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  1. The Wal Mart I went to last night had figures for $3 still and I managed to snag a Dr Henry Jones for that price. I think they actually restocked the pegs because these figures, of which there were a lot of, weren't there days ago. It's probably that they had some extra stock in the back, but I keep hoping to find the TOD wave for $3 each.
  2. joenubb

    DCUC Wave 6

    Tonight I found the whole set plus variants at Wal Mart. Hawkman is so bad@$$!
  3. Here's a few shots of the original X-Men boxed set Toy Biz put out in 1997. Now let's see what else you guys got! Drag those old figures out of storage and let's see them!
  4. Pass, but I do like Duke and all the accessories.
  5. I like all four of them. Tunnel Rat's face looks unique, I'll give it that, but I don't think it looks bad. Storm Shadow looks pretty sweet. I'm usually not a fan of anything non-classic, but he looks cool and I like the colors. I also like how Hasbro made Dice's mask and accessories, maybe we'll see he and Slice soon. Destro looks different, but I don't hate it. I don't love it, but he looks okay. Shockwave(blast) looks awesome! I love all the accessories he comes with, and that gas mask looks so cool! I can't wait to find these in stores.
  6. Oh man, what a crazy story. So in all the years since have you ever caught up with this person or found out where he is or anything?
  7. I used to have Ahab too! I thought he was wicked cool, sort of a cybrorg pirate. I remember the storyline as well which crossed over X-Men and Fantastic Four Annuals back in the early nineties. Since comic superstar artist Art Adams drew some of the crossover I remember reading he did the design for the action figure too. It really looks like his work IMO.
  8. Yojoebro82: nice collection, very clean and concise. And there's only one other figure I could think to add, especially if you have Shatterstar and Cable as well, and that is the first Deadpool that came out with the X-Force line. He was a favorite of mine and definitely would fit right in on those shelves. Ares6009: Sorry to hear you lament selling your collection, I've suffered seller's remorse before, but you can always track them down again if you really want them back. The nice thing about buying up old Toy Biz figures is that you can usually find them at an inexpensive price, especially if you buy lots. Now let's see more everybody!
  9. Hey gang and happy new year! For Christmas I treated myself to some old school pre-Marvel Legend Toy Biz figures and wonder if anyone still actively collects them or maybe just has an old collection. I used to have a lot more but sold them in 2005 because ML was in full swing(or so I thought, obviously because Hasbro has the license now). Anyways having sold most of my ML's last year I find myself strangely pining for some of the older figures, some I used to have, some I wanted but never got. So this past Christmas I picked up some old figures for cheap off of Ebay, and I am loving them. Especially Cyclops and Dark Phoenix that were released as a two pack back in 1999, but I never saw them in comic shops(which is where they were exclusively distributed to). Here's some of my collection, now let's see yours! This last shot just shows the scale difference between the old and new Marvel figures.
  10. joenubb


    What's everybody so bent out of shape for? This is an obviously to get action figures on the shelves for an immensely popular movie. And just because some of us are able to find these figures on the pegs still doesn't mean all of us are. If there's nothing new about them and you already have them, then who cares?
  11. When I was a kid all my toys were crossed over with each other. My friends and I would pick teams of figures and go on missions and stuff. Gi Joe, Transformers, MASK, Battle Beasts, McDonald Happy Meal Toys, it was all good as far as I was concerned. Then in my twenties I would only display toys in their respective universes. Now early in my thirties I find myself crossing over once again. I've got Transformers, GI Joe, Air Raiders and Cops N Crooks figures all displayed together.
  12. I remember getting Flash, Grunt, and Rock N Roll for Christmas in 1982. I had gotten a Star Wars FX-7 figure as well; guess which toy didn't get a lot of play time. Grunt got flushed down the toilet, I'm not sure what happened to Flash, and Rock N Roll is still in my collection. to SnakeEyes 1975: awesome story man! Yo Joe and Merry Christmas!
  13. While I don't personally agree with every Hasbro property being kiddie-ized, I wouldn't go so far as to say these are peg warmers quite yet. I mean, they only came out a few weeks ago so who can tell whether or not they're gonna be sitting on the shelves. Time will tell.
  14. As a kid, besides Dial Tone, I loved characters that had removable helmets. Maverick, Charbroil, Blowtorch, Astro-Viper, Laser Viper, Secto Viper...whoever had a removable mask was good in my book. And my most used mode of transportation was the Cobra BUGG cause it could hold so many Joe's.
  15. As a kid I loved the Hydro Viper so much, partially because I didn't have any Eels, but more importantly, he just looked cool to me. I liked any GI Joe figure with a removable helmet, he had a creepy webbed hand, and looked like a monster of the deep or something. I hope Hasbro gets around to making this figure 25th style. The Iron Grenadiers led the charge for my favorite choice on Destro's side. The first and best in my opinion, although I really liked Undertow too. Geez, apparently I've got a thing for underwater troops. Lol!
  16. I never liked the JvC, but did enjoy the BTR version. The new wave 13 version looks good too, but haven't seen enough pics to be sure.
  17. Saw a lot of new product tonight at Wal Mart, still no new DVD packs, but I did find... Eel Flint (Cobra disguise) Scarlet (pilot) Zartan Matt Trakker and new comic packs: Hard Master/SE Beachhead/Mianframe Iron Grandier/Viper Deep Six/Rock N Roll CC/Gung Ho Lotsa new stuff for the holidays!
  18. I snagged a UBP Battle at the Sarlaac Pit last week as well as finding the new Xizor/Leia and Thrawn/Kaarde comic packs. Pretty sweet! Oh yeah, and I picked up the A-Wing last night, but may return it.
  19. I picked one up last night at the $62.99 price point. The Sarlaac is really cool especially under the flimsy plastic outer shell, but the price is just so darn expensive.
  20. I saw the Subterranean Armor the other day, but passed. I like how bulky he is though. Like the colors too.
  21. I'm in the middle of a similar debacle myself. I returned something back in mid October and still have yet to get a refund. I looked on the back of the invoice which has the return instructions printed, and it does state to wait twenty one days for the return and then up to two billing cycles for the refund to go back on a credit card. THREE MONTHS for a freakin' return, that's outrageous!
  22. I saw this one for the first time today and must say it's impressive. The thing is huge and crammed with toys. What kid wouldn't love getting this on Christmas morning?!
  23. Oh man, that is a crazy story! You at least got a Wraith though, right? And I, too am one month in already into making a return to Hasbro Toy Shop. Hasbro says that a sliver of their sales comes form online, now I know why. Because it takes an unGodly amount of time to make a simple return.
  24. Man o man, that Viper looks sharp! Baroness looks great. Storm Shadow looks cartoon accurate(or is that comic accurate) without sleeves, and CC and Zartan are okay. Even though there are some saving graces to this set I'll pass.
  25. I would compare Darth Vader to the comic version of Cobra Commander, but not the cartoon version. @smilepunch@
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