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  1. Both GL and Flash were missed. I think Batman put Superman down at least 3 times in this story. I liked the part at the end where Batman said to Supes no one could have survied that, not even Darkseid and Supes turned to him and said, Bruce your not always right. And then walked off.
  2. See I totally disagree here. If you have followed the story since the first movie this makes for the perfect ending.
  3. What did you all think. Thought it was pretty good and liked how well Bats and Supes were getting along in this one.
  4. You guys have some sick minds. I think its supposed to be like a Wrestling pose like HBK and Kevin Nash do on the WWE.
  5. My problems with Nemesis are that A.) They were lazy with explanations. Why was Worf back in Starfleet. Last we saw him he had become a diplomat for the Klingon Empire after the last episode of DS9. Also they did nothing to really show whats been goin on in the Federation since the last epsiode of DS9 and Voyager. The movies are the only look we have at this timeline right now and they did nothing to really fill us in on whats been goin on. B.) And this is my bigest complaint. Shinzon and the remans. Basically for us to believe these guys could just walk-in and take over the entire Romulan Empire is ridiculous or that they could build that ship on their own. A vessle more powere full than anything in the Alpha Quadrant with a perfect cloack created by a bunch of slaves is just totally unbleievable. If they had doen something like a rogue Romulan stealing the Romulans newest prototpye ship to cary out some type of personal vendetta agains either Picard or just the Federation and Picard was sent to stop them would have made the story much more believeable. Also these slaves also finding another Data seemed far feched as well. For Enterprise I overall like the show but it does not do a good job depicting how humans got from were we are today to were we are by Kirk and Picards times. Not with how we deal with our own shortcomings like greed, bigotry and all that type of things nor on a technological level. Watching Archer and crew solve a problem or encounter a race has become no different then watching Picard or Kirk do it. The reason for this is because the writers and current people running it would have to really deviate from the standard Trek forumala to pull this off and they never seem willing to do that. I give DS9 the most credit for devating from the standard trek formula. The Dominian War story showed us things were always perfect in the Trek Universe and that some problems couldnt be solved in just 1 or 2 epsiodes.Course the way DS9 eneded was very weak overall IMO.
  6. Just saw it myself and found it surprisingly good. SPOILERS BELOW I think this one brought everything full circle perfectly. Yeah it could stand on its own but I felt it tied up alot of loose ends. If John Conner the kid had stopped Judgement Day like we were lead to believe in the second one then technically Conner would never had been born since his dad was sent from the future. I also think that even If the girls dad hadn't allowed Skynet to access everything eventually it would have taken control anyway. It was obviously already self-aware and it would have only been a matter of time before it broke through the firewalls all on its own. And if it was alive in Cyberspace I doubt they would have ever been able to fully wipe it clean. Basically Skynet Was a self-aware Virus not a Self-Aware machine like we were led to believe in the first one and even second one. Of course when the first Terminator movie was made we didnt have Cyber Space and viruses and all that. Kinda scary to think about how real life technology has progressed so much since the first movie to actully make a Skynet plauseable now.
  7. More pics have been added. As for the phtographer, the majority of the pics are from Michael Elhardt though Clam did help out some and sent some in for us to. http://afigures.com/g/?mode=album&album=GI...Freedom&start=0
  8. Hmm good question. I tend to collect the Enterprise ships and key characters. I like to have all the Enterprise's and the crews for each ship. I would also be interested in getting a Defiant and Voyager and having the crews for each of those as well. Some of the aliens are interesting but like with Playmates I had only gotten some here and there.
  9. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1544&catid=12
  10. Enjoy http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1541&catid=10
  11. I checked with AA about the status on the Enterprise E since I have been getting alot of emails asking about it. They tell me they just got the schematics/geometry back on it. They are looking at doing one ship a year so we get the A this year and the E next year. Remember, good things come to those who wait.
  12. Looks like we will be getting some new packaging soon.
  13. Both DCD and the Mattel figs are nice. Not sure of what the point of arguing which is better is. As for the proto looking better than the actual released figure, well that is true but this happens quit often and not just with Mattel figures. So it really shouldn't come as a real surprise.
  14. Did you all notice the missles on the Cobra Mountain seem to have been changed to a more relistic color than the yello we saw in the orginal pics? http://afigures.com/g/?dispsize=800&mode=v...ramountain1.jpg http://afigures.com/g/?dispsize=800&mode=v...ramountain2.jpg http://afigures.com/g/?dispsize=800&mode=v...aininterior.jpg I think this thing has real potential.
  15. They just have the box there for the Mobile Command Center. Not the actual toy. Here is a Hi-Res pic of the box http://afigures.com/g/?dispsize=800&mode=v...ecommandbox.jpg Leatherneck though not shown is listed as coming with it. NC, not sure when the buble gum figues are due out.
  16. You mean these? http://afigures.com/g/?dispsize=800&mode=v...esdukestorm.jpg
  17. Enjoy http://afigures.com/g/?mode=album&album=GI...Freedom&start=0 More still to come.
  18. JayC

    New Joe BTR Are Out

    Pics are up. http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...id=1523&catid=9
  19. Saw some of them at the TRU in Tysons. The Locust with Rock N' Cough Cough Hollow Point, The one that comes with the Gung Ho figure the cobra sub one and the one that comes with the Frost Bite figure. THere like $10.
  20. My idea would be to just make these guys Cobra Commander's personal pilots courtesy of Extensive Enterprises The figures themselves aren't bad they just aren't the twins to me. Also the fact the they are vehicle pack-ins should make it that its no surprise the figures aren't super spectacular. I wouldn't worry to mugh though, if I had to guess Im sure new Crimson Gurad Commander twins will show up sooner or later in one of the figure assortments.
  21. I think that's to point of the Crimson Command Chopper. :wink: Well I thought I might just point that out, cause if you were looking at it as a vehicle that you would army build with and take into battle, then I could see how you would be turned off by it. There is to much fluff on it for that. But if you look at it as a vehicle someone like the Commander observes battles in from afar, then I think you could see where they were going with this, and if someone were foolish enough to try and attack the Commander well it is armed to the teeth and able to defend itself.
  22. Hmm I like the copter but not as something Cobra Soldiers whould fly into battle with. This stikes me as something High Ranking personel like the Commander himself would fly around in. As for the figures, well I like CC's customs we saw last week better but these aren't terrible.
  23. yeah, tonight is basically just sign in and setting up the custom contests.. you guys should have gave me some customs to enter . however, we should find out what the attendee exclusive item is tonight, and someone should have pics of the sets available also. I can't believe that they have managed to keep the exclusive a secret this long.. I thought for sure it would have leaked out when they were produced at the factory. Last year we knew it was the hiss weeks before the convention. :-? If I remember correctly from last year they managed to keep the Hiss Tank a secret right up to the opening day.
  24. I wouldn't expect to much tonight for pics. The good stuff will come maybe late Friday or Sat.
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