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  1. I caught that as well Knytewatch. It would be a very interesting subline indeed.
  2. Oh and I for one hope it comes with the sticker and not the rubsign. Never did like those rubsigns.
  3. Yep, these guys are Mousers http://afigures.com/g/?mode=view&album=TMN...ize=500&start=0 and a Cardasian is a Star Trek Alien.
  4. Its a very good story. I started reading Batman again with 612. Is the guy who has been pulling the string Two-Face or is her just the next villian in line to get a shot at Bats? Also can someone catch me up to speed on a few things. Where is Robin (Tim Drake), Why does Gordon no longer have a badge? It seema Batman and Catwoman have a thing going on but I was flipping through the newest issue of JLA and it seemed Batman and Wonder Woman were dating or something, whats up with that????
  5. Check it out http://tformers.net/i/a/dd/Joe_vs_Trans01_...5_16_revise.jpg and an interview with DD's Josh Blaylock on the GIJoe/TF crossover. http://tformers.com/article.php?sid=1355
  6. Check it out http://tformers.net/i/a/dd/Joe_vs_Trans01_...5_16_revise.jpg and an interview with DD's Josh Blaylock on the GIJoe/TF crossover. http://tformers.com/article.php?sid=1355
  7. Hey Jim, I have Hounds spare tire that I found in my parents attic a few weeks ago. Since I know longer have the actual toy, if your interested I can let u have it.
  8. Soundwave orginally came with Buzzaw who only appeared in the cartoon once or twice. Laserbeak was the one they always showed in the toon. Lazerbeak was red and Buzzaw was orange. On a side note, I just dug out my old Rumble cassette a few weeks ago from my parents attic so he will soon have a new home -
  9. First Contact was the best TNG movie IMO. Generations had good scenes but overall was kinda boring for Kirk's final time on screen. The bad guy was weak and All Picard had to do is leave the Nexus and enter a point in time when Sauron was still on the Enterprise and then just taken him prisoner. Insurection was ok but again seemed more like a long episode then a blockbuster motion picture. Nemesis was to rushed and to many lot wholes. Here is how a rank all the Trek films. 10 being the worst 1 being the best. 10.) Insurection 9.) Undiscovered Country 8.) The Final Frontier 7.) Nemesis 6.) Generations 5.) Motion Picture 4.) Voyage Home 3.) First Contact 2.) Search For Spock 1.) Wrath of Khan Now to be honest I can sit down and watch any one of them. I don't really hate any of them but some I like alot less than other. And yes I may be in a minority here but Undiscovered Country is one of my least favorite ones.
  10. You guys beat me to it but can read about the issue here http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1396&catid=21
  11. Well they have done it. They basically established that everthing after tonights episode is a change in history. The time travler dude said that people in the future came back and told them to attack Earth. So initially this attack was never supposed to happen. They have now left the windo open to change whatever they want. Also interesting that Starfleet must not yet be a combined military. By Kirks time All branches of the Military are under the Starfleet banner but I guess thats not the case now. I have a question though. Who is to say the Time Traveler guy didnt really send the probe to get Enterpirse to go off on this wild goose chase in the expanse to get them out of the way for his plans. Archer bought his story just a little to easily I think.
  12. I saw a pic of one of these last week and asked DDD if any such figure was in the works. He said no. So don't know if its an error or people playing arounf in the factories or what but I don't think this is a actual figure coming though it does look pretty good.
  13. Well actually the best way would be to post a link to the page with the picture you want people to see so they have to go over to that site and see it. Besides bandwidth theft which can get costly when you hot link a picture there are other things to consider. First I am sure the people who put all the hard work into a site didnt do it for the purpose to have all their pictures shown on another site. I am sure they would prefer you went over to their site check out the picture in question and maybe even look around at other things. Second many sites get the money to keep them going from sponsors. So if you are looking at the picture here, there is little chance you will see their sponors buttons or banners and click on them, therefore making it harder for them to maintain sponsors which means its harder to maintain income that keeps the site going. As 8Speed pointed out people are going to do these things anyways and in response sites will try and implement filters that sometimes blocks out the pics all togther for some people and other will try and stick big ugly watermarks on the pictures that half the time block out the picture you are tring to see to begin with but that still doesn't make it right or cool to do. So basically these are just common courtesys I would hope people would extend to ADC and hope that we all here can extend to other sites.
  14. Actually I finnally got it finished tonight.
  15. Ok I am going on record here to say that I think it will be revield in the 3rd movie that Neo is some type of program and not a human. I think Neo was an anomolly that was created to think it was human so that it might learn what being human truly means. I think Neo will succeed because he has learned how to love, which the other versions did not. In doing this he will bring peace and harmony to man and machines, unless Agent Smith has his way.
  16. Well I look at it more as if we have only seen half a movie were the first one was more self-contained and complete. Probably cause when they did the first one, they didn't know if they would be doing a second one. I can't really give a final verdict till I see the second half in Matric 3, but not to bad. I do think they over did the fight scenes a little to much.
  17. Ok granted I am no model builder but this thing is not easy to put together. Mostly due to these damn wires. Anyone else have this problem and tips on how to over come it?
  18. Just got my NCC1701 Bandai model today from BBTS. Im gonna take some pics as I put it together and post them. It looks very cool.
  19. Well according to the previews for next weeks season finale of Enterprise the Earth is destroyed. Sounds like another time travel story.
  20. Actually these are still early pics, the final versions may very well be different, but I thought they looked pretty good. Im not a big fan of the gimick Batman figures but these at least looked somewhat like something you might see Bats using.
  21. Not that I have a problem with it, but just curious as to your reasons for thinking about dumping your TB stuff?
  22. Course being a bit shorter and reduced in rank to ensign probably won't help him with the ladies to much. -
  23. Its true he can't do the splits, but it is a very nice figure.
  24. Enjoy. http://www.americandreamcomics.com/index.p...d=1362&catid=12
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