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Found 962 results

  1. Today I take a look at G.I. Joe Classified Series Scarlett
  2. "Get out of my way, pest."
  3. Green vs. Red. Arm wrestling match.
  4. Back in February during Toy Fair, Hasbro released this pretty cool poster for their G.I. Joe Classified line. The poster is also featured prominently on the back of the packaging for the figures in the first wave. We know the poster features images of how the five characters released in the first wave look. Those characters being Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scralett, Roadblock and Destro. With that in mind, we figure it's a good bet that this poster also gives us a glimpse at future figures yet to be announced, and how they will look in the Classified line. Based on retail listings that have surfaced online, we have a good idea that the second wave will include 6 figures, 3 of which will be based on the upcoming Snake-Eyes movie, and 3 that will be non-movie. Other than Snake-Eyes, we really don't know what the other 2 movie figures will be, but for today we want to focus on the 3 non-movie figures in wave 2. Going back to Hasbro's poster, not only did it show the 5 figures in wave 1, it so happens to show three additional characters in the forefront. Those three characters include Cobra Commander, Baroness and Gung-Ho. Now this is just pure speculation on my part, but if I was a betting man, I would say those will be the three non-movie figures released in wave 2. So lets take a closer look at those characters from the poster so that we might get an idea of how their figures will look. First we have Gung-Ho. Overall he seems to be staying true to his original look. The biggest difference here is that he has decided to start wearing a shirt underneath his vest. I guess he got tired of being mistaken as a member of the Village People. The colors on his vest seemed to be toned down as well. We can't see his lower body, but my guess is he will feature some type of camo pattern pants. He also seems to be sporting some type of weird wrist gauntlet on his right arm. I wonder if the Marine Corps symbol that he used to prominently display on his chest as a tattoo will now be featured on the back of his vest? Next up is Baroness. Looking ravishing as ever in this poster with her long black air and glasses. Overall this look seems to be pretty much in keeping with here original toy look. The only real difference I can make out is, she now seems to sport cobra-like shoulder pads with gold trim. It will be interesting to see how that translates into action figure form. Finally we have Cobra Commander. This is the one I am most eagerly anticipating. From the poster it looks like Hasbro is going to start out with the battle helmet look, though it would be awesome if they also included an alternate hooded headsculpt. The blue helmet itself is a bit modified from the original version. The sides of the helmet now come down the side of his face, but he does still have the iconic silver faceplate. It looks like there also might be some type of added sculpting on the sides. Snake scales maybe with some gold trim on the bottom. He has the Cobra symbol displayed nicely on his chest like with the original, and this version seems to be sporting a cape which is a nice touch. The right shoulder may also have some type of epaulettes on it to help distinguish him as Cobra's leader. Besides the 8 main characters featured on the poster, there a few other noticeable troop-builder type characters featured in the background for Cobra as well as multiple iconic vehicles for both sides. It's hard to say whether these were included just for looks, or if these are more hints by Hasbro of future things we might see for the line. I found it strange Hasbro choose to include the Cobra Alley Viper on here. Out of all the different variation of Cobra soldiers they could have chosen, the gaudy orange troops seems like an odd choice. If this is a clue for a future figure, it looks like they will be keeping their overall same basic look and design, including the large shields they are known to carry. The helmets have been modified, and in fact I think look much better than the original design. The Red Ninja is another odd choice to me, though I guess you can never go wrong with Ninja's. These guys also have nice updated looks over the original versions. The outfits look more armored and less pajama like. Makes you wonder what kind of updates they might have in store for Storm Shadow when they get around to making him, which you know they will sooner or later. As for the vehicles featured in the poster, I don't think there is much chance these will show up in the 6" Classified line, but you never know. Anyway we will take a quick look at them For Cobra, we have the classic H.I.S.S. Tank which looks just like it did in the 80's. If G.I. Joe was ever given the Haslab treatment, I could see them doing a 6" scale H.I.S.S. with driver. The Cobra Fang Helicopter is also represented, and also looks very much like the original 80's version. This is one I think Hasbro could pull off if they ever decided to give us 6" scale vehicles. Also note pilots have been included. The Cobra Night Raven jet while awesome I think would be way to big for a 6" scale line. Would love to see a 6" Strato-Viper figure though. The Cobra Rattler is another awesome vehicle, but also I think two big to be practical for a 6" scale line. A Wild Weasel figure would be cool though. The Cobra Trouble Bubble, like the Fang I think would work nicely for this line. This poster seems to have also given them actual pilots which would be kinda cool to see in figure form. On the G.I. Joe side of things we have the Dragonfly and S.H.A.R.C. Both of which don't seem terribly likely for a 6" line. At best I would say that maybe one day we will get a Wild Bill and Deep Six figure in 6" scale. Both the Skystriker and Conquest X-30 are represented on the poster, neither of which I see getting vehicles for this line. I am not even sure how much demand there would be for an Ace and Slip-Stream figure??? The tank shown here I think is supposed to be the MOBAT, along with the Bridge Layer and Sky Hawk. Out of these three vehicles, only the Sky Hawk I think would be doable in a 6" scale line. I could see them doing a 6" Steeler figure, more so than Tollbooth. Here we see the G.I. Joe Wolverine and H.A.V.O.C.. Neither vehicle seems terribly doable for a 6" line, but Cover Girl is is a figure I think we could definitely see at some point. Not sure how well a Cross Country figure would work in this day an age. I also have know idea why they have a Cobra Firebat jet with the Joes. Shown here seems to be some modified version of the VAMP Mark II jeep as well as the Armadillo Tank. Both are vehicles I think could work in 6" scale, especially the tank. If we ever get a Clutch figure, I wonder if he will have the green or beige colors on? This looks to be the Mauler tank. Can't see the tank happening due to size, but wold be cool to see a Heavy Metal figure. Finally we have what I think is either a modified VAMP Mark I or perhaps the newer Desert Striker jeep. The second vehicle I am totally unfamiliar with. Looks like some type of tank with a weird missile launching canopy that pops up in the back. If this is based on an actual Joe vehicle, it must be one of the more obscure ones developed later on in the line.
  5. Thanks to a listing found on the Amazon UK website, it looks like Hasbro is launching a new My Little Pony crossover line with other Hasbro based properties. The pony figures are listed at 4.5" and the Amazon listing gives our first look at the My Little Pony Ghostbusters themed figure. While not shown, other figures listed include Transformers My Little Prime and Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony. There is also a boxset featuring the Ponies as Dungeon and Dragons characters.
  6. A recent open letter sent to Hasbro by our friend over at Bossk’s Bounty has sparked a bit of debate amongst those in the Star Wars action figure collecting community. In their letter, they express concerns over the future of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection line. They seem to worry that Hasbro will eventually completely phase out the highly articulated small scale figures. I don’t think there is any denying that the toy collecting landscape has changed over the years as collectors seem to have shifted their focus to the larger scale 6” and 7” figures. Because of this, we have seen many companies including Hasbro change their focus as well. According to Bossk, Hasbro will produce only 12 Star Wars Vintage Collection figures split into four waves (plus two reissue fan channel waves) this year. Within those 12 figures, three are repacks leaving only nine new figures for the year. I haven’t personally fact checked these numbers, but they sound about right. Star Wars fans aren’t the only ones to see this change happen. For Marvel, the once popular 3.75” Marvel Universe line is all but gone in favor of the larger 6” Marvel Legends. Hasbro also brought G.I. Joe back to shelves after a several year hiatus, but not in the original 3 3/4” scale. Now G.I. Joe is getting the 6” treatment in keeping with Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, and Ghostbuster Plasma figures. Are you noticing a trend? While Star Wars fans who still want 3.75” figures have been feeling left behind, Star Wars is one of the few lines left at mass market still seeing any kind of real love in the smaller scale. So why the shift from smaller scales to larger ones? The biggest reason generally cited is cost. Most detailed and articulated figures done in the 3.75” scale retail in the neighborhood of $12-$15 a piece. A 6” figure of the same caliber, which is considered to have more poseability to it, costs only $5 more at $20 a pop. The thinking being, people feel they are getting more for their money with the larger scale figure. Because of this, the big box retailers like Walmart and Target seemingly want to carry the larger scale figures over the smaller ones. I don’t know about your local store, but at my Target, they have only stocked the first wave of VC figures which included Snoke. That wave sat on shelves for two years. The Walmart near me isn’t much better. They seem to stock only one or two cases per wave for the Vintage Collection. While they do seem to eventually sell out for the most part, one or two cases isn’t really a lot of figures for a retailer like Walmart. My guess is that if Walmart ordered a substantial number of cases for each wave, they would end up with a lot more in the way of peg warmers. In the past, one of the biggest proponents for doing smaller scale figures was making vehicles and playlets to go along with them. That is no longer the case — once again due to costs. The price of most detailed vehicles (even at the smaller scale) are so expensive these days that many people no longer purchase them or wait for them to go on discount. Look at the recent Vintage Collection Tie Fighter that started retailing for $79.99. It’s now selling at BBTS for a discounted price of $34.99. Go to Amazon, and you will see the Imperial Tank which was a brand new vehicle that Hasbro made for the Rogue One movie a few years ago. It originally retailed for $79.99 and is now selling for only $29.95. While discounts are great for the consumer, they are usually an indication of merchandise that has not sold terribly well. Now I did some checking with a few smaller online retailers who sell Star Wars. While they tell me that overall the larger 6” Black Series figures sell better, they are still seeing decent demand for the smaller Vintage Collection ones. Which is good. I’m just not sure it’s good enough to justify Hasbro putting the effort into the smaller scale figures that some collectors want to see. Some fan sites over the last 2 week have tried to start a social media campaign asking folks to use the hashtag #BackTVC to show Hasbro how much demand there is for the Vintage Collection line. Honestly, I think this will do more harm than good. It would be one thing if there was enough people out there using the #Hashtag to actually get it trending on social media, but as I type this I see the hashtag on only a little over 800 posts on Instagram. I don’t think that is going to be a terribly impressive number to change anyone’s mind. The fact is, the only real symbol that will convince anyone they are wrong, is the $ sign. If you really want to get Hasbro’s attention, you likely will need to speak with your wallets and not your keyboards.
  7. Hasbro today released a video announcing a new 6" Power Rangers: Lightning Collection 2-pack that will feature figures of Rita And Lord Zedd. This is to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. This set will be offered as a Gamestop exclusive and is available for pre-order now.
  8. Hasbro has revealed a number of new exclusive Power Rangers: Lightning Collection products coming to HasbroPulse and Walmart stores. Check out images for all of these below in our GALLERY. Also the highly-anticipated 28th season of Power Rangers has been revealed, titled Power Rangers Dino Fury! The series is adapted from Sentai’s Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and is set to premiere in 2021! Here’s the synopsis: For the new products look for the following: POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN ZORDON AND ALPHA 5 2-PACK (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: 8/10/2020) IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From the BEAST MORPHERS back to the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, the POWER RANGERS have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro. Imagine all the action of POWER RANGERS with toys from Hasbro! The LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN ZORDON AND ALPHA 5 2-PACK features premium painted details and design inspired by MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, with ZORDON as mentor of the original POWER RANGERS and ALPHA 5 as his loyal robotic sidekick. The 2-PACK comes with an ALPHA 5 figure with multiple points of articulation for high poseability and a ZORDON figure with light effects for play or display. Press the button on the base of the ZORDON figure to light up the pillar and display ZORDON’s floating head! GO GO POWER RANGERS! Look for more collectibles in the LIGHTNING COLLECTION. Each sold separately. Available for pre-order on WALMART.com POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER MORPHER (Ages 18 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available: 8/10/2020) If you’ve ever clasped your belt buckle, yelled “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” at a group of your friends, and dreamed of changing from a teenager (or adult, we don’t judge) with attitude into a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, this POWER MORPHER is for you! The POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER MORPHER is inspired by the first Morpher in the history of POWER RANGERS and let’s fans and collectors cosplay, display, or imagine to their heart’s content. With premium deco on the Morpher and display stand, an included belt buckle for clipping to costumes — or whatever you like — and 5 diecast Power Coins, each of which unlocks lights, sounds, and phrases inspired by one of the original POWER RANGERS, the options aren’t limitless, but they are morphinominal. Swap out the Power Coins to unlock sounds and light up the Morpher with colors inspired by each of the original POWER RANGERS: MASTODON, PTERODACTYL, TRICERATOPS, SABERTOOTH TIGER, and TYRANNOSAURUS. GO GO POWER RANGERS! Look for more collectibles in the LIGHTNING COLLECTION. Each sold separately. Available for pre-order on WALMART.com POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN PUTTY PATROLLERS 2-PACK (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: 8/10/2020) IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From the BEAST MORPHERS back to the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, the POWER RANGERS have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro. Imagine all the action of POWER RANGERS with toys from Hasbro! The POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN PUTTY PATROLLERS 2-PACK has premium painted details and design inspired by the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS series. Minions of RITA REPULSA, the PUTTY PATROLLERS are molded by Finster and given life by Rita’s wand. This 2-pack includes swappable hands and blast effect accessories. GO GO POWER RANGERS! Look for more collectibles in the LIGHTNING COLLECTION. Each sold separately. Available for pre-order on HasbroPulse.com POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION IN SPACE PSYCHO GREEN RANGER FIGURE (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99 /Available: 7/15/2020) IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From the BEAST MORPHERS back to the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, the POWER RANGERS have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro. This 6-inch LIGHTNING COLLECTION PSYCHO GREEN RANGER FIGURE features premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show, over 20 points of articulation for high poseability, the Psycho Dagger accessory, blast effect piece, and an extra pair of hands for more ways to play or display. GO GO POWER RANGERS! Look for more collectibles in the LIGHTNING COLLECTION. Each sold separately. Available for pre-order on HasbroPulse.com
  9. Hi Marvelites! Conan the Barbarian appears in the Wild Land, unaware of the so lively environment that will be found there ... Enjoy and please stay safe! If you want to see more of my videos, here you will find them: www.youtube.com/channel/UCkLcXE1VbyFhbHDUcnbTyNg?
  10. photo by Camics member: Trinidad Arvin Join Camics for Free Printable dioramas Fb link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/632583844206770/?ref=share FREE FREE FREE DIORAMAS
  11. The guys over at Yakface have done some digging and discovered news listings on the Walmart website indicating a 3rd wave of 6" Black Series figures featured on Vintage Kenner Empire Strikes Back cardbacks is in the works from Hasbro. Of course until Hasbro finally gets around to confirming this, we will treat this as rumor. The figures they found listed include the following: - Snowtrooper - Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) - We assume the same one coming in the recently announced 2-Pack with Yoda - Chewbacca - Boba Fett - Darth Vader So unlike wave 2 which saw new figures being released such as the Rebel Snowtrooper and Snowspeeder Outfit Luke (Those figures will see release in the regular Black Series as well), these all appear to be simple re-issues on the Kenner-like cardbacks. These are not listed as Walmart exclusives, so they should end up being released everywhere like the first two waves. Wave 1 and 2 are hitting shelves now. We will update this story as more details become available.
  12. photos by @larcschmidt Come Join Camics for free printable dioramas Fb link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/632583844206770/?ref=share
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