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  1. Legends has them in stock. I got fed up with CSC and ordered from Legends last night, they shipped this morning.
  2. Neither of these would ever happen. A 1:12 scale Jaws would be -massive-. The plastic consumption from that toy alone would be the equivalent of half a wave of figures. And the Orca boat? Are you serious? Same goes for the second one there. You'll never see either one of those. I think you'd be happier with movie licenses going to someone who will make them as 3-3/4 figures, not Legends-scale figures. I'm all for movie characters, but I'd prefer that Marvel Toys stays with LCBH. Besides, plenty of movies, as someone else pointed out, were also comics at some point. It wouldn't be difficult, I'd wager, to get Robocop, Predator, or Terminator into LCBH just by using the same ploy they did to get Conan -- base it on the comic appearances not the movies, and therefore you don't get all tangled up. Conan in LCBH is based off his appearances in his various Marvel Comics titles. They could do the same thing for other characters, perhaps basing Predator and Alien figures off their appearance in the Darkness/Witchblade crossover (two figures that are already in LCBH). Some time ago there was also a Robocop vs. Terminator (was that Dark Horse?) which would be a great two-pack for LCBH.
  3. I mostly have stopped already. Once Hasbro starting phasing out articulation and paint applications, I lost interest. My collecting habit has always been touch-and-go. Like some other people here, I collected figures that either caught my eye, were characters I really liked, or that I needed to complete teams/displays. And sometimes I picked up figures just because they were super-cheap on eBay (Lady Deathstrike, Bishop) or on sale at a retailer I like (both versions of Sentry, Blackheart). The major difference I'm seeing at this point is that ToyBiz, despite QC issues, often made such awesome figures that I couldn't resist picking them up even when I didn't care about the character (Moon Knight, Iron Man, War Machine, SMC Scorpion, Loki). Hasbro so far has made such terrible figures that I haven't been at all tempted to buy them, and of the figures that actually looked okay, none of them are characters I want in my collection. Contrarily, I have almost the entire first wave of LCBH. ToyBiz can still get me to buy stuff I don't particularly care about, it seems. A year ago I never would have thought I'd own Ripclaw, and I would have said "Super Patriot who?" But here they are. I'll still continue to get the figures I like that are done in a way I like. And that's that. I want the Cannonball/Domino two-pack, and the Blob BAF, as well as the upcoming Holocaust BAF. So far that's it. I doubt I'll stop buying figures entirely, unless as others have said, Hasbro starts giving everyone Hasticulation or changes the scale. Although I'd probably be more likely to buy 5" figures from them to put in with my current '90s ToyBiz Marvel figure collection. So even a scale change might not stop me, depending on how it's done and how the final figures look.
  4. Right, Dredd's helmet isn't supposed to come off (although with work it can be, so says a customizer or two on Fwoosh). Still no luck with my Conan. I've twisted, pushed, heated, and chilled this friggin' toy so many times it's not even funny. Looks like I'll have to take GrownNerd's advice and insert metal pins into the pegs that hold his arms on, to reinforce the pegs so they don't break from the force I need to apply to pose him. Damn Marvel Toys and their crap quality control.
  5. More of that sucky new style of 'animated' animation. Screw that. Give me a cartoon that looks GOOD, not ##$%$#ed.
  6. Thanks man. Although I definintely agree that you should build him. I've got his whole upper body together (and one leg hanging out unattached because I don't have the lower torso yet) and I already think he's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
  7. Super Patriot is fantastic, I agree. I like him a lot more than I expected. I only broke down and bought him because I wanted the BAF part and I figured hey, SP isn't too bad looking. He's kinda cool and it won't hurt to have him in my collection. But when I opened him, I was blown away. He's just awesome. Mine has REALLY tight joints, but hopefully I can loosen them up without breaking him. The only thing I don't like about this figure is his head. It's set too low on the neck so that you can really ONLY have him facing forward. Turning his head to the side also causes it to twists sideways a bit. Looks kinda silly and odd. But a lot of figures of various toylines have that issue, so I don't hold it against him too much. I don't own Savage Dragon and don't really intend to. He and Madman are the two figures in this wave that I really just absolutely don't want. As for Wal-Mart.. . . Wal-Mart sucks here. Their action figure selection is relegated to no less than 60 or 70 Spider-Man movie figures, 5 Marvel Legends figures (2 Emmas, 3 Banshees), and various other useless garbage. I haven't seen a single LCBH there, or even wave 2 of Hasbro ML. I've gotten all my stuff at TRU. Oh and RockSteady, if you don't want the BAF part that came with Savage Dragon - let me know. It's one of the two I still need to make my Pitt.
  8. Looking over this topic, I realized that there's probably no toy line I can claim to be a completist about, at all. My interest in collecting is mostly stuff that grabs my attention or holds some kind of sentimental value for me. In no particular order: ToyBiz Lord of the Rings: Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of PJ's "interpretation" of the classic story. But if I try to avoid considering these to be accurate representatiosn of characters from one of my favourite fantasy stories, I'm okay. The designs are cool. And articulated medieval-esque warriors and fantasy stuff is something I always wanted as a kid. Currently there's only a few figures left from the line that I really want. Of course, finding them for a price I can afford will be... fun. Thundercats: Currently I only have a complete Lion-O (thanks Squeezeplay!). I hope to flesh out that collection one day with the other main TC characters, as well as Mumm-ra and maybe a mutant or two. He-Man Vintage: I hated the new He-Man with passion. The sword, I think, is what ruined it for me. Horrendous piece of garbage. And the figures were craptastic, in my opinion. But the vintage stuff holds that special sentimental value. Currently I only have a complete He-Man. Eventually I'll try to find a Battle-Cat, as well as Skeletor and maybe a couple others to represent that line and its meaning to me. Also want to get some of the figures from the New Adventures of He-Man, which I also had as a kid. McFarlane: I'm not big on statues, but I collect odds and ends from McFarlane's varied lines. A few Spawns, some of the Conan line, The Crow, etc. He makes a lot of characters that I like enough to grab a statue or two of them. I'm still missing Jim Morrison from my collection, and judging from eBay prices I will never, ever have him. I also love his 'Dragons' line. Marvel Legends: Haven't done anything with this since the Hasbro take-over. Plan to get a few BAFs from them, though - and the Cannonball/Domino set. And I only have a few figures and BAFs left to get from the ToyBiz run. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vintage: Only the original stuff. And only one for now - Panda Khan. Loved him as a kid, so I snapped him up on eBay. But my TMNT want list is pretty long and I'll get to it eventually. Star Wars: Currently have NO Star Wars figures. But I recently decided to start picking up figures of my favourite characters. Mostly OT stuff with a few prequel figures thrown in that I took a shine to. Looking forward to getting some, but that idea is on hold while I try to complete what I want from other lines. G.I. Joe: Another cherry-pick collection. I've only got 25th Ann. Snake-Eyes so far, which I love. And I have some other 25th stuff on pre-order. Need to get a bunch more of the 25th figures that are already out, also. Besides that, I'm wanting to pick up some of my favourites from the RAH days. '90s Marvel: Big fan of the old ToyBiz stuff, mostly X-Men actually. There are probably still a couple dozen figures I want from those lines, as well as a few of the 10" figures. Legendary Comic Book Heroes: Loving this line so far. But it's another one I'm going to cherry-pick for characters (and supporting cast of those characters) that I really like, or figures that I just think are too cool to pass up. Schleich World of Knights: Kids toys that aren't poseable at all. But I LOVE knights and all things medieval. And these little figurines are pretty awesome. I have 6 of them now, and about 10 more I want to get. LEGO: I like LEGOs. No particular interest there. Castle, Town -- mostly the classic lines. I don't really collect any of the licensed stuff (Star Wars, Batman, etc), nor do I plan to. But nothing beats having LEGO sets that I played with as a kid (go Rebel Roadster!). Other various stuff: I have a lot of figures I want to get from other toylines, usually just one or two. Such as Ren and Bloth from the Pirates of Dark Water toyline, or Aracula and Prince Lightstar from the Skeleton Warriors.
  9. X-Force without Shatterstar and Domino? Screw that. Nice to finally see Wolverine wearing something that isn't brightly coloured, though. Darker version of his old brown costume. I do like that.
  10. That's weird - it works now. I think the problem might have been in the address. I was originally going to "www.thefwoosh" instead of http://thefwoosh" - Thanks a ton Waiting.
  11. My sincerest apologies! Consider my statement now amended to "guys/gals" and "fellas/ladies." Still haven't heard back from the Admins of Fwoosh. The main site keeps referencing the forums, so I imagine if this was a more widespread issue it would have been mentioned by now. Very frustrating. I like having multiple toy sites to go to! (Not a slight against TNI - I love this place too.)
  12. Think we can get Jesse Falcon to come over to TNI and explain to us why ToyBiz/Marvel Toys is intent on f'ing up the (potentially) best figures? First FO Wolverine, and now two messed up Conan figures. I mean really - considering the -lack- of problems with other figures, I'm almost convinced that MT is intentionally screwing these figures up. It's almost HASBRO of them. "All the figures will look great. Except for this one, as he is bound to be the most popular. Make him so messed up that they keep buying more to replace him."
  13. Just figured I'd post my thoughts on these figures, as well as pictures, for those who haven't gotten them yet. Judge Dredd Awesome figure, really. For those familiar with ML Longshot, Dredd has the same level of articulation (seeing as how he has the same base body), including side-to-side wrist articulation and side-to-side ankle articulation. And he does have molded 'grip' hands so he can get a steady hold on his weapons. To me, this type of figure, as well as the Conan/Wraal set, epitomize what super-articulation is all about. The only negative here is really the slimness of Dredd, due to the usage of Longshot as a base. But really, he isn't THAT skinny if you really think about it. Definitely thinner than he should be, but nothing that really irks me. His helmet doesn't come off, which is a negative for some people, but it doesn't bother me. At least it stays on, right? Paint apps are perfect. Not a single flaw in the whole figure. And the joints are all nice and tight without being too tight for easy pose changes. He comes with three weapons; two pistols and a knife, all of which are quite cool. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the pistol holsters. Due to the shape of the figure and the size of the pistols, the pistols cannot actually be stored without bending. The one pistol will bend because it presses against Dredd's back, and the other bents out because it is pushed outward by his kneepad. A nice touch, but kind of useless unless you don't mind bent weapons. http://www.maj.com/gallery/KnightDamien/Le...ge_dredd_01.jpg Witchblade Technically, this one isn't mine. My wife bought it for herself despite my protests, as I'm boycotting any ML or LCBH without bicep swivels. But since it's in the house, I'll give my thoughts. The articulation of this figure is the same as the rest except for the lack of a bicep swivel. The wrists are articulated, though the fingers are in a fixed position. I prefer that, since individually aritculated fingers look robotic and stupid. Still, the amount of dynamic poses available is limited by the fact that her biceps don't turn at all. The sculpt itself is so-so. Some parts are very good - chest, legs, arms, and hair. The face could use some work, especially the eyes. And the waist makes her look like Anorexic Barbie. The unnaturally thin waist, aside from the lack of bicep swivel, is probably the worst part of what is -generally- a very good figure. Paint apps are all clean and there's no joint problems on this figure whatsoever. In terms of paint, there is one issue I have: lack of highlighting. Witchblade's armour appears very drab and much of the detail is lost because it's all one very rusty colour. Some lighter highlights would have really brought out the detail and made the figure much better. Sadly, she's still one of the best females MT/TB ever made. http://www.maj.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=1316018 Conan & Wraal First I have to start by saying that once again TB/MT has caused me much grief. Before LCBH my most anticipated figure was FO Wolverine. That figure was plagued by EVERY problem you can possibly have with an action figure: Overall poor quality control, bad paint apps, stupid choices of plastic base colour, breakage, mismatched limbs, etc. You name it, Wolverine had it to a disgusting degree. Conan isn't nearly as bad, but of course the first and only one I bought had a severe problem with his shoulders. They didn't move at all. After many attempts to fix it, I can now adjust his shoulders into any position, but it requires quite a lot of force and I'm afraid eventually his arms will break off from the pressure. Bad show, MT. And I don't dare ask for a replacement, since they'll just end up sending me Madman or something. The rest of my thoughts will ignore this problem, since I don't want to dwell on it and have complained enough now. It's also worth noting that you should check your figure well before buying. At least three of the Conan figures in the store when I bought mine had the hair glued on somewhat sideways. I grabbed the only Conan, actually, that didn't have one minor problem or another (either hair problems, or the belt/loincloth being afixed unevenly). Sculpts & Articulation: Both sculpts are absolutely amazing. These are easily the two best super-articulated figures I have ever seen in my life. Proportions are excellent, design and style are perfect. Articulation is equally amazing, with everything you could ever want right down to side-to-side ankle articulation. Both figures have molded hands. Both of Conan's hands are in 'grip' pose, and Wraal has one 'grip' hand and one open hand, which looks very cool and perfectly evil. Wraal is huge, by the way. He towers over even FO Sabretooth, while Conan is just a touch shorter than Sabretooth. I was slightly disappointed in how WIDE the inside of Conan's hands are. The grips of his weapons were made massive to accomodate (or perhaps it was the other way around). Either way, Conan is incapable of accepting any other weapons you may own, for instance from the Lord of the Rings toyline. They'll simply fall out of his hands. Since my plan was to throw away his goofy sword and use a Boromir sword, that was a pretty big disappointment. But not enough to even remotely ruin how cool this figure is. Conan also has a knife on his thigh that is not removeable. I'd prefer it not be there at all, rather than stuck in place, but it's a minor gripe. Paint: Again, these figures have terrific paint apps. No splotches or problems of any kind, and they look excellent. The only complaint I can make here is that Conan's sword scabbard needs a secondary colour. The whole piece, despite how detailed it is, is one colour. Would have looked better with a few colours on it. Nothing sloppy on these figures at all, at least. Great looking. Joints: Besides the aforementioned issue, all the joints for both figures are tight and sturdy without being too tight. Conan's left forearm swivel is a little loose, however. Accessories: Conan -- Conan comes with a sword, axe, and a fur cape that's glued to his back, as well as a "removeable" baldric with scabbard. The baldric on mine was actually half around the chain on the cape, and so the baldric wasn't removeable until I took the cloak off. The cape was the worst part of the figure. While it looked very cool, it also limited movement somewhat and overbalanced the figure. Stupid choice, if you ask me. I ripped it out of his back and now I have a removeable fur cape -- much better. The axe is huge, double-bladed, with a chain hanging off the butt. Kind of cool, actually, though not really to my tastes. The sword, however, was just plain stupid. It has huge wing-like protrustions stemming from the guard. The sword looks much better now that I've chopped those off, but it's still kind of silly, especially with how wide the handle is to accomodate Conan's huge hand-opening. Smaller opening in the hands next time, MT. Seriously. Wraal -- Wraal has a pouch with a maggot coming out of it that would be removeable if you took off his cape, a cape, removeable helmet, belt with scabbard, and a sword. The sword is great, much simpler and better proportioned than Conan's monstrosity. The cape has that tattered, evil look to it. His accessories are all mucho cool. Unfortunately the helmet isn't very tight and will pop off at the slightest tap. Overall, awesome stuff. Could use some minor improvements, but still some of the best toys I've ever owned. http://www.maj.com/gallery/KnightDamien/Le...conan-wraal.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/KnightDamien/Legends/conan_01.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/KnightDamien/Legends/wraal.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/KnightDamien/xx...roupshot-01.jpg
  14. Hopefully you'll find something interesting when the full line-up is released. I'm guessing this isn't the whole wave, since there's only four figures and a BAF presented. I can't imagine the line-up will be less than 6 figures. Just like ML, I like to see some diversity, but just like ML you'll have a lot of the big names recurring throughout the line (looks like Conan will be one of the majors for LCBH). I'm a huge fan of Conan, so that's cool with me. And I do sincerely hope each line has 'something for everyone.' I'm still really curious if this line has more than four figures, and what the others will be if so. Indeed, he's awesome looking. Aphrodite, face-wise, looks like she might be one of the prettiest female figures since the beginning of ML and LCBH. Provided, that is, she looks anything like the preview there. Hopefully they're only using the Witchblade base for the mock-up. I don't know who she is, but I'd buy her in a second unless she lacks bicep swivels. Best of both worlds, then - movie and comic? Now I'm going to have to hunt down some info on Mean Machine. . . Who is Aphrodite anyway? Is she a stand-alone character or is she a member of a team or something? I don't think I've ever heard of her before.
  15. I'm with you Jeffro. Not only were many of those quite funny, but I think what's really going on there is, obviously, just collectors expressing the most severe frustration at the way their favourite licenses are being handled by a company that has proven again and again that it seems hellbent on actually destroying almost every major toy property in the world. Hasbro really has done some awesomely stupid things, and I totally sympathize and agree with what those guys were saying, even if they were often a bit too crude and vulgar about it.
  16. Hey Guys, I know some of you are members of Fwoosh and I was hoping you could help me out. I'm also a member of Fwoosh (username - KnightDamien). However, after the website hack and the subsequent change to a new site, I'm finding myself banned from the forums. I can't log in, view the forums, or register to the site. This is most disconcerting - especially since I have an active trade on Fwoosh and I want to make sure the payment I sent arrived. To be clear, I think this is a technical issue. I've never been reprimanded on Fwoosh or done anything even remotely (that I'm aware of) against the rules. So I definitely don't think my banning is intentional. But the e-mail I sent garnered no reply and I'm not sure who to contact besides just the basic Admin e-mail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks fellas.
  17. http://www.toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=256&itemid=11666 LCBH Series 3 is announced and coming soon, it seems. And Oh. My. God. I am so stoked. ANOTHER Conan is a dream come true for me, and this new one looks as amazing as the first one. The Ice Giant BAF is a must for me also. Honestly, I think this is a weak line-up (for my tastes), but I will buy multiples of that Conan, and I will get that BAF no matter how many figures I have to buy. Wonderful. I am too excited for words. I have to admit that I'm a bit concerned about Mean Machine. Don't get me wrong - he looks awesome and I want him. But with that huge swiss-army-arm on one side, and a complete lack of arm on the other side, I really do wonder how well this figure is going to stand without some kind of base. Also, wasn't he strictly a movie character? I don't recall him from the comics, but then again I haven't looked at Dredd comics in a very long time. If anyone else has seen better images than those posted on WU, please link to them.
  18. Where it came from? Just responses to the various things being discussed in this thread. It wasn't all aimed specifically at you. Apologies if I didn't separate my response to you and the rest of my thoughts more clearly.
  19. If anyone needs certain figures - feel free to let me know. Shipping from Canada would probably be... icky... but I'm more than willing to pick up figures at cost for anyone that's having trouble finding them. Again, provided the local scalper hasn't filled his shopping cart yet at my local TRU. Just let me know what figure(s) you need, including the two-packs, and I'll see what I can do about getting them later today or tomorrow.
  20. Here in Alberta, the first series and the two-packs can be found at Toys R' Us. Unless the local scalper has taken them all to sell in his comic/specialty shop.
  21. Hey guys, Just came back from Toys R' Us here in Edmonton and was stoked to be coming home with Judge Dredd, Witchblade (eh, the wife wanted this one and refused to honour my boycott of any figure without a bicep swivel), and the CONAN TWO-PACK! My most anticipated figure (Conan, that is) since FO Wolverine. Since TB screwed up FO Wolverine beyond all imagining, I thought to myself: Conan will be terrific. So I get him home and.. ta-da... MORE problems from TB. Big f'ing surprise. So here's the issue. If anyone else has had it, and has fixed it, I'd like to know. I'd also like to know if my problem is a fluke, or if all of the Conan figures are like this: His shoulders won't move. I can rotate them in a circular motion (the right one, at least, the left one holds too tight and needs serious pressure to move at all), but they won't rotate on the disc AT ALL. So, I boiled him to loosen any flash and such. Then I took off his arms and head to avoid breaking anything while dealing with this. Now, after boiling so much I thought his arms would melt off... there's very little change. I can get the shoulders to rotate on their discs, but only with considerable force applied. This means putting the figure back together and posing him will be completely impossible and will only result in those pegs breaking off from the pressure I'd have to apply. Any advice on how to fix it? Should I buy a new one, or has TB ruined yet another figure that should have been fantastic? (On the plus side, Wraal is so friggin' awesome that it hurts, and Judge Dredd is extremely sweet, despite the slim body that was used. Witchblade is much nicer in person than in photos, but the complete lack of a swivel in her arms still makes me wish I could have convinced the wife to join my protest.)
  22. I think you're really reaching here, as this statement is. . . too simple. In fact, it's rather incorrect, as I see it. Now, I won't dispute that Marvel Characters, on the whole, are more recognizable and you'll find more Wolverine toy fans than Dredd toy fans. However, this is not an 'across the board' position to take. I honestly can't seem to believe that Xorn has an overall larger audience than Judge Dredd. And I will state with almost complete certainty that he's a drop in the bucket, popularity-wise, compared to CONAN. I'd bet that the popularity of Darkness, which is already decent enough, will skyrocket when the film comes out (and now that there's a video game). Darkness is definitely going to get more early 2000s facetime than Yellowjacket or Danger. All in all, I would say that while Hasbro will maintain the upper-hand in being able to produce a higher quanity of recognizable characters, LCBH will hold its own in that regard. Each line is going to have characters that are somewhat obscure and will largely appeal to more hardcore comic fans. LCBH will have fewer, but don't discount huge names like Conan and Judge Dredd. Those -are- popular characters with a history of video games, movies, comics, books, roleplaying games, etc. It's been said before, and I agree: A line isn't just about 'do 50% of people polled know who this character is.' It's about visual appeal also. LCBH will have visual appeal in spades. And in my opinion, Hasbro's most recent offerings had much -less- visual appeal based on a standpoint of 'if you didn't know who this character was.' LCBH might maintain a distinct edge in that department. Cool looking figures can carry a lot of weight with kids who just want cool toys. I would have a hard time believing that any of you, as kids, only bought toys based on things you were familiar with. I had so many toys that, to this day, I could never tell you what they were supposed to be. As for the whole MT/Hasbro thing: Everyone has their own opinions. Frankly, it's silly to defend any company. Especially in this case where both companies are doing stupid things. MT screwed the pooch with Witchblade. That waist really is terrible, and the lack of bicep swivels makes it an absolute no-purchase for me. Judge Dredd, as was said so many times, is too skinny but otherwise a very nice looking figure. I don't even understand the Madman choice. No visual appeal whatsoever, and a stupid design in the first place. The other figures look great, and I want that Pitt BAF even though I have no freakin' clue who Pitt is. Hasbro.... oh Hasbro. Keep in mind now, I'm not going to be a Hasbro-hater here. This is just my opinion. Hasbro lost my business almost entirely (I like the Cannonball/Domino two-pack and the Holocaust BAF). In comparison to what I'd consider more minor complaints about MT, Hasbro has messed up huge. Their paint apps are reminiscent of figures from the early '90s -- glossy, ugly figures. They seem, for me, to have a higher instance of bad sculpts (Wolvie's face, all of movie Jean, etc). They've ruined articulation with those horrible new arms and the most absurd 'hand poses' since "pimp-slap Power Man." I mean, fists. What's so hard about fists? Why is WOLVERINE, with claws extended, in "scratch your eyes" or "hold a can of beer" poses? Like I said, not a Hasbro hater. If they give me something I'll like - I'll buy it, as per the two I mentioned above. Oh, and I want that Blob BAF too, but I haven't found the parts on eBay yet. And I'm not buying 8 figures I hate for a semi-decent BAF. In terms of quality, I would say MT still has it all over Hasbro. Hasbro is, was, and always will be a 'quick buck' company that does the least it can get away with doing. They want to make money, and more power to them. But their business practices dropped me from buying almost entire ML lines to buying, so far, not a single figure since the change-over. I wanted Banshee, but it's such a piece of trash figure that I couldn't bring myself to spend the scratch. To balance out the bad words toward Hasbro, I will point out that I still haven't forgiven ToyBiz for their OFFENSIVE quality control in Face-Off 2. I've still yet to see a single FO Wolverine that isn't terribly done. And come on -BLUE plastic for almost the entire figure? ##$%$#ed. Actually, I've yet to see ANY FO2 figure at all that wasn't messed up pretty badly in one way or another. Atrocious.
  23. Wouldn't that be ToyFair '07? And I'm glad that they are trying to up the quality. I've been hopeful about that since day one. But that doesn't change that the pics we -currently- have are still just as bad as they were before, and just as bad as wave 1 looks. So, it's still apt to say they look sucky. Hopefully, as you say, the final product will be a lot better. I still am not interested in figures with the Sigma Six arms, but otherwise I'll be a lot more interested in Hasbro's ML once they have better paint apps. Unfortunately, I probably won't care overmuch either way until maybe wave 3. Wave 2 doesn't have any figures I need except for Blob. Besides fodder that is, but when you're buying a figure for the fodder, you don't tend to care much what the paint looks like.
  24. Actually, I'm not a student. And I don't put myself in either camp. I don't believe anyone can truly know if they are wise or not until they are near death and can look back on the full measure of their life. My point, which you seemed to have missed, was that you cannot possible know your level of wisdom, nor that of anyone else. To say you are wiser because you are older is, as you would say, a sanctimonious profundity. Not to mention completely lacking in any factual basis, since you have no way of knowing which members are older or younger than yourself. Likewise, I believe any thinking person would agree that claiming to have more wisdom than someone else based on a few lines of opinion is, at best, baseless arrogance. I would say they're not all that different in composition. But I suppose that's another conversation entirely. As for your issue here with Jigsaw, allow me to help you out with that 'critical reading.' Thus, nearly everyone who does not like these images and is not impressed by them has an ingrained prejudice. By your own words, that is the only reason that 'practically everyone' is not overcome with joy. That is -exactly- what you said. Of course, it's a stupid thing to say so now you will attempt to twist your own words to make it seem like that isn't what you said at all. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. It's right there for anyone to read. But hey, if you want to try to say that the above is NOT actually what you meant, well - good luck with that.
  25. Maybe. Unfortunately, I don't think you ever will. Wisdom only comes with age to those predisposed to it. Just because you have more candles on your birthday cake does not mean you have any more insight than someone else. Need an example -- how about the United States senate? Lots of old guys with a combined wisdom equal to that of a dead cat.
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