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  1. Im just curious. If the new Clone Wars mini episodes became a regular half-hour cartoon that for the most part you liked, would you be interested in a new line of Star Wars animated style line of figures based off the show? When I say animated style I mean like the Batman figures based off the animated series. This would be a totally seperate line from the regular line of Star Wars figures that are out now.
  2. Just curious, if there had never been RAH and the established history that goes with it, would you be interested in GIJoe based on the new line of stuff, toys, comic, show ect, ect?
  3. Nah this is just the music video. The trailer will be up on the new movie site next week. See the main page for a link to the offical movie site.
  4. http://www.hasbro.com/gijoe/spytroops/pl/p...Troops_high.mpg
  5. JayC

    Star Wars Kid!

    This is got to be the stupidest thing I think I have ever seen on the internet. I honestly have to say that I can't see why anyone would make any kind of big deal about this in the first place. However if this kid sues and wins its gonna cause huge ramifications. Now whether thats good or bad Im not sure but think about it. If he wins that will mean that if anyone posts any kind of picture of someone without that persons permission, they will be able to sue you for doing so.
  6. First it was He-Man and now he's going up against the Tcats. Check it out http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1718&catid=21
  7. I think what he meant by avoid confudsion is they didnt want people confusuing the G1 Cyclonus with the Armada Cyclonus.
  8. Yeah these aliens used Unicrons heads to talk to Optimus Primal in the final 2-part episode of Season 1. Damn Primal just blew up and now I gotta wait till the season 2 DVD set comes out to find out what happened. Well nobody tell me, I want to be surprised. Well after watching the entire first season I have to say Beast Wars is very cool.
  9. Watching the epsiode of Beast Wars were Starscream's Spark takes over Waspinator. Pretty cool epsiode and the flashback with Unicron and Starscream was pretty cool. To bad they weren't able to get Cris back to reprise his role and it would have been cool if they had shown Starscreams actualy body more. Gotten a better look at a G1 character in CGI. Starscream should have just gone and found the Ark and gotten back in his own body.
  10. Just wanted to let you SDCC winners know your prizes shipped out today.
  11. Oh but it actually had a very big connection with G1. The allusions and occasional G1 "discoveries" that are made throughout the series are half the fun. There is a mystery in BW.... I remember when I first started getting back into Transformers I was VERY confused with BW, How did they become animals??? How does this relate to G1 or Cybertron? Are these the same transformers or different ones with the same names? No one would answer my questions they simply said "Watch The Show" and So I did. And Found myself sucked into a VERY well written show with great dialogue, amazing character development, and a plot that is just wicked. Here we have a Sequel that takes place in Prequel time! And the various episodes where G1 Transformers return or make appearances, or when The Ark is discovered, All that just adds all kinds of nostalgic butterflies to the fun as you get into this show. Beast Wars to me was hands down the best cartoon in the whole transfomers series. And I am an old timer, that grew up running home from school every day in the eighties to catch Transformers and Gi Joe on TV. But Beast Wars has got it all man!! Phanstar Well I know that now, that there is some connection with G1 and BW but back then after only watching the 1st 2 episodes I did not realize that. In fact I was like Optimus Primal?? WTF is that? As for G1, yeah the animation at times was weak when you would have sideswipe sitting in Decepticon HQ and errors like that but for the time it was pretty good. Also the plots though were usually self contained for each episode (another sign of the times) were pretty good and interesting. Not dumbed down so much like todays episodes. Sure they put some corny one liners in there only a kid could love but it was a kids show. Towards the end the show things really started to deteriate and good epeisodes become few and far in between but im sure thats because interest in the show and the toy had decreased and the companies involved were putting less interest in them. Lets not also forget from the toy companines point of view these things are essentially just large comercials for their products. Throughout G1 you had some Great character developement. G1 Megatron is still by far my favorite version of Megs. And Im talking character wise not toy or look wise. G1 Prime was also probaly the best version of this character though I will admit the BW version is pretty good to. Then you have characters like Starscream who will never be topped. The heel everyone loves to hate. It seems like they tried this with Terydactyl in BW but just isnt the same as old Starscream. I agree BW was probably more sophisticated than G1 but lets not forget these are shows that are really made more for kids and I think G1 did a much better job of reaching both older and younger audiances. It wasnt to sophistcated for younger viewers but wasnt so dumbed down for older viewers like todays show come off, at least to me anyway. Oh and if they had spent the money to do animation like they did for TFTM throughout the entire G1 series it would have totally ruled in that dept as well. Oh I also give sound effects and music to G1. So I think BW is pretty good and will enjoy watching these all for the first time, and I hear the show really does get better in season 2 and 3 but G1 will always be tops for me. Whether its because it was really that good or just because thats what I grew up on, im not sure but thats my opinion anyway.
  12. Well I dont have Hot Rod but I would pass on Red Alert the same reason that you gave. The Megatron has a pretty decent robot for and tank form. The toy does the cartoon and comic versions justice were the toy versions of Red Alert and Hot Rod do not IMO. Somebody who has all 3 though might be able to give you better reasons though.
  13. Well if you really want to know what I think I think you should save your money and get Tidal Wave Out of the choices you give I would go with Megatron.
  14. Well show wise I didnt like the CGI at first and I was a huge G1 fan and at the time was very disapointed it had no real connection with G1. Also I was in college and didnt have time to really catch the shows. For the toys, I don't like them cause the ball joints always seemed to break apart, Im also not a huge fan of animal Transformers. A few here and there like the orginal Dinobots dont bother me but when thats all you got it just didnt grab my attention. Also probably just gowing up in different times I suppose has something to do with it.
  15. Yeah this issue was very cool. My only complaint is I would have liked to have seen some more interaction between Galvatron and Armada Starscream.
  16. GIJoe #20 was pretty good. Loved the ending. The Scarlet thing didnt really fit that well IMO either but overall the story was nice. Not sure I like the idea of doing another Silent Issue. The Marvel one as a 1 time thing was kinda cool but if you start doing it on a regualr basis it kinda looses its appeal. Course I'll hold final judgement till after I actually read issue 21. I have only glanced thru Frontline. The art was very nice. That has been my main gripe about this series so far. The story seemes interesting and its nice to see a classic character like Flash get some spotlight.
  17. I got mine at Suncoast.
  18. Oh and thats just Prime
  19. I decided on a whim to pick up the Beast Wars DVD set. I had only seen the 1st two episodes when they first came on and never really got into the show. Still don't really like the toys, but the after waching the season one DVD set I think the show is actually pretty good. Not as good as G1 but I do think its alot better than RID or Armada.
  20. In the 80's Transformers had more steam than GIJoe. Mothers were literly seen on the news fighting over who got the last Transformers sitting on the shelf they were that hot. Also Transformers was better than GIJoe but if GIJoe had come first most likely Duke would have been killed off which would have made it more interesting. I like both GIJoe and TF movies but TF was better no question IMO.
  21. I know alot of rumors are flying around about Hush assortment 2, I checked with the guys at DCD and truth be told nothing is firm for the second assortment yet. As of right now the most likely for the 2nd assortment are Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Robin and Nightwing, most likely there will be 1 or 2 more but those are totally up in the air as of right now and even these 4 could be subject to change.
  22. Hmm I am affraid I dont have any comparison pics nor the actual dimensions for either version. I will say I have held the AA one in my hands and have held an actual movie prop one in my hand before and the size of the AA and the actual movie prop seemed to be pretty close to each other.
  23. I do. I have all the ships including the NCC 1701. I collect the Star Wars ships to. I have to admit I have been kinda disapointed in the last few ones. I was hoping ofr a light up NX-01 this year. We just got that pewter one last year. Its pretty funny when you plug in my xmas tree. You have all these different voices going off at the same time
  24. Yeah my bad thought it was the figure when the pic first came in. But its just the statue.
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