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  1. Damn I can't wait for that Flash. Honestly the only products that I care about are Flash related products. I wonder if they are going to make alternate attires for The Flash, like Wally and Barry's outfits or something like that. I need some preview pics NOW. Any date or estimated date yet?
  2. YES!!! Mine finally arrived today completely intact. My shipment was delayed a little because the ebay seller that I bought it from said that it was so cold that the pipes burst runing the first shipment. But hell it was well worth the wait. This version completely destroys the first version of it made years ago. It's almost like a piece of fine art or something. I was worried about all the reports of broken wings and such but mine came through without a scratch on it. Damn I am so excited. I have it posed so that when my ex comes in from work today she will find The Flash speeding towards her. Well both Flashes. I hope we eventually get a Jay and a Wally. Their costumes and looks are both distinct enough so where it won't feel like we are getting the same product. Although I wonder why they didn't make Wally a variant of this one. All they would really have to do is take the wing tips off of the boots, modify the belt design and change the head. But I'm not complaining. Hopefully those will come in due time.
  3. I can't wait for that Flash. He will soon be MINE!
  4. Are we EVER going to get some Nova love? I could give a damn about half of these characters. The guy is fresh off of Annihilation a critically acclaimed across the board miniseries and heading into his own solo series again. He can't get even a little attention?
  5. I got mine for 50 shipped as well. Very nice surprise.
  6. Is it selfish that I want them to finish the Flash rogues gallery they started with Zoom, and Mirror Master? We still need Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang and The Trickster.
  7. I had to buy that Alex Ross Flash to complete my collection. I too also love the ball joint shoulders as well but they really screwed them up on my favorite DC Direct Figure, The Justice League Flash you were referring to. Everytime I move the left arm too much it pops out of the shoulder. Yes it pops right back in but it is an annoying nuisance that should have been fixed by product control. I've been hesistant to purchase another one because I'm worried the exact time thing is going to happen to that one as well As far as Action Features... I never really liked those either. I just want some nice basic articulation and if they decided they want to include ball joints I'm all for it. But that is it. Over articulation/minimum articulation/action features I can do without.
  8. Anyone remember that recent storyline from Teen Titans #17-19 when the Titans got lost in the time stream and ran into their future selves? I know there are other figures to consider before they should go ahead with these but I would love to have a version of The Flash from that comic. I actually almost wish they would have actually gone with that look for the current Flash series as opposed to the current look. I think at least some of these would be a great addition to the contemporary Teen Titans line. Take a gander: And also speaking of the current Flash series, I wonder when they are going to put out a version of The Flash with Bart under the mask as opposed to Wally. Sure I guess you could just say one of the current Flash action figures was Bart but it wouldn't be the same. Plus he needs the gold eyes.
  9. I HATE the poses they put these figures in. The Alex Ross The Flash figure is just such an amazing piece of work and well I don't want to say it's ruined but it definitely annoyed me a little when I finally got it and it was basically stuck in that half way running pose. I just want some straight up action figures/collectibles. Nothing terribly complicated. And while we are on the subject of Alex Ross figures I would like to address the Kingdom Come action figures as well. The Flash has just about ZERO articulation and could have used some extra detail. I would have preferred if they would have taken the look from The Kingdom miniseries rather than Kingdom Come if they were going to make a figure based on him. And Kid Flash II? Don't get me started on her. I understand that it might be slightly more appealing to other collectors with the poses they are in but I really just want my basic poses and my slight (but not overdone) articulation. I won't even go into how much Marvel Legends figures annoy me.
  10. See that is why I only collect Flash action figures and memorabilia. If I went after every action figure of each line I get my Flashes from I would be even more worse off than I am right now.
  11. I plan on picking one up but what are they going for?
  12. I honestly would love to sell them but like I said they are christmas gifts. I even made a small joke after I opened them up about putting them on Ebay and she didn't seem too thrilled.
  13. A few months back when pics and sightings of the X-Men Classics Series 3 Iceman and it's variants started to roll in from California I asked my sis who had friends in Cali to look around and see if they could find them. She asked one of her friends who lived down there to look around and he never got back to her. So I figured I would be patient and just wait until I saw them at retail. I waited months until I just gave up and said if I found them at retail then cool and if I didn't then whatever. A week or so later my girlfriend gave me Ultimate Iceman. She had bought him off Ebay for me without my knowing. I was ecstatic but now this meant that I had to get all 3 and soon. So few weeks later I saw Bobby Drake for a decent Buy It Now Price and picked it up. A few days after Bob arrived an order that I had placed with Youbuynow.com that I had completely forgotten about came in and I now had all three. Flash forward to Christmas Day. I got myself a very nice haul. PSP, MUA for PSP, Marvel Encyclopedia, Marvel Calendar etc. In the last box I opened from my sister enclosed were all three Iceman's. Mint On Card. So now I have three extra Icemen that I can't even sell because they are Christmas gifts. A month ago I had no Iceman at all and now I have six! How crazy.
  14. Damn it I actually have Iceman's minimate. My girlfriend was playing with him though so I forgot all about him. I do need the zizzlinger still though. As for why I like Iceman? His powers and his overall attitude. Oh btw for which ones are which Straight Across from left to right: Mutant Armor AOA Iceman, Fire and Ice Iceman, Spider-Friends Iceman, Marvel Legends 8 Iceman, Ultimate Iceman, Iceman Heroclix, X2 Iceman, XMC Iceman, X-Men Series 2 Iceman, Bobby Drake Iceman, Water Wars Iceman, Iceman Bowen bust, Iceman Mutant Armor, X-Men Original Five Boxset. Now you can see why I was so obsessed with getting the variants and stuff a few months ago.
  15. You asked for pics you got em. I'm not a pro or anything so don't be taken aback at the quality.
  16. Yes I finally got my last Iceman in the mail yesterday. The Bobby Drake Variant. It actually arrived on Friday but I was at work and missed the mailman. So I dropped by yesterday after work and bam it's now mine. I can't believe I finally got all three. I wasn't expecting to even find one for a decent price and now I have all three. As of now they are all proudly displayed on with my Iceman display.
  17. My Justice League Modern Flash's left arm ALWAYS pops out when I move it. Really makes me mad. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know. Also my Johnny Quick's left bottom part of his leg broke off and both of the wing tips on Jay Garrick's hat fell off for not apparent reason. Oh and the Crisis on Infinite Earths Barry Allen's left leg fell off completely the second day I had it. I was posing him and it just snapped right off. I had to buy replacements for Barry and I'm probably going to get one for Quick too.. I just wish that I could be sure that if I bought another Wally that his left arm won't have the same annoying problem. I absolutely love that figure and it is easily the best figure of Wally ever made but the arm just REALLY annoys me.
  18. Wow I haven't met a Storm fan before now who liked that or any of the movies. I personally thought X1 was ok and X2 was awesome but X3 was a steaming pile of crap. Awful story, awful script, bad acting, random characters being introduced and then lost in the shuffle half way through, and Halle Berry was the worst perpetrator of them all. I love Storm as a character but in this movie? BAH. Storm was worshipped as an African Goddess!! She has that sense of royalty about her and she is damn smoking. Halle Berry wishes she had that in her. Worst casting choice ever. I mean freaking Iman would have been a better choice. She has the accent down pat and she couldn't have been a worse actress than Berry. Hell barely anyone can. Not only that but Iman has that pure beauty that would have made her stand out. I don't mean to bring down your excitement or anything. But hearing praise for that train wreck of a movie makes my skin crawl.
  19. When you are a single mother raising four kids because her husband decided to run out on her and get high on crack every night then I don't think you really have much money to put away on savings. Trying to pay a mortgage, car note, etc and working three jobs to support that doesn't leave much money for anything else. So the fact that she wants to give her kids the things they want without being able to pay for it fully upfront is wrong? Sure that is just one instance but this really hits close to home with me because that is exactly what happened to my mom. Sure she had savings but they got wiped out pretty fast when she was trying to keep food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads all by her lonesome. She had no way of knowing that her husband was secretly a crack addict and that one day he would leave her and his family for the stuff. I'm sure there are also many many other people like that in similar situations. You can't control what life throws at you. Hell you might be one of those people one of those days who has to use layaway (but won't have it) to get your kids toys for christmas. You just never know. Honestly people who say things like that are people who have never had it hard a day in their life. Good for you.
  20. I have to say nay. Back when I was growing up my mom was a single mother with four kids working three jobs (one full-time, two part-time) to put food on the table. But she still wanted us to have stuff for christmas so yes she would use layaway to help for things that she knew we wanted but couldn't get at that time. People seem to forget the fact that there are people in the world besides toy collectors and idiots who want X-Box 360s. This kind of thing especially for people who have limited funds and mouths to feed is the difference between toys for Christmas and nothing for Christmas. This makes me sad when I think about all the kids who are going to suffer for this. Forget about some stupid toys think about people.
  21. UPC's have not worked for me here, also anyone have pics of Green and Yellow Rogue? Same here as Target seems to use the same UPC code for all of the X-Men Classics. So when I called up to there all the guy could tell me is they had six action figures out on the shelf. It didn't even say which ones. So I went there and of course they were the same six that have been sitting there for the better part of two months now.
  22. True that man. Great work. And thanks again.
  23. Thunderbolts I think but you MUST include Speed Demon and Blizzard. Besides that you should do the classic New Warriors sometime in the future.
  24. Congrats then man. Good to see you finding some stuff.
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