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  1. I hope so. I wouldn't mind picking up a few extras. Someone mentioned on another board that these might be reissues with classic packaging. Neat! I figured out the prices and they will be around $42.00 for the Convoy and Megs, $38.00 for SW and $25.00 for Screamer.




    Your #'s are off...they're actually $55, $55, $50 and $35 or $180 if you buy all 4.



    I used that online currency converter and thats what they rounded to. Anyways I believe those figures are for the Japanese retail prices, so over here they would be a bit more. Anyways, point is they fall right into the same price bracket as they reissues do, so heres to hoping! Hopefully that Hong Kong source is accurate and not just pulling your middle leg. LOL! I would loves me a Wheeljack. #US1#

  2. 84.99 for an opened, basically ruined version of reissue Megatron? Kiss my butt BBTS. Glad I still have my first edition, unaltered reissue Meggy. Got him for only 60.00 shipped too. Sorry but I had to brag....mainly because he's the only thing worth bragging about. LOL! J/K. Seriously though that is a bit steep.

  3. I've seen tape knock-offs before but never in these colors. Steeljaw is actually really close to his G1 colors. Very cool! Wish I could find some of these and those knock-off dino bots too. On a side note Gaz, you shouldn't be rude to someone who really doesn't collect TF's. He probably doesn't know too much about them and he was happy to show us a really cool collection. Why be rude about it? Ok I'm done.

  4. Here are some links to help you out. Ricochet is the US release of Stepper. Same toy, but different size weapons and new box. I have both toys and would recommend them to anyone.








    Also it is worth noting that the original 1987 release of Stepper only came with the Targetmaster and extension, but not the missles or the original Jazz gun. The 2004 reissues, both American and Japanese, included these as "extras" with Japan getting the chromed ones and the U.S. getting solid black plastic. Hope that helps!

  5. Just thinking about all the combiner teams in G1 after re-watching "Call of the Primitives" earlier today. It got me thinking about which individual team members were the most developed by the writers. So I pose this question to the fandom, "Which individual G1 combiner team member was the most developed in the toon? Who had the most appearances, lines, action, whatever? I'm keeping this limited to only actual combiner teams, no Dinobots or Insecticons since those groups were all pretty well featured. Also only individual team members count, not the actual gestault character. Also only the ones who appeared in the American cartoon since I haven't yet watched all of the Japanese episodes yet. So I guess out of the Arielbots, Protectobots, Technobots, Constructicons, Stunticons, Combaticons, Predacons and Terrorcons. My overall choice would have to be Scrapper. He seemed to have the most lines out of any Constructicon and appeared in all 4 seasons. Onslaught might be a close second. Whats your choice?

  6. I had Roadbuster as a kid, and loved him! He came with quite a bit of parts and was armed to the teeth. Was one of my faves. Whirl looks great in vehicle mode, but his robot mode is a little iffy. Not bad just a little less desirable than RB. Both great toys in my opinion, just from what I have seen of Whirl online, he looks cool.

  7. I like the idea of a re-release, particularily since I never saw him at retail where I lived. By the time I stopped waiting the ones on Ebay were going back up to 70 or 80 bones. Anywhoo, everyone seems to be diastracted by his paint apps, but nobody has wagered a guess as to what the phrases will be. I think a few will be:



    "Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost."


    "One shall stand, one shall fall."


    "Ready the shuttle for launch."


    Aside from those, not sure. Maybe "Ironhide report security staus." I don't know. Anyone else got any guesses?

  8. Thanks for the help guys. I also saw an Ebay auction and the seller stated it is a double door. Neat! My question is why didn't they release him with two tapes like SB, and the normal colors to boot? Unless this means......dare I say........that maybe Takara is planning to release a tape set with the remaining originals?! Oh I can dream......

  9. This is for anyone who owns or has seen the new EHobby Twincast reissue. Does Twincast come with a double tape door ala Soundblaster, or is he merely a repainted Blaster? I asked this question a few months back, but nobody knew for sure. #US1#

  10. Hey guys. Been out of internet access for a couple weeks so I'm behind on news. So has Takara announced the next reissue after Blaster yet? I read some time ago that they would announce it at the end of April. Any news or rumors at all? #US1#

  11. Yeah the G1 leader back on top, smell the funk, he's one fool you can't stop. Damn Hasbro, we all all told you once, Prime is a semi not a pickup, you corporate toy dunce! Err...sorry just feelin' the rap spirit from Liquid Metal! @loll@ Seriously, he looks good, but kinda small. Still may pick him up though because he's Prime, baby! #US1#

  12. Yeah I feel the same way.....Star Convoy is the shizznitt! I have been aware and researching Japan only TF's for about 6 years now. I remember when I first saw pictures of Soundblaster, Twincast, Stepper and Artfire. I almost soiled myself! Same thing with Star Convoy and others. I always wanted them, but since they were too rare and expensive I never thought I'd actually own any of them, so I never tried to buy them. Just looked at pictures on the net and tried to learn as much as I could about them. The thing that really got me excited about SC was the little Hot Rod! I thought that was the neatest thing! Then a few years ago takara began reissuing some of the Japan bots. First God Ginra. When he first came out I thought he was too expensive so I waited. Glad I did because I got him for 30.00 shipped! Best 30 bones I ever spent! I knew people who had Powermaster Prime back in the day, but I thought he was kinda cheap, not terrible but not that cool. I knew the Japanese version was different so I was excited to get him, and when I opened him I got even more excited! Its amazing what a little diecast, extra attention to detail and goodies can make to a figure. This is how Powermaster Prime should have been! The two toys are identical in shape and form, but completely diferent in content!


    The same rush happened when I got Soundblaster, Stepper, Star Convoy and now Twincast is on the way! I think Japanese exclusives are well wortth the money to buy and make great additions to any collection! Not saying that all the toys are great, there are some duds, but people should really have a more open mind when considering these toys. Thats why I don't understand that, "If it ain't in the American cartoon it ain't cool" crap. Thats just a very ignorant way of thinking. You may not like the way the japanese handled the story, but you can still buy some of the toys to add to your other figures. If you want to buy toys that only appeared in the American cartoon thats fine, but don't say that another character is stupid because you don't know who they are or you don't understand. If its a cool toy buy it, and add it to your family of American toys. You'll be glad you did! I myself usually only buy the toys I really think look neat and don't pay too much attention to how they came off in the cartoon, though if I like both incarnations of a character that does add to the thrill!

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