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  1. $75.00??? If you're looking to get another Ehobby Astrotrain good luck. You'll be dropping minimum of $300.00 if not more for one now. @firedevil@
  2. Can't really think of any offhand, but it p*$$#$ me off when the shipping is way too high! I found a RM Skywarp and Thundercracker on Ebay for $10.00..........but the shipping from Hong Kong was 34.00!!!! Thats bullcrap! I know the shipping is not that much because I've seen other sellers have shipping as low as 10.00.......
  3. Just thought I'd post this cute little story that happened to me the other day. So I just moved to Las Vegas with my family about a month ago, and my little 5 year old cousin always wants to see my Transformers. Anywhoo so they finally came over the other day and I showed him Soundblaster from the TFC line. He looks at it and says, "Wow this guy transforms into a t.v.!" "Cool! He comes with a dog too!" (Referring to Ravage) My uncle looks at him and says, "No thats a tape recorder." My cousin just looks at him as if he's speaking Chinese. Granted I know a 5 year old doesn't know what a tape is, but thats one of the first times it hit me hard that those toys are really old. Especially to young kids. @loll@ It also means I'm getting older and outdated everyday. Sigh. @grumpy@ Oh yeah my cousin also asks me why I have so many of the old ones, and not a lot of the ones he has. (Cybertron) Anywyas, just thought I'd share and see if anyone else here has any related stories. #US1#
  4. I like it. They should have made it a darker blue, and maybe without the flame, but still neat. The flame looks okay but kinda out of place, ya know?
  5. I have all of those reissues, and enjoy taking them out every once in a while. I have the Takara version of Tracks which seems to actually be of great quality. I guess the Hasbro version is slightly lower if the hood was cracked, not sure. I also have Jazz and Prowl Takara style, and both again are great, but Jazz's back windows are too loose. My only real complaint. I also have Hasbro Grapple and Inferno and the Takara Inferno also. I can say that Inferno is cool, but neither version really has any bulk to him. Also both versions pf Inferno as well as Grapple, all have the fists which appear to be kinda loose. I think this was intentional, so the hand can be posed. They appear to be locked in, but can also rotate. I'm almost positive that all versions have had this ever since they toys first came out, but can't gurantee it. Red Alert meanwhile, was one of my favorite Hasbro editions. The toy has a great bulk to it, and real diecast feel. I thought it was put together rather well, and is one of the best reissues so far. You must have gotten a bad piece, thats all. The thing you have to remember is that all original TF's are quite fragile, and you have to be gentle when dealing with them. I've broken some in my day too. @loll@ Anyways, great review and pics. I hope you enjoy your reissues as I have, and you may want to think about picking up more. I personally recommend the Hasbro seeker jets as well as Takara Soundwave, Sideswipe, and Stepper. Just a few of my personal faves. #US1# #US1# #US1#
  6. Okay this thing has spread to two boards already so I finally decided to reply. First off, I'm sorry about your loss. I know I'd be mad if that happened to me and everyone was being rude. Yes, it was an insane thing to do, but I think you should all get off the guys nuts about it already. On a side note, what LiquidMetal said is true. If you want to wash an all plastic toy, you can put it in the bathtub. Last year I found a bunch of my old plastic dinosaurs and animals, along with some Battle Beasts and other junk in my basement. They were kinda rank smelling and dusty, so I ran a little water in the tub, put in some shampoo to create a bubbly lather,a nd let em soak for about 20 minutes in very lukewarm water. Then I drained and rinsed them off. Nothing peeled, cracked, warped or got ruined, but they all came out smelling sweet and looking clean! I would only recommend this with all plastic toys, and with no decals or antyhing. If done right it should work well.
  7. From a vintage, retro, novelty stance it looks interesting. However they really should have made them look more like the toon versions, I mean Wheelie looks a bit creepy.....
  8. OneTrueBlue


    Dangit! I hope they at least keep up with the reissues. That means at that pace we will probably only get 2 or 3 more bookstyle reissues after kup and Wheelie.
  9. Dangit! I hope they at least keep up with the reissues. That means at that pace we will probably only get 2 or 3 more bookstyle reissues after kup and Wheelie.
  10. Pretty sure its legit. I saw another post that had some pics from a Japanese mag, and the box was there. Frankly, I like the retro feel they gave it. #US1# #US1# #US1#
  11. Looks to be official. You prolly saw the early pics some stores put out of the G1 seekers next to a RM box.
  12. #US1# #US1# #US1# Found this over at Tformers.com They also has this to say: Pics can be seen HERE Sweetness!!!!!!! #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# So whats everyones thoughts?
  13. Basically Doom Saber, Prowl was injured in a warehouse otr maybe a plane hangar? Can't recall, but his battle computer was down so he searched for an online PC, and connected with Chips. Chip basically controlled his movements via his home computer. Kinda neat when you think about it, because who was actually aware of what they were talking about in 84? Not many. So onto the BT story. Did they make Prowl that way because he is still dead in that reality ala TF the movie?
  14. Yeah I ordered a Robotmasters Starscream from them about 4 months ago. They were the only place that still had any in stock or so I thought. They had him listed in stock, but after waiting two weeks I called to see whats up, and they told me they were out but were getting more in. Anywhoo, it took almost a month to get my items, but it did ship fast once they got it in. They need better communication with the customer, but other than that no complaints.
  15. I totally agree. Hasbro makes it appear like they are too damn lazy to put in any effort sometimes. Like the reissues. Takara goes all balls out to produce authentic G1 reissues with little extras and such. Hasbro can't even add a freakin trading card in English! The firing and weapons length fiasco aside, they could at least disable the launchers on all the toys, paint the weapons chrome where applicable, and maybe make the boxes sturdier and possibly a few extras like cards or something. When Hasbro adds nothing, but yet expects people to pay the same amount as an import (which is actually TRU's fault) they just look like they don't care.
  16. Oh yeah I also got a MOSC Skyfall and G1 Scrapper both on perfect cards for 10.00 each. This was off a now defunct auction site about 5 years ago.
  17. Hmm. Well about 3 years ago I got a case fresh MISB reissue Ginra for about $30.00 shipped. About 4 years ago I got an awesome MISB G1 Kup for $30.00 at a comic shop. This thing was perfect! I sold it awile later for $50.00. Ah well. Also just recently got a bunch of Hasbro reissues off Ebay for around $10.00 each after shipping.
  18. Well no big surprise for me. I kinda figured it would be him. Glad I pre-ordered two sets, I like the toys more and more!
  19. Dion as Magnus? Interesting. I always thought Dion became Ironhide for some reason. This episode is actually one of the few I remember in great detail when I saw it as a kid. Back then I always thought it was Ironhide who became Dion, never really thought about Magnus.
  20. He looks pretty cool. I must say that I like the dark color and the greenish tinted windows. I say buy him!
  21. Dagnabbit! Ah well, I think I'm still gonna open him.
  22. Just got back from TRU with Alt Shockblast and Silverstreak and had a quick question. Does Shockblasts arm light up? I was just wondering because I'm thinking about opening him up.
  23. Honestly, I was thinking Dion a few days back. It seems like the most sense, but you really never know. Takara could just make him a generic or new character.
  24. Dude that is so cool! Did that guy give you any money?
  25. Must admit that price is a bit outrageous, but BBTS is on the more expensive end. Still I expected it to be more expensive though.
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