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  1. Thanks! I'm not sure where it came from either because it was a Target that I frequently hit up and it wasn't there days earlier. Maybe someone returned one and it went to clearance.
  2. I was at my local Target yesterday and snagged the Springer/Ratbat for $7.48!!! I can't afford not to get it! I also snagged the 25th anniversary Optimus Prime for $17.48 down from $69.99. This is awesome!
  3. Picked up the Shockwave/ Destro comic pack yesterday. Shockwave looks awesome!
  4. The packaging looks nice and all, but I'm not shellin' out $12 for repackaged figures that I already have...especially not for a peg warming Viper. Off topic: How come when I click on a topic on TNI, it doesn't show all posts like usual, it shows the original post and then all other posts are shown in outline form or something. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
  5. I too would love to see it and I must say, more than a few '91 figures updated in 25th style. Snow Serpent, BAT, Tracker, Desert Scorpion, and the list goes on...
  6. One of my favorite Joe's was from 1991, General Hawk with kick@$$ jet pack!
  7. There are some great collections on here, keep it up everybody! Here's a link to my old collection that I sold about a year ago (scroll about half way down the page): http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showt...amp;start=1075# While I indeed miss that collection and considered buying it back, I've decided to start collecting old school Marvel Toy Biz figures instead. There were quite a few figures that I remember wanting back in the late nineties, but never got mostly due to collecting Star Wars at the time. So Enjoy the pics of my new collection in the works.
  8. To DikTator32 and Psycho_JOhnny, thanks for the responses and no worries about taking to long or anything. BTW P.J. I don't have any of those figures, but good luck. And all the customs I see kick @$$ too! And since this thread has cooled down, I'll leave everybody with some new additions to my collection and from now on just post these pics under the "My Collection" thread.
  9. I really am looking forward to the Yavin pack especially for the non de-script technician and little vehicle. When are these due out? Any specific date or just sorta Spring time?
  10. ARROW- I am in complete agreement.
  11. I wouldn't say Toy Biz sucked. Their quality control wasn't as good as the big companies but some of my favorite most durable, sturdy, well crafted action figures are Toy Biz brand. And they still rock after all these years. This shouldn't be happening to Mattel though. They've been in the toy and action figure business for waaaay too long for them to begin having QC issues.
  12. Yes I opened them and they're awesome! I especially like Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Hulkbuster IM. I'm having some trouble getting one of Hydro Armor IM's shoulder pads to stay on so I may have to modify it. I really want a Dreadknight action figure though, he looks so cool!
  13. I remember having plenty of trouble with Toy Biz figures. From the nineties up until the LCBH line, they've always had QC issues. I always thought though because TB was a smaller company. I wouldn't and shouldn't expect it from a major company like Mattel. I've had some trouble with some of the DCU line, like I just exchanged Hawkman because the first one I got had his leg break off while trying to unstick the joints. The second one I got had no problems to it.
  14. I am still an avid watcher of the GI cartoon. I never watched a ton of episodes as a kid because I could never knew when they were on. Then in the late nineties I picked up some of the Rhino videos they released and then shortly thereafter, the full seasons DVDs. I have season 1 and 2, and always hesitated about season 3 but now regret it. However I do watch season 3 episodes on Youtube and have finally seen the three episode season four which introduces the Headmasters and Targetmasters. And I've even found old Japanese episodes after the US show ended. They're subtitled, but it's cool to see Pretenders animated!
  15. Just got these delivered from Ebay today. Got them all for less than $4 a figure too!
  16. Because the images that are out right now look horrible. They look no where near the quality of the 25th anniversary Joes or the SW line. Maybe they will get better, but it doesn't look good from the start. Hasbro's good at "getting better." The first wave of 25A Joes weren't nearly as high-quality as many of the figures we're getting now, and Star Wars has had about 13 years of refinement to get them to the point they're at now. That's exactly the point I was going to make. It usually takes them a few waves to hit their stride. I have a feeling I will buy a couple but down the road. I am not however going to start collecting these exclusively.
  17. With every new pic I see of MP Grimlock the more I must have him! I hope that Hasbro brings him over here and quick. Why is he going to be more than MP Megatron, who is bigger than Grimlock? He's about $30 more expensive.
  18. Hasbro should do a line based on their old 80's properties like Inhumanoids, Visionaries, Battle Beasts, Cops N Crooks, etc. However I wouldn't kick up a fuss if they did piggy back it with the Joe line. Hasbro could do it as a sub series like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat back in the 90's. My main interest would be just to get the figures out there, regardless of the outlet.
  19. Considering the way Hasbro packed their later waves, that's probably true. Actually from what I've been seeing for the last two weeks are a lot of the revised TLC cases, the one that included only Henry Jones, Young Indy and TLC Indy. I've been seeing a lot of those figures lately and this is after NOT seeing them weeks before and during Christmas time meaning that Wal-Marts were still receiving stock from the warehouse or had it in the back. I don't know, but I was hoping that some ToD cases would ship out. I've been seeing Henry Jones a lot at both Target and Toys R Us too, so I think Indy toys are still getting shipped.
  20. This comic pack looks awesome! Amanamins are personal favorite aliens of mine from the Star Wars universe and Sunber looks good too. I like the comic accurate colors and dirt deco. This storyline kicked @$$ too! If you guys haven't read it you definitely should.
  21. I haven't gotten any yet and was hoping that Wal Mart would have some stock hidden in the back that would put out at $3 per figure. That still hasn't happened.
  22. Yo Psycho Johnny, that is an awesome set up man! Where exactly is the collection located? From the pic, the room seems big and I see pool cues hanging on the wall. Is this a game room perhaps? Regardless, nice collection!
  23. I used to love that Weringo Spidey! That was my "go to" Spidey figure back then. Didn't he come out in the same wave as the Doc Ock and Jonah Jameson figures too in 1998?
  24. I'm thinking about doing that as well. I never collected the old Iron Man line, but lately I've been thinking about it. Just last night I won my first auction off of Ebay with Hydro Armor Iron Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man, MODOK, Crimson Dynamo, and Titanium Man. It looks like I've been bitten by the collecting bug again! They do fit pretty well with ML's and I figure since the original X-Men were teenagers it's okay that they're a little shorter. That sucks about Cyke's feet though.
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