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    GI Joe/Action Man?

    and Im sorry you are all acting like butholes. Drop it and move on.
  2. Ok I am going to state a few things and then I am locking this thread down. First off Dustin, you were out of line. You delibertly tried to be annoying and disruptive. IMO that was not cool and something that none of you should be defending. I don't care if you like or dislike Josh, the new comic or any of those other boards. Dustins behavior was totally uncalled for. Also it must have been after I left cause I dint see it but if you started spouting racial slurs that makes it even worse. However that being said the way the moderators handled the situation was totally unprofessional and handled very badly. They should have warned you and then simply knocked you off if you kept up. The use of profanity and the total chaos that ensued at the end for an event where quit possibly young children could have been in attendence was terrible and just as offensive. Basically I am refering to the profanity and name calling used by the mods. 99% of the time when you hold a lrge public event like that your going to have trouble makes and people who get out of hand (its sad but true). If you aren't prepared for things like that and can't handle things better then you should pass on doing things like that. Also since I don't have any control of people who frequent this board once they go else where, Hell I can barely keep some of you in line when you are here, for them to try an associate that behavior with this site is also unprofessional. Tring to say this board is where the anti-gijoe or DD or whatever they try and say i rediculous. ADC probably does more to promote the new comic, toy and GIJoe in general than any other site. I can't help that some of you dont like the new stuff. I don't usually agree with you but you have that right to feel that way, so tring to lable the board as anti-joe is absured. There are just as many that like the new stuff. Negative opnions just usually have a habit of being heard more. It like when you would bring your report card home and have 3 A's and one D or F. It was always that one bad grade that seemed to stick out the most. Anyway, to sum up Dustin there is no doubt you were out of line, but that doesnt excuss how they handled it and frankly I don't care what they say about this board. I don't want you all tring to start some grudge match between ADC and anyone else. If they want to try it, let them but it will be one sided. I wont tolerate bashing of others or other boards here.
  3. It was just a prop, but kinda a mean tease.
  4. Just got back. Well other than 1846D7M8 being his normal charming self causing the mods to get so mad they were @#$% up a storm and learning that Headman and Serpentor may make a return it went pretty well.
  5. I picked up an orginal Cobra Viper figure the other day and it got me to thinking. What is your favorite Cobra solider figure?
  6. Yep thats it and you know even if its a CLAWS commander repainted and tweeked a bit, but basically looks like that, I will be happy.
  7. Im gonna shut this thread down cause the points of been made and I really want you guys to quit bickering with each other. If you don't like the other person then just ignore them. I also do want to address one point Tom-1 made. "You're arrogant to think a website manager will listen to you." Actually I do not think it is ignorant at all for someone to feel like they can come to me and express an opnion. Whether its a new person or an old. I am always willing to listen and always appreciate when someone takes the time to provide me with input. Now with that being said, that does not mean I always will do what the input suggests but I certainly will listen to it and take it under consideration.
  8. Well like I said, next time I go back to TRU which will probably be tomorrow, I will take my digital camera and try and snap a pic.
  9. How about both of ya backing off before I decide to ban the both of ya again.
  10. hey, I though toy companies just send you free toys??? Where do you get all those cool pictures of unreleased toys from?? Though some companies do send ADC samples for review, I am sad to say I have to buy my GIJoe stuff just like you do.
  11. Well though companies in the last year or so have come to take collectors into conideration more than they had, they still gear these lines more towards kids and the fact is whether you believe it or not the number of kids buying toys still out weigh that of collectors.
  12. The faceplate itself seemed basically the same as the orginal. The helmet was a bit different and the actual uniform was different from both the orginal Battle Helemt and the newest hooded version. Collor was still the same classic blue.
  13. Well for the orginal Battle Helmet look from the cartoon just look at Nas' avater. As for the version I saw today, it has never appeared in the comic and I have never seen a pic of it anywhere else as of yet.
  14. Welcome to ADC Picard. As for the wide variety, well there is a reason for that
  15. Yep red shash, thats it. I like the design of the battle helmet. It looks better than say the version he wears in the new comic. If none have surfaced by then I will try and get a pic this weekend.
  16. Hey I was at my local TRU today looking for the Conquest (no luck ) Anyway you know on the top of the shelves at TRU they often have box art type pictures for the particular products that are bing sold in that area? Well over the JvC stuff there was new art I had not see before of Duke and Cobra Commander. Duke looked like the art we had already seen but this Cobra Commander was new. A bit different uniform and with a Battle Helmet instead of hooded. Looked pretty good to. Hope a figure gets relased that looks like this. Well anyway next time you are in TRU you might look for it.
  17. Well all I can say once again without a shadow of a doubt there is no way he saw that news here on ADC at any time. I have not posted any news whats-so-ever on LOTR minimates. Not the figures and certainly not anything about playsets. In fact I haven't posted any news about minimates since before Toy Fair and that was just the PR AA sent out on the Marvel ones. I havent't even posted news on the Playalong stuff yet, just posted pics from Toy Fair so there isn't even a story they could have mistakenly taken for minimates and the recent news I posted for AA stuff delt solely with Classic Star Trek stuff, not AA stuff in general. So again there is no way possible he saw what he claims to have seen on ADC and if he want to accuse me of lying then so be it, but if I had posted something and taken it down I would simply explain we were asked to take such and such down for now but check back at a later time for when we will be allowed to tell you all, in this case though thats just not the situation so either he saw it on another site or he is making it up. From the look of that thread over at AA it looks like the whole point of it is to envoke some type of response from AA. If thats the case then there are certaily better ways to go about it.
  18. Well again I am affraid I can't guarantee that the winner of this poll will definatly be made into a figure. However I will say this. There are some projects in the works that you all are not yet aware of and it is possible this poll could have some bearing on those. I will also say that the people at AA will see the results of this poll and have indicated an interest in seeing the results of this poll. So again as much as I would love to tell you the winner hill will 100% be a figure, I cannot, but if you want to make your voice heard I strongly urge you to vote. I also no some feel its a pain to have to reqgister on the foums to do so but this was done because it makes it easier for me to monitor the poll for people who sometimes like to cheat and inflate the vote. It only takes a couple min to reg and vote and hey if you decide to post here or anywhere on the boards afterwards you even get enetered into our monthly $50 Fourm give-away and if you choose never to post here again thats fine to.
  19. Hmmm not sure what you saw but I haven't posted any news on the LOTR minimates. There is a Helms Deep playset coming for the Play Along miniture LOTR figures. http://afigures.com/g/?mode=album&album=20...ayALong&start=0 Maybe thats what you saw? Again though I am sorry but I have no info on any Minimates playsets. As for the Marvel Minimate debacal you are refering to, that was definatly done by another site, not ADC.
  20. If you could decide what Star Trek character Art Ayslum would make into an action-figure next, who would it be? If the character you would like to see made next isn't on this list then select other and post in this thread who you would like to see made. There is no guarantee that the winner of this poll will actually be made into a figure by Art Ayslum, but you never know who may be watching
  21. First of all let me just say I appreciate the suggestion AnotherIdiotInBlack however that is basically what I have mods here for. They have all the abilities I do except for being able to ban someone. Which I will contine to reserve for myself. I look at banning as a last possible option. As for the boards themselves they are certainly by no means perfect and I would put out to you there is no such thing. Escpecially when they really start to grow like this one does. When you have this many people sharing their own points of view like you do here you are going to have difference of opnions which often can cause a conflict. What I try to stress and enforce (but not always succesfull) is even though you dont have to agree with some else you at least respect that they have a different opnion as you would want the to respect your own opnion. Of course this doent always happen and someone will take offense that someone else has a different opnion or sometimes people will even delibertly try and rile others up. Classic point is the CD and Clam feued. Both are actually decent people but often get way out of hand tring to get under the other collar. This goes with certain others as well. I could just ban them and not have to worry about fooling with them anymore and beileve me there are a certain few that have come real close and still may ones of these days find themselves gone but I have hope that they will learn to respect the other and move on. So intead of rambling on what it comes down to is the mods usually do a pretty good job of locking things down before they get to out of hand, you have to consider they have a fine line, if they lock to many threads then people get mad cause they feel they can't freely express themselves and if they dont lock enough down then people get mad when threads get out of hand. So they wont always make the perfect choice and neither will I but on the whole I think we do ok. If you or anyone disagree you are certainly free to go elsewhere or if you see something inapropriate I always encourage you contact myslef or one of the mods and let us know and we will take care of it the best way we see fit. One last point. Though I dont always have time to reply I usually check these borads regularly throughout the day. Sometimes like during the Toy Fair coverage I wasnt on much but normally I am here.
  22. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the cartoon even today and as Doc points out as a kid it definatly generated excitment in buying the stuff shown in it. I thought the exact same thing in that Pyramid of Darkness episode. Not min before they got knocked into the lava Destro had to sand off the lava that splashed up on his mask and now her are Flint and Lady J just siting in there taking a swim
  23. Anyone notice how big the chasm was when Lady Jaye was driving on the rope bridge but then how small it was when the bridge layer came? Also since Freedom was knocked out before the ape people took the Joes and Cobra captive back to their village, how did Freedom know where to lead Dusty and Flint to??
  24. Well if we are talking cartoon then Spirit seemed to have Storm Shadows number and Quick Kick as well. In the Marvel series Storm Shoadow beat the hell out of Quick Kick. I think Snake-Eyes is the only one who can take SS in one-on-one hand to hand combat.
  25. Actually Timer was Snake-Eyes talking wolf that would translate for Snake-Eyes whereever they went :wink:
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