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  1. Depending on your POV the Ewoks one could live without, I know the X-Wing pilots will have a lot of people excited, but my fave is the Sunber/Amanin pack. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this story ark when it came out. The art was sharp, the story was wicked cool and it had my favorite SW aliens in it: the headhunting Amanin.
  2. With all due respect I don't think my POV is full of holes. Yes, Marvel almost went bankrupt, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Like I said before, who knows if DC would have faced a similar situation if not bought up by Time Warner. I have heard of Smallville, and it's a good show, but we're not talking about live action, we were talking toons, of which both companies have plenty, and I will submit the win to DC in that front. BTAS and JLA are awesome cartoons, I'm not gonna dispute that. DC is an awesome company and I've probably been exposed to more DC as a kid (Super Friends/Powers) than Marvel. However since growing up my opinions have changed and I find Marvel has better characters in general. I enjoy some of the DCUC line, but know that after the classic characters are done I'll probably stop collecting. Marvel Legends are still awesome to this day.
  3. disregard this post and go to the one below...thank you.
  4. February has been a great month for Star Wars collectors! I went on a toy run today and snagged the three new Wal Mart comic packs (Sunber/Amanin, Ewoks, and Rogue Squadron), and found Borsk/Wedge comic pack at Wal Mart.
  5. Yeah, I gotta agree that $60 is an expensive price tag, it's almost double what a ship this size cost three or four years ago.
  6. Oh hell no IMO Marvel plays second fiddle to DC at least DC wasn't almost out of business afew years ago Actually Marvel has the lame ass characters The Avengers for one we know about maybe three then we see some idiots still dressed in there 1960's costumes and not even updated At least we know the JLA member There are more references to DC characters then any Marvel ones in pop culture hell even Supes has a song Hell make mine DC at least I can find DC toons on TV Thats my opinion I'm not going to debate it Well since you're not going to debate it then it doesn't matter what I say. @smilepunch@ No, but seriously Marvel is number one, it's as simple as that. They never went out of business, the stock split twice, making me enough money as a teenager to help buy my first car(thanks Marvel). Who's to say what would've happened to DC if they weren't gobbled up by the media giant Time Warner. And don't get me wrong, Marvel does have some horrible characters to boot (Starfox or Slapstick, anyone?), however DC has more of them. And I don't know how you could claim that DC has more pop culture references, the Superman song you refer to is Sunshine Superman by Donavan from the 1966, I'm not sure how pop culture that is. It WAS pop culture more than forty years ago, now it's just a cheesy song that some people recognize. As far as cartoons on TV, the new Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon has been released in Canada and has started to air here and kicks @$$, and Spider-Man has had a new cartoon start last year. Does DC even have a cartoon out right now? And I don't say that sarcastically...is JLU still on, I don't have cable. Or perhaps you reference the greatest super hero cartoon ever made: Krypto the Super Dog (now I am being sarcastic). It's great that we're all debating about our faves and why, however Marvel remains the better company. DCUC is a great toy line, Marvel Legends is just better.
  7. Yes it's a good looking figure, and it's nice when toy makers make a really nice figure out of a crap character, but I don't think they can keep it up forever. Regardless however because even though Killer Moth figure is a nice toy, he still looks like a pastel reject from back in the day. I certainly hope the DCUC continues, but they will never be as popular as Marvel Legends. Again, Killer Moth is a nice figure, but he sucks as a character. The only reason he was getting bought was because he was an exclusive with a BAF piece from a line that has reeeaaaal spotty distribution, meaning if ya don't get him now ya probably won't get him again. It doesn't matter that some people aren't Marvel fans, that's not the reason why DC won't pass Marvel. It's simply that Marvel has far better characters, costumes, artists, you name it. I'm not saying I don't like DC, nor would I deny that they're responsible for some of the great stories and characters of our lifetime, they're just not as popular as Marvel.
  8. Great topic Lady Jaye, I have a feeling this thread/debate will go for a long time. As for myself, I don't think DC has surpassed all other comic lines, most notably of course being Marvel Legends. Mattel is doing some great stuff and I can't wait to see more, but there's a reason they'll never be number one. The number one reason that DC Universe Classics will never surpass Marvel Legends is that DC will always play second fiddle to Marvel. Marvel has far more popular, likable, and cooler characters. I mean, we all saw the Killer Moth figure, right? I'm not sayin' I want Hasbro to make a Captain Ultra figure(another crappy character with a crappy costume), but DC has a lot more lame ass characters than Marvel. I do have a small collection of DCUC and will continue to collect my faves, but make mine Marvel!
  9. While nothing beats ML Juggs, this version is cool in his own right. I love the mask, it looks so cool and it's comic accurate too. There's an old Marvel Team Up issue from the eighties where Spidey and the X-Men team up to take on Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy. At one point Juggernaut's helmet is ripped off and he has this mask on underneath that he made to protect him from Phoenix's TK blast. And that's everyone's fun fact for the evening. I like Venom a lot too because his sculpt reminds me of the Toy Biz days. Tarantula is good, but waay too short. Between him and Juggernaut, I hope Hasbro isn't shifting to a 5" scale.
  10. After throwing in ANH after getting the new wave, it seems that the table included with Pons/Braniac is like the one Han and Chewie are sitting at when meeting with Obi-Wan and Luke. Check it out!
  11. AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I sit here and play with my sweet new German w/motorcycle, I was trying to adjust his feet to fit on the pedals better, and his freakin' foot broke off! F**K!!!!!!
  12. Wal Mart finally has the deluxe figures marked down from $7 to $3. I picked up German w/motorcycle, Cairo Thugs, Indy w/ Ark, and Indy w/horse.
  13. joenubb

    DCUC Wave 7

    Saw these for the first time today at Wal Mart. They had two Kid Flashs', Big Barda, The Flash (which I grabbed for myself), and a coupla Captain Colds'. They also had Batman and Green Lantern with stands. Flash looks sweet and has good paint too!
  14. Thanks, I agree that the line ended way to early. I was daydreaming the other day that Marvel Toys got the license for Accliam/Valiant characters and we got Rai, X-O, Solar, and the rest of my favorites. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
  15. The Cobra hummer with driver looks awesome!
  16. I made a toy run today to Wal Mart, K-Mart, Target, and a Toys R Us and saw the new Spider-Man wave at K-Mart and Toys R Us. I snagged Juggernaut and Venom days ago but saw Tarantula for the first time today at both stores. So it seems at least here in upstate NY, they are getting good distribution. Also this past weekend I saw the new Wolverine 3 3/4 inch figures at another Toys R Us but couldn't buy any because the lines were too long and I was pressed for time. I was hoping to see some at the TRU I went to today...oh well, next time my elusive adversary! Mwahahahaha!
  17. Vance Astro (I'm a big GOTG fan) Archangel Iron Man 2020 Grim Reaper (love the costume) Winter Soldier Those are my picks and I'm stickin' to 'em.
  18. I picked up wave 2 plus variants from Entertainment Earth for less than $50 a couple weeks back. They have the whole set on clearance so I suggest if you ever wanted series 2, now is the time to get it fairly inexpensively. Included was a Madman variant that I didn't even know Marvel Toys was making. EDIT:I just went on EE's website to double check the clearance sale, and the price is now $74.99. I guess the sale ended, but I'm glad I picked them up when I did.
  19. I wonder if this means that they won't be doing the 6 inch Spider Man line either.
  20. I posted these pics of wave 5 over on JediInsider forums, but I'll post it here too. I'm liking this new wave a lot more than I thought I was gonna.
  21. Found an unopened case of the new Legacy figures tonight at Wal Mart. I can't wait to tear open this Obi Wan Kenobi figure, he looks as good as everyone has always wanted. Great job Hasbro!
  22. Try getting some sticky tacky stuffand glob some of it in... Its not glue so you can just wash it or what not out if you ever decide you want too I should try tacky, thanks for the tip. It beats me trying to widen the hole with a drill or something.
  23. I was gonna post some pics of these after picking them up at Target tonight, but ya beat me to it. Darn you west coasters getting everything before us by a few weeks~lol! I didn't see Tarantula but they did have these two plus both blue and black versions of Spidey. I like Venom a lot more than I thought I would, he's very Toy Biz-y as far as the sculpt. Juggernaut is cool but could be bigger. However I love that he has the separate helmet on his head like in the old issue of Marvel Team Up with Spider-Man and the X-men vs Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy.
  24. I agree that it's nice that if someone gets caught doing something illegal/controversial like this that we can be adults and say 'Yes, I was totally the guy pulling bong hits' and let's move on. It's not really a big deal, especially for someone like him... kinda hard to say that smoking pot ruins your life when it's an Olympic athlete~lol! And I gotta say I would blaze one up with him too! @Smoke2@ P.S. I've always wanted to use this emoticon!
  25. Still $3 for singles, $7 for deluxe at my Wal Mart, $1.36 singles at Target. Haven't seen a significantly marked down Akator playset yet though.
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