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  1. IMO this is a GREAT series. 1st APP DD - always like first appearance characters, and I missed out on the original chase figure in SMC 1st APP Storm - IMO she is the iconic version of Storm (at least to me) and is a great addition Nova - Friggen awesome whoever doesn't want a Nova character is strange Silver Samurai - Cool design, and a villain, nice IMO Sunfire - Not really AoA since its his current 616 look, and its a GREAT costume design, one of the best Tigra - Cool, another Avenger, sounds good to me. Ill Take ANY Avengers they toss at me Punisher - The weakest IMO but Ill buy him for the BAF without any worry, hes not a BAD choice, there is just a couple of em already made so its not a necessity, hopefully he comes with awesome weapons. BAF: Holocaust - Whoever does not dig his design is strange, cool looking character ANOTHER VILLAIN is always nice, no hate from me what so ever, though obviously FFF or Sauron or something would be superior, I think Holocaust as a marvel legend will look awesome B+ Lineup choice for me quite happy with it, lets hope they characters look good
  2. Like I said before, SS was VERY depowered when they fought in Planet Hulk. Silver Surfer can manipulate any molecular structure as long as the thing / person he is trying to manipulate is not more powerful that him (ie thanos galactus odin etc) or has MORE powerful matter manipulation skills (ie Sersi, Thanos, Galactus etc) Surfer wins vs Hulk anywhere anytime if he does not hold back. Very few under sky father level can beat the Silver Surfer not holding back unless the comic is poorly written (IE Black Panther, Hudlin is a GOD AWFUL writer)
  3. Surfer was very depowered(after the wormhole) and obviously allowed Hulk to win in order for him to attack the Red King. Besides the point, Surfer is in a league above Hulk for sure. He is faster, higher base strength (though strength will not be a factor since surfer will NOT fight Hulk Hand2Hand), can fly, control cosmic energy, manipulate matter. For a quick win he could suck the Gamma radiation from Hulk, rendering him useless. He could also manipulate hulks molecular structure, changing him into a big green desk lamp He is WAY to versatile for Hulk, Hulk is strictly a brawler, brawlers have a bad record vs Silver Surfer, and for good reason.
  4. Imma Go the Powerhouse way, make it so the avengers are more aware, and can help on a universal level (after the annihilation wave they are gonna need to be more aware of Universal Threats) also all will be able to survive in the vaccum of space. Thor: Give him a shot at being a leader, lots of power, and very versatile. I great addition to any team Sentry: One world POWERFUL when hes in the right mind set, he is one of the most powerful superheros Vision: Brains, quite power and a longtime avenger Doctor Strange: Who wouldn't want the talents of the good doctor on any team Beta Ray Bill: Thor and BRB on the same team, sounds nice BlackBolt: A great addition to any team, and a VERY powerful dude to bout. Medusa: Gotta toss a girl or two in here, and Blackbolt without Medusa is a little strange seems like a good fit. Sersi: Insane Matter Manipulation Earth Reserves: Hercules, Ares Universal Reserves: (More like close Allies) Silver Surfer, Firelord, Nova This team would give any Universal Threat AND world wide threat serious problems
  5. strait up ridiculous, green quicksilver is decent but dark phoenix is awful, to spend over 100 dollars on these two figures baffles my mind
  6. mykkE

    HML WAVE 4?

    Fixed it for ya, the the rest really dont matter to me, as long as black bolt and Fin Fang Foom are in it
  7. If you are gonna back Phoenix, at least back here most powerful version, White Phoenix of the crown. Even in this version she is nothing but an insect to the "Top Dogs" of the Marvel Universe. Like I said The Living Tribunal would swat here away like a fly. The Beyonder, Mad Jim Jaspers, Jamie Braddock, Molecule Man etc would write her out of existence etc. The Phoenix Force is strong, and vital in the Universe (speculated to be the power of all creation (the big bang) but definatly NOT the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe
  8. The Living Tribunal would slap Dark Phoenix away like a fly
  9. I agree with this list, but I think that you need to include somewhere in your top ten a fully powered Franklin Richards, he created a few universes on his own, and a fully powered X-Man Nate Grey, at the end of his run he was pretty damn powerful. I only read a few issues of that though so feel free to debate that one, but Franklin needs to be there. I would put Full potential Franklin Richards right around 12 or right below IMO along with maybe Cyttarok/Odin/Zeus/Zuras/All Skyfathers/Shaman X-Man/Rune King Thor these kind of characters are hard to place because they fluctuate so much in power. Some other honerable mentions would include Tyrant/Dormammu/Shuma Gorath/Shaper of Worlds/Mephisto/Thanos/Vishanti Also, obviously Thanos with The Heart of the Universe is tied for the number 1 spot, as he basically becomes The One Above All Also it can be argued that Full power Galactus (Consumed 1 entire universe) is equal to Eternity, Infinity, and Entropy
  10. Let's keep in mind 2 important points about the Hulk: 1. In the Ulitimate Avengers movie, Hulk lifted Thor's hammer and threw it at him, hit him in the head and knocked him out cold. So much for Thor. 2. In Marvel Zombies, Hulk bit off Silver Surfer's head and killed him swiftly and easily. Bye-bye Silver Surfer. Those are both what we comic book debaters called PIS or Plot induced stupidity, silver surfer cannot be damage by physical means like that, he has went through black holes, took blasts from galactus / thanos hulk biting off his head is purely PIS, and marvel zombies / ultimate is non canon ne ways the way most ppl debate. Usually only 616 versions are used, as they all usually stick to the rules that are "set in stone" If u enjoy learning about how powerful Marvel, or DC characters are, or seeing if who would win in a lets say superman vs silver surfer fight, goto http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f77/ really good forum, and some of the most knowledgeable ppl when it comes to comics. P.S once again Hulk is the strongest human, he is still dwarfed by the likes of Silver Surfer, Odin, Galactus, or any other top teir herald and above.
  11. Hulk doesn't stand a chance to the ppl in my list, heck even thanos or the silver surfer would maul him, all he has is brute force, anyone person with matter manipulation or versatility would mess hulk. Hulk is the strongest HUMAN there is thats it. To the person who said Odin made the whole shebang, that is false Odin is the master of his domain, Asgard, he is a sky father that is all. He is nothing on the wide scale of the marvel Hierarchy.
  12. You are all wrong, multiverse Eternity is near the top, though THE most powerful being in the marvel universe is The One Above All (Marvels "God") Under TOAA is The Living Tribunal I will list the Marvel Hierarchy (What I believe it is) 1. The One Above All (TOAA), The Heart of the Universe (HOTU, TOAA's power) 2. Pre-Retcon Beyonder, Pre-Retcon Molecule Man 3. Living Tribunal, Meggan at full potential, Captain Britain with the Sword of Might (Excalibur) & the Amulet of Right, Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth 616 4. The Infinity Gauntlet 5. Ultimate Nullifier 6. Abraxas & Post-Retcon Molecule Man, The Real Molecule man 7. Multi-Eternity, Multi-Infinity, Atleza, Oblivion 8. The Infinites, the Makers, the Cosmic Containment Units 9. HOM Wanda, Insane Genis-Vell, Celestial Nullifier 10. Eternity, Infinity, Entropy 11. White Phoenix of the Crown, Death, Lord Chaos, Master Order 12. Master Hate, Chronos, One above all(The Celestial), Eon, Galactus, Ziran(Celestial), the Stranger, Mistress Love, the In-Betweener, Gardner, Aegis, Tenebrous One interesting thing: Marvels "God" is said to be "the artist" and is speculated to be Jack Kirby. The One Above All is said to be "the Writer" and is speculated to be Stan Lee Hope this post helped you all get a gauge of Marvels Hierarchy
  13. mykkE

    Magneto vs. Thor

    Mjolnir isn't actually made of metal. Uru's more of a mystical clay. Not that it matters, I doubt even Magneto's power could work past the hammer's enchantment. It would drop to the ground the moment he tryed to take it. Also any magnetism can be absorbed into the hammer. Thor's done this before in a confrontation against Magneto. Thor is to versitile for magneto, he has shown more abilities than any other marvel character (besides maybe silver surfer) He is on another level than magneto. Also the picture u have shown is not Thor at his full potential, that was when he still was mortal, and took the body of a normal human (Donald Blake) http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/9288/thormagneto1yu.jpg Also Thors already defeated magneto once in Journey into mystery #110 If anyone here likes debating on comic characters like this head over to http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f77/ its a great forum with VERY knowledgeable people.
  14. Heroes: 1. Silver Surfer 2. Thor 3. Adam Warlock 4. Black bolt 5. Gladiator Villains: 1. Thanos 2. Apocalypse 3. Juggernaut 4. Dr. Doom 5. Magneto Other: Galactus, for some reason I have never considered him a villain, he is because he must be. He is definetly one of my top 3 overall MU characters By my choices you can see that I like POWERFUL characters, the more power the better. Always been a big fan of the cosmic aspect of the MU as well.
  15. no offence but why in gods name would the BAF be thanos for a spidey themed wave? and this is old news btw still really exciting stuff
  16. should have made GL face silver surfer, thor or hulk. Make the battle seem more realistic. Ironman wouldnt last 5 seconds.. NO OFFENCE TO IRONMAN FANs, just GL is crazy overpowered, and ya
  17. Just picked up the last Fearsome Foes boxset at TRU, there is alot of ML 12 and 13 their if someone has yet to complete either set, no variants no wolverine or Green Goblin..
  18. Im pretty sure this is about 1 or so months old. Though Jesse at Fwooshnet had said about 3 days ago that ML 14 / 15 and everything else is gonna be out internationally just in smaller portions.
  19. I passed on that same set last weekend due to low funds, im gonna go pick up one at that same TRU tomorrow morning, I picked up an ICONs hulk there not to long ago first one I have seen in edmonton, we edmonton locals should start chating and buying some characters for each other, not to many of us out there. I just picked up a Marvel Select Thanos figure at west ed today with good paint aps. Do either one of you have, or have seen a marvel legends 12 wolverine with a blue apoc part, I cant for the life of me find one, all black need em to complete my apoc. P.S how much was the boxset so Im not low on funds again?
  20. On Fwooshnet Jesse had said (a couple days ago) that we WILL be seeing ML 14 and 15 in stores in Canada.. I dunno whats going on lol.
  21. Im waiting for the Wii or PS3 versions, depending on which system I get first
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