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  1. Just thought I'd post my Transformers haul for this month since I haven't bought any for quite a while and I decided to brag. @smilepunch@ A few days ago I got in my big package with 2 TFC Perceptors, 2 TFC Kup and Wheelie, 2 Orion Pax and 2 Star Convoys. A couple weeks ago I bought a set of the new Micromaster Trainbots. I just now opened up one of my Kups and Perceptors and I gotta say that both toys are excellent and even Wheelie isn't that bad. As a bonus Perceptor really works as a microscope too! He really works! I've known for years that he was supposed to be a working microscope, but since I never had one before I never had a chance to see for myself. Well I tried him out and used his ID card he comes with as a test, and it actually works better than I thought! I just got a kick outta that. I'm still trying to decide if I wanna open one of my Star Convoys and orions yet. Well anyways, I don't get to brag about too many things so I thought I'd share. Feel free to post whatever and tell everyone your thoughts of these toys. #US1#
  2. Hell yeah I remember Children's Palace! I also loved to go to Kiddie City which is where I bought my Silverbolt, Ultra Magnus and Kickback figs. It almost makes me cry to think that all those cool stores are gone. I'd trade my whole toy collection to just walk into one of those stores as a 5 year old again. #US1#
  3. $3.88 for TMNT at WalMart? Wish I had one in my town back then. I bought my TMNT from Ames so maybe thats why. @loll@ Anyways back on track, Leonardo does bring up some valid points let that be known. However, the G1 molds have also already paid for themselves, and they still charge a high amount compared to what they were years ago. Why? Because of our good friend infaltion not to mention the cost of repairing a few etc. Now I'm sure you may be able to find the reissue going for a bit less if you look, and especially if its not that popular. Judging by the reaction it's got so far I'd say that may be likely. However, at the end of the day it all depends on what you really want to buy. If you feel like he's too much, then by all means pass. I was just trying to get you to see why Takara and of course online stores would be charging that for him. #US1#
  4. Dude. Ninja Turtles for $3.00? Where were you shopping that you got all these great deals? I remember buying a few TMNT back in the day myself and paying $6.00 each for them. Anyways back on subject, the original Laser Primes are not just 10-20 more. You saw the auctions I assume, they were 40.00 more total at the cheapest. Also don't forget that this is even more of a deal now that I think about it because Laser prime had electronics, while Scourge did not. So at the same price as Scourge or rather Black Convoy when he first came out in Japan, this reissue doesn't seem so bad. Plus Takara may throw in extras.
  5. Not to sound rude, but you remember wrong. First off, Scourge was 29.99 and you couldn't have got him at WalMart......he was a Toys R Us exclusive. I know because thats where I bought him, and I remember him being exclusive to them. I guess it just boils down to what toys you like and what you wanna spend. In a perfect world I would just hop on my reissue Thundercracker and fly to Takara HQ's in Japan. Omce there I would ask them for a free Reissue Laser Prime which they would be happy to give me. But...this is not a perfect world, so if you want one you better pony up the dough. If you don't, then simply don't buy one. #US1#
  6. Figure in the magic word of economics as well-inflation. 50 to 60 dollars for Laser Prime, given he's being imported from Japan, after factoring in inflation and the cost of importing him, sounds more or less right for the price of the figure. And I'm pretty sure that the figure was more than 20 dollars at retail. Exactly. Plus as I stated the original is way too expensive to even compare with the reissue. Besides the repainted Black Convoy was about 60.00 when it first came out in Japan and that was like five years ago. The reissue is the same price roughly and it is of a much rarer figure. So I think 50 or 60 is about right for Laser Prime.
  7. Actually most stores I saw are charging between 50 and 60 bones for one. The first auction is 70, but the dude is charging 25 for shipping. You have to figure in total cost of each purchase. So when you do that the reissue basically is way cheaper. Plus you have one MISB if you want.
  8. I ran across some original G2 Laser Primes on Ebay. Makes you appreciate the price of this reissue more. I thought the price was just a tad high, but seeing how much an original goes for I will now for sure be buying this one. Here they are: Prime 1 Prime 2 Prime 3
  9. Yeah whats up? When did KB get him in? I haven't heard anything about this until 5 minutes ago.
  10. Ah its cool. I think I know how he's supposed to go. On aside note I had no idea how similar the original version and the U.S. version are. Aside from a few stickers practically identical!
  11. Well I see where the hole goes, but I'm not sure how to get him underneath the black chest piece.
  12. I just got my loose Universe Defensor (Six Turbo) today and I have a question......where in the blue heck does groove go? I had to put him together by using various pics off the net because he doesn't have any instructions, and well Groove is not so obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. #US1#
  13. I think this is a neat idea, but I hope its not released in the TFC series. I think it would fair better as a stand alone ala Predaking. Reason being I still want my darn Sunstreaker!!!! Anywhoo, I'll be getting him because the mold rocks, and if the sword lights up like the original, I'm gonna cream in my pants. @loll@
  14. OneTrueBlue


    Congrats synch. I'm getting my SC's in soon too. I ordered two of them so I can open one and not feel guilty. @loll@ Actually I have quite a haul coming in with 2 Perceptors, 2 Kup and Wheelies, 2 orion Pax sets and of course 2 Star Convoys. #US1# By the way Madman, if I were you I'd buy Predaking now. I bought one when he first came out and the set is just gorgeous! I was thinking of getting a second set to keep MISB and noticed his price has dropped at most stores. Get him now before he sells out man! #US1#
  15. Holy shizzle!!! Looks like I have another item to add to my Want List.
  16. Yeah I always wondered about the similarities in robot form from Cybertron to Earth. They could have made them different, but oh well. When I first read the article I thought he came across as a little conceited. Then I thought that if I had designed most of the characters,a nd was explaining that to someone, I would probably sound the same. I mean he could be a bit more modest, but really how could you explain all that and not sound like a braggard just a wee bit? It could just be the way he talks too. I know people like that who sound sarcastic or rude when they talk, but its just the way they actually talk. I'm not saying the guy can't be an arse, but maybe its just how he sounds.
  17. #WTF# C'mon man, stick to the originals.... :angry: I disagree. I think Twincast should be reissued and reissued right away at that. Hopefully instead of waiting almost a year, EHobby will just release him as an exclusive in the original package or something. I know he is actually a remold and not a straight repaint, but I think it would be cooler if they did it like that. Just because he is not a character in the US toon doesn't make him any less cool or important. After al the TFC line is being produced by a Japanese company so a Japanese character would actually make sense. #US1# Don't tell me you bought that $100 dolla brick too.... LOL! Actually I did pre-order him.....2 to be exact! @loll@ Only I'm paying $69.00 each not $100.00 plus. #US1# Still waiting for him to come in, but I feel he was worth it. Heck, I paid close to that for the original G1 Reissue Ultra Magnus when he came out years ago and he's basically a brick also. Its not about posability with these particular toys, its all about cool toys that I had when I was younger or wanted but never got. In Star Convoys case its about getting a really cool, super rare Japanese toy for a reasonable price. Thats why I hope Takara releases more like Artfire, Twincast, the Breastforce and maybe Sky Garry or Star Sabre. #US1#
  18. #WTF# C'mon man, stick to the originals.... :angry: I disagree. I think Twincast should be reissued and reissued right away at that. Hopefully instead of waiting almost a year, EHobby will just release him as an exclusive in the original package or something. I know he is actually a remold and not a straight repaint, but I think it would be cooler if they did it like that. Just because he is not a character in the US toon doesn't make him any less cool or important. After al the TFC line is being produced by a Japanese company so a Japanese character would actually make sense. #US1#
  19. Yeah my KB has that sale too. Not much of a "sale" but I did snag all of the train micros. Whoo Hoo!!! Now I just need the other two sets......
  20. 150-200?!? Sweet #$%^&*@ ass crackers!!! I thought the set was expensive when it was like $60.00. Nice set but for that price they can take a flying leap!
  21. Actually Steeljaw's mostly plastic. Ironically his feet are metal I think, so maybe they should have called him Leadfoot! LOL!
  22. I work here My daily job is very, very slow.. so I am either here or working out at our gym.... & at home, if I don't play xbox/ps2, then i'm here too.... TNI revolves around me... Thanks man, no biggie.... Yeah thats OB1. He comes with the furniture! @loll@ J/K
  23. Excellent news as always from Takara. I will be getting two of these, especially now that Steeljaw is involved. I just hope he's not too pricey here considering he is all plastic. Although Steeljaw has some diecast so who knows. Anyways great choice Takara! We're getting closer at finishing off the first two series.
  24. Well I don't have a long or fancy story to tell, just the truth I suppose. In all honesty, I have never even seen a Meister at any store ever. I have limited funds and only have two Alternators, Shockblast and Smokescreen. Because I recently moved with my family to another state, I have a very limited amount of money. What I do have is going to pay bills and outstanding balances, so I can't really afford to pay $50.00 on Ebay for one. This figure is one I've wanted for quite a while, but because I waited to buy it, it has now skyrocketed in price. Well thats about it. Nothing fancy, nothing long, but its all true.
  25. I never even heard of the place until I read this thread. Turns out there are like 4 or 5 within 16 miles of me. I went to two yesterday only about 4.5 miles apart and snagged Rodimus Prime and Ricochet for 7.99 each! #US1# Thanks for the heads up man! #US1# #US1# #US1#
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