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  1. ive got a few rap songs ive made there suppose to be funny im not any way a rapper The First Rap is about Nintendo
  2. I have no idea when I got it I was really young and a lot of the TFs I have are my Brothers so my mom Probally got it for him
  3. I cant belive after all these years I just relized this
  4. Does anyone have any info on this toy I know there was a mistake made and they painted CliffJumper Yellow I think I just relized that I had a BumbleJumper toy all this time and just thought it was a Bumblebee Is it worth anything(I would never sell it but was just curious)
  5. I hope they do I would love a 2 disc special edition GI Joe Movie just like the Transformers Movie got I doubt it though because Sony was suppose to re-release the Transformers Seasons but I think they stopped there animation DVD company(Not 100% sure)
  6. I love the Music from the movie Dare to be Stupid is probally my Favorite All the songs fit the movie perfectly
  7. What is it there saying in the season 3 intro Is it Bots or are they evern saying a word
  8. No in all seriousness I couldnt stand that girl But i didnt care that they changed the colors of the transformers What they should have done is give the Transformers different names instead of Names based off of old Transformers There was no need for Ratchet to be called Ratchet why not call him Twister or Cyborg(2 Random names I just thought of) if hes not gonna be anything like how Ratchet was
  9. I think it made Rodimus Interesting because he wasnt the leader that Prime was Its probally like how Prime was when he first became the Leader I think i didnt like the 3rd season because all the Cars were futuristic but in the first 2 seasons they were based off of real cars
  10. I remeber them being diverse Like Iron hide was a mini Van Bumble bee was an old bug Prowl was a cop And Prime was just a normal Truck not A brand New Shiny Truck With Bright Flames(Wouldnt people notice 6 Brand new Cars all next to each other
  11. A couple of the Figures look like the cartoons Guys like SideSwipe and Jazz look like the cartoon Now Iron Hide is another story
  12. yea i havent posted in the Transformers section in a while I think the story they could have told could have been epic they should have made the movie start out on Cybertron Kinda like how Terminator starts out in the Futrure I just thought it was stupid that all the Autobots are Big Shiny Bright Colered Trucks and Sports Cars I know its based off a kids line but the movie should have been taken more seriously without any of the stupid Optimus Stepping on stuff and acting like a goof I think the 86 movie Is more Adult then this movie which is sad
  13. What did everyone think of the movie I was really Disapointed with the writing in the movie There were to many Human Characters(Did we really need Bernie Mac and Anthony Anderson) I thought all the jokes Sucked The Action was Good but the Camera was too shacky and zoomed in There was way too much cramed into the movie The movie should have been about Sam and the AutoBots We didnt need to know What the Militarys point of view was We certainly did not need any of those Computer Hackers in the Movie(I couldnt stand that Australian girl(Anyone that hot cant be that smart,its like when Denise Richards played a Scientist) John Voights Character was another Pointless Character The main thing I didnt like about it was that the movie is Called Transformers and yet they get the least amount of Screen Time Im hoping the sequal will be a lot better since they already introduced all the characters it can have more action(Like X-Men 2) Im not hating on Michael Bay because I think this is the perfect movie for him(BIG EXPLOSIONS) The last thing I have to say about this movie Arent the Transformers suppose to be Robots in Disguise Well Isnt anyone gonna notice 5 Brand New Shiny GMC Trucks with Autobot Symbols all over them They should have been beat down cars like the way Bumblebee was in the Begining Well thats the end of my Rant im sure a lot will disagree but this is just my opinion and im sure you guys have your own opinion
  14. I never liked any of the New TF Toys from the movie In fact I didnt even like the movie that much(But thats for another time) It would have been cool If Sideswipe could have been Red(It seems like everyone is Silver in this Movie)
  15. The Man who Voiced Starscream(and a couple of other Transformers including WheelJack which I just Found out) Does anyone have any Info on him Ive looked at his Wikipedia Page and he was an Interesting guy He died way to young and Theres some Mystery Surrounding his Death Ive always wish they filmed the Voice Actors doing there roles Imaging wathcing an old G1 Episode with a Split Screen and you watch the Episode on the top and the Voice Actors on the Bottom I wish they talked about him more on the Transformers Movie DVD
  16. I dont know what my Favborite Eoisode would be but some of my favorites are Anything with the DinoBots(Especially the first 2 seasons I hated how they made Grimlock a Joke in Season 3) Anything with SkyFire(I always wanted a Skyfire Figure) Obviously the 3 part Pilot another cool one is when you find out about Omega Supremes begining
  17. Does Reminator,Clam34,and Mandaolorian30 still Post on this site? I havent been on as much as I used to Im usually in the Wrestling Message board
  18. Ive Recently have been getting back into Transformers and was wondering how many TF Conventions there are gonna be in 2009(Because it is the 25th anniversery) I remeber Botcon changed its name to The Official Transformers collectors Convention but I thnk I remember it changed back to BOTCON Is Botcon really the only TF Convention there is I live in NY and wanted to know if there was anything coming near there
  19. Whats everyones Opinion on the Movie I love it even though it kills off all of my Favorites Everything about the movie rocks From the music to the Artwork and Voice Acting Its taken a lot more serious then the show and introduced some really cool characters(Wheelie im not talking about you) I love the Special Edition DVD that came out a few years ago and wish they had more Extras on it(even though there was a lot) My 2 Favorite Characters intorduced in the movie are Ultra Magnus and Springer(he had the coolest lines in the movie)
  20. Did you guys like the 3rd season I couldnt really get into it It has a completly different feeling to it Although a few Episodes are good like the return of Optimus Prime
  21. Every now and then ill watch a bunch of Episodes and look at all my old figures What are some of your guys favortie episodes And when do you think the show was at its best For me I really love the 1st Season of the show Also the Movie is one of my all time faovrites
  22. I remember going to all my friends Birthday partys to arcades This one arcade called OUR PLACE had everyting from Pacman to Mortal Kombat to TMNT I had 4 B-Days in a row there Then there was the Legendary Nunleys people probally have heard about its famous Carosel. They had the greatest Mini-Golf COurses and one of the most diveres Arcades with games from every decade. There were also local pizza places that would have the NInja Turtles Game I really miss those Theres still a nathans near me that has some old games like jurassic park they used to have a great arcade back in the day I have so many more memories of other places like the local roller derby they had the Simpsons game and Mortal Komabt and then right nex to that was Fun STation USA which had the biggest arcade out of all of them and bumber cars but now all the games there are 2$ and are from recent times
  23. I was thinking about saving up for a TMNT arcade machine but i would think it would probally break eventually i mean it would have to be atleast 15 years old. I wish they made updated machines i would buy it in a heart beat. A couple of months ago I went to a local arcade and there wasnt one old school video game except a hockey machine and a skiball machine.I almost cried I miss the old days and id give anything to play the old simpsons arcade game TMNT Mortal Kombat ect Where the hell are all these games did they get destroyed or something
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