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  1. I never made a statement claiming to be a figurehead for the community. I stated my opinion. You're assuming, again, that it's supposed to speak for everyone when I made no such implications. An the church comment was a joke. You know I'm your hero!
  2. I don't have "mod" ability anywhere. Boy, for a thread that started about latching onto an assumption you've sure grabbed tight to one really quick... but you're assuming it helps to bolster your position so why let anything to the contrary stand in your way, right? You seem to think that I'm really worked about this when I'm not. I still think it's stupid crap and it's a personal issue that's unrelated to G.I. Joe. Can you prove in anyway that is? (Hell can anyone? If someone can I'll gladly admit I was wrong.) If not then you're continually arguing with me over a point I've made that's not in anyway untrue. And that's why I refuse to continue an insipid back and forth with you when you're dancing around my point in this topic. You've asked me two actual questions one of which looks to be rhetorical so I'll ignore that one. The second question, "what did I think the thread was about?", well, I thought it pertained, in some way, to G.I. Joe toys or media. Sorry I can't read the intent behind a thread based on the title alone, but there've been plenty more vague titles in this place that have had something related to G.I. Joe in it... this one does not it's all about a "message board fight" that I'm not at all interested in. As I said before, if I'd known what the thread was actually about before hand, I wouldn't have opened it and stepped into this. So anyway, have a good weekend, VH. It's Sunday, shouldn't you be at church? <-- that is rhetorical, fyi.
  3. But, but..., but... aren't you Airtight, one of the mods and the inner circle over at JC? Sorry, but guess again... you're on the right track though... kind of. Ah, VH, you are a spin artist extrodinaire, but you love going back and forth over ##$%$#ed stuff - and I've done it before with you and I know how it will end - so I'll now leave you to it so you can claim "victory" and continue with your inane babbling about how right you are. Cheers, dude!
  4. Yeah I'm real broken up about it... @sad@ I come here to read about G.I. Joe related matters. This is a petty squabble between two adults (I guess). It's about as entertaining as your many quibbles, VH, and those too I'd rather not read on here. If I'd known what the thread was before hand I wouldn't have bothered to open it. I don't care about Corey's beef with JC or yours or anyone elses. It's not G.I. Joe related so why can't you email each other and #$## to your hearts content if you absolutely have to.
  5. Who the hell cares about this kind of crap? Why people continue to think this hobby has to be some kind of "love fest" where everyone has to get along so that G.I. Joe figures will perhaps fall from the sky is beyond me. It's the freakin' internet for God's sake. People need to realize that life goes on once the computer is shut off and the VAST majority of the people in this hobby will never, EVER, know each other outside of these boxes of wires and circuits. So why get bent out of shape over message board chatter? Really, you'd think some folks didn't have an actual hobby to talk about with all incessant whining people do about other people. Keep this stupid crap to yourselves.
  6. Why should I bother? You keep latching onto this $36 and a "free" figure and ignoring everything else. So, enjoy your "free" figure and let it go because you haven't yet offered any decent counter points beyond that one issue you adhere to. No biggie, to each their own... The thing is, though, that you don't really know that.
  7. Which is the same cost as being a member (which they tend to automatically sign you up if you pay non-member prices whether you want to or not)... where's the benefit/ discount if everyone pays the same price? This is a ridiculous point since you have to assume that people would even want to buy multiple sets to begin with which most don't. And besides, someone buying multiple sets and then selling them to non-club memebers/ non-attenders provides what benefit to the club? They gain no new memberships out of it, so where's the plus? Yeah, if you pre-pay $36.00 (by joining the Club) for it. It's not free. Not a benefit. And how much did those cost you? You do know that you can get the Master Collector print ads (the newpaper that the club's crappy "newsletter" is wrapped in) without joining the GIJCC, right? (They were either free or they cost $1.00 - yes ONE DOLLAR - at the local toy show here.) Again, no benefit. Not to mention that "store" that's often over priced on items (member or otherwise) compared to a number of etailers out there. A barely functional website. Little to no genuine means of providing feedback to the club outside of a "once-a-year" convention roundtable and a tiny message board that few people even use. Very little response/return on the feedback that is taken. (How many times have people said less packaging, more product?) I've gone to the conventions (and will go this year also), been a member of the GIJCC, I've even bought multiple sets on occasion as a favor for a friend. I've even gotten the stupid "free" figures and I still say that there's no real benefit to joining the club and that all the reasons that people keep spouting off do nothing to change the facts of the situation. If people knew some of the other less known details about the GIJCC I think they'd rethink their ardent defense pretty quickly.
  8. I don't know why people get so bent out of shape if someone says the club isn't worth joining. The guy asked for opinions and for some people, it's not worth joining the club for a crappy newsletter and a website that's more difficult to use than not. (Since anyone can buy the exclusives without being a member of said "club".) Really, get the over it already. Good lord, they're not a charity organization.
  9. I wouldn't have join either. I don't think it's worth it (and yes I've been a member of the club, it's still not worth it).
  10. As someone that's worked retail before it's sooo much easier to tell people something like that or anything else they might want to hear just so you can get your work done (especially during the holidays) then to tell them the truth. As said in MIB "a person is smart, people are stupid." When you deal with people a lot in retail, you tend to want to get them out of your face as quickly as possible. Sad but true. Plus, day workers generally have NO idea what's come into the store if they're not management as those workers don't unload the freight from the trucks into the store so they can either guess or they can check and find out... you can guess how often they actually check.
  11. Don't waste your money. It's not worth it. You can get shells individually and not be stuck with a bunch of stuff you can't use or get rid of. Plus the guy's terrible at answering email and shops SLOW! I had to sick paypal on him (twice) just to get my items.
  12. Why do so many people just assume Hasbro's going to make some big to do about the 25th anniversary of the 3 3/4" line?
  13. To me Serpentor is a field general along with V. Max. One thing Cobra's been highly deficient in is high ranking in the field leadership. Theirs the heirarchy, but other than the Twins none of them really hit the battlefield with the grunts and the few "official" officer figures don't have any type of actual rank structure to separate them out in terms of leadership. So I use the two genetic freaks to command in the filed since, if they should be killed, Mindbender can always whip up another one from "genetic mish-mash."
  14. Warfare is a true classic. Might well be the very first "full length" diostory made with G.I. Joe figures.
  15. The '98's are pretty good. The stuff from 1997 is pure crap tough. Bad plastic, weak joints, just overall horrible quality.
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