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  1. Whomp! I think I'm just going to set an auction at .99 cents and just see what happens. Either someone will get a really good deal or I will get a little extra cash for moving expenses. Either way it is better than having them sit around collecting dust. Especially when I have carded extras. Thanks again for the advice, all!
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. The main reason I'm trying to get rid of them in a lot is because they are loose figures without accessories. Although I think I know where the ice slides are the XMC Icemen. I also have the X-Men Classics Icemen on card. I'm just less willing to get rid of them because 1) They were Christmas presents and 2) I still love Iceman.
  3. Hey, I could use a little help pricing these 4. My friend said 40 but I'm skeptical. Pictured are X-Men Classics Iceman along with Bobby Drake and Ultimate Iceman variants. The last one is from the movie line. Thanks!
  4. That is utterly ridiculous and kind of awesome. Back when I used to collect Marvel stuff I had the hardest time finding these guys. I even asked my sister in California to keep an eye out for me. I was that desperate. I finally managed to snag a a good deal on eBay and got all three and opened them for displaying (back when I still displayed my Marvel stuff). I then turned around and for Christmas my sister got me all three. So I have all three of these guys just hanging around. There are some slight creases on the card from storage but I don't think it will matter for Bobby Drake. Wow. Only thing is I have this weird thing about selling Christmas presents...Still, wow. Thanks for the fast responses. Does anyone know what the official deal was with them being so scarce?
  5. Anyone remember that Wave of X-Men Classics that featured the three variants of Iceman: Iced Up, Bobby Drake, and Ultimate Iceman w/durag and arm band? Did those actually end up being rare or did they end up releasing more of them?
  6. Is that the Kid Flash from eBay? I thought about purchasing one but I'm content to wait it out for the one with all the extra goodies. I have a problem with buying these loose prototype things early instead of just waiting for the much better release later. I'm waiting it out. Nice Flash repaint there with Wally. Did you just paint over the nose or did you customize the rest of it as well. I can't really tell in the pic.
  7. I'm right with you on the contemporary Teen Titans line (especially the awesomely detailed Kid Flash, those boots were imo killer) and Wally West. Although there have actually been a number of DC Direct Wally figures (eight by my count) but I see your point that this is easily the best of them.I am on my second Wally West though as the first one's arm kept popping out of its socket and then finally a leg broke while I was posing it. And I thought that they cancelled Heroes and Foes? Is it back on? Even though it is a repaint, that is the best Flash sculpt we've had from DC Direct since the aforementioned Wally West.
  8. I ordered from the store once and they are great. Seconded. Very reliable.
  9. *Ahem* Watch The Flash episodes on WB.Com for Free!
  10. The minute they put out a Flash I'm there.
  11. Yeah I know it's supposed to be him near death but really? It looks absolutely terrible. I was actually thinking about popping the head off of my extra Wally West and putting it on the Barry Allen body. The body accents still stand out and it's not like the head is really that specific about who it is supposed to be. Now does anyone know the easiest way to pop off an Infinite Crisis head?
  12. I see that the Giants of Justice Flash is going for 50 plus on Ebay currently and I was just wondering how much it was sold for at SDCC. I need to be able to justify the purchase at what seems like a high price.
  13. Line 'em up by height? Separate them by 'secret' identity? Pre-Crisis/post-Crisis? Actually yeah I line them up by Flash or Flash related character in canonically order of appearance. Starting with Max Mercury and ending with Iris West.
  14. I only collect Flash action figures so it would be kind of hard to separate them. So I have no problem with combining different lines.
  15. Just got a chance to get to the post office and pick my Flash up and well, it isn't the worst but it definitely isn't the best. Still annoys me a lot that some of the time they manage to get Wally's eye color correct (It's GREEN FOOS, GREEN!) but most of the time they have it as blue. But that's a very minor nit pick. On to the real details on the figure. As far as the paint apps the figure is smooth. Paint is very clean and the lightning around his waist and forearms both look great. Now if only they had etched them in like they did with the JLA Series 1 Wally. This Wally however does beat the other one with a far superior choice of color and wash. The glossy look is something that I always thought a Flash figure should have and this one looks beautiful. Moving on to the face sculpt. I mean is this really all they could think of for The Scarlet Speedster? This pathetic half grimace, half constipated look? I know they were trying to capture the look of Ed Benes' art in the comic but I'm not at all impressed with the face and this is actually the first thing that stood out to me in the proto pics. I was hoping they would make some adjustments and maybe add a cocky smile or maybe something that meant business more, Not to mention that the shape of the head feels all off. Maybe I'm just still in love with the aforementioned JLA series 1 Wally West, but the head on that one, the swivel and the fact that it was able to be adjusted to be posed looking straight ahead as if he were running were awesome selling points for me. It was my very first figure and still one of the best in my eyes. As for the torso. I don't know why artist always insist on giving speedsters these ridiculously muscular bodies. Yes they are superheroes and I get that but I always like when people take little things like the characters powers and such into consideration when they are drawing and designing them. The Flash was always meant to be a streamlined character, sleek and slim. This guy looks like he's ready to karate chop Mongul's head off. I will say that I do dig the slight muscular tone when it comes to the arms. It really looks like he pumps those arms and throws volleys of punches numbering in the thousands every day. As for the legs. Supremequeen you were correct when you said that these legs have to be some of the most perfectly designed legs that have been seen on an action figure yet. They really do look like he runs thousands of miles every day and every sinew and muscle is juiced for more action. Looking at the entire figure closer now I also notice another cool little touch that may or may not have been intentional. There are little lines that kind of say that this costume isn't spray painted on and is actually a form of cloth. I don't know if it's from the way the figure was put together or what but it adds a little something extra. Although it loses a few points in an area that the Alex Ross Flash figure suffered from (though it's not nearly as bad here). The right knee only appears to bend back slightly. It doesn't hinder this figure as much as the preposing on the Alex Ross Flash but it still bothers me a bit. Down to the boots. Very pleased that they decided to add the wing tips that DC inexplicably added back to Wally's costume a year or so ago. I love attention to detail like that. The calf muscles look well proportioned, the wing tips aren't flimsy and they have The Flash's trademark tread on the bottom of his boots. Something that I've never seen anyone miss so far which is interesting to note. I don't really get why the feet swivel but whatever, I guess it's one more POA (albeit pointless). All in all I give the figure a 7.8. Looking more and more closer at the figure as I was writing the review I started liking it more and more and started noticing the little details about it. Give me another day to mess around with it and this score could easily jump to an 8. I just wish they could take all the good things from past Wally figs and put them together. And since this might be one of the last Wally action figures in this uniform I was hoping to see something a little more...breathtaking. But then again it's a collectible action figure made by DC Direct. I have every right to expect perfection but really can't be that disappointed when the effort is still solid. JLA Series 1 Wally still beats this guy by a mile though. I took a few comparison pics for anyone wondering. Not the best but certainly not the worst.
  16. Those are both good WW figures but my DCD is gonna stay the JLA series 1 WW. That figure has all the features you want from a good WW fig, PLUS it's got a little bit of Linda Carter in the face. That's a keeper! As for the series three line, I agree...every figure is completely awesome. At the same time, I'm probably not going to get any of them. At this point, I'm all about getting ONE great version of each hero and leaving it at that. For WW I got the one from the JLA line. Dito for Wally West, the one form the JLA line is flawless. And for Hal Jordan I've got his Green Lantern line figure. Now if I didn't have these already, I'd have all the figs in this wave right now. (Actually, still up in the air on Geo Force. But at the sme time....it's Geo Force). I'm the opposite as I'm all about collecting all of a few specific characters (Primarily The Flash) and I have to say that while that Flash from the JLA line is my favorite, it was hardly flawless. It's eyes were blue and everyone knows Wally's eyes are green.
  17. I'm still waiting for a Rogues box set featuring Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, and Weather Wizard along with The Flash and Orion or something like that.
  18. Hey just wanted to let everyone know that WBshop.com is having a huge sale with a lot of items on clearance at 25, 35, 50 and 75 percent off. I just got a ton of Flash related items that I have been waiting to get for a while including an extra 13 inch Flash. Martian Manhunter Nightwing Shazam Bizarro Lex Luthor Catwoman The Flash Superman Returns Power Girl Aquaman Batman Modern Batman Classic Robin Batgirl Superman This is a great way for all those guys that fell behind on collecting these or thought they were too expensive. They also have a ton of other DC Direct stuff up for sale cheap.
  19. Wow this is as random as it gets but I'm still buying it.
  20. Personally I liked the articulation on Flash, GL, Batman etc and I wish they would have continued it with the entire line. It drastically improves the playability of the figures and makes them better suited for action poses. As far as selection I'm still annoyed that we've yet to see any more Flash rogues, even after having an entire episode dedicated to them. We need a box set immediately with The Flash(gotta have an easily recognizable character), Weather Wizard (preferably a redesign for the terrible design they stuck him with on the show but it's no biggie if that is it), Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Captain Cold and Mirror Master(or Orion/Batman) if they definitely have to pack in another character to save money and get some use out of the sculpt. If would be amazing if they included the weather wand, some boomerangs, a cold gun and some laser pistols but I wouldn't hold my breath. To be honest this is really the only thing I'm still waiting for in the line is for them to finish the Rogues. Also what is the deal with the Power Girl name change? I never quite got that...
  21. So no Wally variant for The Flash? That's really odd, especially considering Wally's been the Flash in the public eye for years now. In any case Flash, Cold and Kid Flash are already preordered.
  22. I've never actually tried to collect anything from these DCUC yet but I have been around and have seen the total lack of pretty much anything DCUC in Target and Toys R Us in my area. There is no way I'm letting these guys get away and paying Pre and Post The Flash: Rebirth/Ebay Prices for any of these when I can get them this cheap. The Flash, Kid Flash and Captain Cold all preordered. Now lets just hope it goes through and they don't get canceled.
  23. I like Scarecrows appearance in The Dark Knight was awesome. Especially since Nolan really didn't need to use him at all. Basically it sets up the idea of Batman's recurring Rogue's Gallery and definitively ties the first two films together.
  24. I'm glad they don't have more articulation. I honestly never liked those Marvel Legends figures where every single freaking joint moved. First of all on some of the figures it really just looks bad and secondly I love the old school style of these. The only joint I think these figures could use is the leg ball joint. That's it. Everything else is night perfect.
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