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  1. Black Hand (Green Lantern villain) and the All-New Atom. As for where they are? Beats me...
  2. Does anyone have any clue what line that Jay Garrick is from? Looks kind of like they are revisiting the first JSA stuff and remaking them. In any case I've gotta have it.
  3. Just got The Flash, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard in the mail today and wow...just wow. Posing them and creating action poses just brings back great memories. Not to mention that they look fantastic. Only minor gripes are no removable pistols for Mirror Master and no Weather Wand for the Wizard. Oh and Weather Wizard's mask should be green not yellow. But other than that? WOW. I'm still thinking about picking up the rest of this line, that's how excited these figures have got me. I usually restrict myself to a few choice characters in order to save money and give myself some focus but with these I could picture massive action figure battles like back in the day.
  4. YAWN. Little in the way of Flash related stuff to keep me interested. But then again I don't think I'm really who they are looking for in the way of customers. In any case, no Captain Cold, Trickster, or Captain Boomerang even after they all starred in a stellar JLU episode has me a little miffed. Shouldn't we be finishing up the people who were actually on the show before throwing in random characters from other Bruce Timm related features? There better be a Rogues six pack in the works soon and hopefully they throw the animated Weather Wizard (even though he looks like crap) in there, as well as a Jay Garrick (yeah he never appeared on the show either but a ton of those guys only had random small cameos anyway).
  5. I dunno seeing the pics from SDCC actually makes me want to start collecting all of them rather than just Flash and Flash related characters. They look awesome and remind me of my old days collecting Toybiz X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Ghost Rider toys. I love the articulation, I actually really can't stand all the new figures with crazy articulation everywhere and very much prefer the old school way. Although I would have had no problem if they would have given the legs a little more articulation as far as being able to do kicks. Long story short, I'm hyped and I can't wait until they start releasing the major heroes. The three packs look fantastic and the six packs...whoa baby. I'm officially hyped.
  6. Great news. While hunting for Infinite Heroes 3 packs today I finally stumbled on the Grodd six pack. I guess the rumor was on the money and they have began restocking the shelves. I saw two more there as well in case anyone still needs one.
  7. First signs of the three packs (what I'm really waiting for) on Ebay: DC Infinite Heroes on EBAY As usual the jerk thinks just because he has the only listing up that he can charge an arm and a leg for it. 45 bucks for a set that probably cost 9.99 or so? Ok... Hopefully I get lucky again and catch the three packs at Target. I mean I don't really want both but I would kill for that Flash, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard set. Don't know the rules about pics but that was the one the guy had posted. Little miffed about the fact that Weather Wizard's mask is still yellow but that's a small gripe. I do wish they would have included a weather wand (maybe they did I really can't tell from the pic) but I guess since he is off and on using it, that doesn't really matter.
  8. First of all I'm actually psyched that I found anything at Target this go around because usually I can't find jack there. I think I got my Superfriends Flash and that was it. Yesterday I drop by there with my friend to pick up some stuff and I stumble across Professor Zoom and the other three (Captain Marvel, Adam Strange, and Guy Gardner). I personally think they look really, really sweet. I grew up in the era of T-crotch Toybiz figures and GI Joes. So the style on them looks awesome and is something I'm used to and I dig the size as well. I just wish they would have given us a better first assortment and also released the three packs at the same time. I'm glad I got a chance to get Zoom but what I'm really waiting for is The Flash, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard pack. Especially since this will mark the first time Weather Wizard has been made into an action figure and he is probably my favorite Rogue.
  9. Wow. My enthusiasm almost completely is gone for this line. The only thing keeping me on board is the fact that there is A Flash in the line and some Flash Rogues for the first time in ages. I still say we need a Flash action figure line devoted just to him for DC Direct. The amount of Rogues he has makes him rife for a solo line and a animated cartoon!
  10. I've bought all the Flashes I can get my hands on and this one will be no exception but I am a little disappointed. First off his eyes are blue, WALLY'S EYES ARE GREEN! Secondly they are missing the wingtips on the boots. Something Wally recently added back onto the costume for whatever reason. Hopefully these issues will be cleared up by the time we get to the official release. No only that but we've yet to see a Bart Allen as the Flash released. Either that or him in the alternate Titans Tomorrow future costume. Or both Can Bart get some real love? He has only three figures of him and one is based on the tv show version of him. Lame.
  11. I would so love to see a Flash cartoon. With the amount of colorful and diverse rogues, supporting cast members, and the range of his speed force powers we could be in for an awesome series. The character is really interesting whether you play up his JLU/Early Flash attitude or his more recent attitude. And just imagine the toys. This is the only toy line that I could see myself ordering a case of.
  12. Ok so I've yet to find any good prices whatsoever for the JLU six pack Grodd. I honestly just want the Grodd (really need it for my Flash collection) but if I must I would easily buy the six pack. I just don't want to pay ridiculous prices for it. I'm sure many of you can understand my plight. My question is pretty much: Does anyone have any leads on some decently priced loose Grodd or even a halfway decent price on the box set? I'm at my wits end here.
  13. I like and buy both lines! Ok first with DCU Classics and now with Tonner? WTH? Why in the blue hell does Aquaman get a figure before The Flash? I'm not trying to hate on Aquaman, but I'm sorry where is The Flash?
  14. ROCK ON!!! I might have to stray from my usual modus operandi of just collecting Flash and Flash related stuff and actually start picking up a lot of this. I'm really really excited about these.
  15. I'm eyeing that Justice Captain Cold. I already have the Flash and Gorilla Grodd minimate in the mail and that JLA cover thing or whatever with Hal and Wally looks fantastic.
  16. These look awesome and I am really really excited for them. I already saw pics of two Flash rogues and the man himself at fwoosh and while they don't look the best i think these are just prototypes. But heck, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard(been wanting a version of him for a while) and Reverse Flash (same)? I'm there. Ok just saw the video and I'm salivating at Jay Garrick as well. I didn't see any pics of Reverse Flash though .
  17. More Flash goodness. Heading over there now.
  18. How is the first one outdated? He looks fantastic and it's the same basic costume he has always had. Mirror Master isn't outdated either but he's just a crappy figure anyway so he needs a remake. The first Captain Cold looks great.
  19. Yeah but that would be the second Captain Cold figure. I wish DC Direct would do more character specific lines. I mean how many Batmen and Supermen do we need? I like some of the elseworld stuff (like the Liberty Files Flash) but overall though I could do without a lot of those two. They need to flesh out the DCU proper instead of running from character to character. So many characters still have to be made.
  20. Yeah but that would be the second Captain Cold figure. I wish DC Direct would do more character specific lines. I mean how many Batmen and Supermen do we need? I like some of the elseworld stuff (like the Liberty Files Flash) but overall though I could do without a lot of those two. They need to flesh out the DCU proper instead of running from character to character. So many characters still have to be made.
  21. I like the idea of a The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Series. Bart Allen, Inertia, Zoom(really surprised he hasn't been made yet), Weather Wizard, Piper, and a better Mirror Master would be awesome. This would be the first complete set of a line that I would have ever bought if that happened.
  22. I know Bart's time as The Flash has come and gone swiftly but I was hoping to add a version of him as The Flash to my already ridiculously large Flash action figure collection. Yeah I know I could pretend that one of the other Flashes is him because of the lack of a real difference in the costumes and overall appearance but it just isn't the same. Do any of you guys think we will ever see a Bart Allen Flash figure? Does anyone else actually want one? I just know that when it comes to my Bart Allen section it looks really skimp compared to my Jay, Barry and Wally sections (Just the DC Direct Impulse, JLA Total Justice style Impulse, and DC Direct Kid Flash(a figure which I adore might I add). Heck I think I would even be content with a figure of the future Flash from The Teen Titans Arc, The Future Is Now. Actually I think that would be awesome as I loved the design for that costume and the updated Kid Flash look. At least we have the Smallville version of Impulse coming up soon though I guess.
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