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  1. I tried to avoid getting into these things because I knew I would get hooked, but one day my girlfriend bought me a set to cheer me up, and next thing I know Im driving all over tracking down the rest. The 5-pack was the first toy Ive ever seriously considered leaving unopened, just something about the packaging I really liked.
  2. Im digging the jet-type transformers in this line, and Blitzwing looks like he could have a lot of potential.
  3. Not to bad I guess. Think I need to see a full episode to get a idea of what direction they are taking this in.
  4. Very cool, hope ths continuation of the movie line means we might get the A-10 Warthog that blew the crap out of Scorponok as a Transformer.
  5. My girlfriend went home for the past few days and came back with an interesting surprise. She stopped at a Family Dollar near her mom's house and found Energon Doomlock, Insecticon, Windrazor, and a few others, all for $5. Whats weird about them is they are in Universe packaging. The copyright info says its distributed by Hasbro UK. Didn't see anything about ths on the boards, so please delete if this has already been posted. Im going to go out tommorow to some Family Dollar stores near me to see if this is just an isolated thing or not.
  6. Very cool custom, I like that paint job much more than the original How hard was he to take apart? Ive been debating picking up one on clearence ad customizing it to look like the 92' Chrysler Towne and Country I drive.
  7. lol that pic of Mr. Freeze and Iceman looks almost inapropriate, like Mr. Freeze is about to have his way with Iceman @loll@
  8. They are $13 at the Target here in perrysburg, but they were out of stock when I went back to get one
  9. Cool toy, but whats up with the bio? Why do the decepticons need money?
  10. Besides the head and new gun, whats the difference? Am I missing something?
  11. Sarge, where were you, Levis Commons? Franklin Park was packed for the 8pm show. My friend and I were wondering the same thing about the teaser for that movie they showed in the previews. They didn't even give the name! Release date is 01-18-08, I remember that much. Might be able to find it out by the date? Yep, good ol' Levis Commons. There was maybe 3 dozen people at the 8:30 showing, including me and my girlfriend. Nothing crazy, not even any people in Transformers shirts which was pretty sad, half the reason I went yesterday was for the atmosphere. That teaser trailer was wicked. No idea what the movie is, besides maybe some sort of disaster/huge freaking monster movie. Whatever it is, the teaser was really well executed, giving nothing away, not even the title, but getting people all hyped about it.
  12. Incredibly awesome movie, will definatly be seeing this a few more times. Can't really think of anything to say that hasnt been said already, and I could care less anymore to debate the haters. Just two quick, somewhat related questions: 1. Was the July 2nd early release not widely advertised? I saw it at 8:30 and the theater barely had anyone in it. (and for the negative nancy's out there, please don't reply saying "see, it was a horrible movie, thats why no one was there" 2. Even more off topic, but I have to ask anyway, does anyone know anything about the teaser trailer that was filmed to look like it was done with a home move camera? Anyway, as my girlfriend said "woot woot for transformers!" @purpbananna#
  13. Does anyone actually buy convention exclusives to keep for themselves? There was what, like a couple of hundred of these sets available? And theres close to a hundred of these on ebay right now, ad the con isnt eve over yet. Seriously, maybe I should drop out of school and take up scalping as a full time job
  14. That is true, the code unlocks "Robo Vision" Prime. When I first used the target code wasn't even sure it did anything until i looked closer at Prime. Also, the code that unlocks the extra levels that comes with the gamestop exclusive edition turns off acheivements and the auto save and i dont think theres a way to turn it off, so be sure you want to use it before you enter it. I dont really thik the bonus levels are all that great, you either play as Prime or Megatron and all you do is destroy 35 enemys in a cybertron enviroment.
  15. What? How is having Samuel L. Jackson play Nick Fury anything like having Captain Amerca played by "someone who resembles a member of the taliban"? How do you come to that connection? Bruce Willis would have made a great Nick Fury...about 10 years ago. Frankly, it seems you don't have a problem with the choice of the actor, but the actors race. How else could you explain how you how you say Hasslehoff was a terrible choice, but they got the "general idea right". Seriously, this whole thread is going in a completly wrong direction and I officially withdraw from play before this turns really ugly.
  16. Everybody is some type of nerdy, and I mean everyone on the planet. There are all kinds of nerds, from the sterotypical science nerd and the comic book nerds, to sports nerds, movie nerds, car nerds, or music nerds. I think that if you have a hoby, something you take seriously and enjoy with all your heart, then you are a "nerd" of a kind. Me, Im 20 years old with a little extra weight from my time spent as a third shift security gaurd lving off snack machine food, living in a nice apartment with my beautful girlfriend and I have plenty of things I do outside of collecting. I bike, kayak, play paintball, and hang out at the bars wth my friends (where Im DD until August). Theres nothng wrong with being a nerd, unless what your nerdy over consumes your entire life and warps your sense of reality, then you need to get yourself into some sort of AA (Action Figures Anonymous).
  17. That would be amazing! Even if its not a huge part, that pretty much sets him up as the guy to play Nick Fury in any other future movies. It would be a really smart idea to have him play Nick Fury in the movie of the same name anyway, since its a lesser known character and Sam L. Jackson would bring in a lot more people than an actor like say, David Hasselhoff. Just imagine "Enough is enough! Ive had it with these muthaf*****g Hydra on this muthaf*****g Helicarrier!" ...I think I got carried away there.
  18. Figured Id put this here, since I couldn't find the other "bizzare eBay" threads, and since they are both combiners... Link #1 Link #2 Buy It Now price $.50 each, but check out the shipping...
  19. I wasnt really talkig about this board, Ive never really seen anything about BW here, positive or negative. It seems what I was seeing was just a few loudmouths on other sites who don't really like anything besides hating things.
  20. With the Transformers move coming out everyone has been talking about G1 and all their childhood memories associated with it and Ive gotten pretty nostalgic as well. The only difference for me is I didn't grow with G1 (Im only 20 years old), what got me into Transformers was Beast Wars. I still have the first Transformer I ever baught, the Fuzor Airhammer, and I just purchased the whole series on DVD. The thing is that whenever I look for BW sites or general info Ive noticed quite a bit of disdain (and thats putting it nicely) for my beloved BW among the Transformers community, and I can't figure out why. It was a good show, pretty cutting edge animation for the time, with pretty involved stories. The toys were pretty cool, although you could say sometimes they could have been a little better thought out. In Japan the series kept going with BW 2 and BW Neo, each with another round of toys that never made it to US shelves. I know if it weren't for BW I probably wouldn't have ever discovered Transformers, and since then Ive collected every series. I was just wondering why everyone seems to hate it so much. There has to be others like me, doesen't there?
  21. I know with robo vision Prime you use it on the weird little drawing of his head on the back of the package.
  22. The only info available so faris here: Robovision Ive heard you can unlock G1 stuff in the normal game to if you complete certain accomplishments, wonder how different Robovision will be.
  23. Did the same thing. Even with the quicker shipping it cost just a little more than I would have paid at a B&B store, less if consider the amount of gas I would have used trying to find it. Plus I got free magnets, and you can't argue with free. Well, they could definitely treat the grunts a bit better than they do. I suppose everyone's experience there will be a bit different depending on what kind of crews and leads etc. that they have. Our store is a circus of idiots. Yet somehow, I can't really fathom how, it's one of the top stores in the chain. If you get cool bosses who aren't so uptight all the time and are at least somewhat reasonable then it's not so bad. However, here's where Target REALLY sucks. Now here's what I get at Target compared to what I got when I worked for FRICKIN K-MART! Target: NO PAID SICK DAYS! Kmart: At this point, 4 days and it would be 6 next year. Target: NO PAID HOLIDAYS! Kmart: Holiday pay for ALL the major holidays. Target: Expensive and not all that great health plan. Kmart: forget about it...my ass was covered, NO worries! Target: Have to go through 3 interviews just to get a little promotion. Kmart: Work hard, get promoted. If that Super K hadn't closed down I would have been running it by now. There's more. I had a lot of gripes with Kmart too, it wasn't all good. But Target makes me realize how good I had it there. The funny thing is, the Super Target I work in now, was the same building that I opened the Super K at back in '95. How's THAT for sad?!? Thanks for the info, I was actually considering trying to get a job there because I thought it would be a coll place to work, guess not.
  24. Haha, never mind, just found an article describing the special features: Cybertron Edition Details Now I almost wish I would have waited for the Robo Vision version, since I don't really care about the bonus disc, or the comic, since I got the comic on free comic book day.
  25. Yep, Robo Vision is available for PS2. Know one knows anything about the Cybertron Edition then? Guess it will be a surprise when I get it.
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