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  1. Yeoh!! Mattel is back with the WWE Mattel Elite 63! 2018 has been the year of Mattel with them stepping up their game. I could not have asked for a better release of the King of Strong Style than this figure. Mattel has implemented the new TrueFX technology as shown on the front of the box. With TrueFX it allows a better resemblance of how the individual really looks like. Mattel did a good job before hand, but this new technology, it really gives them the advantage and edge over other comparable toy makers. Shinsuke has his one half of his head shaved with his cocky scowl that he is known for. Another bonus for collectors is the added pair of interchangeable hands that comes with this release. Nakamura can do his trademark spastic poses with the addition of the new hand mold. As if that wasn't enough, he comes with a cloth soft goods entrance jacket. The jacket itself feels like it's made of a pleather like material. The inner lining is some sort of cloth which feels premium. It feels like Mattel is doing the molded shirts and jackets less lately, so as a collector that is certainly welcomed as that severely limits the articulation. Shinsuke comes in elite form, which means that he has added articulation. The added articulation is at the head, shoulders, arms, wrists, torso, knee, ankle, thighs. I attempted to find fault with this figure, but this is as close to perfect as you are going to get. I can really appreciate Mattel's effort to keep evolving and keeping the collector in mind! 10/10
  2. Mattel is bringing the smackdown with the new WWE Mattel Smackdown Live Main Event Ring! Every collectors dream is here with all the bells and whistles of what an authentic scale ring should have! The ring measures in at 20X20 which is a great scale to recreate all the magic of your favorite WWE superstars! This includes numerous extras that normally are not included with a scale ring. You get a cloth ring skirt and mat, two chairs, one Smackdown Live themed break away table, light up posts and LED board, steps, and the modern day Maharaja Jinder Mahal in elite form! The ring is very easy to put together and the main pieces fit together like a puzzle. The posts have inserts where you plug them into the base of the ring. The light box clips directly underneath the base. The lighting is managed by pressing a single button on one of the posts. Having owned many of the past scale rings from different toy makers, this feels premium and does not feel cheap in hand. There are some drawbacks and isn't a perfect release. The ropes sit a bit low and make the figures look a bit out of scale when you take figure photography. The black bars that clip the ring mat into place are difficult to properly clip in and become loose if you apply too much pressure. The elite Jinder Mahal is an awesome bonus as it's the first elite version of Jinder as his current incarnation. The arms appear to have a new mold with veins popping out showing his vascularity. The torso is also awesome as its properly proportioned to his shredded physique. While this scale ring isn't perfect, this should not sway your decision to not purchase this awesome set! I would rate this a solid 9 out of 10. This is a solid effort by Mattel for keeping the collector in mind!
  3. Everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man! This is the WWE Mattel Flashback Series basic Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase action figure! You get the classic Ted Dibiase in a molded on suit. Dibiase was always known for his flashy persona and unique looks he wore inside the ring. The basic line is known for a scaled back version of the elite line. The basics have lesser points of articulation and not as extensive deco in terms of the outfits or accessories. But this should not sway you from considering to purchase the basic line as well. Mattel went all out for such a classic villain such as the Million Dollar Man! The color Mattel used on the green suit is very much how I recall Dibiase wearing this particular suit back during his run in the WWF. He has dollar signs on the front side of his jacket as well as a giant dollar sign on the backside of his suit jacket. He has silver lines going down each side of his suit trousers. While the posing and articulation is very much limited, this piece still looks fantastic and feels very solid in hand. My only minor complaint would be for Mattel to have a laughing head scan or have a face scan with a scowl rather than an expressionless look. Dibiase was certainly hated by the fans and had a larger than life personality, so thats the only thing I would modify. With this line of basics you get the chance to build a figure when you collect four separate figures. With the Million Dollar Man you get the torso. Once completed you can build a suited classic ring announcer Howard Finkel. This gives you a great incentive to purchase the remainder of figures to complete such a cool legend. I would have to give this basic Ted Dibiase a 8.5 out of 10. Im am only docking points for the weak face scan. But even with this drawback, you should still highly consider picking this up for your collection!
  4. Feel the power of the warrior! Here we have one of the best pieces from Mattel for 2018. This is absolutely incredible. It really is a beauty and a work of art! It has a brand new face scan with a slicked back hair look. His intense facial expression is perfectly captured with his wide open mouth look. His body is accurately done with a ripped muscle torso, arms, and legs. He was always such a colorful character in the WWF with brightly colored outfits that stood out amongst the rest, and this is no exception. Mattel nailed the airbrushed design that Ultimate Warrior was using during the 90's. He has matching wrist bands and tassels to complete the look. On the front side of the trunks, knee and wrist pads it has his signature warrior logo. On the back it has his full name with the airbrushed look. With all elite action figures you are also getting added articulation. You get movement in the head, ankles, wrists, hands, shoulders, torso, legs, and waist. As an added bonus you also get a white WWF winged eagle championship belt. Warrior was known for using brightly colored straps on his championship titles during his run in the 80's and 90's. This is the first time we get this release of the shiny version of the white winged eagle. I sincerely tried to find some sort of fault or nitpicks with this action figure but I honestly cannot. This is a complete home run by Mattel and I applaud their efforts by improving year after year. I rate this a complete 10 out of 10.
  5. The man called Sting is here with WWE Mattel Elite series 62! The classic Sting is here in his signature "surfer" look. He has the old school blonde flat top look before he became the darker crow version we all knew when he battled the NWO. He has his vibrant neon face paint and chiseled physique. Long white tights with the scorpion painted alongside his leg. Mattel really delivered with this action figure. I especially enjoyed the facial scan as it captures his intensity he always delivered in WCW! This comes with a few accessories when you purchase the premium "elite" action figures. With Sting you will receive a plastic entrance jacket that is fully removable. You also get the WCW big gold championship belt that can be removed. With most elite action figures you also will receive a black display stand that has their artwork in the background of the stand. The elite action figures come with the added articulation which are at the head, shoulders, waist, elbow, knee, ankles, wrists, and torso. Some of the drawbacks of this particular figure are the oversized torso. Sting was very cut and defined throughout the majority of his career, but he never had that barrel torso Mattel chose. Another thing that irked me was the oversized plastic jacket. It's very bulky and makes it extremely difficult to take off. The ability to pose has been limited while you have the jacket on so keep that in mind when making your purchase. While there are some drawbacks, you still should highly consider picking this up as its a very solid release of such an iconic superstar! I would rate this an 8 out of 10.
  6. Who's next? Goldberg that is with Mattel's WWE Entrance Greats. The Entrance Greats line was originally done several years ago with basic articulation. But it has been brought back stronger than ever with Elite style articulation and a new group of WWE Superstars! Each figure comes with a black display stand that plays a few seconds of the superstar's entrance theme music. The packaging is uniquely done giving you the option to press the button for his theme to play, which mint on card collectors can certainly appreciate. Once the figure is cracked open from its plastic packaging you can fully admire Mattel's work. It has muscles upon muscles which is an accurate depiction of how Goldberg was like when he battled Hogan and the NWO on Monday nights! The elite articulation on the figure is on his elbows, torso, head, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, and waist. You can fully pose Goldberg to do many of his signature poses and taunts. For accessories Mattel has included the Big Gold championship belt that you can remove and fasten. I particularly enjoy Mattel's attention to detail by adding the chest hair which is a nice addition. His signature tattoo is also nicely painted on his shoulder. Mattel did reuse the same exact mold and face scan from the first release that came with the Mattel Raw Main Event Ring. I wish Mattel would have updated the scan to depict a younger Goldberg. I also wish Mattel would have included a WCW US championship title for the price they are offering this figure at. I have to rate this figure an overall solid 8.5 out of 10. I am only docking points for lack of accessories and Mattel's reuse of the same figure they used on a previous figure release. This does not discredit their amazing work they put forth with this classic figure. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the game, your collection definitely needs a classic WCW style Goldberg!
  7. A long night for the Hitman pays off where he battled Bam Bam Bigelow in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament.
  8. WWE Mattel Elite "Top Talent" Finn Balor action figure. We got some new era action figure fun!
  9. Something happens to this gold, Chico...somethings gonna happen to you!
  10. There’s no end to the list of Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey’s athletic achievements. Ronda is a fierce competitor, which makes an equally ferocious Pop! figure. Whether you’re looking for a sparring companion or someone to watch the latest fight with, Rowdy’s got your back. Look for this to be released in November.
  11. Mattel's WWE Elite Collection are 7-inch action figures, created with the ultimate collector in mind and feature for the first time individual stands, authentic costumes, extreme articulation and amazing accuracy that even the most discerning collector will appreciate. Unmatched attention to detail, fan-favorite ring attire, and a roster that includes some of the most popular superstars in the WWE today. All swagger and muscle, sculpted in serious detail Realistic accessories complete the ring outfit. Prep a finishing move pose with 24+ points of articulation. The 4th wave of NXT figure which will be offered as a Target Store exclusive includes figures of the following: Hideo Itami Killian Dain Drew McIntyre Aleister Black Ruby Riott (Concept Art Shown Here) Look for these to hit shelves by early 2019.
  12. Shown below are official images for the upcoming WWE Elite Collection Pete Dunne figure from Mattel. This figure will be released as a Target store exclusive. The figure should be out by early 2019.
  13. Rowdy Ronda Rousey makes her debut as a standard figure in the newest wave of Mattel's WWE basic line as part of series 90. First off, thank you to Mattel for the review sample. How does this figure stand up against the person it is trying to emulate in plastic form? Let's first look at the packaging, which for some odd reason seems to be different for the line this time around. Nothing super obvious, but it feels more streamlined than previous waves. But, that could just be me? The image of Ronda is great and the way she is packaged really gives the impression of importance (I'm really not trying to fluff this piece), but I honestly think the new packaging (if it actually is new) helps to make the figure stand out. Now, with that all said and done, let's talk about the figure itself. It is a basic and standard figure that is fully-clothed, leaving Ronda without her signature wrestling gear. With that in mind, I wish she would have come packed with Rowdy Piper’s oversized jacket, but it might be possible we will see something like that in an entrance package figure later on. Points of articulation: this is as standard as it can be with this line. Head kind of turns, but is hindered by her hair. Waist, elbow, knee, hip, and shoulder joints, pretty good but nothing stand out. I believe this figure will sell well for two reasons. One, for the customizers who are looking for an affordable women's body buck to make their own figures, this figure works well. Two, this is our first chance to collect Ronda as a toy. Unfortunately, her face sculpt is super generic and not enough that you would automatically say “Hey, that’s Ronda.” But, once again, this body buck can be used for almost any female character. If you look, you can see they painted over someone else’s ring gear. Even so, it's a good reuse of parts. But as it goes for it being Ronda, well, it will do and this line is the most affordable standard line for wrestling toys to date. Good, solid, and durable, but if you are a collector this is currently your best and only option for getting Ronda in the ring with other female icons of wrestling. She is a 3 out of 5, but since I believe Ronda would roundhouse kick me if I keep talking, I'll leave it at that. Guys let us know what you think and leave a comment below Follow Rob on Instagram @alternativemindz And on Twitter @AltMindz Thanks again to Mattel for the review sample
  14. Shown below are official images for Mattel's upcoming WWE Wrestlemania 35 Elite Collection figures. This wave will include HHH, Scott Hall, Undertaker and Sasha Banks. These figures incorporate Mattel's True FX technology for life-like authenticity. Check out the official images below.
  15. Halloween is merely a week away and I finally get to do something Halloween and wrestling related. Mattel and WWE have been doing some fun stuff with their Zombies line and who better to review than the Demon king himself, Finn Balor! Thank you to Mattel for the review sample. Zombie Finn Balor comes packaged in a slight redesign of the zombie packaging that has become a stable of the series. It seems a bit more streamlined than the previous packaging and, I feel, a bit more eye-catching. The Zombie line has been a fun and creative use of wrestlers. It's fun to take them out of the standard wrestling world and venture into the absurd and wacky world that toys are meant to be. To take it even further, I'd love to see a comic or animated series of wrestlers as zombies and monsters. Finn is a great wrestler to be used in this way since he does sport demon makeup at times, making the leap into a zombie is completely an obvious choice. The articulation is beyond standard with elbows, hips, "neck bones", shoulders, and knee articulation, but the play factor escalates with the look of this figure. Whoever is sculpting these figures, please give them an award. So creative and so much fun. This figure isn't for the regular wrestling fans seeking the highest points of articulation and most realistic sculpts of their favorite superstars. This is for another subset of collector and casual fan. We already know fans of horror and Halloween who are buying the zombie series to use during their decorations of the coolest holiday ever! Adding Finn to anyones collection is a must. He would fit in anyones horror or fantasy collection. As a toy, it is 100% fun and imaginative, but if you are seeking something more than just a monster looking creepy zombie figure, this probably isn't the toy for you. With that, I am giving this toy a 3 out of 5. Well sculpted and looks great but won't be something that all fans want to have. Guys let us know what you think and leave a comment below Follow Rob on Instagram @alternativemindz And on Twitter @AltMindz Thanks again to Mattel for the review sample
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