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  1. Would have preferred a DW styled one over the Stormbringer design, personally.
  2. What a gaylands. He looked much better in the group pic. I don't like the movie aesthetic at all. Nice robot designs but not Transformers. How is that going to Transform?
  3. Why am I "obviously" a troll? People should address issues instead of just accepting things the way they are.
  4. Uh, Squirrel Girl is actually a well loved character, since Slott got his hands on her. I think She-Venom...
  5. Unfortunately, taking into account inflation in the way you do fails to take into account the relative drop in the price of computing equipment in general. The Xbox 360 is expensive mainly because of it's inefficent design, and the PS3 is expensive for similiar reasons, and because it has a Blu-Ray drive(which costs up to about $250 alone to produce). Only about as much as Prime 2> Prime 1. Barely. Draw Distance is a bit higher, and that's about it. Sonic's model seems to have the exact same level of detail. Mainly because of the clever use of filterring - something you could do on a more powerful console anyway and have it look even more amazing. These games are better because they're later titles on essentially the same hardware with a few "Pretty" effects thrown in. Then they shouldn't be charging $50 less than an Xbox360 Core which can also play DVDs. In a few months time, that could well be $50 less than the Premium pack. Not good. I very much doubt it cost more than a couple of million which the other consoles would have had anyway to determine how best to use the power and features which the Wii lacks. The similiarity of the Hardware to the Gamecube also comes into play- both the X360 and PS3 have some unique hardware aspects(do you really think the controller cost more to develop than Sony's share in Cell or BD-ROM?). I can't see the controller costing more than $3 million to develop. So charge an extra 99 cents and you're flying it. No, because that doesn't solve anything, nor does it raise awareness. It's not fair, and it's wrong that the extra cost is far above the tax difference on an already overpriced console. Nintendo have been sued for artificially high prices before and I hope it happens again. But not if everyone has their heads up their asses pretending nothing's wrong.
  6. They shouldn't charge Masterpiece Prices for what's essentially a bigger BT. It should cost BT + 10 for the extra plastic/metal and 5 for the extra detail, at the absolute most. Which would be a hell of a lot less. I hope we get it as a Military Alt here -o nly way I'm buying it. Not paying more than 40 euros for it either. I'm starting to think Cybertron Starscream might be a better idea altogether.
  7. Deadpool is great but a bit weedy and his paint apps kind of suck. In all honesty I was a bit disappointed after building him up for so long. He just seemed too small and flat coloured. I really like Bishop. He's not the best proportioned, but apart from that, the sculpt and paint apps are amazing. Face Off Cap is incredible - unforutnatley mine came with a scratch and it's very irritating. The only other flaws I can find are the over the top low shoulders/thick neck and not-round-enough-shield. Definitely one of my favourites, and probably one of the all round best. I don't think we've gotten a good female ML - Psylocke looks pretty good. Phoenix was good for the time but looked too "action figurey". I wish they'd do/redo a Jean with Kitty-like articulation, who incidentally is probably the best female figure apart from Psylocke, but waaaay too skinny. I suppose it's hard to capture the "Plumpness" of the female figure - I personally think they should use some kind of material like Storm's cape to cover the joints. I don't know why people like Abomination. The paint apps are HORRIBLE. He looks like mutant turd. The original one looked so kick ass. What happened? The prototypes are generally handpainted but surely they can at least paint/dye the plastic the right colour! ML13 have consistantly naff paintjobs. The Sinister Six Green Goblin is much better than the ML13 one, IMO, even if the Glider is very basic looking(which somehow gives off a sinister effect in itself).
  8. Incredible. I fail to see how if they uber-detailed those models they wouldn't work in the movie. The Transformations are fast so you never really think "Hold on" but you can still more or less so what's happening. I like how Prime was the Masterpiece Prime. Though I'd much prefer to see a realistic Prime alt mode.
  9. Silverstreak Shockblast Swindle Wheeljack Wanted a Meister but I'd have to buy him online - don't feel like paying out that much for the same mould I already have with Shockblast.
  10. I bet I'm going to get another ridiculous lecture over the "Gameplay". But it is the most expensive price they have released a console at. The SNES was more powerful than the Megadrive. How do you know this, exactly? And why is it that nearly all screenshots look like Gamecube games with some DX9 style filters tacked on? Sorry, but I'm ignoring anyone who makes this POS argument from now on. Graphics aren't everything but if you're not offering good graphics you shouldn't be charging a price that suggests that you do. Evidence please? It's not a good deal. The Hardware simply isn't worth that much, by a long shot. Throwing in Wii sports was damage control if anything. Oh great, the "I'm so mature and you're whining therefore I'm right!" argument. Go #$### yourself. 8 is still hefty if you want to build up a collecting. 5 for a NES game definitely is. The Wii will cost over $315 here. Anyway, the gameplay argument is total nonsense and it's blatant that people excited by the Wii are in denial. When you upgrade your computer, you're not paying for the "gameplay", you're paying for the hardware you're putting in. It's the same for a console. You can't charge for the "gameplay"- that's ludicrous and openning the flood gates to "Arteest" console pricing, which we've had enough of with games quite frankly.
  11. Yeah, that picture can't be right. I have an Alt Swindle and a G1 Starscream, as do many people, and we know that they're not the same frickin' size. That's the size Starscream SHOULD be so he looks decent with Prime. Even another inch or two would have been fine. As it is he's a dwarf. And that pic is false advertising.
  12. No, I just don't like Nintendo's tendancy to rip people off.
  13. I don't think the people defending Wii realise how poor it's powered. Have you seen the screenshots? People(including me) kept convincing themselves they'd get better. They didn't. The Wii is essentially the same hardware as the Gamecube, according to many developers. They added some "Next gen" looking filters and shaders, and gave it a new controller. That's basically what the Wii is. And they're charging more for it than they did for the Gamecube($200) when that was a top of the line console 5 years ago. And they didn't even make a loss on it. The Gamecube was so incredibly efficently made; but did have the fatal flaw of not having enough RAM to fully push into gear the graphical capabilities. So simply by adding RAM you already have a more powerful machine. That's probably what they've done. Still think it's worth $250? It's the most Nintendo has ever charged for a mainstream console, to the best of my knowledge, and it's also, by far, the most underpowered. It's probably, relative to it's competition, one of the most underpowered consoles in history. "It's cheap" is a nonsensical statement when it really isn't. The Wii is more expensive for what it does than the 360, or the PS3. How so? Gauging by the screenshots, the 360 is packing at least twice the punch the Wii is - as is the PS3; and you get a Blu-Ray player with the PS3 too. The Pemium 360 costs $400, and the low end PS3(which is fine) costs $500. The PS3 costs twice as much as the Wii; provides you with a Blu-Ray player(the Wii can't even play DVDs) and multimedia capabilities. Yeah you get a free game - but seriously, it's basically a bunch of simple demos. And $10 for a SNES game!? No thanks. The controller/sensor probably doesn't cost that much to make either. Not to mention the ridiculously extortionate prices we have to pay in Europe. You can say "But the gameplay!" but you shouldn't be charging for "gameplay". We already get vastly overcharged for "gameplay" on the game front of things. My issue with "Paying for the gameplay" is that the Wii will only offer part of what I want from a gaming experience. It's unlikely I'll get truly epic games like Metal Gear Solid and the proper Final Fantasy; instead I'll be getting the amazing but utterly autistic Zelda. The controller is great, but not THAT amazing. Don't forget the PS3 has tilt sensors too, which can be useful for some games. The Wii is, by definition, overpriced, a rip off. Where everyone else is selling at a loss, Nintendo are selling at a sizable profit. It's just out of my personal range now; I was hoping for a cheap console with cheap games. Nintendo said how they'd break the mould on pricing but they're just charging the same as last generation; which despite being less than a 360 game, is still heftily over priced. I was actually a huge fan of the Wii up until now which is why I'm so upset. For those that don't believe me on the whole Wii games look like #$##, just take a look at these. Wii game - http://media.wii.ign.com/media/846/846381/img_3931990.html Xbox(not 360) game - http://media.xbox.ign.com/media/621/621324/img_3084667.html Yes, it's early on in development - but do you really see that bettering the Xbox version if those are the kind of graphics they start out with? Sonic on the Wii looks crap compared to the 360 version too - (recent)Wii Sonic closeup - http://media.wii.ign.com/media/800/800277/img_3789314.html (earlyish)Xbox360 Sonic Closeup - http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/749/749...mg_3161390.html Much better shaders, higher polycount, higher res textures; by at least twofold each.
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