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  1. I am tempted to get this even though I have the previous Skeletor with the Acala head.
  2. Grimes conveniently left off that the documents are countersuits that The Toy Overlords made because they had a deadline of April 5th to respond to EE's allegations against them.
  3. Grimes is probably the same guy who keeps defending Megalopolis.toys in a fb group that I am because he uses the same court documents as proof, but conveniently leaves out ALL the court pages and doesn't mention that the documents ARE COUNTERSUIT court documents that the defendants (Megalopolis.toys) claimed BECAUSE THEY HAD TO RESPOND TO THE LAWSUIT BY April 5th. Funny how the documents were filed the same day that they had to answer to the lawsuit.
  4. Even certain FB toy groups are deleting such topics due to one of the owners being a member there.
  5. Thank God for Jay C! I loved how indepth and objective his article on the matter is
  6. That seems like the same pattern Mattel did with MOTU. 200x and MOTUC. Weren't the first MOTU 200X figure was a he-man that came with a chrome sword? Unless I am mistaken, I think he was released months before the general releases. Same with the MOTUc He-man?
  7. These would be cool, but considering that Silverhawks were overshadowed by Thundercats and Turtles, I would doubt there would be such a line unless they do a one-off toy of the lead.
  8. Getsuei http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Getsuei S
  9. Undertow http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Undertow_(PCC) E
  10. If you want to own the episodes digitally, there is Vudu. They have classic Who for 6 dollars a serial. However, they do not have all the classic serials like Hulu used to have.
  11. They are readily available through Amazon (Nu Who) and Brit Box (classics) https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dprime-instant-video&field-keywords=doctor+who www.britbox.com Britbox is a new streaming service from the BBC where one of its main goals is to have all classic Who episodes available to stream even the lost episodes - they are using audio and telesnap images (still screens) to reconstruct the missing episodes. While an animated episode would be better, using telesnaps is a cheap way to introduce fans who had never seen the original airings or heard the audio recordings.
  12. I started watching Doctor during Who series 5 of Nu Who. Since then, I am a bit obsessed over the series. I had a custom 1/6 Deglado head commissioned If you are into the classic Doctor Who series, I recommend listening to the Big Finish stories since the neglected Doctors (6 and 8) really shine. www.bigfinish.com
  13. Not to be nean, but they didn't get a translator to speak to Takara Tomy. The translator translated the scanned interview seen in one of the images you linked.
  14. This thread is a reflection of the entire TNI discussion board.
  15. Does she like you or you reading things into much, until you engage into a conversation with her and get to know her, the assumption does not matter. Yup, you had the right approach so far...start slowly...casual talk...more casual talk just to find out if she is in a relation or not. If she's not, that's a good sign for you....find some common ground between you and her so you can start off with a preliminary asking her out e.g. see a movie. I'm not sure what you meant by you received a free side from her. What's a free side? Thanks for the info. Honestly, at my age, I feel like almost everyone I am attracted to is taken. It is part of the reason why I want to give up as I have this notion that all the ones I get along with and find physically attracted are taken. And the ones that are not taken, are ones I don't find physically attracted. There were a few coworkers where after casual talk, found out that they were taken. As for ones I don't find physically attracted to, I have asked them out as well to see if there was something more than looks - I asked one out because we both graduated at the same college at the exact same time and with the same degree even though we didn't know each other back then; we both had similar jobs. This one ended because she stood me up twice - she didn't realize I was asking her out the first time around and she forgot the third time around; I cancelled the first reschedule since I did not want to go out on a date at 8 am on a Saturday morning. She wanted to try again, but I decided to give it up. At this point, I felt that I needed to be somewhat physically attracted to someone as I felt that this was a reflection of my own self worth at the time - I felt that I was asking women I wasn't attracted to because I didn't find myself desirable. I meant a free side of mustard for the pretzel I bought. As for my approach, this is something I have done since college, which was almost 10 years ago when I was more active on the forums here. LOL There was this time in college where I would usually sit next to this girl in one of my classes. It was weird since the classroom had 300 seats and was packed. There would either be a seat next to me or her, which we would fill. I spent the entire quarter talking to her, and when it was time for me to ask the girl out, she either dropped out of the class or stop showing up; it was the last few weeks of the quarter. I went there again today and I chatted a bit as in a few seconds - I asked her if she was having a busy day as there were quite a few ppl in the store when I entered. When I got my pretzel from her, I said "Thank you and Happy Hump day!". She laughed and waved goodbye - the reference was from last week where I mistakenly said it was "Hump day" on a Thursday while ordering coffee. I was so out of it that day that I literally needed coffee (I rarely drink coffee nowadays) to think straight.
  16. Good thing I saw that this room was still active since I was going to put it on the General Discussion forum, but I find this place much safer and more comfortable. Anyway, now that I am in my thirties, I finally accepted the possibility of being single until death - as geeky as it sounds, for me to finally accept this scenario, I look up to the classic series and Peter Capaldi's run of Doctor Who as inspiration, For those who are not aware, in the classic series and to a lesser extent, the current incarnation of the timelord, the Doctor enjoys not being in a relationship with his companions. Jumping right into the point, once or twice a week, I go to this newly organic market that sells overpriced foods at least once or twice a week. I have started to noticed that one of the cashier has either taken a liking to me or is just being nice and I am just projecting things. Two weeks prior, I received a free side from her, which seemed odd even to her coworker. She told her coworker that it giving free sides for an order maybe a new thing. It is possible, the cashier may have saw me put a dollar in the tip jar, hence the free side; I didn't get a free side from another cashier. At a later visit, she waved at me while she moved around the store - I naturally waved back and looked behind me to make sure she wasn't waving at someone else. I had also caught her staring at me through the other aisle once, though I didn't think much of the staring other than it feeling strange - I clearly wasn't thinking that staring = she liked me at the time even though I find her hot. Now my question is does she like me or am I reading things into much? Regardless, knowing me, I am going to eventually flirt with her slowly and then ask her out, though like situations I have had before with women in the past, the response would be that she is taken; I currently believe in the notion that women at my age are all taken and that I have missed the boat. I am also someone who doesn't see myself as attractive even though I have had comments from others that said otherwise - ever since I was in grade school, I took such comments as sarcasm.
  17. I concur. Although there are a few who prefers the 3rd party versions, I feel like this one, as well as virtually all official MP figures are better than the third party versions because of the creative ways of making the robot figures looking like their cartoon counterparts. I also think that the designers developing the Masterpiece figures at Takara Tomy spends more time on R & D producing the figures than someone in China - since it took us a long time to get a second version of Megatron, I would imagined that the toy was in development for years. The problem with the third party Megatron figures are that they are too bulky and are obviously focused on the robot mode despite looking plain at times as oppose to gun mode. Nothing wrong liking Megatron being bulky, but he was hardly bulky until the DW comicbooks.
  18. What was odd was that the inflation of the vintage figures long ago was due to a few popular characters. When those characters were reissued, the G1 vintage line as a whole became drastically cheaper.
  19. Might be so since we haven't had a Jazz nor a Bumblebee in the Titans trilogy series yet - they are likely saving them for a pretenders line. Good call. I am hoping that Pretenders is the next themed series since other than Pretenders, there's Actionmasters and Micromasters.
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