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  1. WOW that chick dressed like Black Cat is pretty gd hot.
  2. LOL no offense man but you call competitive fighting "crap"... and you have "Ghosthunters" for your sig. Sorry man but I LOL'ed. As a moderator I don't think you should bash something that people like unless you want to get the same. And being that MMA is a sport and is covered on most sports news shows and that several MMA promotions have prime-time shows on major networks including CBS and NBC... I'm sure it was assumed that anyone not living under a rock knew what "MMA" and "UFC" stands for.
  3. You might also want to point that you were drunk when you posted this... lol @ Ares being the Red Hulk.
  4. KB is always more expensive then anywhere else... hence why they went bankrupt.
  5. Looks like Green Hulk is first. Will be interesting to say the least.
  7. DOOM

    Gwen Stacy

    I suppose you want every Marvel Legends series from now on to be made up of nothing but Wolverine, Captain America, and Hulk figures, as according to you, toy and specialty companies only makes products that sell phenomenally well. Take for example the AOA Sunfire figure, it's a figure that a small segment of the overall comics and action figure community wanted to see made, should the figure have been denied a plastic form simply because not every person on earth begged for it? Anyway, Gwen Stacy's death is one of the most defining moments in not only Spider man's existence, but also in the Marvel universe as a whole. She may not have taken the super soldier serum, been blasted with gamma radiation, or had her bones bonded with Adamantium, but she is an extremely important character nonetheless. Could you try not to dump on other people's parades? I'm a fan of Gwen Stacy and I don't appreciate my interests being criticized by someone who clearly sees them self as being superior to others. WAS an extremely important character is more like it. Spidey is and always has been my all-time favorite comic character (even though OMD and BND is leaving quite a bitter taste in my mouth) and I can think of atleast a DOZEN characters from the Spidey mythos that are more deserving of a figure then his LONG dead girlfriend. Chameleon, Electro( a good one), Vermin, Spider Slayers, Black Cat, Puma, Beetle (a good one), Tombstone, The Prowler, Hammerhead, Carrion, and even JJJ are more deserving of a figure then Gwen. Sorry to rain on your parade guy, but she would be a pegwarmer just like the SM3 BAF MJ was. Your example of AOA Sunfire proves MY point. He is being sold online... meaning Hasbro can produce however many of the figure are ordered... meaning minimal to no-loss for them. And as far as me being someone who clearly sees them self as being superior to others", not so much guy... I just don't have a mad-on for a character that died before I was born sorry.
  8. Clay Quartermain is mentioned in the book... the name rang a bell but cant recall why... who is he?
  9. DOOM

    Gwen Stacy

    Um... Gwen Stacy has been maggotfood for years... who CARES if anything is made about her? Companies make products that sell... they do not make something that will only sell to a VERY select few.
  10. QUIT with the crying. I am enjoying the new Red Hulk series quite a bit... lots of brawling with a underlying question that is nagging anyone following the story... WHO is the Red Hulk? If you dont read the book, dont #$#@#. The Red Hulk is not the same character as the Green Hulk and is therefore the first and only figure so far of this type of Hulk.
  11. It hasnt been revealed yet who the Red Hulk is. I have all 3 issues of the series. It is obviously someone that knows Banner and Jones though...
  12. Captain America for sure. Hulk, Incredible Hercules, and Thor are all amazing and very fun. Also, I know this is a Marvel forum... but checkout Justice Society of America.
  13. "These am the Legends I want" LOL. GL getting that Galactus and that skinny Russian girl LOL.
  14. Amen! As far as shitty Marvel movies go... you forgot about Fantastic Four 2 and the Hulk though.
  15. Ugh it seems that the X-Men cant be mentioned here without Storm being mentioned. Cap DOES have a fairly large rogue gallery. Red Skull, CrossBones, Serpent Society or w/e they are called, Arnim Zola, Baron Zemo and a ton others. Wolverine is the proverbial whore of the Marvel Universe. Anytime a book has shitty sales, someone goes "Hey, lets put Wolverine in this book and sales will double" and sadly it works. It would be humorous if Marvel ever tried to explain how characters like SpiderMan and Wolverine are pretty much omnipresent.
  16. Who CARES about getting an animated Morph!!!
  17. OMG Hasbro hates me too they aren't making a SpiderHam ;;
  19. Not Toxin, just a shitty painted Carnage.
  20. i know WTF????????? if anything it should've been the face-off hulk. *%$#@ you hasblow!!!!!. plus now we have a 6" scale hulk who has to fight a tiny abomination, cause you know they won't make a 6" scale abomination, they barely made a 6" scale hulk. cheap *$#%@ bastards WAH WAH WAH!!! @bH@ GD there are some WHINERS on this website. Just a couple of days everyone was worried that Marvel Legends were cancelled and now Hasbro pretty much dropped a plethora of new Marvel Legends previews on us at the NYCC con and your CRYING about not getting another 6" scale Hulk. NEWSFLASH!!! There was one in TB ML 1(3 if you count the different types of fingers ones and the ripped labcoat variant), the 1st App one in the TB Sentinel Series (along with its variant), 1 in the Face-Off series 1 with a open-mouth variant, HML 1 Planet Hulk, a Marvel Select one thats pretty bitchin, the whole Hulk Classics line from ToyBiz, and now Hasbro is coming out with TWO friggin Hulk Marvel Legends series (Hulk Classics 2 and 3?) along with a BAF of the friggin Red Hulk and your crying. Just do us a favor and go play in traffic.
  21. YES!!! Hasbro specifically didnt make U.S. Agent or any boxed sets because they hate YOU!!! Remember that time when you were younger and you kicked over Hasbro's sand castle that they were building on the playground? Yeah.... they haven't forgot about you guy.
  22. They were added to the set of pics that were already shown. http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/generated/200..._scaled_600.jpg Theres your cowardly lion Beast (I REALLY hope he is a Skrull!)
  23. Things Im worried/thinking about is: 1) How hard it will be to find these figures when they come out. Think about it... they all come out during the Christmas shopping season.. . which is the scalpers favorite time of the year. I say GL finding these on the shelves before January 1st. 2) Hasbro seems to really be stepping up with the ML's, but whats up with the Gold/Silver Variants for Spiral? 3) Whats up with the crazy colored arm for the Skrull??? Anyone notice more pics have been added showing some of the figures from the Holocaust wave?! The Punisher, DD, and even stupid cat-faced Beast look GREAT!!!
  24. OF COURSE its corporate greed. I did not say otherwise, I was simply stating that a price increase COULD be attributed to the rising cost of petroleum. This is not the "Three Dollar G.I. Joe" days anymore sadly.
  25. Look up plastic on wikipedia and see what its made from... then you might have a little less heartburn when it comes to the prices man. EDIT: Aw hell I'll just post it here for all of you people that are crying about the cost of figures: For decades one of the great appeals of plastics has been their low price. Yet in recent years the cost of plastics has been rising dramatically. A major cause is the sharply rising cost of petroleum, the raw material that is chemically altered to form commercial plastics. With some observers suggesting that future oil reserves are uncertain, the price of petroleum may increase further. Therefore, alternatives are being sought. Oil shale and tar oil are alternatives for plastic production but are expensive. Scientists are seeking cheaper and better alternatives to petroleum-based plastics, and many candidates are in laboratories all over the world. One promising alternative may be fructose [9]. - taken from Wikipedia regarding plastic. In conclusion, the price of your figures is sadly comparative to the price of your gasoline.
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