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  1. I'm really very excited about it! The face is great, the colors are spot on and the parts used are pretty much what everyone everywhere have been using for their customs. I will admit, if I have even the slightest 'complaint' it's that the "Buzzer" torso is a bit wrong, with it's pineapple grenades and shoulderpad. "Lt. Stone" might've been better, with Mainframe's webgear... but that's a not even a complaint, just a 'might have been' idea. I love this figure, and will certainly be getting him! : ) Tom
  2. I like the clear ones too, DJ - I think they look great... but the black is so classic and meshes with my pre-existing stands... oh, the terrible burden of choices. v__v;; You are correct about the pegs! There are four on each stand - I use them to accomodate figures with particularly large/heavy backpacks or weapons so I don't lose space on the shelf OOOR in the case of the clear ones, I can put them in an action pose and bury the stand in the snow, sand, dirt or water and no one's the wiser! ; ) Tom
  3. I wanted to make a "Lean On Me" or "Stand By Me" joke, but it just didn't work. XD Anyhoo, I don't know if you guys have seen them yet, but Smalljoes.com recently released their own version of figure stands for the Modern Era figures. I can only speak for myself when I say 95-99% of my RAH figures are perched atop Smalljoes figure stands, so I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw their Modern Era version on my shelves. I am something of a pro when it comes to figure stands - I bought the clear, circular Protech ones, the Marauder Gun-Runners interchangable stands and of course the various versions of the Hasbro edition. But they all sort of lack an element vital to the concept of 'display'. They're functional, but all designed in a peculiar or unappealing way. Circular stands waste space and are small, Marauder figures are not aesthetically pleasing by themselves, and the Hasbro stands... well, Hasbro, am I right? I like the black Smalljoes stands for that very reason I stated above - the glassy finish of the black stands are a bit more display oriented than anything else available. For anyone interested, they're just slightly bigger than the retail stands... but they also lack the raised/embossed 'GI JOE' or 'COBRA' logo that force figures to stand at a higher plane, causing a loss of balance, resulting in an awkward pose or lean, possibly tipping themselves over. Take a look for yourselves! Tom
  4. This is my desktop background. : D Perfect shot, Hammer! Tom
  5. I have to say, while I like the character designs (Yes, you read that right) I certainly dislike the storyline. GI Joe is on the run... from Cobra? How do they rearm? Resupply? Collect logistical data and operational intel? Even if Cobra has set them up, they are still doing a very un-Joe thing by running away. I loathe to cite the Marvel comics as an example, but didn't Spirit and Mutt stand trial for their actions at Millville, even though they were entirely in the right and they (we) knew it? The idea of Joes on the run from the law... I don't know, it seems dishonorable in a way. Certainly undignified. I would HOPE that the "Renegades" concept would only last for the season premiere 'feature' (compilation of two/three/four or so episodes, as is typical of western animation) where - in the end - Cobra is revealed for what it truly is. But the SERIES is CALLED "Renegades" ... so are they always going to be on the lamb? What, are they driving their HAVOCs, Sky Hawks, Rolling Thunders and FLAGGs with fake lisense plates? It's kind of peculiar. The only saving grace is that the writing team is really strong, taking from alot of great American and Canadian authors. It should at least be enjoyable to watch, even if you're still grinding your teeth the whole time over the concept. Tom
  6. If it counts for anything, SDCC Slaughter had it. The next Snake Eyes, Cobra Shock Trooper/Viper, and Shadow Tracker have it. I THINK Lowlight's arms are the same as the Jungle Viper, so he probably has it, too (much too lazy to look up pics to confirm - my apologies, DJ ; D )Those are the only ones I know for sure. Tom
  7. Hey Pun - don't think I got away with murder or anything! I ordered a bunch on-line (HTS had them up until maybe two or three months ago) and picked up whatever I could find at retail. I knew from the second I saw them I wanted them to be my new 'Trooper' class figure for my overall Joe-verse. Vipers fill a role too, but I just like the look of these guys. As close to 'modern terrorist' as Cobra can get without losing anything, you ask me. And I half-agree with you about the Jungle Viper's armaments - on one hand, I like a sniper having his main long-range rifle and a pistol, since it fits with what we know about snipers (they're not meant to be close enough where they have to mow down dudes with a machinegun) but in this Pursuit of Cobra era of weapons of top of weapons ON TO OF WEAPONS, I would have accepted a submachine gun if they threw it in. ; ) But as far as I'm concerned, the Jungle Viper is meant to be - above all - quiet. before another gun, I would've prefered he come with a knife, for night-stalking. (swish-swish stab!) Tom
  8. SS - I really find it difficult to complain about this figure - it's truly a piece of art, if you ask me. BUT If I HAD to find flaws in it just so you don't go and buy it and come back saying I didn't mention THIS or THAT? ; ) The backpack does is slightly loose in his back. It fits well, but due to the large, awkward size of his camo-shunts, it can easily be pulled out or turned clockwise. This may in fact be a blessing, because as soon as all this soft, flexible plastic dries up, it'll make broken thumbs and crotches look like they were made of concrete. But with this problem, all it takes to fix that is a slight flex of your fingers, putting it back where it was. XD It MIGHT be my figure, but the lower knees are extremely loose. Not in the regular, human range of motion sense, but they wobble out to the sides a bit. I've seen some whiners whine about his kneepads falling off... but since they're not MEANT TO, I imagine this is one of those cases where gluing them on isn't a crime against the collection. Tom
  9. And just for fun - some extra, non-Jungle-Viper related stuff: "You should all have been issued your new 'shoot-me-here' goggles, yes?" "The Serpent is leaving the Nest - conduct final pre-flight checks time now - we will be on the airfield shortly"
  10. Look who was waiting at Target for me! The Jungle Viper (who -as far as I'm concerned - will fill a Night-Viper role in this grand Modern Era of ours) is easily one of the best figures they've whipped up. His gear is ultra-realistic - I'm talking pouches, heavy-duty shoulderstraps and the MOLLE system on his thighs. But, of course, his "15 Minutes Into The Future" camo gear is out of this world. I was sure it wouldn't work quite right, but I was wrong - it's awesome. His helmet scope-goggles seem a tad bit overkill, but in some ways, I love overkill. I'm a child of the Eco-Warriors generation, what can I say? Cool though he is, this guy is a Cobra and doesn't make his money by selling flowers and kittens to unwed mothers. He's a bad guy, and thus gets what's coming to him - it'll teach him to put his trust in a couple of Cobra troopers to watch his back! The best army builders POC/ROC had to offer! Man - I didn't realize the red/black theme ROC/POC had until today! Tom
  11. You're like a GI Joe Wiseman. XD That makes perfect sense. Tom
  12. Oh! My bad, then! XD I don't spend alot of time on the forums anymore, and I admit in my old age I'm far less combative then I used to be - so I tend to try to make ammends if my fat mouth gets me in hot water, instead of just sticking with it because I don't want to look stupid heh! One-hundred and ten percent! : ) But I should clarify on my part that I just meant being ungrateful towards the Club irked me. Hasbro, well... if they found out Mighty Mugs GI Joes were more popular than the Modern Era GI Joes, it's all we'd get! XD They're unpredictable and aren't working 'for us'. But with the Club, I KNOW there is a thoughtful process that goes into choosing what we get as exclusives, so to hear people act like the Club robbed them of some GREAT OPPORTUNITY (every time) when in fact they're presenting them with the only chance they'll have to own the item or character in question... I mean, it's ##$%$#ed. For those folks who go to the conventions and attend the Club panels, they'll know these people aren't Hasbro running dogs, just using whatever they can get willy-nilly. Hasbro has officially destroyed the bulk of their RAH molds - the only reason ANY were kept was because the Club asked for specific ones - by name in many cases, because the Chinese didn't know what they had. Don't get me wrong - I still haven't forgiven Hasbro for Duke arms and the CONSTANT use of Snow Job's body as ANYONE THEY PLEASE! Hah! Tom PS - For the record, if I didn't already OWN a Botcon Thundercracker, I'd probably be mad about that one, if only a liiittle! XD
  13. You know Dan, it's funny - I'm usually one of those people who go "Another God Damned Duke?! Snake Eyes?? Seriously? Forget these guys." But you know what? I end up with almost all of them every time. I can't explain it! I don't think I ever consider 'will this put Hasbro out of business' or 'will this hurt the line' when I buy a figure... but there IS some overriding desire to "catch 'em all." Completism? Not having the figures I wanted as a baby? Who knows, all I know is there's a ROC Desert Ambush Duke, POC Duke (Jungle Attack) and soon to be POC Duke II (Missile System) in plain view in my room. I don't know if I'm the problem, but I DO know I HAVE a problem. XD Tom PS - Hey Dake - sorry if the 'shouting' offended you, as evidenced by your rolling-eyes emoticon. I just get tired of the same "I'll wait for Hasbro's version"/"Why does the CLUB have to TAKE AWAY our CHANCE to own a popular figure!" It's just ungrateful, and it grates on me. So, I'm sorry if I grated on you. : )
  14. Ooh, I see your meaning now, Don. Absolutely true! I forgot who I was talking to for a second. ; ) Tom
  15. You mean like the Wave 14 Red Star and Scrap Iron? Or the Nano-BAT? I guess it's okay to complain about those... I mean, if you HAVE to complain? XD And Dan! That's AWESOME! I'll send you a message on ye ole' Facebooke tonight after my class is over! : ) Tom
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