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Found 783 results

  1. https://jediinsider.com/8-20176 g you coverage of the Hasbro Star Wars, Transformers and Marvel panel taking place at the Lucca Italy Comic Con. We are trying to live-stream of the panel below. We will also be updating this post with information about any new reveals made during the panel for Star Wars.Thanks to the folks at GuerreStellari.Net for live-streaming the event for us. Not sure if there will be any kind of English translation in this panel or not. They start with Marvel.Next is Star Wars and they are recapping stuff already announced.Hasbro confirms that the Black Series Padme will have both moles that actress Natalie Portman has.Newly announced - Vintage Collection Poe Dameron from Force Awakens in flight suit. Black Series is getting 6" Mace Windu. See image below. Poe looks like a re-release of the previous Walmart exclusive 3.75" Black Series only now it has the new face scan technology.Star Wars portion is over. Official Images Coming Soon...
  2. erivera94 brings you his review of the Marvel Legends Vintage wave 2 Hawkeye! Be sure to subscribe to his channel for more awesome toy reviews and content!
  3. We are bringing you coverage of the Hasbro Star Wars and Marvel panel taking place at the MCM London Comic Con. We are trying to live-stream of the panel below. We will also be updating this post with information about any new reveals made during the panel for Marvel.The folks on the ground are having wifi issues so the live stream may not happen.Sorry Internet at MCM is not good so we will update as we are able.So far they are just going over things for Star Wars that have already been revealed at previous conventions including the Black Series Padme that was announced on Friday during the Paris Comic Con.Live stream video via Fantha Tracks Newly announced - 3.75" Vintage Collection R2-D2 using a modified Build-A-Droid sculpt with removable 3rd leg for Vintage Collection. Will be on Episode IV cardback. 6" Black Series Battle Droid Announced.Star Wars portion has ended. We will have images from the Hasbro booth of R2-D2 up in a bit.
  4. https://jediinsider.com/8-20162 Just revealed during the Hasbro panel at the 2018 Paris Comic Con, the Vintage Collection Chewbacca is scheduled to released in Spring 2019
  5. ringing you coverage of the Hasbro panel at the 2018 Comic Con Paris convention going on this weekend. We will update about any new Star Wars reveals made here. Images come via Pop & Geek. Right now they are going over Star Wars reveals. Nothing we didn't see from NYCC yet though. Things like the first two waves of the Black Series Archives line. Vintage Collection Chewbacca and Black Series Padme announced. The Star Wars portion has ended. Stay-tuned for official images for these two new figures to be posted soon.
  6. As the G.I. Joe Collector Club winds down it's partnership with Hasbro they have begun revealing their final G.I. Joe products that they plan to release. M.A.R.S. MERCENARY: COILS O'DOOM The origins of the ADVENTURE TEAM date back to 1970 when the US Joint Chiefs of Staff began funding a secret project to train elite members of the US military in air, land and sea reconnaissance. This new team of mega-soldiers was given the code name "The Adventure Team". Each member was also given special hi-tech equipment (including vehicles) and they were trained to work alone in high pressure situations against various enemy forces... including M.A.R.S. Industries! Each single carded action figure features the highly articulated modern era sculpts with weapons and accessories for them to accomplish any mission! 2018 GIJCC: 3 3/4" Ninja Force Zartan with Cold Slither Cycle ZARTAN, the notorious master of disguise rides his COLD SLITHER CYCLE through the shadows of the darkened city. The twin-cam 3600 rpm engine growls as the motorcycle moves like a phantom through narrow alleys and along the night-shrouded streets. The sleek design conceals menacing surprises - spike weapons and steel blades instantly deploy when it's time for him to attack the G.I. JOE Ninja Force! This Limited Edition sets includes Ninja Force ZARTAN 3 3/4" action figure with accessories, file card and COLD SLITHER motorcycle. 2018 GIJCC: Cobra Night Stalkers (Female Troopers) 3-Pack COBRA COMMANDER has never had a more ruthless group of all-female assault troopers. Once deployed and active behind enemy lines, they are cut off from any COBRA reinforcements, and must rely on their training and improvised orders from their Night Stalkers Commander. This G.I. Joe Collector's Club exclusive three pack set features our unique masked female head sculpt with ponytail (in three different hair colors: black, brown, blonde). They are the perfect troop builders to expand your COBRA army! These modern style/fully poseable 3 3/4" action figures will be polybagged and include: removable helmets, assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, figure stands and file cards. 2018 GIJCC: Final 12 - Sonic Fighters Cobra Viper Here is the mock-up figure preview of the upcoming Sonic Fighters: Cobra Viper from our "Final 12" carded figure collection. This series of paired team figures will be available for pre-order from the Club Store later this fall. Stay-tuned for more details and products to be revealed soon.
  7. Hasbro yesterday during their earnings call said they would be seeing a 12% drop in third-quarter sales due to in large part the closure of Toys R' Us. In response to this Hasbro will be laying off 10% of its 5,400 global workforce which is said to save the company somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million in annual costs. Hasbro is also having to re-examine how they send products out to retailers such as shipping out smaller quantities to more retailers than what they had become used to while dealing with Toys R' Us. This year Hasbro has added 10,000 new places to sell its products at. Despite that places like Amazon insist upon smaller quantities and selling through that inventory before they are willing to order more products, and places like Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens wait much closer to the holiday season before placing larger orders because they don't allocate the larger shelf space until late in the year since toys aren't the only things they sell. Toys R' Us would order holiday product months in advance in order to keep warehouses fully stocked for the holiday demand. Hasbro plans on opening a new warehouse in the Midwestern U.S. next year that they will share with some retailers in order to try and cut down on delivery times of their products. Hasbro's Chief Executive Brian Goldner said during the earnings call yesterday that they expect to continue feeling the effects of Toys R' Us closing for several more quarters. Source: WSJ
  8. erivera94 brings you his review of the Marvel Legends Vintage wave 2 Blue Wasp! Be sure to subscribe to his channel for more awesome toy reviews and content!
  9. According to WJAR NBC 10, a local Providence news station, Hasbro is looking to layoff some of their employees in the near future. While the exact number of people Hasbro plans to layoff is unknown at this time, in a statement Hasbro said it would only result in "a single digit percentage" job loss of their global workforce. The reason given for the pending layoffs is so they can continue to modernize their workforce for the future. "As part of Hasbro’s ongoing transformation we continue to make meaningful organizational changes. While some of these changes are difficult, we must ensure we have the right teams in place with the right capabilities to lead the company into the future. We continue to add new capabilities based on our understanding of the consumer and how our retailers are going to market, while evolving the way we organize our business across our Brand Blueprint." According to University of Rhode Island economics professor Leonard Lardaro, these will be permanent type job losses dealing with those who have job skills that are no longer in demand as Hasbro plans for the future of the business. “Those are permanent job losses,” he said. “People who have skills are out in the labor market and although they’re skilled at what they were doing, they might not have the right skills for what’s currently in demand.” . Hasbro's rival Mattel laid off 2,200 employees this past summer as the toy industry continues to deal with the loss of mega-toy retailer Toys R' Us.
  10. Newly announced today is a 6" Black Series Doctor Aphra. Also announced is 000 and BT-1 which are Aphra's Assassin Droids. 6" Clone Wars Rocket Trooper Gamestop with new triangle figure stand. More 6" prequel figures are in the works. Black Series General Kenobi is a Walgreens exclusive. Wethead Luke will be Target Exclusive. Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise with a wet head after being in the Trash Compactor in ANH. The Vintage Collection Haslab Jabba Sail Barge Package will show an image of the Barge hovering over the Sarlac Pit. 3.75" Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Crait announced from Last Jedi. 8 more to reveal this year which will all be Original Trilogy. More to come in 2019 as well. They are also re-releasing several older Vintage Collection figure (Han, Luke Leia, Vader and Boba Fett) overseas and at select etailers for those who may have missed out before. They are also going to be doing a Vintage Collection Rogue One Assault Tank Commander for Spring 2019. Vintage Collection Gamorrean Guard re-iessue will be a shared exclusive. More vehicles for Vintage Collection are coming. Another Haslab project for Star Wars down the road is a good bet. Not change on where the Haslab Sail Barge will be released outside the US but still working on those details.
  11. https://jediinsider.com/274-20119 Here's a look at the SYFY panel w/ Steve Evans (Design Director) and Patrick Schneider (Senior Global Brand Manager) from Hasbro, where they reveal the packaging for Black Series - Archive series, take a look at the Vintage Collection Rogue One Imperial Combat Assault Tank, they also reveal the Vintage Collection Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise) and Vintage Collection 41st Elite Corps Trooper
  12. Hasbro revealed at NYCC this week they will be releasing a Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 41st Elite Corps Figure 3.75" figure as an online etailer exclusive. The figure seems to incorporate one of the less popular Clone Trooper molds but does have a removable helment and weapon. Look for it to cost $12.99 and be available in the Spring. Check out images below.
  13. https://jediinsider.com/8-20112 Earlier this year, at SDCC, Hasbro announced they would rerelease some earlier, and harder to get, Black Series figures under the "Archive" banner; including Boba Fett, BossK, IG-88, Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot); now we have a look at the packaging, thanks to this image Steve from Hasbro shared on Instagram. (Click to see full image) They should be available by the end of the year.
  14. I just got word from JayC at New York Comic Con there is an embargo on the coverage of the newest Hasbro Star Wars reveals, they can not be posted until 6 pm ET today, so, please check back at that time for live coverage.
  15. Victoria's Cantina takes a look at the new Star Wars: The Black Series 6" Target Exclusive Bespin Leia figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure on the Target website now. UPC: 630509722785 (DPCI): 087-16-0133 Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  16. Take a first look at the new classic Archangel marvel legends action figure in this video review...
  17. Following an exciting Power Morphicon reveal of the three main Power Rangers Beast Morphers cast - Rorrie Travis (Red Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Yellow Ranger) and Jasmeet Baduwalia (Blue Ranger) - Hasbro is today unveiling additional, awesome new cast members from the series! See below for a list of the newly announced Beast Morphers cast, including their full names, character names and headshots, along with the previously announced cast info. The POWER RANGERS are going full on "beast mode" with its 26th season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, which releases on Nickelodeon in 2019. Featuring an all-new cast of heroes and villains, Beast Morphers will expand the POWER RANGERS universe with tactical leather suits, 'Beast Bot' sidekicks and elevated battle footage. POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS CAST DETAILS: Name: Abraham Rodriguez Character Name: Nate Name: Colby Strong Character Name: Blaze Name: Cosme Flores Character Name: Ben Name: Kristina Ho Character Name: Betty Name: Liana Ramirez Character Name: Roxy Name: Rorrie Travis Character: Red Ranger Name: Jacqueline Scislowski Character: Yellow Ranger Name: Jasmeet Baduwalia Character: Blue Ranger
  18. BigBadToyStore.com has up for pre-order the 3rd wave of new 3.75" Vintage Collection figures from Hasbro which includes: Range Trooper, Doctor Aphra, Captain Cassian Andor and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker from Last Jedi. Like with the first two waves it seems Hasbro is mixing new figures with ones recently released in the Walmart exclusive Black Series 3.75" line. With this wave Luke is a re-release and likely so is Andor.
  19. UPDATE: We reached out to Hasbro to see if this set would be made available to those in the United States. While they wouldn't give us a firm commitment at this time they would, they did indicate it was definitely possible: "The exclusive may be available at select online retailers later in the year after the conventions in certain markets, and may be available at HasbroToyShop.com in the US." Which honestly we take to mean they will be made available to folks here in the US in some capacity. We saw this leak out last week but now we have official images and detail to share with you for Hasbro's upcoming 6" Black Series Empire Strikes Back Hoth 2-Pack featuring Hoth Han Solo in brown coat and Hoth Princess Leia. This set will be released in the UK at various conventions taking place this year which include MCM Comic Con London (26-28 October, 2018), Comic Con Paris (26-28 October), Lucca Comics & Games in Italy (31 October-4 November), and Noris Force Con in Germany (21-23 September). While Hasbro has had a presence at some of these conventions before, well at least the MCM one, this marks the first time they have done an exclusive just for these overseas cons. The Han Solo pays tribute to the age old argument of whether Han's coat in the movie was blue or brown. Hasbro already did this figure with the blue coat when they released it with the Taun Taun. I believe this figure may also have an updated headsculpt using Hasbro's new photo-real technology though I have not done a side-by-side comparison to confirm that. This figure also incorporates a soft-good fur collar which was not present with the previous version. Missing however it would see is Han's hood. The Leia figure is the same as the one coming in the single pack later this year but at least for those going to the earlier conventions, this will likely be your first chance at the figure. The packaging for this set is what makes it the most unique depicting the hallway of the Hoth Rebel base where Han and Leia have one of their many squabbles during the movie. The set will cost £49.99. It is unknown at this time if Hasbro will make the set available at all to folks here in the United States. Check out the images below.
  20. Shown below are the official loose and package images for Hasbro's upcoming 6" Black Series figures of L3-37 and Vandor-1 (Val) from the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Val incorporates Hasbro's new face print technology so the faces culpt look very true to actress Thandie Newton who played the character in the movie. Check out the new images below in our GALLERY!
  21. http://jediinsider.com/news.php?itemid=20042&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Shown below are the official images for the new Star Wars product Hasbrorevealed today at the Fan Expo in Canada. For 6" Black Series we have Dryden Voss from the Solo: A Star Wars Story and for 3.75" Vintage Collection we have Captain Phasma.
  22. http://jediinsider.com/news.php?itemid=20040&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook We are bringing you coverage of the Hasbro Star Wars panel taking place at the 2018 Fan Expo Canada. We will be bringing you coverage of anything new announced at the panel as it happens so be sure to update your browser periodically over the course of the next hour. Thanks to TroyZ for helping us out with coverage of the event.On the panel today is Andrea Demacio, Designer Sam Smith and Steven Gilbert. This is the first time Hasbro has had a Star Wars panel at this convention.They are doing give-aways for some Comic Con exclusives.Now they are going over previously announced product like the Force FX Lightsabers. For 6" Black Series they recap the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story figures as well as the new Ezra and Chopper figures from Rebels. Ezra is said to incorporate a new type of neck joint.The new Captain Phasma which I believe is already out in Canada will use the Photoreal tech for her eyes that you can see through the cracked helmet.Now they are recapping the first wave of Black Series archive figures we saw back during SDCC. Luke which will have a new headsculpt using photoreal and the bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88.For Vintage Collection 3.75" they are recapping the recently announced Leia in bounty hunter disguise figure which will be out in 2019. Other figures include the Rogue One Stormtrooper, Darth Revan, Enfys Nest and Elite Praetorian Guard which saw release in the old Black Series line. Also shown are the Solo: A Star Wars Story Lando and Rogue One Deathstar Gunner.Now a brief history for Black Series is being given. They are talking about behind-the-scenes stuff for making the Black Series Last Jedi Luke Skywalker.Now for the new reveals...Dryden Voss for Black Series and Captain Phasma for Vintage Collection which is another figure that was done for the older Black Series 3.75" figures. Check out some images below. Some press images will be coming soon and possibly booth images if they put the figures out there.Now Q&A.Hasbro says they won't make a Rebels Ghost vehicle for 6" Black Series because it's to big. (How about agood 3.75" one then Hasbro )Black Series packaging will be staying the same.Vintage Collection Raven will only have one lightsaberNo announcements for and of the new cartoons to be made here.Panel over.
  23. https://jediinsider.com/245-20034 As you'll remember, the Hasbro reps said during their SDCC panel they would reveal more upcoming products over the course of three conventions. At the 2018 Unboxing Toy Convention, they revealed the Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Leia (Boushh Disguise) and Black Series 6" Han Solo in Imperial Gear; and next on the schedule is the Fan Expo Canada (August 30 - Sept. 2). Be sure to check back this weekend to see what is revealed. What do you hope to see? Add your comments below..
  24. Hasbro this weekend during the The Official Power Morphicon Convention in Anaheim, California revealed the White Ranger which is the first figure in their new 6" collector oriented line being called Power Rangers: The Lightning Collection. The figures in this line will be incorporating Hasbro's Photoreal digital face printing technology which we have seen them use recently with their 6" Star Wars: Black Series figrues. The White Ranger figure is based on Tommy Oliver's likeness which seems pretty dead on from what we see here. The figures in this line will start out costing $20 each and incorporate things like helmeted and un-helmeted heads, multiple pairs of hands and signature weapons like the White Ranger's Saba sword. Look for these figures to start hitting shelves in Spring 2019. Check out images for the Power Rangers 6" Lightning Collection White Ranger figure below.
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