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  1. *Sniff* You don't know how much that means to me. I mean it really. It's nice to find others that have the same interests and don't give a fig what people think.
  2. True. Actually I'm sorry to say that the times that I have gone into a toy store or toy section looking for something (mainly lately) I just feel weird. Like people think I'm some loser or a child molestor or something. People look at you funny sometimes and it's a little unsettling to tell you the truth. Which is why overall I prefer to do my action figure shopping either online or at the LCS. I know I shouldn't care what people think...it just bothers me though.
  3. BUT BUT BUT HEH AS TO HAVE THEM NOW!! @cry@ @cry@ @cry@ No need to be a jerk man. I haven't been rude to you don't be rude to me. This is about the only release toybiz has put out that I really care about it so excuse me if I'm a little annoyed that they haven't made it my way yet. If I was as impatient and lame about it as you assume I would have bought one of the several I've seen on Ebay for 40 or so dollars and called it a day. But I do have patience I just wanted to see what was going on in other areas. Again dude relax. Also lol when I saw your lame post it reminded me of Dr. Cox on Scrubs. I could just imagine him saying something like that to J.D.
  4. I was getting pretty annoyed about the fact that I have not found even one of these things anywhere while others around the country seem to be getting them everywhere. I emailed Toybiz a few days ago with my concerns about not being able to find the wave and they told me that: 1) They are scheduled for release in Fall 2) And 2 to check online retailers like Walmart.Com, Kmart.com, Target.com etc. Well I know 2 is crap because none of those sites ever have anything but number 1 just might ring true more or less. I've been noticing that slowly but surely more and more of these action figures (well Iceman at least as those are the only ones I am watching and the only ones I care about) are popping up on ebay. Just last night I counted up 5 Bobby Drake Variants, 2 Ultimate Iceman variants and 13 of the normal ones. That isn't including several others that have already gone by (the highest sold btw being 101 dollars for a Bobby Drake variant!!!). So that probably means (just speculating mind you) that like any other wave Ultimate Iceman is the rarest (but not the most sought after), Bobby Drake is the second rarest (and most sought after) and Normal Iceman is the third being produced the most. A few other things I noticed were the places these things were popping up at. More or less every dealer on Ebay at first was from California and in one case Arizona. Now we have: West Coast: California Arizona Nevada Washington State Texas Colorado East Coast: Pennsylvania Florida Kentucky So they look like they are inching their way East slowly but surely. And me being from VA I'm hoping that they eventually start popping up. I'm just a little worried because Toybiz IIRC stop manufacturing their stuff in December. And with a Fall Release Date that leaves a small window open for us to be able to grab these things and for them to be able to send them out. But then again with the increasing amount of Icemen on ebay I'm thinking the full wave will more or less hit us around late September - October. Just the way the trend is looking. So hopefully that means these things have fully hit yet. (Sorry about the topic but I have to keep my hope alive somehow)
  5. Yeah for some reason when I entered this topic I assumed I was going to see pictures of a Marvel Legends BBQ. Cap with a apron on and flipping burgers, Invisible Woman, Storm, Psylocke, Black Widow and Rogue sitting by the pool getting pranked by Spidey, The Torch and Iceman, Angel flying high above the scene, The Thing and Hulk playing frisbee, Daredevil and Luke Cage playing Marco Polo, Namor doing some sweet dives... And all of them decked out in swim gear. Like cap would have his mask and gloves but no shirt, pants or boots, same with spidey, Thing and Hulk would be fine(they are already wearing trunks for the most part) and the girls decked out in sweet custom made bikinis. That's the kind of Marvel Legends BBQ I want to see. No offense fugayzie of course. Still great custom as always.
  6. I hate how in the second Fantastic Four Boxset their uniforms aren't well uniform. Really frustrates me.
  7. Lol that makes a lot of sense actually. I think I will try that.
  8. I'm looking to commission a custom action figure of a character I created for the game city of heroes and I was wondering if anyone would be interested. I am also interested in how much it would cost, how long it might take and other essential details. I would like a Marvel Legends Style action figure. Here are some smaller reference pics. I can email the larger ones if needed. As you can see it's pretty straight forward and quite simple. Thanks for looking and pm me if you have any questions. Again sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  9. Did you happen to spy any X-Men Classics Series 3 while there? I'm also from Northern Virginia.
  10. Good for you man customers come first. Hell I've been in many a situation where a customer wanted a certain movie that I planned on renting that night but I gave it up to a customer that wanted it. It's just the right thing to do. Although I'm not saying there shouldn't be anything for the employee either because they make such a crappy salary that they deserve some perks. I don't know why he opened it in the front anyway where someone could see him with them. But if a customer does see you with them the best course of operation would be to give them up until next time.
  11. No it's a card they give you. I have a friend who works there and forgot to give me mine when I preordered. But when I heard about this I went back and got it. He had a whole rack of em back there but I don't know if they are code specific or anything. I don't have my camera on me so I can't give any pics or anything.
  12. That is some good stuff. Wow.
  13. Well one that actually thought a mass retailer would ship a couple of 8 dollar toys to ya. Ask a sappy question, get snappy remark! Ding, ding, ding!! I think that may be the answer!! But if you truly want them, then do what I suggested, hit up the online stores!! They may be more expensive, but you'll get the service you want, and get the condition you expect!! I would not put too much stock into what a 6-8 dollar an hour employee says! Most of the time they don't give a rat's behind, and are only there for the change! Patience is the key. I don't know why it's so farfetched to think that maybe one of those places would ship them to me. Doesn't the online stuff come from local stores? I imagine they may have a warehouse for some things but I would wager most of the stuff comes from stores in the area. I work in customer service and I've gone above and beyond the call of duty plenty of times why shouldn't I expect the same? And I've also tried online stores already and they don't have anything either. Just some preorder crap. Honestly you keep saying the same crap over and over again. I'm not going to repeat myself a hundred more times. If you don't have anything helpful to add then move on.
  14. I'm 21 and yes of course I tried stores around me first. What kind of fool do you take me for? And the very first places I tried were smaller online stores which don't even seem to have them yet even though they are all over the place in Wal-Marts, Targets and Toys R Us on the West Coast. I've tried every store in the tri-state area and no one has them. I probably should just be patient and wait another month or so but most of the stores I called around here said that they SHOULD have them by now which translates to they probably aren't getting them. So I have to branch out and try to find them elsewhere. Hell I would be happy to pay someone who lives somewhere where they are available to get some for me but that doesn't seem to be a viable option either. And Ebay is a joke.
  15. See that would be ideal. Like I said before I was calling around to California since that is where all the X-Men Classics Series 3 stuff seems to be popping up and I did indeed find some stores that carried them and had them in stock. But I have no way of getting there, which really really really sucks. I mean if they can't ship them to me why can't they ship them to another store? There aren't any Target or Toys R Us Franchises or anything I believe they are all corporate. So they are more or less able to shift things pretty easily between inventories. So why can't they simply ship it to a store close to me so I can go pick it up from there?
  16. So it's a good way to get the variants of Bobby Drake and Ultimate Iceman? Does anyone know a good place to order cases at?
  17. Not a bad figure from what I can see just kind of basic... It's lacking the extra arms and stuff which I think would really put the figure over the top as something special rather than just a regular spidey fig with a new paint job.
  18. That makes sense I suppose. I guess I'm just a little naive when it comes to these things.
  19. I don't know I know stores do similar things like sending them to other stores if they don't have them at one other but they even said they don't do that. And I can't really walk/drive/fly to California with a full time Job and all. I live in Virginia buddy.
  20. Is it wise to order a case of figures in order to get all the variants? There isn't any guarantee that a case will have everything is there? I was thinking about preordering the X-Men Classics Series 3 Case and then selling or trading off whatever I don't want. Good idea? Bad Idea? Pros and Cons?
  21. Ok So I called up the Targets in California to see if they had any X-Men Classics figures and if they could possibly ship the items to me. They directed me to their website. Their website has to be one of the worst websites in the land. Honestly it has virtually NOTHING in the way of toys or anything related. So I told the guys that they didn't have the item on the website and they said sorry we can't help you. I don't know if it's a policy or something or whatever but that is ridiculous. If someone is willing to pay for an item and the shipping for said item why can't it be shipped to them without going through their ridiculously crappy online website? Same thing with Toys R Us. I called some in the California area and while they had them they couldn't ship anything to me and then referred me to another crappy website. Now this place is a toy store but they can't have a better toy oriented website than that? It's a sad day when you can't find toys in the world's (or nation at least) premiere toy store's website. Worst part is due to my american express rewards I have the ability to get a 150 dollar giftcard but what is the point if everything there sucks? Sigh.
  22. Oh btw before I forget do you still have the UPC code for Ultimate Iceman? That would really help in the hunt.
  23. I really need those Icemen. Awesome Pics man.
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