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  1. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at more of the wacky, nonsensical combiner transforming robots that are the Unitroborn from Bandai. I reviewed the first few a while ago (review here), but it turns out they kept making more! This time in smaller waves of 2, which came out every few months, so it's easier to process and try to make sense of them. Here are the new ones! The first ones to come out out from those new ones are Unitroborn Ambulance Cake and Unitroborn Pineapple Bus. Yep, those are the names! They were released in September. When combined, the Unitroborn Ambulance Cake forms some kind of polar bear robot. Just like the first wave, they 'auto-combine', in the sense that you just need to 'clip' them together in order for them to open and turn into a robot on their own. For this one, you only need to spin the arms a little and open its truck/legs a bit for better support. Unitroborn Pineapple Bus turns into a tiger robot. Obviously. What else did you think it would turn into? This one is great because the transformation is lightning fast, and very satisfying! Another wave came out in October, which included Unitroborn Pancake Dumptruck and Unitroborn Penguin Camera. Unitroborn Pancake Dumptruck turns into a robot elephant. Pretty clever, with the pancakes turning into the head with all sorts of round shapes, while the dumbtruck become the body. You need to move the front legs around manually once it is transformed. The tiniest one, Unitroborn Penguin Camera, turns into a human-looking robot, wiht arms and legs. A more traditional look, perhaps? Still, it came from a camera and a penguin... The final wave came out in December, and included none other than Unitroborn High Speed Train Cheese and Unitroborn Helicopter Ice Cream. Unitroborn High Speed Train Cheese is VERY yellow. It definitely catches the eyes. It turns into a Pterodactyl, where you need to unfold the wings a bit. The mouth can also open! Unitroborn Helicopter Ice Cream is the most confusing one, in the sense that you need to do most of the work. The 'clicking' only spins the head part up, but the entire body still needs you to do things, like unfold the legs, open the face armor, move the front legs and the rotor from the helicopter (Yes, Ice creams do not have rotor). More news at 11:00... Unitroborn, where the ordinary turns into the extraordinary.
  2. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the 3 Spy X Family figures from S.H.Figuarts. Spy X Family is a popular manga/anime about a family who all have secrets: the father, Loid, is an international spy who has to pretend to have a family for a mission, and ends up unknowingly adopting Anya, who's a telepath and can read minds , and "marrying" Yor, who's an elite assassin. The anime is really fun, so when S.H.Figuarts announced the figures, it was an easy decision. First, Anya Forger, the child with telepathic abilities, came out in late October 2022. The packaging on those figures is really nice, very small with the figure packed tight. Anya comes with 5 different face plates and 4 extra hands. She has a decent range of articulations, even if one would think the black dress wound hinder movement. It's made of soft rubber so moves very easily. The 5 different facial expressions are very nice, including some from funny scenes from the anime, and easy to change. For such a tiny figure, she's great! Loid Forger, the internation spy, was released in late November 2022. Loid comes with 5 different face plates, 6 different hands + 6 different gloved hands, for a total of 12 hands, and a gun. Adding the gloved hands is a nice touch, he is a spy after all and shouldn't leave any prints. Articulations are your usual S.H.Figuarts serving, aka the figure can move. My only issue with it is that the gun holding hand with the glove is not 'tight' enough, and the gun tends to fall out of it. Nothing that can't be fixed, though. Yor Forger, the secretly skilled assassin, came out in late December 2022, to complete the set (they really trickled them down, one character per month...). Yor also comes with 5 different face plates, including funny ones, 4 extra hands and her spikes/blade weapons that she uses as 'The Thorn Princess'. There is a ton of details on her dress, with the inner part covered with rose patterns. Great amount of articulation, the only part I am not a fan of is the high heels, which makes it a bit tricky to keep her standing up on a shelf (gotta lean her against Loid a bit, I guess...). Otherwise, a beautiful figure. S.H.Figuarts has already announced more of those coming, with another version of Anya in her school uniform, with even more facial expressions (6!), and they have also teased more casual versions of Loid and Yor, along with the dog, Bond (as black silhouette on a display at a recent convention). More news at 11:00... Waku waku!
  3. Yesterday, Tamashii Nations (Bandai, S.H. Figuarts) announced that the unmasked Andrew Garfield head would NOT be included with the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Spider-man: No Way Home Amazing Spider-man figure. ToyFarce did some digging to find out the actual reason why! According to an insider source, there was a mix up during the making of the prototype of the figure, as one of the sculptor had been binge watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" while working on the sculpt, and ended up including a lot of Charlie Day into it, which could be seen when the first pictures of the unmasked head of the figure were released. Tamashii Nations still did try to contact Charlie Day to ask him if he would agree with his likeness being released with the figure, but the actor declined the offer. "Well, I never played Spider-man..." explained Charlie Day. "There's not really any point for them to make a figure of the Amazing Spider-man with my face. They were nice, and even offered to add my facial hair so that it looks even more like me, but I just said no. I'd prefer to actually play the character, and THEN, get an action figure like that. No hard feelings, though!" No news yet on if Tamashii Nations is planning to remove the thong on the Amazing Spider-man figure as well. More news at 11:00... "You're Amazing! - I kinda needed to hear that, thank you." *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously!
  4. It's Wednesday and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the S.H.Figuarts Squid Game figures from Bandai. That's right! It is not Christmas related anymore! Bandai made action figure for the Netflix Korean hit series Squid Game, which saw a bunch of strangers play 'games' in order to win a huge sum of money. Oh, and they could also die a horrible death while trying... The show came out in September 2021, and the action figures were released during the last couple of months (the 2 soldiers at the end of November, and the Front Man at the end of December). First, the Masked Soldier. See it as the basic soldier, the one that could be used for army building. He has a triangle on his mask. He comes with 3 extra sets of hands, a revolver, a machine gun and a chest camera. You can also find a foldable paper version of the coffins from the show in the box, with the little bow on it (so cute!). The figure is highly articulated, even if it's not necessarily needed (they are soldiers, not Spider-man). The chest camera piece is easy to put on, and the hands are relatively easy to change, although the peg seems to be really tiny and might break if used a lot. The only problem I had with it is the machine gun's shoulder rig (not sure if it's the correct name), which is made of hard plastic and kinda gets in the way, or detaches itself when you move the machine gun. The soldier can't really be posed nicely with it. The Masked Worker/Manager is also a good army builder, because he comes with 2 different masks (square and circle). The figure has an extra mask, 3 extra sets of hands, a backpack and a knife. The mask is easy to change, and can also be changed on the Masked Soldier figure (good to know if you plan to army build them!). The backpack seems to be able to open, as seen on promo pics, but I did not figure out how to (Go, me!). A good figure as well, basically the same figure as the Masked Soldier with different accessories. The Front Man, the mysterious boss of the Masked Soldiers is a surprisingly slim figure, at least compared to the other 2. The Front Man comes with 3 extra pairs of hands, a cellphone, a gun and the green landline phone that he had in the show. I thought the jacket would hinder the articulation of the legs, but it turns out it's pretty soft and the figure can even bend forward easily. He looks quite menacing, but it's a figure that you will need to have the other pink masked figures next to it for people to realize who it is. 20 years from now, if you see that figure loose on a shelf in a collectible store, I can imagine people wondering who it is. More news at 11:00... Red Light, Green Light...
  5. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! Today, we're having a look at the Stranger Things figures from Bandai, from their "The Void Series" line. It's not often that I come across action figures that I can legitimately say are terrible, but here we are. I do love Stranger Things and already had all the McFarlane Toys ones, so I figured I'd grab those (stupid completionist brain...). The packaging is nice, though! This should be a good one... The first wave had Hopper in his prison uniform from season 4 and Eleven in that classic outfit that she had at the end of season 3 (I had to google that, this is not a classic look). They both come with a total of zero accessories, which is always a bummer. The figures are over-articulated (yes, there is such a thing!) and the articulations do NOT look good on them. Just look at Eleven's pants. Also, the likenesses are not great. Eleven's head is made of really shiny plastic, while it looks like Hopper is wearing a ton of make up. Reminder that Bandai is the same brand that also does those amazing S.H.Figuarts figures from Dragon Ball Z, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, etc... (although, I believe those are from Bandai America, the US branch of Bandai). The second wave had an even worse Eleven figure, with her lab outfit from season 4, and everyone's favorite metalhead, the leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie. Both figures also come with zero accessories... That Eleven figure looks even less like Millie Bobbie Brown, has the weirdest proportions and the articulations look really bad. On the other end, Eddie is a pretty fun figure. Sure, he barely looks like the actor (or looks like him when he will be 50 years old), but it's pretty nice to have that character as a toy. Also, we need more metalhead figures in general. The Demogorgon is actually the redeeming figure of that line (so far), as it is the only one that is actually better than the McFarlane Toys version of it. It is way more articulated, and you can have him in a lot of nice poses. He comes with 2 stands, which are needed for him to stay up (unless you put him on all fours). A nice monster to have, and the only figure from that line that is really worth the price. Only one more figure has been announced from that line, the season 4 main villain Vecna. Hopefully, it is more like the Demogorgon and less like the other 4... More news at 11:00... I kinda hope they make a figure of Argyle, still...
  6. It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: ToyFarce review! This week, we're having a look at the wacky, nonsensical combiner transforming robots that are the Unitroborn from Bandai! The first time I saw the pictures, I thought it was some funny parody photoshopped images that someone made for fun (a bit like yours truly does). Well, it turns out they actually exist, and they were pretty cheap ($8 to $15 each). So it was inevitable... I had to grab them. My first impression when I opened the package (thank you, HobbyLink Japan!) was that they are way bigger than I expected! For $8, I thought they would be maybe 4" tall when combined, but nope: The Christmas tree is perfect size for 1/12 figures, the apple is the size of an apple, and the vehicles are bigger than Hot Wheels cars. And I thought I'd have enough space on my shelves to display them... First, Unitroborn Apple Lobster, the one with the biggest elements to combine. One of the great thing about those robots is that they 'auto-combine', in the sense that you just need to 'clip' them together in order for them to open and turn into a robot on their own. I tried to make mini-videos/gifs for each, to show how easy they are to combine + Marvel Legends The Hood for size. It turns into a great looking robot that reminds me of some Sentai/Power Rangers villains. Unitroborn Bulldozer Burger also does not make any sense, considering it has either a burger that is nearly the size of a car, or a bulldozer that would fit on a table, if they are of the same scale. The robot form looks a bit more like a Transformer than the other ones. Unitroborn Taxi Tree is the funniest one, as it turns into a T-Rex (with legs made of pine). The tree becomes its tail and legs while the Japanese green taxi becomes the front part, with an articulated mouth. Who would have thought that a taxi and a pine tree would become a dinosaur? Unitroborn Beetle Steam Train is the most puzzling one. The entire train becomes a four legged body with a tail, while the beetle just opens in the back to reveal a mouth and become the head... That is kinda the laziest design of all six, in my opinion. The beetle could have become wings or something... Unitroborn Shark Vending Machine, one of the smallest ones, is actually the size I thought they would all be. The design is pretty fun, he has half-sharks for arms! In terms of advantages in combat, shark arms are pretty high in the list. Unitroborn Plane Eraser turns into a robot wolf, which looks great. Another one of those puzzling combiners, that leaves you concerned for whoever came up with the idea... "What if we had an eraser and a plane, and it turns into a robot wolf? - Did you take your medicine, todayn buddy?" That is it for the first wave of Machinerobo Universe Unitroborn! Bandai has since announced 2 more robots, Ambulance Cake and Pineapple Bus, which I will most likely get to complete the line! More news at 11:00... Unitroborn, where the ordinary turns into the extraordinary.
  7. It's Wednesday and you know what that means: ToyFarce reviews! This week, we're having a look at the Ronin Mandalorian in Beskar Armor, and his 'cub' Grogu from the Movie Realization Star Wars line from Bandai. This is the toy line where Bandai took characters from either Star Wars or Marvel, and gave them a 'Feudal Japan' twist. Darth Vader as a Samurai, the Stormtroopers as infantry, Darth Maul as a demon (Oni), Boba and Jango Fett as Ronin,… They all look very cool. But that one might end up taking the cake, with the addition of a little Grogu, complete with his samurai kimono and a little samurai top knot (squeee!). Ronin Mando comes with extra sets of hands (as all the other figures from that line did), his jetpack, a katana and sheath, his blaster gun and his rifle. Grogu comes with his pram and a push cart, for that perfect 'Lone Wolf and Cub' look. The details on both figures are amazing. In terms of articulations, the armor gets a bit in the way, but you can still manage some cool poses. No Spider-man poses for this one. Grogu can move his head, and can barely move his arms. No Spider-man poses there either! Compared to the previous Ronin Mandalorian (with the old, brown armor), this is pretty much more of the same, except the Beskar armor one does not have a cape, which would have been nice. I assume it might have been too tricky with the jetpack to have a removable cape, or a cape that needed to be pushed to the side all the time. Still, he would have looked a bit cooler with a soft goods cape. There has been a few more figures teased, there was an IG-88 and an Admiral Ackbar figures that were shown at various conventions a couple of years ago, but never came out (IG-88 might be reworked into IG-11 down the line, who knows?) Then, more recently, at Star Wars Celebration, they teased an updated Boba Fett (with throne?), a Gamorrean guard and a remnant Stormtrooper. People could vote for which one they wanted next at the event. More news at 11:00... This is the way.
  8. Back in February, Bandai Namco announced that they would be changing their logo, and that the new logo would appear not only on video games, but also on all of their other products, including toys. Now, the new logo has started to pop up on some of their new products... and it looks like a road sign from France. "Our new logo designer just spent a summer doing a road trip in France, but it has nothing to do with that" said a representative from Bandai Namco. "When we sent our new logo for copyright filing, there must have been a mix-up because they sent us back several road signs, and they said they had sent the rest to a small town in the south of France, which they thought was ours. So now, there is a town in France that uses our logo for their road signs." More news at 11:00... From Bandai Namco with Love!
  9. It's Wednesday and you know what that means: ToyFarce reviews! This week, we're having a look at the Bojji and Kagge figures from Ranking of Kings by Bandai Spirits/S.H. Figuarts/Tamashii Nations/whatever they are called this week! Ranking of Kings is a fantastic anime with beautiful animation (reminds me of early Ghibli movies), a great story, nice characters with depth, and a lovely soundtrack (both opening and ending theme are so good). Can you tell I liked it? If you haven't seen it, do try to watch it. I didn't get into it right away, but as soon as I started watching, I knew I would need a plastic representation of Bojji on one of my shelves. The options were either a Banpresto mini statue, a Good Smile Nendoroid figure that comes out in November, or a nice, articulated S.H.Figuarts figure. The choice was easy... Prince Bojji, along with Kagge, comes with 5 different head plates, 7 extra hands, his green cape, his training stick, a sheath and his trusty rapier. The figure has a good amount of articulations, considering his size (tiny), and he's surprisingly easy to balance, even with his big head that I thought would make him 'top heavy'. The facial expressions are great, and allow for lots of different poses and situations. I would say that the white on the eyes could have been more white, though. Also, the head without faceplate is pure nightmare fuel.. Kagge could have also used maybe one ball joint for the mouth/arm, or the possiblity to remove it. Otherwise, a solid set! Hopefully, Bandai does more characters from the show, who has plenty of great designs to choose from. More news at 11:00... AaeeAeuu EeAawua!
  10. Hello, your KA ZAR: THE SAVAGE LAND pics are awesome. Thank you for sharing. 👍

  11. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're looking at the Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman model kit from Bandai. Yep, Bandai is doing Batman model kits now. I was very surprised too when the solicitations started to pop up on all the usual toy store websites, wondering if it was going to be a vehicle, a figure, etc... When the first pictures were revealed, I decided to pick it up, since I've always liked to build Gundam robots and other model kits, and also collect Batman figures. Two birds, one stone! It was a very simple and straight-forward build. All I used were some pliers and a modeling file to shave off the tiny bits after cutting. No glue or anything else needed. Just like the Gundam model kit, it was all very easy to assemble. First the head, the chest part, right arm, left arm, the legs and the waist part and then, the cape. It took about 3-4 hours to build the entire thing. The final result, though, looks pretty freaking great! That is a nice, very articulated Batman figure. Just like the other Bandai model kits, the figure is super light, but can be posed in all sorts of positions. There are tons of details all over the suit, which looks like a high-tech version of it. The cape is separated in 4 different parts which can be folded to look 'closed' or unfolded for the 'open' look. The logo on his chest can be removed to be used as a batarang. Smart! Comparison pics with the MAFEX New Adventures of Batman figure, the McFarlane Toys White Knight Batman and Death Metal Batman, and the DC Collectibles Icons Batman and Essentials Batman. More news at 11:00... "I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman!"
  12. Bandai has released official images for their upcoming Mandalorian in Beskar Armor 6" figure model kit which is slated for release in July 2021. The figure will include multiple hands, stand, riffle, blaster, dark saber and Beskar staff. Check out the images below.
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