas on a desk near you today! You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -4 Head sculpts -5 Pairs of hands -Santa bag -Santa hat -Beard -Stand
  12. Beast Kingdom has released official images for their upcoming 8" The Dark Knight – Batman Dynamic 8ction Heroes (DAH) Beast Kingdom is proud to introduce fans to the latest 1/9 scale, realistic action figure, The DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) Dark Knight Batman. Based on the most popular batsuit from Christopher Nolan’s seminal trilogy, the figure uses high composite materials to recreate every fine detail down to the texture on the suit and weaponry. With 26 points of articulation, the Dark Knight DAH is one of the most posable figures yet, and includes three replacement mouths, a branded stand with a bracket, as well as five pairs of replacement hands for fans to recreate the most exciting scenes from the films! No Batman would dare leave his bat-cave without his set of high-tech weaponry, and this set doesn’t disappoint. Included are: One sticky bomb launcher, a grappling gun, bat darts, and a mini smoke bomb, plus Batman’s glider backpack attachment! It should cost around $110 and be up for pre-order soon.
  13. Beast Kingdom announces the launch of the latest in the DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) figure range: The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington. This 1/9 scale highly articulated figure features 15 movable joints, 6 replaceable faces, and 5 pairs of replaceable hands. Both the hands and face sets include one glow in the dark option to get Jack in the perfect mood for some scary fun. Speaking of glow in the dark, Zero himself, Jack's trusty ghost dog makes an appearance with a nightly glow, so owners are sure to see him by Jack's side every night! The DAH figure doesn't skimp on quality either, with a real fabric tuxedo, paired with his signature exaggerated 'bat bow-tie', our hero is ready to impress at any event! This figure is available for pre-order from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -6 Replaceable faces -5 Pairs of replaceable hands -Zero figure -Jack in the box -Figure stand
  14. Beast Kingdom's D.A.H. series (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) introduces a new highly poseable 1/9 scale action figure of the classic World of Warcraft character, Arthas Menethil the Lich King! This figure has twenty-six movable joints and uses materials such as fake fur and hair to add to the realism of the figure. The cloth cloak the figure is wearing features a wire that allows for a wide range of posing possibilities. Accessories include four replaceable hands, and the mighty 'Frostmourne' sword. The eyes on this figure also feature a ligh-up function (requires LR-41 X 3 batteries). You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -Lich King Arthas figure -Frostmourne sword -4 Interchangeable hands Fist Hand holding Slightly open hand Fully open hand -Base
  15. Beast Kingdom's D.A.H. series (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) introduces a new highly poseable 1/9 scale action figure of the the classic World of Warcraft character, Sylvanas Windrunner! This figure has twenty-four movable joints, comes with real fabric outfits and features hair made of woolen material. The clothing design uses a meticulous coloring method to reproduce Sylvanas' appearance in the game. The cloak is made of cloth with an inner wire enabling for a wide range of poses for the figure. Accessories include five pairs of interchangeable hands and Sylvanas' longbow plus three arrows to recreate your favorite scene in the game. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
  16. Beast Kingdom presents the latest D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) 1/9-scale action figure from The Dark Knight. This figure of The Joker has 28 points of articulation, giving fans and collectors the very best in poseable, realistic design. The Joker's clothing has been faithfully recreated, from the stitching down to the detailed buttons, a real metallic chain and more is beautifully recreated. A detailed head sculpt brings The Joker's manic look to real life. The figure comes with a wide array of accessories, including four sets of hands, pistols, bazookas, hand grenades and more, means collectors are in no shortage of ways to pose and recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: 4 Interchangeable hands 2 Pistols Bazooka Gun 4 Hand grenades Knife
  17. Training for the Inevitable Endgame, Here’s your look at the Beast Kingdom Avengers Endgame Egg Attack Action Black Widow PX Previews Exclusive
  18. From Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Beast Kingdom presents Jack Sparrow in the Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line. Standing in 1/9 scale, Jack Sparrow boasts 28 moveable joints and is dressed in real cloth clothing. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The figure includes the following: -4 Pairs of hands -2 Pistols -Long sword -Dagger -Telescope -Bottle with Black Pearl inside -Compass
  19. I’m calling in VERONICA. Here’s your EARLY look at the upcoming Beast Kingdom Avengers Age of Ultron Egg Attack Action Hulkbuster Previews Exclusive
  20. For this Exclusive Beast Kingdom gets Astonishing, Here’s your look at the Beast Kingdom Astonishing X-Men Egg Attack Action Cyclops PX Previews Limited Edition Figure!
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