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  1. I have no evidence that sharky here is CD which is why they are here. Other than that I can not say.
  2. I just finally got one thanks to NightCreepers tip. I love the coils driver. To me these guys are to Cobra what Biker Scouts are to the Imperials of Star Wars. Evil NASCAR drivers :fire:
  3. Anyone else think the Cobra Coils would make a good Venom driver. I don't know he just looks like a motorcycle driver to me.
  4. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1453&catid=10
  5. Lets all take a deep breath and relax. Its just a show and we don't need to jump down each others throats over it.
  6. Course if you want to see a Top 10 based on what you the readers think there is always ADC's Top-10 were you all decide what makes the Top 10 and you don't have to pay to read it either . http://www.americandreamcomics.com/top/voter.php
  7. Can't say much yet but what I have heard I think we could have a lot of happy Transfans soon.
  8. According to an email sent out by Toy Biz, these were not authorized for sale by Toy Biz.
  9. Well first let me state Im not saying you should run out and buy this. My point is though it doesn't knock me off my feet, I don't find anything terrible about it. Does the fact that Hasbro tried to keep costs down and used parts from a Star Wars playset bother me. Not really. Maybe thats because Im a Star Wars collector to, don't know. Would it be better if they carved a big Cobra symbol on the doors, hell yes (in fact I think Im the first one here to say that). Does it have play value for kids? I think so. Is a kid really gonna look at it and say, were is the rest of it? I really doubt it unless you are a really cool parent and went out and bought him a Terror Drome to compare it with. You guys say you aren't comparing the two but I don't think you are really being honest with yourselves when you say that. Its almost impossible not to compare. Again Im not telling you tol buy it or even like it. In fact many of us have been spoiled by RAH and thats never gonna change. What I am tring to point out is before you start calling Hasbro, the line and everything else names, try and look at it from both sides. Its no myth. For a company, especially one the size of Hasbro and Mattel to consider a line like this a success, it has to sell to kids. We collectors just don't make up enough of the demographics to be the only ones a toy company caters to. That doesn't mean they don't listen to us but it does mean we are not the end all be all. Both large and small companies have told me how important kids are to a success of a line. Its hard to see sometimes since basically all that we see here are the collectors but kids still make up a huge portion of these companies consumers, or at least the parents buying the toys for their kids. So try and honestly keep that in mind. You don't have to like the gimmicks but at least try and understand why they are there. Im sure I come off sometimes tring to make excusses for the companies but in running this site I get the chance to see things from both sides and believe me I spend alot of time chatting with the companies tring to express the collector side of it to them to. Anyway basically I am just tring to show you that even if you don't like this particular playset and choose to save your money for something else look at the positive side and see that this playset is a possible sign of better things to come.
  10. TOS- Balance Of Terror TNG-Q Who DS9- Way Of The Warrior Voyager- The one with Sulu (forget the name) Enterprise- The Pilot
  11. Well no one said you have to buy it. I do wonder though. How would have people reacted to RAH if the internet was around back then. Just think how you would reaact if we were on the internet back then and pics of the Cobra cardboard HQ were posted but there was rumors of a upcoming GIJoe HQ coming? How many who orginally bought the cardboard set would have said Im not gonna buy that, im gonna save my money for the cool GIJoe HQ I have been hearing about coming out later on. Makes you wonder how the internet would have changed the course of the orginal line.
  12. Well that Star Wars reject you refer to is actually a pretty cool Star Wars playset and seemed to sell somewhat decently. Like I said this is no Terror Drome an who knows if we will ever see that kind of quaity playset again but I do say its better than cardboard and the fact that Hasbro is making some effort to bring playsets back brings me some hope that eventually we could see Terror Drome quality playsets or at the very least a re-issue of the Terror Drome. I also say this can and may appeal to kids, and that is the key to having this line grow in size and hopefuly quality.
  13. Im gonna lock this for the reason stated above.
  14. Well I think you all are over reacting a bit. Yeah its no terror drome but if we are going to compare this to the ARAH line then lets really compare. The first Cobra type base was a peice of cardboard http://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/82/cobrahq/ So if we are going to compare the first Cobra JvC playset to the first ARAH Cobra playset I think the JvC one will win. But hey a cardboard cuttout eventually led to a Terror Drome so who knows what the Moutain playset will lead to. I also think kids will enjoy this one more than cardboard.
  15. Enjoy. http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1436&catid=9
  16. More pics from Clam have been posted. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1434&catid=9 And thanks to Clam for taking them.
  17. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1431&catid=1
  18. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1431&catid=1
  19. You did read the post. There is no delay.
  20. I had a few people email me about a rumor going around that the TOS and Ent A have been delayed till Sept. I checked with Adam Unger at AA and said this was a false rumor. Those items are still on track fro the same Summer relase date as before.
  21. I see the Skysweeper and Smokescreen at Wal-Mart all the time (never seen them anywhere else) but have yet to find the Treadfire or Missle Storm in the NoVa area.
  22. Im gonna go on and lock this thread but wanted to state in the case of Mega-Plex, I don't know for sure they are CD. All I have to go on is in one thread they said they were CD and then started making hints like they were. Then later they came back and said they weren't and was just joking. Since I have no way of knowing for sure one way or the other I have opted to take the side off caution and ban them. I know it may seem a bit harsh and if they were just joking then Im sorry, but we have had way to many trolls coming on here lately with the sole purpose of trying to disrupte these boards. IP's are certainly helpfull but are not all conclusive either way. The other point I had tried to make is I have seen some of you post threads that seem to indicate that the people causing the type of disruptions that have happened in the past is cool or funny but then get upset when myself or the moderators are forced to take drastic measures to prevent such disruptions. So my point is that the drastic measures only come after the the disruptions so if you don't like that type of environment you might not be so quick to look at those poeple that cause the disruptions as being cool or funny. In fact if these are people some of you talk to at other places you might want to tell them to knock it off so they don't ruin it for everyone else.
  23. I agree. I can't wait to get all TOS figures and most importantly that Enterprise NCC 1701-A ship.
  24. Enjoy. http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1424&catid=7
  25. I don't totally disagree with you but I think it makes the character more real. Batman is just a human when it comes down to it and has the same needs any of us have. Its not like he just met her (like they always do in the movies) as was said in this story He has known here as long as he has known Nightwing. Its a little surprising that she had know clue, course then again maybe she did. Somewhere down the road I am sure some writer will play with the idea of her betraying him, who knows but still it gives the charcater a element of realisim which I think makes the story more interesting.
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