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  1. joenubb

    dead or not ?

    What he said. #US1# Yeah, what they said.
  2. joenubb

    walmart ares wave

    Now here are a couple of pics of the most recent waves of ML's mixed together. This first pic is of the 90's generation of heroes. Villains United... @hmmm@ And finally an Ares/Red Hulk match up.
  3. joenubb

    walmart ares wave

    Here are some pics of the wave and of the display unit the employee was nice enough to let me have. Enjoy!
  4. I agree that BAF's (the larger ones anyways) could be rereleased. The ML Icons line were figures of the same size for a $20 price point, so it wouldn't be a stretch for a Sentinel, Galactus, or Giant Man to be around $25.
  5. I'd like to see a Marvel Legend Battle Pack with a couple of Sentinels and Giant Man or something. They could make it an exclusive for $59.99. Since Hasbro has the rights to use TB's old molds, they could pump out Sentinels and other older figures inexpensively.
  6. I had some trouble too getting the discount and free shipping, but after calling the customer service number I was told they were having some troubles and would be credited back to my account. And side note, BBTS has wave 10 single figures and cases for sale right now.
  7. joenubb

    walmart ares wave

    I snagged the whole wave at Wal Mart on Friday night, they had just put two cases up. They came in a Marvel Legends shelf display and the lady working the section told me I could have it. I'll post some pics later, but have to say for now, these figures are awesome! It's definitely a great time to be a Marvel Legend collector!
  8. joenubb

    walmart ares wave

    I checked a Wal Mart last night and tonight with no success. I tried calling a few today and wasn't even able to get anyone from the toy department to pick up. And a couple of weeks ago when I was lookin' for the ML two packs, I was callin' a bunch of stores in the area and a couple said they weren't going to carry Marvel Legends anymore. When I asked if that meant the exclusive Wal Mart wave too, no employee had a straight answer. All in all I am excited for this wave, I think Spidey and the Vision look freakin' awesome, the whole wave does! Thanks to anybody posting pics too! Off topic, I was on WalMart.com lookin' to see if they had the Ares wave for sale(they don't), and I noticed they have all of wave 1 two packs in stock in case anybody still needs them.
  9. Paaaaassss on this whole wave. I like the IG/Viper troop builder comic pack idea, though I was sure we'd get a General Joe Colton figure seeing as that's his first appearance issue. Oh well.
  10. Beachhead's extra head is a nice touch, but a little strange. We didn't often, if ever, see him with his mask down like that. And it looks like he doesn't have his backpack which is what I would rather see.
  11. I FINALLY found them at the same Wal Mart I had mentioned a few posts up. They didn't have Fury/Cap, they had four Thing/Mr F packs, and only one each of Ronin/Elektra, Forge/Wolvie which I grabbed. The paint jobs are good, not great. Wolverine has a splotch of red paint on his lip that looks like he has herpes...yikes!
  12. That is the exact thing that I'm thinking. Yeah they're adorable, but why doesn't the main line get this kind of attention?!
  13. LoneRaver, awesome collection especially the MOC stuff! I like how you have your loose figures displayed on the corkboard too. Where'd you get the plastic containers to hold them?
  14. joenubb

    Secret invasion

    I'm having fun with this crossover too! I stopped reading comics for a few months but jumped back in around issue four. Now I've just been playing catch up on all titles I was reading which is New Avengers, Avengers the Initiative, Thunderbolts, and also collecting the first three Secret Invasion issues. I like the way that the last few years of continuity is all relevant to what's happening now. It's good to see Marvel tying up old plot threads as that was a major complaint of mine at the time. I'd like to see the Skrulls to be more of a threat however. It feels that we're already on issue six and not a lot has happened because Bendis is writing one scene out between two or three issues. By the time the story is done, the whole invasion will have taken place all in one afternoon. When Kang conquered the Earth in Avengers vol. 3 #45-55(i think), there was a passage of time and I felt concern for the fate of the world. Secret Invasion, while entertaining and fun, seems rushed.
  15. I've seen a couple of Targets get the Conquest and Rattler in, and at a good price too. I didn't realize these were just $24.99 each, I may have to grab a couple Rattlers.
  16. As I posted on the Marvelousnews.com forum this morning I found the Rulk wave a few days ago but was completely outraged by the price. They went from being $9.99 to $14.99, that's a 50% price increase which is crazy expensive. So I had the idea after inspecting the receipt that since Target scans the same SKU you could return any Marvel Legend figure with no problems. My local Wal Mart has six Blob series Jean Greys on clearance for $5 each so bought those today and returned them to the Target using the Rulk wave receipt. Essentially I paid about $30 for $90 worth of figures. Go me! Some people may see this as dishonest or immoral, but Target is crazy if they think I'm gonna pay out the wazoo for these figures. I just wanted to pass this along to my fellow collectors out there!
  17. Stopped at two Targets today, one had nothing, and the other had four of the six figures. I grabbed Warlock, Spidey, Wolverine, and Spiral. I searched all over the aisle to see if someone had hidden UJ and Silver Savage, but no luck. Another thing is I noticed that Target raised their price to $14.99! Even the series 3 Danger figure they've had for months was more expensive, I think that's outrageous. I did buy them, but may return them later if they're that expensive. Maybe it was a fluke because I called a few other Target's looking for the rest of the wave and was told that they still sell them for $9.99. Has anyone else experienced this, paying $14.99 for a basic ML?
  18. I STILL can't find these anywhere and I have been looking. I did find a Mr Fantastic/Thing two pack at a Wal Mart about fifteen minutes away form me, but can't find the ones I actually want. D'oh!
  19. I've been seeing these figures over the last few weeks, and have resisted buying any until today. I picked up Green Lantern, Robin, and Deathstroke and have to say they are awesome! I went to a couple of Targets to get them and saw the whole wave between the two stores. I'm now looking for Firestorm from wave 3 and am looking forward to Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman Beyond in wave 4.
  20. I like the Nemesis Enforcer/Immortal too, but am having the same issue with loose hips. Kinda reminds me of the problems had with Transformers: Cybertron Unicron figure. They're both cool, kick ass figures, but have problems with being able to stand properly. And NE isn't modeled after his figure or after the movie, he's kind of a mix between the two. Falcon is good, not great. The reuse of Dukes body coulda been better accepted if he had a better head sculpt. However the accessories are AWESOME!
  21. I checked two Targets yesterday with no success, I'll guess I'll try again today, and tomorrow, and the next day....
  22. Thanks! And I'm surprised you can se it that far away~lol! Also that's a G1 Springer landing in the copter platform.
  23. Still can't find them, but I did find the new wave of Iron Man figures this morning at Wal Mart. I picked up the Captain America armor which is pretty sweet, and the satellite armor looks cool too.
  24. I collect from 1982-86 and have all major playsets except the Flagg. I just haven't gotten around to buying the darn thing. While I have spent hundreds on Ebay auctions for Joe collections, I can't commit to buying this yet. Here's a shot of my collection with some of the playsets in there.
  25. joenubb

    2008 Wave 12

    I'm finding it real easy to pick and chose which figures I'll be getting over the next few waves. Either the character choices aren't my favorites, the sculpt isn't that great, or the whole wave is a bunch of %*!@$ repaints. I'm only half kidding, they're really not that bad it's just that I could do without them. It makes me appreciate the great Joes that have been made.
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