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  1. In recent years, with the change of consumer groups, "Special Forces (G.I. Joe)" as the representative of the 3.75-inch military movable figures are declining, no longer favored by manufacturers. Whether it is nostalgic players or newcomers to the pit, either chase the old goods, or jump into the endless pit of reproduction. But in the last two years, a new choice has emerged, that is, from Hong Kong's Acid Rain War (Acid Rain). Acid Rain War is a science fiction military series under the Hong Kong toy brand ORI TOY, which was founded in 2009, as stated on the official website: "Every piece of toy should be taken out from its box". Their philosophy is to make toys that everyone can play with, not a "collection" that will never be taken out of the box. More and more "toy fans" to "octagonal tip" as the highest criterion, the original product toys hope that players find the original intention of playing toys for fun. Kit Lau, a Hong Kong illustrator and toy designer, was once the art and creative director of Hong Kong Animation Studio, and has since left to create a number of well-known three-dimensional books such as "Hong Kong Bounce" and "China Bounce". One day, Kit Lau talked about the concept of Acid Rain War with a former colleague of the animation studio, who had left to establish ORI TOY, and the more we talked, the more we got to know each other and collaborated on the series. In the world of Acid Rain War, the Allies in World War II did not achieve victory in 1945, the German army developed the atomic bomb and dropped it on the Allies, both sides suffered the ravages of war, unable to continue. As nations weakened, they disintegrated and formed small independent states around large corporations, still fighting over the few resources left. The massive use of chemical and biological weapons has allowed the environment to deteriorate, and the world has finally entered the Acid Rain Era. This post-apocalyptic style of the wasteland style, over the years with the influence of related films and games, has a growing number of fans. The current acid rain war product line contains old painted movable figures and deformable mech toys, product ratio of 1:18, roughly in the 4-inch, with 3.75-inch special forces almost no difference, the vehicle can also match each other, for the special forces veterans greatly expanded playability. In line with the "acid rain" world view, the product places great emphasis on the presentation of old effects to make it more responsive to the feeling of the war environment at the time. In the background setting of the Acid Rain War, Omanga, who suffered from nuclear radiation and expanded abroad, Gafia, who adopted a policy of appeasement and gave away its border areas, Agurts, an agricultural country struggling to survive, and the earth ghosts wandering in the desert, all have countless stories to tell. Acid Rain War's movable figures bring high movability with the help of multiple joints, and combine the characteristics and advantages of 3A, Masked Fighter (M.A.S.K.), Special Forces and Transformers, so they are widely welcomed in the 3.75" player community, and the above-standard paint job has attracted many new players who are stepping into this field for the first time. Since the design "team" of Acid Rain War is actually only Liu Sijie, the speed of new product launch is quite slow, and each product requires several months or even a year of production cycle. Even with the help of ORI TOY, there was a long queue of samples waiting for mass production. And Liu Sijie is quite a serious person, he is not willing to repaint a vector repeatedly to maximize profits, but also want to have a corresponding setting and story behind each toy, must be perfect. But it seems that this is good news for the wallet... Acid Rain War wants limited products to be more than just limited for the sake of being limited, so they will be given as reasonable a background as possible. For example, the blue limited edition engineering robot, it is a robotics company can not receive enough government orders, so the military robot unarmed and sold to other countries, this one is designed and painted in accordance with the engineering purposes and sold to Japan. Crossover is a hot topic in the toy industry, and when it comes to the person he wants to work with most, Liu chose Miyazaki Hayao, although he mocks himself for being a bit whimsical now, but who knows what will happen in the future. At least the limited edition of the Ghost Seven mecha made specifically for the mainland exhibition is also considered a "crossover". Someone has been asking the designer of Acid Rain War, Liu Sijie, "Why are these vehicles deformable?" Or "Why is the driver's head exposed?" This is a toy, a little imagination, okay? Everything is possible, just have fun.
  2. I have custom made costumes for them with some skeleton elements
  3. My new toy B.O.Y.S. Let me introduce its Story background: The AI review system originally developed to assist in court affairs, MAMA, due to its efficient operation, has turned court staff into only a symbolic supervision of the trial process. In order to hear cases more efficiently and avoid favoritism, the government connected MAMA to the space quantum computer, and delegated the judicial decisions of the 28th District to MAMA. This measure achieved remarkable results within 6 months, but the excessively fast trial speed began to be out of touch with the execution of the judgment. The government decided to try to cooperate with the UD6 security company to start a new round of trials: put 500 AI adjudicator BOYS- Using the battle body loaded with Hiroshi's battle data and connecting it to the MAMA is equivalent to adding 500 pairs of eyes to the MAMA. The biggest difference between AI adjudicator BOYS and human detectives is that when a crime occurs, the joint evidence search mode is automatically turned on. Through the rapid comparison of MAMA, if the evidence is conclusive and does not need to be reviewed, it can be judged on the spot and executed. With the enrichment of the MAMA database, AI adjudicators can handle more and more types of cases and their powers are getting bigger and bigger, which has aroused the concern of human detectives.
  4. Good day, Hope you check out my review of the Bonebreaker BAF Thank you @Outsiders
  5. Hi everyone this is Goku my new 3d printed 1/12 articulated action figure from(Dragon Ball) i made the 3d model from scratch and then 3d print it, for coloring i use acrylic colors
  6. Anyone a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho ? If so with the Nendoroid No.1221 Yusuke Urameshi coming up later this year do you believe by the 4th quarter of this year we can finally see some Yu Yu Hakusho Figmas from GoodSmile Max factory also includes sprit gun and shotgun effects... Yu Yu Hakusho is my all time favorite anime would love to get some good ARTICULATED Figures
  7. These days, there seems to be a "National day" celebration for anything: National Spaghetti day on January 4th, Star Wars day on May the 4th (be with you), International "Talk like a pirate" day on September 19th,... But what if there was a day for us, toy collectors? Every year, on March 4th, we will celebrate "Take your Action Figure to work" day, a celebration started by Randall Ham a few years ago, which deserves a lot more attention! This morning, while checking our favorite calendar, we noticed that it was today, so we brought a figure along at work with us. Just like with the 'pocket figs' craze, there are no official rules to "Take your Action Figure to Work day", but obvioulsy, if you bring something big, like a Haslab Sentinel to work today, you might not be able to get a lot of work done... That thing will take up all the space on your desk! For the many of us working from home that already have a ton of figures on their desk while working, no need to do anything different, carry on! If you want to participate, you can post a picture of your action figure with you at work on social media using #AFWD2022. Let's make it a huge thing! More news at 11:00... with an action figure on our desk!