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  1. Except for E.T. this is how I would do it.I do have a couple of Clone Wars DVD sitting in between AOTC and ROTS also.It is too bad they neve made Shadows of the Empire into a CGI movie I would of loved to had seen that Sci-Fi: I like the commitment. I do include Holiday Special cartoon, but have trouble suffering through Ewoks or Droids cartoons. Even having them playing in he background is tough! I can't remember he last time I saw either Ewok movie, or E.T. Chilhood, most likely (Mos Eisley). But I love your hardcoreness! Wheeljack: I too have my Clone Wars discs sitting between prequel episodes, and a CG SOTE would be awesome!!! C'mon Mr. Lucas, how 'bout it?! We could make it a straight to DVD movie.
  2. I watched it late when I got home from work last night, and am going to have to watch it again because my initial response was "it was ok". I did like seeing the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. Captain Ackbar was awesome of course! However I felt the story was lacking something. I don't know...I can't quite put my finger on it. Well I'm gonna go watch this thing again just to make sure.
  3. CT and YJB, both of your responses made me chuckle when I read them. If they were Facebook comments, I'd "like" them haha. Seriously though, I'm in agreement. 1-6, or just 4, 5, 6. Or you could go hardcore and watch Episodes 1,2, CLone Wars Micro series Vol 1 & 2, then Clone Wars Animated Seasons 1, 2, 3, plus last night's two parter, then Episode's 3-6.
  4. You should snap a pic with Ewoks all over it, as if it had been left from the Battle of Endor and has been over grown with vegetation through the years.
  5. From some comparison pics I've seen, the figures have better paint apps and are more articulated than the Saga version. The TRU in my town socked them, sold out, restocked, and then sold out again. Hopefully you get them when your TRU opens!
  6. Picked up Battle over Endor part 2 set tonight using the 20% coupon. It was the last day to use the coupon, and it was a toss up between that or the Republic Shuttle. Shuttle was a little too much though, maybe I'll ask for that for Christmas.
  7. I love the nod to the original Landspeeder, but I'm sticking with my 2002 Saga version. The Taun Taun looks great! I'm really looking forward to that one!
  8. George Lucas' constant tinkering has taken something away from these movies. People can say that it's no big deal, or it doesn't matter, but I think it does have a very real impact on the viewing experience. I'm not saying all of the changes are bad; pulling back to see more of Mos Eisley can provide a richer back drop for the story. However some of his changes detract from the emotional reaction of the film. Han shooting first and Vader's "Nooo" are perfect examples. They take away from their personalities which we've come to know over the years. They cause you to feel "x" when you used to feel "y". Why aren't we able to get the revised version and the original version?? I was on the fence about buying the Blu Ray, but after reading about the changes, I am deciding not to.
  9. Here's my list you guys: 1. Yak face 2. Ree Yees 3. Teebo 4. Toryn Farr 5. Ranat 6. Bespin Security Guard (moustache) 7. Nien Nunb 8. Weequay (vintage) 9. C'boath 10.Noghri C'mon Yak Face ol' buddy, don't let me down!
  10. I picked up the Kamino set a few weeks ago, but haven't taken hem out yet; I'll have to check on my ARC Trooper. I also picked up the shirtless Savage Opress wave the other day at Wal Mart, and Vintage Y-Wing at TRU using the 20% off coupon!
  11. Wow Lady Jaye, great topic! Like you, I read some GI Joe comics as a kid as well as Marvel's Star sub-line (Heathcliff, Top Dog, Ewoks). However I didn't start collecting until 1989 with Uncanny X-Men #242. Staying home sick from school one day my mom was running to the store and asked me if I wanted anything. Now in reading Star comics, there were always ads for other Marvel books featuring characters like the Spider-Man, Punisher, and the X-Men. Besides Spidey, I had no idea who these other guys were. They seemed so out of my league as a kid. The fact that these comics were numbered into the hundreds was so overwhelming for a twelve year old kid! However that day I made the leap and asked Mom to pick me up an X-Men comic. It didn't matter which one, any X-Men comic would have done. She came home with the copy of Uncanny #242, which was part of the Inferno crossover, and I was blown away. The cover featured nearly every member of both X-Men and X-Factor at the time, so it was an engaging image for a newbie like me. Flip to the first page of Wolverine and Jean Grey making out. Whaaaaat?! Again, as a twelve year old kid, I was blown away at the adult subject matter being depicted. The issue was great! I had no idea what was going on, but I loved every page. You had demons, super heroes, and half naked women all over the place...I loved it!! Marc Silvestri's pencils were perfect to capture the mood of the darker story line, and I was instantly hooked. Several years ago, I sold my collection of twenty long boxes, and besides a few key issues, #242 still is in my possession. Make Mine Marvel!
  12. TTTOOOYYY FFFAAAIIIRRR!!! I can't freakin' wait! I love this time of year! I'm most looking forward to new Star Wars, especially the AT-AT, anything to do with Marvel Legends, and new DCUC stuff. Oh and I hope we get a Stinkor figure this year!
  13. Saw two more full waves of 10 tonight at Wal Mart in Saratoga, NY. One was hanging on the pegs and the other was in an unopened case on the palettes. The lady working the section was nice enough to open the case, I thought it might've been wave 11.
  14. I saw six of these on an endcap at Wal Mart yesterday and had in my hands for a few minutes before putting him back. He looks great and I'm definitely interested, but after shelling out $80 between the new AT-ST and Dewback, $60 is a steep price for Skywarp.
  15. Good DCUC trade, thanks man!

  16. Son of a......exactly that area I used to live in!!! Dammit!!!!! @grumpy@ I should have stayed in Albany!!! LOL!! I remeber you used to live in the area, that's quite a move from Albany to Texas! And it gets smaller everyday!
  17. Dang! My Wal Mart has restocked wave 10 yet again. I stopped by there tonight looking for new Star Wars and there they were, stuffing the pegs! If anybody's in upstate NY, I'd suggest swinging by Saratoga Wal Mart.
  18. Oh man, that Superboy is lookin' pretty sweet, and will be getting Cyclotron as well. I'm getting any figure based on the old Super Powers series.
  19. Found another wave minus Joker the other day. If anybody wants to trade, I'm looking for Green Arrow, Robot Mantis, Slave Leia (from SW line obviously), and more! PM me and perhaps we can work out a deal.
  20. What is with all the drama I'm seeing on this thread??? Save the drama fo' yo' mama!!
  21. I've been searching for awhile as well, I'd love to see CTR do one.
  22. Picked up wave 10 at Wal Mart in Saratoga NY today. They still have a Power Girl, Batman, and Joker there if anyone wants them. Awesome job on the Joker but his legs feel a little loose.
  23. Those still don't work. again thats the site not me, i always use the uploader on tni and this is the first time this has happened. Yeah I can't see them either. JJ would you mind posting pics a different way, photobucket, or somethin'? Anyways I've been hunting my Wal Marts daily for the last week. I know they take awhile to get to the east coast, especially if you guys are just getting them out west, but you never know. I can't freakin' wait for Green Arrow!!!
  24. Yeah I read online that the Droid Factory sets are starting to come out. I've been checking Wal Marts in upstate NY but no luck yet. And Wheeljack, you found a Cap'n Needa for $4??!! That's awesome! Were all their figures marked down or what?
  25. I lucked out and found them at the Hasbro store in Downtown Disney last month Oh nice! That's cool you were able to find them. Holy crap, I had no idea they were getting good distribution in Canada, and they went on clearance...lol!
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